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Obama Won, So Is Baldwin Canada-Bound?


Ah, Stephen Baldwin. Between your passion for your faith and your movie career, you have provided Idol Chatter with much content over the years. And during this election, you did not disappoint, vocalizing your disapproval of Barack Obama, now our incoming President, and the celebs who supported him. You noted that equating four years of John McCain with four more years of George W. Bush was “the most stupidest thing” you ever heard. And when pressed, you crossed your fingers and promised that if Obama wins, you were leaving the country:

Stephen, regardless of our individual politics, we support your right to be a political dissenter. But because we are also a center of pop culture reporting, we feel obliged to reveal something that our research and collective memory has yielded: If you head north, be careful. Remember what “Canada” did in “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” as it declared war on the US? Stephen-Baldwin at

  • Stephen Bogan

    Although I empathize with Stephen Baldwin’s dissatisfaction with an Obama win, I would not make my residence in Canada. It would be the epitomy of jumping “out of the frying pan into the fire.”
    Canada’s policies represent almost everything that Obama stands for, from his socialist tax policies to his nationalized health care program, not to mention his belief that the Constitution is outdated and needs to be replaced with something else for this day and age! To leave this country to escape his radical agenda is one thing…but to leave it and move to another country that would be just as politically dangerous? I don’t think so, and I seriously doubt Stephen Baldwin does either.

  • Charm

    I feel I can safely speak for all of Canada when I say that we don’t want him. In case he wasn’t paying attention, 70% of Canadians said they would vote for Barack Obama. Anyone who is not down with Barack isn’t gonna like Canada all that much. And it’s cold here, too.
    Now if Alec Baldwin feels like changing residences, we welcome him with open arms.

  • Barb

    I applaud Steven Baldwin for opposing and speaking his mind about Obama. I, too, voted for McCain. I really thought, and still think, that he would make a great president. He exhibits the type of leadership qualities that this county could really use, especially now. I feel like this country is in a critical state. It would be difficult for anyone to turn it around at this point. I believe that all things work together for good for all of God’s people and those who are called according to His purpose. His ways are higher than ours. So, I’m trusting in the Great Almighty, not Barack Osama Obama.

  • Dale

    So what is your stance on this? Are you saying that throughout this election no one should have had the right to freedom of speech unless they bowed down to Mr Obama? Freedom of speech is one of our most basic rights as Americans. It is our right to be able to disagree. And just because we sided one way or the other does not mean that we should be driven out of the country because we spoke our mind. Many of us wanted a commander in chief of our military that we can believe in (I have a large family of military background. I want them home safe, I want them to be able to protect our freedoms from terrorism and other threats, both within and outside the boundaries of the USA). I also disagree with socialism. Though the government has certain responsibilities to it’s citizens, offering a hand out to everyone who crawls out of the woodwork with their hand out and nothing to offer in return, unless of course they are disabled to the point of being unable to get a job, is just wrong! The attitude of the “me” generation, wanting something for nothing, and wanting it NOW, could lead us to destruction. For your statement to send Steven Baldwin to Canada just because of his statement during the campaign, I wonder how much you appreciate the freedom of speech you take such advantage of. Remember the words of President Kennedy, who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!” The election is over. The yammering of the liberal media and Hollywood in-crowd has worked. Though it is not the agenda many of us sought, this is America. Rather than discipline someone for what they said, you too need to move on. As we learn to accept the agendas of Obama, because this is what American democracy is about; you too need to accept us for not being keen on those agendas, preferring something else, and speaking up for our cause, too. It’s time to work together, and I hope that 4 years from now we will survive any damage done and go on from there.

  • Beverly

    Wow Barb, the mixed content of your comment makes it questionable who you serve. No matter WHO won, it is now time for the country to come together, not continue to name call and show disrespect for our leaders. You remind me of some of the people I have met along the way in life that I have had to forgive that always make the comments, “some of my best friends are African-American.” You honor God, but not the leaders that He has allowed to be put in place? Do you think that God made an error? Our place now is to PRAY for our country, not use God as a crutch and still sow seeds of underlying hatred. I hope that in your trust in God, you will hear Him when he gives you the message of love that is prevalent in His Word, that we love one another as we love Him, then your message won’t come off as sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal.

  • beverly

    Well Dale, if we can bounce back from 8 years of Bush, we can definitely bounce back from 8 years of President-Elect Barack Obama.

  • Cynthia F

    Hey Baldwin. Are you packed yet? The best man was chosen for the job. I thought that you were a Christian. i guess that you really dont understand the economic situation here in America at all. maybe because you are financially well off. That makes it perfectly clear. People here have struggled for the past 8 years with the same old same old. If you can not see it, maybe you should strengthen your relationship with the Lord, and ask Him to give you an understanding of what is really going on.

  • patti

    i have faith in obama as president because just because he has a different skin color why should we be prejudice or bigots?? he is one of God’s chidren just like we are.

  • Kathy

    Right on Dale ! And by the way God doesn’t put people in office we do. That’s why we have a free will. To make our own choices weather good or bad .And if we made a mistake in picking the wrong one we will learn from our mistakes. I did not vote for Obama because of his stance on Abortion. I would rather become hungry and poor before I would sell my soul to the devil for my own desires. Yes pray for Obama and pray for all the millions of innocent victims of Abortion who have no voice at all. Jesus says: you will know them by there fruits. Well all the fruits of his past are going to come back to hunt Obama and the rest of us. As for color I do not see him as black are white he is just a man . But I do believe this man will abandon the very color of people pretends to represent. He is power hungry and pretends to be there savior.

  • Charm

    Oh, my god, what a lot of freaks! The more Americans I encounter, the happier, and prouder I am to be a Canadian.
    You don’t deserve Barack Obama, but he will save you in spite of yourselves.

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