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Exclusive ‘Religulous’ Clip: The Confessional

In Bill Maher’s new movie “Religulous” he travels around the country to find out what makes people believe in religion. In this clip, the lapsed Catholic heads to confession for the first time in 40 years to confess to the sins he’s committed since then. Watch the clip below and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section.


  • Kurt


  • Bert Saraco

    Okay — what did we expect here but a manipulative, self-serving, mean spirited attack on religion? Mahar is using ‘humor’ to disguise the fact that he really has no valid argument other than the fact that he chooses not to exercise faith, and others do. Faith cannot be attacked on the basis that it’s unfounded – it’s faith, get it? The evidence of things unseen… the substance of things hoped for. Wanna’ see some? You can’t. So, Mahar is going to simply find ways to make believers look foolish. It will be vulgar, mean spirited and arrogant.
    I mean, just look at the clip.
    Get ready for some fancy editing as well, to make believers look as foolish as they possibly can.

  • Talia

    I have to agree with Kurt on this one … yawn.
    This is just what he does best … attempt to be funny.
    Makes me think of the old saying … what do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

  • cytokilla

    I agree that faith can not be quantified, but there are people who can not determine the difference between faith and reality. And those who believe that they can actually talk directly to God and that they know what God wants is just crazy. I have not seen the movie yet but if he makes fun of those people I think it’s fair game, otherwise he is just talking “smack”.

  • Brantley Moate

    Faith can absolutely be attacked on the grounds that it’s unfounded. Religious people do that all the time to people who believe other than they do. Unfortunately the “people of the book” (Muslims, Christians and Jews) and many others often have the idea that faith is unfounded when it’s not MY faith. Making faith unquestionable is just a way of shutting off anyone you don’t want to listen to. Faith can be tempered by reason and rational thinking.

  • NeverwouldofmadeitwithoutHIM

    After listening to this man make total “mock” of the Catholic faith or whatever. Many ‘believers would easily become ‘angered in their heart due to him ignorantly making a ‘sport out of what we believe in. In our heart we may say ‘ewwwwww GOD is going to get him’. Wherefore, GOD is not studying this ignorant spokes person of satan. GOD have more abmoniable issues that HE’d care to draw ‘immediate judgement on. So what I am mainly saying, don’t let this ignorant ambassador of satan “defend” you or even make you upset. The bible talks about all kind of mockers and even more stuff.
    GOD forbid if he even blasphemies the holy ghost in this film. But their are far more abominable sins GOD ‘immediately pulls the plug on rather ‘swiftly I say.

  • David

    I will definitely see the film because I think Bill Maher is both highly intelligent and very funny. I’m sure I will laugh at his mocking of faith and religion because I can understand where it’s coming from. There is plenty to be mocked about religion, and yet there’s nothing to fear in being mocked. I have a strong religious faith and a sense of humor and I don’t see any conflict between the two. When someone as clever as Maher takes a satirical look at something, you can be sure that there will be truth in it from which we can laugh and learn. I’m surprised, actually, to learn that he’s a lapsed Catholic. I was convinced he was Jewish.

  • Pattygirl

    I’m both Catholic and Irish, and darn proud of it, every hour of my day and every day of my life…..and I’m pushing 75.

  • Suzy

    I am looking forward to laughing heartily. As long as the human race can laugh at itself……, we are doing okay…better than okay.

  • Evie

    What in the video is not real? Do we really know and practice what we belive as Catholic? God is every where, but everything have an order and time to be and be done. Reconciliation take part in two places. One is inside our heart and mind: the second, outside in the Confesionary Room. Should Catholic be worry or concern regarding critism? This movie and other wrong event in the Catholic church are rumors of facts? Do we wants things change? . . let us be humble. Reconize that we are not perfect and need God mercy to be holy too. Take advantage of this short movie to admit that we done wrong because is of a Hero to accepted what we done wrong and repair our faults.
    Also the clergy has to understand that they are Jesus apostles and because we living in dark times, by the consecuences of our sins, the children of God need to be picked up by the pastor of The Good Sheapheard. And please no more appoitments in these kind of times.

  • nancy mc

    Well, I think I will plan to see this movie.I am Irish and protestant and we have hypocricy in our faith as well.
    As long as we can use our minds as well as our faith,it should be ok.I can/t really comment until I see the movie…

  • Mary

    “Typical Hollywood”! They are “Liberal” to a fault!
    I know that there are good, moral, people in the entertainment business, ie, the late Paul Newman But even he chose to live in Conneticut! Others also live FAR AWAY from Hollywood & the influences that “fame & enormous fortunes” often provide them.
    It’s difficult enough for parents to bring up children in these days of amorality, without knowledgeable adults making a mockery of a good, honest value system, and a life lived well!
    Shame on you Bill Maher! (But that’s who are, apparently).

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m Catholic and plan to see this movie, but I must ask: Was Bill Maher actually in the confessional, or is this just filmmaker’s license? Knowing what I do about Bill, I suspect the latter.

  • DeeGirl

    Hey Pattygirl, what’s with all the pride? lol I suspect you didn’t choose anything…certainly not your Irish heritage nor your catholism. You were unfortunately given this burden to carry from your parents…and their parents…and their parents……. In another time and another place I can hear you now bragging “I’m both muslim and iranian, and darn proud of it, every hour of my day and every day of my life…..and I’m pushing 75…ALLAH rules! (I guess you figure after 75 yrs. it’s kind of late to start thinking different huh? ok, maybe just start thinking…)

  • pagansister

    Having seen this and another bit from the movie somewhere else, I think it will be a totally funny movie. What’s the problem with making fun of religion? Nothing that I can see. Fun can be made of most anything…and with the economy the way it is…we need all the laughs we can get!!

  • Tim

    I try to give everything a fair shot, but I have to say, “Maher, this is absolutely the most tasteless thing I have ever witnessed.” For some of us, there is a thing as going too far, and for my taste, this is certainly it. Yes, we have rights denied to others, but there is such a thing as responsibility. In my opinion, and of course it is only mine, you share no responsibility to your viewers. Nothing but, shamelessness and vulgarities. It would be worthwhile for a person in your position to try something culturely stimulating of positive direction. It is not funny being disrepectful to others who have certain religious beliefs. I guess money rules all for. You would think that by now you would be pretty comfortable in your lifestyle. But, apparently greed rules you also. Hey, that sounds like a Republican concept. Be honest, at least with yourself.

  • Virginia

    The movie is is Mr. Maher’s opinion.
    I’m a Christian. And I believe in GOD, JESUS & HOLY SPIIRT.
    I believe he wants to beleve, and is searching for the TRUTH. He’s looking for answers to his questions. However, he’s taking the long way around to get to the TRUTH. A lot of us have taken that same route.
    The ansuer is: It’s not about religion. It’s about a relationship with GOD thru Jesus Christ. Fact #1 GOD IS LOVE. Fact #2 GOD IS HOLY! AND MAN IS SINFUL & SEPARATED FROM GOD. Fact #3 JESUS IS GOD’S ONLY PROVISION TO REACH A HOLY GOD. Fact #4 WE ALL MUST INDIVIDUALLY ACCEPT JESUS (BY PERSONAL INVITATION). How do you do this? First, YOU must agree with GOD, that YOU are a sinner & can’t save yourself. Secondly, Thank Jesus for dying on Calvary’s Cross to pay your sin debt. And believe, GOD raised Jesus from the dead on the 3rd day. Third receive Jesus into your heart as Lord & Savior. Fourth, ask GOD to take control of your life & make you the kind of person HE wants you to be. AMEN. Did you pray the prayer? Were you sincere? If so, you can have the assurance that Jesus Christ has come into your life and given you the gift of eternal life (1 John 5:12-13). You ARE NOW SAVED.
    Next Step: Pray and ask GOD to direct you to the right Bible teaching, Bible believing church. Get into the study of GOD’S word. Develop a prayer life. Mediate both day & night. Get with other believers who are strong in the FAITH. Remember, it’s about a relationship.
    From this point on…you can now confess your sins each day TO GOD & ask forgiveness, (in the name of Jesus). And you will be forgiven.
    Remember to share your faith with others that are lost & confused.

  • Joy Staltare

    So Sad for you, Mr. Maher, you can say, think, act, WHATEVER!!! you like, and then put it into a movie, thats what is wonderful about living in a free world, you can even say the earth is flat, fact is… it is still round, fact is….. just like we are born, we learn we have to die, there is abosolutly nothing man can do about that, everyone will stand before the Great Almighty God, ALL ALONE. Jesus says: ” Seek me while I can be found, while there is still day lite.
    Why don’t you ask Him Mr. Mahar, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will keep you in my prayers. Your not too great for God!!!!

  • Greenman

    I went to see the movie today. It was a bit long, thank goodness he didn’t tackle the Eastern religions. I don’t think Mr. Maher ever said this was a documentry, its an entertainment piece. I enjoyed the variety of interviews, but I didn’t enjoy the ways he set up folks to be the butt of his insults. He tried to feign suprise that he was ordered out of the Vatican and off of Temple Square in Salt Lake but he knew what to expect.
    I’m no longer a Mormon nor do I am I a Jew/Christian/Muslim so guess that’s why I wasn’t scandalized or maybe because this is just not worth getting upset about.

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