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Top 10 Comfort Movies

youvegotmailpic.jpgNot long ago Movie Mom referenced a list of “comfort movies” posted over at movie lovers website Cinematical and then offered a few of her own personal preferences. In both cases, the concept of a comfort movie had more to do with films that you tend to watch to console yourself when sick. However, in my case, my list of favs has more to do with movies I love to watch when life is looking a little bleak: the weather is dreary, personal life is dreary, the economy is dreary, and I am seeing red but feeling blue about all that change our next president has promised.
And that’s exactly what comfort movies were made for. They may not always be Oscar-worthy but they provide some escapist entertainment, while assuring me in some small way there will be brighter days ahead.
What movies pick you up when you’re down and provide some comfort for the soul? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comment box below. I may need them!
10. “You’ve Got Mail”: Not Meg and Tom’s best onscreen pairing to be sure, but the crazy premise that a woman’s business is ruined by a guy she falls in love with and then she becomes a successful author is my kind of strange Cinderella story.
9. “Best in Show”: Actually, pretty much any Christopher Guest film will do– “Waiting for Guffman” would be the other obvious choice. Guest’s wit and insight into human nature always leaves me feeling a little better about my own life.


8. “While You Were Sleeping”: It’s my other guilty pleasure in the romantic comedy genre. Again, there’s something about the convoluted premise of a woman falling in love with the brother of the guy she rescued from a train track that is oddly hopeful.
7. “Gilmore Girls”: Yes, I have to sneak a couple of TV series on DVD onto the list. The dynamic mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory have long been my rays of sarcastic sunshine in darker times.
6. “Slings and Arrows”: I have mentioned this TV series on other lists, but just when I thought it wasn’t possible for anyone to replace my love for Stars Hollow, along came the wacky thespians of New Burbage. Their angst and their passion never fail to move me.
5. “Die Hard 1 & 2″: That’s right, this list isn’t all girly fluff. Something about Bruce Willis kickin’ butt can be very reassuring sometimes.
4. “Finding Nemo”: My favorite animated movie of all time because it reminds me that life happens and you “just keep swimming.”
3. “Office Space”: One of the great workplace comedies ever created, it captures the worst of a 9 to 5 life in a humorous way.
2. “Good Will Hunting”: I love the combo of rookies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon , and veteran Robin Williams working together. I also love the idea of an angry genius finally figuring out what to do with his life. If he can do it, so can I, right?
1.”Hairspray” The soundtrack is permanently etched in my brain. There is no other movie that lifts my spirits like this one, no matter how many times I have seen it.
Bruce-Willis at

  • Alex Bledsoe

    I just discovered “Slings and Arrows” and recently finished the last season. It’s the best show I’ve seen in ages, and I have a new hero in Geoffrey Tennant. I’d gladly take a touch of madness to have that kind of artistic insight. And I’ve seldom seen a show where the setting felt so real to me that I was absolutely heartbroken to learn there was no real New Burbage.

  • Kate

    Since I found it on tv at 4am during a college all-nighter, one of my most favorite comfort movies has been Friendly Persuasion.

  • Sandra

    One of my favorite movies is Mame with Lucy Ball. I love the song Open a new window. The day I quit my job, I kept singing that song Open a new window until I left that day.

  • ivyb2000

    10+ years ago I was going thru a LOW time in my life feeling Unloved and unwanted, I fell madly in love with the movie TIM staring Mel Gibson and Piper Laurie. I would watch it sometimes twice a night and I know I have seen it over 100 times. I have the movie on BETA, VHS and DVD and I have the first edition book by Colleen McCullough.
    This is the Sweetest Love story ever written, and Mel’s Best Part.

  • Diane

    Touched By An Angel has always brought alot of comfort to me. I love that there is so much to receive as long as you just ask for it. Hope,Love,Prosperity is all yours if you want it. That one hour gives you so much to take in and at the end of the show I find myself crying and being thankful for everything I have or don’t have in my life.

  • Your Name

    I have been watching You’ve Got Mail almost every night when I go to bed for the last two years. Sometimes I will start at the first and other times I will pick a certain scene to start at. This movie makes me feel so good. I just love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together.

  • MomHon

    None of your picks are any good to lift you up when you’re feeling down. They’re only OK at best. And what exactly do you mean when you say you’re “seeing red but feeling blue about all that change our next president has promised”?? “Seeing red” – does that mean you’re angry about making changes? You should have been “feeling blue” during the red state of the union under the LAST president; now, “feeling blue” is a great thing! As in we turned Virginia blue & voted Democratic!! “All that change” sounds insulting and dismissive – we all know this country needs to make some major and numerous changes to recover its greatness from the trash heap it was thrown onto by this last administration. I am feeling happier than I have in 8 years!! In fact, the best feel good movie of the last decade is election night coverage showing Barack Obama’s victory!

  • karen babinsky

    The movie “Love Actually” has it all….

  • LVH

    For me it is “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I can watch it again and again and believe that someday I will have that special someone in my life.

  • Michael Mathis

    how can we leave “Jerry McGuire” out of the mix . . . messages of devotion, hope, faith na dlove in this film.

  • Michael Mathis

    How can we leave “Jerry McGuire” off this list . . . great message of hope, faith, devotion and love in this one.

  • Royce Treaudo

    I love “You’ve Got Mail and Die Hard 1 & 2 — but the movie that I can watch over and over is “HOPE FLOAT” is so touching and help you look on the bright side of things….

  • Your Name

    “Mamma Mia” is a sure winner in the feel-good category with the singing and dancing! “Highway to Heaven” is always a winner and Michael Landon had tremendous talent! In line with that, inspiring movies include: “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, that lets you know that we are all connected (like “It’s A Wonderful Life” does!) and also Mitch Ablom’s: “Tuesdays with Morrie” about realizing what really matters. A really uplifting movie is: “The Ultimate Gift” as it makes you feel hopeful and is along the feeling from “The Bucket List”. Also, recommended is Serendipity to illustrate that happy accidents can and so happen! :) ENJOY!!!

  • Karen

    Mamma Mia is very upbeat! Also, Highway to Heaven with Michael Landon. Highly recommended, Mitch Ablom’s “Highway to Heaven” and “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Also, “The Ultimate Gift” and “The Bucket List”. “Serendipity” is also a winner to show us that happy accidents can and do happen! :) ENJOY!!!

  • Jayby

    How can you leave out “Breaking Away” and “Christmas Story”?

  • Your Name

    My all time favorite movies is Circle of Friends. I love that the heronie, Bennie, in the movie is not skinny and blonde. Chris O’Donnell and Minnie Driver are fantastic together.
    I like When Harry met Sally, Fools Rush In, and Accepted. They are all uplifitng, thought provoking and fun.
    My weird one would have to be The Fifth Element. It’s action, adventure, funny, and exciting. Bruce Willis brings such a natural charm to the part. I also like that there is very little cursing. It’s a great movie. I have to watch it everytime it comes on TV even though I have it on DVD.

  • Your Name

    I’ve always enjoyed ‘The Cannonball Run’ as a comfort movie — one of my favorite bad movies…

  • Lora

    My two favorites are ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ (when I want something uplifting, hopefull and funny) and ‘The 13th Warrior'(when I want a good diversion and a chance to stare at Antonio Bandaras).

  • berta

    anything by Tyler Perry alwasys a lesson to learn

  • Nancy Walker

    Top 10 Comfort Movies:
    Kindergarten Cop
    The American President
    Look Who’s Talking
    27 Dresses
    Midnight Run
    4 Weddings & a Funeral
    All 4 Die Hard Movies
    Good Will Hunting
    The Big Chill

  • Jules

    ditto on “Tuscan Sun”. I would add:
    anything by Frank Capra or John Hughes
    any Jane Austin adaptation
    “The Wedding Singer”
    “Meet Me in St. Louis”
    “The Princess Bride”
    and anything starring Cary Grant.

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