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Enter to Win: ‘High School Musical 3′ Prize Pack

If you have a teen/tween in your family, you may have heard of a little franchise called “High School Musical.” The latest movie, “High School Musical: Senior Year”–where friends must endure separating to graduate and go off to college– is still enjoying box office success after a few weeks in theaters.
Our good friends at Grace Hill Media and Disney have given us 10 cool “High School Musical 3″ prize packs to give away.
Want one?
Post a comment below by November 24, 2008, answering the question: Have you ever been separated from a close friend? How do you keep your friendship alive?
Make sure you include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The 10 best responses–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors–will win a “High School Musical 3″ poster, T-shirt (sizes are limited), and some temporary tattoos.
Please read the legal stuff before entering.
And, be sure to check out our gallery: Biblical Lessons from “High School Musical.”

  • hootie1fan

    My sister has a 12 year old daughter who is about as well adjusted as anyne can be at that age. Sis thanks her lucky stars that this child couldn’t care less about Hannah Montana or anything to do with HSM.

  • Steven

    I surprised myself by watching HSM-Sr Year. It was just a movie outing with some friends and I actually enjoyed the choreography and a few songs in between.

  • Rene

    Well, when i lived in Washington there was a boy who moved into my class in first grade. I thought he was weird so i didnt try to talk to him. But when he came up to me and started talking to me we became best friends ever since. Then six years later i had to move here in Texas because my parents decided it would be better for us. I realized that moment that i would never see my best friend again and i didn’t know what i would do without him. But fortunatley,when we moved i would e-mail him and talk to him on the phone everyday. So till this day we still talk alot and it is like i never moved away.

  • Nakia

    When I was about fourteen, my aunt moved to Virginia. Due to an argument between my parents about her way of raising children, I was banned to see her. Finally, on my eighteenth birthday, she flew down for my party and my parents weren’t even allowed to say anything!
    Thanks to my constant praying and God’s big heart, we remained in secret contact over the years without my parents any the wiser.

  • Jamie Mills

    I met Ashley, in kindergarden.She was my best friend in the whole wide world.We are very fortunate to live in a world of modern technoligy.Her mom and dad split when we were in 6th grade.She moved back to New Mexico from {hear this) Alabama.I had to enter high school without my bff.However thank to the cyperworld and “My Space” Ashley and I correspond regularly.

  • Annie G.

    My best friend Sandra and I have been friends since kindergarten. But last year, Sandra, an aspiring actress, receives a role, 7,000 miles away in New York. She obviously had to take this amazing opportunities to make her dreams come true. She moved to New York, and stayed there even after the movie, because there are way more opportunities there. I thought she would become self-absorbed like most of the other actresses, but Sandra became true to her friends and never forgot them. I talk to her daily on the phone, we text all the time, and she visits whenever she has a job near my house. Sandra and I are still best friends and we never let anything come in our way.

  • kristin

    My best friend is my cousin and i admit it. We were 2 years apart and we did everything together. Her and her family moved away when I was 6 and she was 8. We are family and i try to visit her once a year. Its hard to though becuase of money and such. We use webcams to talk and letters also. We talk to eachother every week. My cousin will always be my best friend no matter how far away she is from me.

  • Charlene

    Actually yes I have. My friend has an eatingdisorder and self-harm issues. In order to get help she was in a hospital for quite some time. It was a treatment place in another state so I was unable to see her. It was hard but I knew she was getting the help she needed. We stayed in touch threw phone. She would call me when she was able to and I wouldlend support to her. She is doing better now

  • Derek

    I have also been seperated from one of my close friends. One of my close friends recently had been suffering from mjor headaches and such and after nearly passing out several times he went to the doctor. He was diagnosed with Lukemia, and since he had been diagonosed he left the school, and we didn’t see him for several months. We kept for our friendship alive, even though times were hard for both of us. We communicated through email and over his birthday and random occasions, we wrote cards from our class to him. He is alive and well now, and even has come back to visit us at times. The thing that really keeps our friendship alive is our ability to keep a smile on our face. Even in his condition, if he is able to stay happy, it really inspires me and it truely makes me value him as my friend

  • Jana

    God bless modern technology. Through the wonderful advent of e-mail and Facebook, I have been able to re-connect with friends from my childhood. It is amazing to hear how people’s lives have changed and it is awesome that we can resume our relationship, via cyber-space, after more than 20 years.

  • Maria

    A childhood friend of mine lost her son to leukemia. He was only about 6 years old. I just lost touch with my friend after that – I think I couldn’t face her and didn’t know how to comfort her or what to say. I vowed that I would never do that to a friend again. I now make a conscious effort to stay in touch with friends. At the very least, I will email to stay in touch or phone them. A friendship requires some effort and if you don’t make that effort, the friendship withers away.

  • Pat Vanderplow

    My daughter sister moved away several years ago. To help overcome my sense of loss I e-mail them frequently and call my daughter every Sunday. We talk about what happened during the past week and discuss things that are coming up. Right now we’re talking about holiday recipes and Christmas giving. We’re not together but we’re always8ywz in touch.

  • Cindi

    In 1994, our family hosted a Swiss exchange student! Her name is Heidi from the Swiss Alps. Her family were milk farmers. We grew very close to
    Heidi while she was here. She made our family wonderful homemade Swiss bread almost every evening. Her talents included painting and crocheting. We still have the lovely doilies she made us. Her boyfriend,
    Bernhard also came to the states and we enjoyed meeting him! We took Heidi sightseeing in Missouri and Illinois. It was very sad when it was time for her to return home. Many letters and a few phone calls is how we kept in touch with her. Now, she is married to Bernhard and they live in New Zealand on a dairy farm. They are the proud parents of four children. We email each other quite a bit. It is so much fun to see pictures of their farm, Heidi and Bernhard and their children. Thanks, Cindi

  • Steohany

    I had a long distance relationship with my ex-boyfriend for 2 years, and we were able to talk for hours daily thanks to AOL IM, Fansites, Myspace, and Facebook. We really got to know each other better and often shared photos and videos. We enjoyed coming home after school and logging on to see what the other thought about Shows, Books, Celebrities, Blogs, Religion, Clothes, everything. It was fun and it was simple! We still remain best friends, and technology has made our relationship possible.

  • Jenn

    Going to college, I met the best friend I could have ever dreamed of. We were inseparable. She was from the West Coast, I from the East, and are school was on the east coast. We did everything today,she was my best friend, more like my sister, and after a family emergency that has currently sent her home for the semester, things have been tough. Technology has been a Godsend, keeping our friendship alive. Things like Skype, facebook, email, and the telephone have helped us keep things wonderful. I’m so excited for her return this January, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time that I have been able to spend with her.

  • Rhema

    It seems that the longer you ejoy friendships, the more it takes to keep them going. I have had the same group of best friends for the past 10 years, and when we all went off to different colleges a few years ago, we all professed that we’d miss each other terribly and call every day. While we did miss each other, we had been dropped smack dab in the middle of new places, meeting new people and doing new things took the edge off of the strain of being apart. But at the end of the day, if anything amazingly awesome, or horribly awful, happened, there were 3 people I wanted to talk about it with most of all. We keep in touch in many ways, including Myspace, Facebook, and even YouTube, where we can send each other videos that we see that we know the others will enjoy. I’ve never been more appreciative of the holiday season than I’ve become over the last few years, because I know that I’ll see my best friends again. I thank God and pray for them everyday.

  • Nicolas

    Yes i have when i finished my last year of school my best friend in the world was planning to move to a new town and start her new life there it was hard saying goodbye to her as were close as friends.
    We keep the friendship alive by chatting on the mobile for hours and hours and chatting on msn like everyday were always texting each other and visiting each other in turns each month for a week or so so this way we can make the friendship work great 😀

  • Alice

    A year ago, I moved to another country. Away from all my best friends that I’ve known since first grade. Before I came here, I was worried that i wouldn’t keep up talking with them, and lose my friendship. But when I am here now, i talk with my friends almost every day:D It’s mainly with Skype or MSN. Without the computer I think that I wouldn’t be able to live here. My friends is everything to me! And I’m sure that we are going to better friends than ever when i come back.

  • Feroza

    At the end of seventh grade all my friends including myself left to go to seperate high schools.we could still keep in touch because we all lived fairly close to each other, but my best friend, was moving to another city.It was 600km away and she and i had gotten closer over the last was very emotional.we still keep in contact through calls, facebook etc.i still call her as one of my best friends and am still close to her as before.i can stillremeber the last day of school, how we all cried over each other. we had to sing a farewell song to the school and before we started, some of us had already begun to cry including myself.

  • Feroza

    my best friend left me at the end of grade7 as her father was moved to another office. it was really sad…i can remember how we all cried our hearts out on the last day. we sang a farewell song and before we began singing, we all started crying.she is a friend i will always treasure.we still keep in contact, through phone calls and facebook, even text messaging.i find it more interesting to talk to her now. on the 7 november it was my birthday. its been 2 years and she still remembered and didn’t forget to call.

  • Susan

    My best friend moved to Sweden almost 14 years ago. That was so heartbreaking, as she is also the mother of my God-Daughter’s. There aren’t words to say how much I miss them all. But, we talk every week and more, if either of us is having a crisis.
    My daughter has gone to visit them over the summers, but since I have younger sons as well, we’ve not been able to go visit them, as a family.
    It’s hardest when we’re sick and needing help from the other. One thing that helps keep us close is sending each other new Christian music, over the internet. It’s so nice to have a new song waiting, knowing it was sent with love, from a dear friend.

  • kailyn

    Well my life is very sad, last year my dad past away from cancer and he was everything for me, me and my dad both love playing sports and i got so active in sports and made so many friends in my middle school, now I’m in high school and i was really worried about making friend and getting to know how high school is, but if you be yourself and be active and play sports you will make alot of friends and so NOW i have so many friends and I’m so happy to myself and my dad, i have to thank high school musical to helping me to try new things out there, so Thank you so much high school musical and especially my dad

  • Cassandra

    I have had a really close friend move away, when I was in grade 4.
    We at least till that point were friends since kindergarten.
    What i did was email her, call her every other day, and send her little care packages saying that I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you soon. That way she still felt good, and lifted her up whenever she was sad. The main thing is that if she/he hasn’t called you in at least 2 weeks, i would ask her what is going on, and ask why she hasn’t called.
    She might be feeling like the friendship isn’t working and that the best for the both of you is to break it off, but if it’s just been that she has been really busy that’s all fine.
    The best you can do is stay in as much contact as possible so you can remember the friendship for as long as it lasts!

  • Jessika Foster

    I only had one best friend in school. Her name is Jena. I had a hard time making new friends because I’m biracial. I keep in contact with her by phone and every summer my family gets her to spend a whole week together. We get to go to amusement park and water park all week long. It’s the best time of my life. I look forward to it each year.

  • Leyla Efron

    Alright. I hated a classmate when I got in the school where I am right now, which I hate too, by the way. I founded her SOOOOOOO stuck up and she was like stealing my BFF, but at the end of the 1st year I got to know her pretty well and we are now BFF’s. But see, last year, when we we’re closer than everr, her dad (works in a school of like the UES in here, chile) had some kind of a discount cuz he works there and enrole her there =( I cried soooo hard but then I realised that we could still chat and stuff, we see each other almost every 1st saturday of every month and she has been doing great, so I’m happy 4 her. That, I guess, has keep us 2gether ^^

  • Kristin

    I have been best friends with this girl since I was five. When I moved away to college, we sort of lost touch; however, one common thing we share has kept us together is our love for “High School Musical”. We both are avid, OLD fans of this teen phenomenon. Whether it be on the phone, facebook, or skype, the friendships formed, the loyalty shown, and the stability of the characters have allowed my best friend and I to reflect on our own relationship. Thanks “High School Musical”!

  • Lindsey

    I just started my freshman year at college so being separated from one friend is an understatement. I grew up in a small town where everybody knew everything about everyone. I had two best friends, one whom is still in high school, and the other who is starting her freshman year on the other side of the country in New York. As days go by I miss those close friendships more and more, but I just remember the amazing time they’re both having. We all call, text, Facebook, and Myspace each other everyday to make sure that we keep the friendships going, and it’s as if they’re with us. Even if you don’t see a friend everyday doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to talk to them. A close friend is a friend that should be a part of your life forever.

  • shennel

    I had been best friends with a girl since I was a baby but i moved to holland last two years.I miss her but we talk to eachother by it’s alright now

  • Neda

    My best friend and I have literally been best friends since I was 2 months old. Our moms went to college together and were best friends and we grew up together and have been best friends our entire lives. We used to do everything together, when we were little we would even wear matching clothes. But then we got accepted to different colleges so it has been a strange adjustment. We call each other every few days, we talk online, we hang out everytime we’re both home and we’ve even started taking the train to visit each other at our apartments. It’s not quite the same but we’ve still managed to stay close and even though we don’t see each other every day anymore it will hopefully bring us closer together in the end.

  • Ana Iris Torres

    All I can say is thank God for facebook! I Grew up In New York City, My family moved to NYC when I was just four months old. After graduating college, Pratt Institue my parents gave me an airplane ticket to visit Puerto Rico as a graduation gift. So I pack up a few outfits, took along my portofolio which at the time was everything to me and left NYC.
    Once I was in Puerto Rico I showed my portfolio around. Hoping to get constructive crticism. The night before leaving Puerto Rico a leading Ad agency in PR offered me a job. WOW!!! I said to myself I stay a year, can get experience and then transfer back to NYC. Little did I know that God had other plans…
    That was 20 years ago. I know have a husband, 2 darling pre-teens, a dog name Sparkey, a mortgage, a car and oh let me not forget bills to pay. All grown up with tons of responsibilities. So flying back and forth to NYC has become a Luxury almost a dream, these days.
    I use to send post cards and letters. But now I send emails. In facebook I can see videos of activities that I have missed out because of distance. I can see pics of my nieces and nephews. All my friends from way back are in facebook and we chat all the time. we share music, jokes we even send each other electronic hugs when one of us are down, we send videos, its a whole new era of communicating. iTS ALMOST AS IF I NEVER LEFT HOME…:).

  • Cindy Dean

    When I lived in the St. Louis area my best friend was Susan we were in seperable. We did and shared everything, we both had horses and that made are bond even stronger. I now live in Virginia and I keep in contact with her by mail and by phone. We discuss all the fun we used to have, and when I go home I always make sure to visit her. I have a friend here in Virginia that is just as close.
    The values in High School Musical are badly needed, I do not know if parents just do not care about their kids or just do not have the time to teach them the values of friendship, loyalty, hard work to achieve ones goals. Right now I would have to say GOD is my closest friend we are seperated, but together in all I do he is their for me all I have to do is say his name and he heres me.

  • Zenia

    I’m currently in year 10 at high school and leaving my primary school friends was really hard. Everyone in our group ended up going to different hig schools and at the time we were really upset about leaving each other. We promised to keep in touch, but at our own high schools we made new friends and forgot about keeping in touch. Our new friends were good, but not as good as we were with each other. In the middle of year 9 I decided to call my friends from primary and we all got together again. It was really good and ever since then we’ve had sleepovers at least once a month.
    We are now Best Friends Forever and our friendship is stronger than ever because we have made a major effort to keep in touch.

  • http://hsm leanne

    hi im 14 and i would like to enter i think high school musical 3 was the best it was kinda funny and teary but overall id give it 10 out of 10 .it was a emotional film ,i would like it on nontendo

  • melek

    i am melek i am 14 years old and it school holidays and its seems like forever so i really miss my b est friends susan and melinda but i now we will see each other again.I have been with susan for 4 years and meleinda for 1 year. And i really love high scool musical i would do anything to have every single thing of high school musical!!!!!

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