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Clay, Lindsay, Ellen, Lance, and Brad: The Week in Gay News

ellencovregirlpicic.jpgWith Lindsay Lohan officially announcing that she’s been dating Samantha Ronson for “a very long time” and Clay Aiken (finally) coming out in his most recent feature story in People, it might be time to look at the week in gay news.
First, Lohan. Lindsay and Samantha are dating, yes, but are not engaged.
Now, Aiken. He came out because he didn’t want to keep secrets from his newborn son. “I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things,” he reportedly said in the new issue of People.
Over on “Dancing with the Stars,” Lance Bass (NSYNC) and partner Lacey Schwimmer cut a rug and survived the first elimination round on the popular ABC reality show. Bass is the first openly gay contestant on the show, and according to E!Online, “wouldn’t mind” having a DWTS show that featured only same-sex couples, but thinks that the original DWTS may be the wrong venue. He also feels a real responsibility to represent the gay community well:


“I think it’s so important for me to do this,” he says. “But my biggest concern is I just hope it doesn’t hurt the gay community in any way because, you know, we definitely can be scrutinized and picked apart. I definitely feel a responsibility of making sure I represent well.”

Brad Pitt is not gay. But he and partner Angelina Jolie have long maintained that they won’t marry out of principle until every person has the right to marry the person that he or she loves. Now he’s putting his money where his mouth is, by donating $100,000 to fight Proposition 8, which, if approved, would “overturn the California Supreme Court’s landmark May ruling that it is unconstitutional to prevent gay couples from swapping vows.”
And now, back to Ellen, who married longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi in August, and who is now featured in the latest CoverGirl ad campaign.
In a statement to Access Hollywood, Esi Eggleston Bracey, Procter & Gamble’s vice president, said:


“Ellen is the quintessential CoverGirl. She is smart, confident, natural, and beautiful from the inside out. Her beauty and down-to-earth personality fit perfectly with what CoverGirl represents.”

Ellen’s CoverGirl campaign will begin running in 2009.
Ellen-DeGeneres at

  • Sharon Latimer

    Ifeel sorry for these people.THEY don’t know the God who created them,man and female.They need a lot of prayer because they are clearly in the dark.

  • Terri Parrish

    Judge NOT yet thee be judged.

  • Carolyn Dumais

    I’m conditioned to not be surprised by anything. As long as people don’t hurt one another and act in a polite, possitive manner, these people are a blessing. Just a smile somedays gives people a message that “life is good.”

  • I_Like_Dragyn

    And in heaven there is no male nor female, slave nor free. So what’s your point?

  • phyllis ellsworth

    Bravo Carolyn, Well said!
    I believe God Loves Everyone and looks at our heart and character.
    You cannot help whom you fall in love with or there would never be a broken heart.After alot of sadness and change in my life, now that I am in my 40’s, I look at People and Life differently. Kindnes, Caring and Love for God are really all that matter. We are here to learn and show compassion towards one another as Jesus taught us. I just do not have the Patience or Time anymore for any type of Negativity.I cannot change someone else but can constantly work on “me”. I am Too busy growing and Yes, it is Alot of work, LOL!
    Love & Light to all, Phyllis

  • Kizzy

    Well, we all know that times have changed a lot. It’s too bad that some people’s idea of a married couple have not. I’m just trying to keep it real here folks. If two people of the same sex want to be in a “committed” relationship, who are we to object to that?? Personally, I have been married three times, and each time, I thought I was committed!!!

  • Fred

    To whom ever said that times have changed they have but GOD hasn’t. With GOD everything is the same with him yesterday, today, and forever.
    Read your BIBLE. He destroyed two countries SODOM and GOMORRAH. Read GENESIS Chapter 19.

  • I_Like_Dragyn

    Okay, I see where this is going. To save about 130 posts of Biblical, scientific, social, and psychological argument, let’s pare it down, shall we? Okay:
    Sodom and Gommorrah: whether or not it is about homosexuality is in question, depending on whichever scholar you refer to. Deuteronomy, etc., proohibitions also include shellfish, polycotton blends, blah blah blah. Other “biblical” references can be interpreted in different ways, again, depending on the scholar. End argument 1 and eliminate about 50 posts.
    Scientific: There is no “proof” of a homosexual gene. True, but then again, there is no “proof” of a heterosexual gene. Nature v. Nurture, blah blah blah. Hormonal development in the womb, etc. Homosexuality in animals and all other creatures. End argument 2 and eliminate about 30 posts.
    Social: History shows man and woman in marriage. Hooray for God and Jeezus and all that. Does not apply to non-Christians, homosexuality has always been around, etc., Social attidtudes change, look at women vote and slavery. End argument 3 and eliminate another 20 posts.
    Psychological: Allowingh gays to marry will let animals, plants, cars, cheese, umbrellas, etc., get married. First of all, that is incredibly offensive. Second, interracial marriage, blah blah blah. End argument 4 and eliminate the remaining 30 posts.
    Basicically, the argument will be, this is what I believe, so there. Nya nya nya nya nya, nya.
    you: Gays are sinners.
    me: you are a bigot.
    you: Fear the Lord.
    me: the Lord is Love.
    There. I have pared down what is inevitably going to be over 100 posts into one concise reparte. Nobody’s mind is going to be changed. No gay person will suddenly shun being gay because you type SODOM AND GOMORRAH in all caps anymore than a straight person will convert to being gay by me typing JUDY GARLAND.
    So let’s try to talk about something else instead.

  • Kent

    Ha! As much as I’d like you to have the last word, I just have to say kudos I_Like_Dragyn for your awesome post!

  • Rosie

    Dear I_Like_Dragyn, I love you and your post.
    I’ll love you anyway you’d like it 😉 lol.

  • phyllis ellsworth

    I_Like_Dragyn TOO!
    So, what can we discuss next?
    Let’s lunch! I’m a late sleeper but just let me know!
    Love, Light & Blessing’s, Phyllis

  • richard a orme

    gays i dont hate the people i hate the sin there is no excuse for this gay crap god made man for woman and women for man gay what a disgusting thing thing what r u going to tell jesus when you stand before him on your judgement day? and no god didnot make u this way im gay just discusting

  • richard a orme

    know this jesus doesnot hate you he hates the sin either you believe the bible is the final authority or it isnt now which is it you may thin its right but it is not

  • I_Like_Dragyn

    Lance Bass brings up a good point with his remarks about being a “representative” of the GLBT community:
    “I think it’s so important for me to do this,” he says. “But my biggest concern is I just hope it doesn’t hurt the gay community in any way because, you know, we definitely can be scrutinized and picked apart. I definitely feel a responsibility of making sure I represent well.”
    I hear this a lot in the media figures – Lance, Ellen, etc., but for those of us who are in the non-famous community, I also feel in a sense that I am somehow a “representative”. Every time that I am with a group of straight guys, I always make sure to take extra precaution to make sure that they know that I’m not looking at them in a way to make them uncomfortable because I may be one of only a few open gay men they may come into contact with, and I would hate for them to get a negative impression on the GLBT community in total because of something I did.
    So for any in the GLBT community reading this, or really, anyone in a minority position – do any of you feel at times that your actions get parsed extra carefully? Do any of you feel that you are a representative of your community in any way?

  • Dina Paul

    To those who say they hate the sin and not the sinner and to those that go even farther and dare to assume what God will say when agay person stands before God: There are those of us who believe the verses used to condemn gay people have been mistranslated, They have more to do with pedophilia and pedestry than with loving committed relationships. Gay and homosexuality are modern concepts being used to translate ancient words. These concepts did not exist then. We don’t have pagan worship as it existed then, with all kinds of sexual practice involved(at least not in the norm of society as it was then. These verses were more about pagan worship then anything else. Again, they were not about loving relationships. Remember, in Christ, there is no gentile or Jew, nor male nor female!

  • Jo-Ann

    I really have nothing against the gay community, however, why do some feel the need to be so in your face with it. Did Clay really have to go on the cover of People?

  • I_Like_Dragyn

    I really have nothing against the gay community, however, why do some feel the need to be so in your face with it. Did Clay really have to go on the cover of People?
    The millisecond – the very millisecond – that a straight couple holds hands in public and gets complaints about flaunting their lifestyle, threats of physical harm, or even gets a look as though they have 5 heads, then I will be more apt to agree with you.

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