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To Read or Not to Read?: Stephanie Meyer’s Leaked Version of ‘Midnight Sun’

It’s happened before. In fact, it happened to J.K. Rowling a couple of days before the release of Book Seven in Harry Potter–someone posted the entire manuscript illegally on the Internet.
But this time around it’s a bit more painful for the author. The author is Stephenie Meyer, and the manuscript that was leaked is an unfinished draft (unedited, unrevised) of “Midnight Sun,” the novel we “Twilight Series” and Stephenie Meyer fans have long known she’s been writing in her hours of procrastinating revisions of “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and “Breaking Dawn.”
“Midnight Sun” is basically “Twilight” told from Edward’s perspective. Several years ago Stephenie Meyer released the first chapter of “Midnight Sun” for fans online. But that was it. (Of course, I eagerly read it.)


Someone who had a partial draft of “Midnight Sun”– Meyer has often hinted she would finish and likely publish as a fifth book associated with the “Twilight Series“–was released illegally online last week (I refuse to link to it). ALL 264 PAGES OF IT!
How do I know it’s 264 pages if I refuse to link to the leaked draft? Well, because Meyer released a statement on her website to fans–and then decided to post a LEGAL link to the unfinished draft herself for fans to read. Meyer commented on her heartbreak about the leak in the following statement:


“I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. …This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control. So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn’t like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely. I’d rather my fans not read this [leaked] version of Midnight Sun…It has taken me a while to decide how and if I could respond. But to end the confusion, I’ve decided to make the draft available here (at the end of this post). This way, my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest. I hope this fragment gives you further insight into Edward’s head and adds a new dimension to the Twilight story. That’s what inspired me to write it in the first place.”


As a writer myself, I can imagine the utter horror and heartbreak for Meyer to experience this violation of rights and privacy. I can also understand why she would want to put “Midnight Sun” aside indefinitely after this–though it breaks my heart to see her say this, since all throughout the writing of the Twilight Series she’s talked about how much joy she has found writing “Midnight Sun” in between the other books. How sad to have this happen!
The new dilemma Twilight fans face: to read or not read the version Meyer released online for us? Though I admit, I am dying to read “Midnight Sun,” however unfinished it may be, I feel a tremendous amount of guilt about doing so, even with her blessing.
What do you think about this situation? Will you read “Midnight Sun” Or do you think it is wrong to do so? Should we read something that Stephenie Meyer was pushed into releasing only as a last resort? I can’t decide….and I’d love to know what other fans think and what advice they have.


    I too feel the same about choosing to read Stephanie’s released version of Midnight Sun, I did not even finish the first chapter she released to begin with. I do not think I will read it until it is known for certain that the fifth book will not exist.

  • D

    I quickly read the “leaked” version (not knowing how much of an impact having this illegally posted would make) and then felt completely terrible! I had no idea the heartbreak this would cause. I do think since she has posted it now (even if it was because of something negative) it can/should be read without you having to feel bad. I think we were all looking sooo forward to this and I have to admit after reading it, I long for more!!! I truly hope she decides to finish this. It would be a real waste of the time she has already invested, not to mention a slap in the face to her fans that she let this get to her so much. It was only the first 12 chapters–not the whole book…it doesn’t even get to the best parts of the story. The damage is done know…read it…just BEWARE: YOU ARE GOING TO WANT MORE!!!

  • B

    As someone who is an artist and musician (as well as a believer) I can only begin to fathom what this has done to Meyer. I, too, eagerly read that first chapter she had posted a while ago and have been dying to read more. She felt obligated to post the leak on her site so that she could reclaim what had been taken from her and so that her fans would not have to go to illegal means to view the leaked chapters. But she has stated that she did not intend for her fans to see Midnight Sun in this form and I think we all need to respect her wish. She has given us so much that we should give this one thing back to her in return.
    I am part of an online family of Twlight fans called Twilighters Anonymous and we as a community have been talking about this very question since we heard the news about the leak and Meyer’s decision. We have started a letter writing campagin in support of Meyer’s decision to put all work on Midnight Sun on indefinite hold. I urge you to visit us, have a look around, and post your own letter to Mrs. Meyer. We will be sending her the link to the letters.
    Here is the direct link to the letters on our site.,48.0.html

  • Megan

    I could not not read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun – and I love it. I completely understand where Stephanie Meyer is coming from – her trust was taken advantage of. I don’t care that these twelve chapters were unedited and unrefined – it’s the story that I care about. This is very personal for Stephanie, I get that. But I don’t think she should punish herself (and her fans, to be completely honest) by not finishing this book. I appreciate that she decided to post the pages legally on her website. I love reading Edward’s perspective and can only hope that one day she will be able to give us the rest of his side of the story.

  • jessica

    I won’t read it. I was dying to read it once it was going to be published but I refuse to read even the copy that she posted legally. She specifically said she doesn’t want people to read it the way it is. Sure I am a crazy Twilight fan and I have already read the whole series six times but I am a grown up and have self control. I am not even tempted to download it or peak, I will respect Stephanie and if she ever finishes it and it is published I will buy my copy and copies for my daughter and friends and then we will read it. If it never gets finished or published then we will never read it.

  • Dawn

    I linked to this article in the news for
    We’ve been discussing this on our forum for about a week now.
    There are strong opinions on both sides. Some members have sworn to never read it, others don’t have enough self control.
    I appreciate your article because it puts into words what so many of us are thinking. It’s a difficult situation.

  • Dania Rodriguez

    i cant i couldnt i dont have the strenght to do that to her specailly knowing that shes been hurt and still hurting
    only for her i wont read it

  • …..

    I’m too much of an Edward; I know I should stay away, but in the words of Edward, “I’m much too selfish”. I Just couldn’t not read it; and it was one of the best things I have ever read. I truly am sorry that she might never finish “Midnight Sun”, for it might have been the best of the series. It’s awful that one person had to choose this time to break the law, and illegally poster Meyer’s chapters. It’s not right that this one person could cause so much pain throughout the Twilight world. I only hope Stephanie Meyer can one day look past this awful situation and finish what she has started. I hope Meyer is also, “essentially, a selfish creature”, and that she just wont be able to stay away.

  • Mel

    Like many of you, I am too saddened by the news of the leak “Midnight Sun”. And as a overly obsessed Twilight fan, I couldn’t resist not reading it. I read it, and loved it! Throughout the entire “Twilight” series, I knew that Edward loved Bella,but to be perfectly honest, I never understood why. To read those chapters finally let me into his mind to see things his way, and I have a new found appreciation for Edward.
    I deeply wish Stephenie would finish “Midnight Sun”, not only for her fans, but for herself. It’s an amazing story, and I’m sad that she would let the leak get to her. I know it was a personal matter for her, and the person she gave the manuscript to was a trusted friend, but she shouldn’t let something like this ruin what she loves…writing. So, Stephenie, if you happen to be reading this..know that I am a huge fan and no matter what, I support whatever you decide to do with “Midnight Sun”…But thank you for letting me read what you had written…I throughly enjoyed it.

  • aLiCE

    I know where everyone is coming from here…. i know for a fact i would love midnight sun, but i respect stephenie so much, i can’t read it, especially in it’s currently unfinished state. It would mean a lot to me if she did finish it, but i also know i would respond exactly the same way if that happened to me. whoever released it illigaly has a lot of nerve and even more to learn about ethics… i hope they regret their discicion and can convince stephenie to finish the book… it would mean so much to all of her readers.

  • Becca

    No, I could never read it, if she didnt want it on here before it is finished! I will wait for the finished copy (HOPEFULLY she finishes it) so it is perfect! And it sounds like Stephanie would rather us wait and not read it, so im going to obey that!

  • Charlotte

    I agree-I’m positively dieing to read it but I can’t help but feel guilty about it. I feel as though I need more reassurance from Stephenie that it’s okay with her even though I know it’s not. If she could just say one more time, “It’s okay guys, it wasn’t your fault and despite my feelings I just want you to enjoy it.” Still though, even with another blessing I’d feel terrible about it. I’m almost compelled to print it all out as well as a fan-made cover and have it all bound up so that at least it will hold some resemblance to what Stephenie had originally intended us to see.

  • Nika

    My first thought was not to read it, I could feel Stephanie feelings and it really hurts. But like any addiction, I was there, reading. Enjoying in a guilty way. Feeling bad but not being able to just let it go. Sorry Stephanie but your talent is amazing. You have a way to touch people, a great number of people. I hope to see Midnight Sun finished one day. I bet is going to be a masterpiece! And in my opinion that’s already even better than the other 4 books.

  • Madi

    Stephanie has to finish the book. Not everyone has read it I didn’t read it but I’m willing to wait for the whole book to be finished. I just told my friends today that Stephanie Meyer is going to make one last book. I’ll be very disappointed if it never comes out but I understand why Stephanie would not want to finish it. Who ever spilled out half the book, I hope they’ll be caught.

  • Jill

    When Stephenie made the leaked pages available on her website my first reaction was to click and start reading. I got about 1/4 of the way into the first chapter (which I’d already read and has been posted on her site for quite a while) and I felt a huge amount of guilt wash over me and I couldn’t continue to the second chapter. Right then I decided I wouldn’t read it, and thinking that I might be able to show some loyalty to Stephenie, I started a petition to encourage others not to read the leaked pages as well. Here’s the link if you want to join me:



  • Meghan

    I wish, more that anything, that Stephenie will eventually finish this book after she takes a time out from what has happened to her. There are SO many fans who refuse to read, myself included, the illegal version and/or the copy she posted on her website. I hope that she knows that she has fans out there who have been waiting and will continue to wait. My Twilight Saga will not be complete without that revised, edited, published, bound and put into hardback version. Stephenie, if you read this, I want you to know, I will wait. I am truly sorry for what has happened to you but since he has been so silent through the entire saga, I want Edward to have his say just as he would want it; edited and PERFECT of course. =)

  • Shana

    I am horrified that this has happened to someone that has been so good to her online fans. She posts extras, outtakes, playlists (through which I’ve found some awesome new bands) and all kinds of things. To think that a “Friend” did that is sickening. I didn’t believe it until she posted that statement that the work was really hers. However, after she posted it onto her own site, I did download it and read it. It’s so amazing, that it hurts when you get to the last page to realize that we may never (or not for a very long time) see the rest of the story in Edward’s perspective. I think that it’s a shame for the author, as well as her many loyal fans, who are pained by this experience. Now we’re being denied a wonderful story. It just sucks all the way around.
    But yeah, i did read it, and it was amazing. Would have been such a fantastic book.

  • layla

    omg, no i wouldn’t read an unfinish draft, it’s rude and i couldn’t bare it even if it’s tempting to do so. as a writing also it seems wrong. and her hurt touches me so. so i have to say no i couldn’t.

  • Angel

    How sad to be betrayed by a friend! It’s no wonder Stephanie doesn’t want to continue with “Midnight Sun”. I bet she feels so totally violated, and that is a difficult thing to get over. I hope she willget over it one day, and complete the book to be published.
    I was so excited to hear she was writing a novel from Edwards perspective, and now I am torn to read what Stephanie has allowed to be online or to wait until she has gone through the steps of forgiveness to finish the book. I guess I’ll wait and see what she decides for herself once the pain is gone.

  • Samantha D

    I understand that Stephenie Meyer is VERY upset about her leaked book. As she should be. But I also feel that she is overreacting a bit too much over the situation. I mean she can take as long as she needs to heal from this because she’s hurting and lost trust in someone. But to not finish the book because we have a hint of what it is, I see as a bit selfish. I mean we already know what happens from Twilight so its no BIG surprise of what to expect, its just a lot of Edward’s thoughts. Something I KNOW she wants to write out despite this situation because it must be eating at her insides to write it all out. But like in another article I read; this kind of leak happens to bands all the time but they don’t stop the album from being released. She trusted a close friend with this manuscript and to tell us because that person betrayed her that the book is ‘on hold indefinitely’ is a punishment we as fans do not deserve. What did Stephenie really expect her fans to do knowing this kind of thing is released to the public? Turn the other way and ignore it? I think not. Even if we read the whole book, completed draft or the unedited version online and she still decided to publish it, we would all still go out to the store and buy the book off the shelves like crazy as if it was fresh and new. Since the very beginning of Twilight all we’ve ever asked to ourselves is “what could Edward be thinking now…?” Although we had a peak at it, the hunger of curiosity is still there and will drive us mad until it is fulfilled.
    Stephenie really needs to publish this book. If she didn’t think of the fans that would be sOo upset and disappointed in her that maybe the respect she seemed to have lost a bit in us, we would loose in her. This is a terrible situation to have occurred and Im truly sorry that one of my favorite writers has lost the drive to write such an amazing story, but in time I really hope she changes her mind and will publish Midnight Sun.
    We love you and we love your books. Think it over and in time I hope you can forget this ever happened.

  • clara

    I will not read this version of Midnight Sun. I would die getting into a book that I know will not be finished. I just hope the Stephenie will continue to work on this book, so us fans can have Edwards side. I fell in love with the first chapter of MS and I have been waiting for the final version for a long time. If Stephenie was reading this I want to tell her that being betrade is one of the worst things that can happen to you by a fan or who you thought was your friend. But there are millions of fans out there that would never think of such an act. So please try to finish your book for your best fans, friends, and family that I know is waiting just like me to read your final printed copy of MS. We would also like to put it on our book shelves with the rest of Bella and Edwards life story. I can’t wait till my kids are older so they can read it too. Which will be a long time because they are 2 and 4.

  • VanessaC

    I refuse to read the chapters… as much as I am DYING to, especially because everyone’s saying that they are positively AMAZING (as I knew they would be, of course, but hearing about it makes it worse), I can not bring myself to do it because Stephenie specifically said that this was not what she wanted the public to read. I don’t blame people who have read it (after all, I can barely resist the temptation myself), but I’m going to be patient and loyal to Stephenie and read only what she truly wants her fans to read… which hopefully will be a finished and published Midnight Sun, but if not… well I totally understand why she would be unable to finish it, but that does not give me the right to read what she never wanted to be made public. Selfishly, though, I REALLY hope she publishes it one day, because I want to read it SOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeAnna

    Please do not punish the rest of us by not publishing Midnight Sun. We love your books and live for them. I am a 6th grade reading teacher and can’t imagine not having this sequel to read. PLEASE work on it and let us buy it! PLEASE!

  • Hannah

    I am so angry with the person who illegally put the draft on the web! Not only did it hurt her, it has hurt her fans as well. I enjoy the Twilight series so much and could only dream that she would write another book to the series. I just happened to be on the website looking up information, in anticipation, for the Twilight movie and had no idea that she was even writing another book for the series. Then come to find out she has started a new one and now she’s not going to finish because of someone illegally posting it online! I was so angry and hurt for someone to ruin it for the rest of us. I can wait until it is finished; heck, I waited a long, long time for Breaking Dawn. Who doesn’t have enough patients or respect to wait themselves? It is completely disgraceful and arrogant that someone has to be so dumb
    To whom ever posted the copy in the first place you should be ashamed and make it up to Stephenie and all of her fans publicly. That would be your proper punishment ‘public humiliation’ because that is what you deserve for the pain you have cause her and her fans.

  • leah

    i totally agree with the last comment

  • Danielle

    I really hope you don’t stop my cousin is your biggest fan literally she has luekemia and she really doesn’t want u 2 stop writing please dont

  • Taylor

    I feel really bad for stephanie but she shouldnt let it get to her if she knows who did it she should press charges and then continue righting the book people are really upset. Its making people eager and im really want to read the whole book from edwards perspective!!! The books are amazing and my friends love readin them to they are the best vampire and romantic books ive ever read and im dieing to read midnight sun so please stephanie continue writing the book for ur fans and you will also be happier that u finished it!!

  • Sierra

    Hey,Stephenie we all know that was REALLY rude of your friend to post that but please finish the 5th book im one of your BIGGEST FANS ever i love the Twilight series just hear me and all the rest of your fans! LOVE YA! and sorry for the run on sentence!

  • Sierra

    Im so sorry that your friend did that to you! your the best author ever so please finish the book all your Fans would love you even more if thats possible! and we all love you if i didnt make that clear before well love ya! please listen to your fans and finish it LOVE YA BYE!

  • Anonymous

    how can i read it knowing it was posted against her wishes? would i like it my things posted? no and so i have yet to read midnight sun although i am a crazy fan of this series.

  • From a dear fan amongst many

    At first when my friend told me the leaked version had been illegally posted i nearly dropped all my books in the hallway. How can someone mean-spirited person do such a thing to Stephanie! I can’t even imagine why others would read the unfinished version! If they could only know what Stephanie is feeling! AUGH! Well as it may be, i’m not going to read the blessed version. Hopefully Stephanie can overcome her rage and dissappointment in the traitor who did this and continue writing. I really look forward to “midnight sun”.

  • Adrian

    Oh fantastic news! No more crap from this very, very silly writer. I’m the 46 year old father of a 13 year old girl and I hope to God that my daughter will never develop into anything remotely similar to Meyer’s main character Bella. I read the first book in the series and found it profoundly cheesy and poorly written. But I was OK with my daughter reading it since the story seemed fairly harmless. I also felt that I should give her a few more years before I insist more firmly on her reading books of some substance. However, I began to fume after reading books 2 and 3 of the series, which little by little establish the most spineless, clueless, and codependent young female character I have ever experienced. And again I let it go because I didn’t want her to see me as the censoring father. Well, after book 4 I had to have a serious and embarrassing talk with my daughter courtesy of S. Meyer – but mind you, not the dreaded “sex talk” – you know, the talk about abusive sex, sexual manipulation, pedophilia, wife swapping and threesomes. End of story, going forward I will not tolerate in my house anything written by S. Meyer.

  • SARA

    I understand that she is upset about her book getting posted onto the internet. Is it really necessary to let her fans down by not finishing it. Then there are the people that get upset because instead of going out buying her book and reading it, people are downloading them off of the internet? People download things without paying for them everyday. Whether it be a book, a video, a song, a software program, it doesnt matter. Its still gonna happen whether they like it or not. I am tired of reading about these fans that have bought her book but at the same time i’m sure they are downloading something or another off of limewire and then have nerve to say how wrong it is to do this to her. So to everyone if you wanna read it go ahead, if it stands against your so called principles and your a die hard twilight fan then I guess your just missing out.

  • Anonymous

    i want to read the real and finished midnight sun not the one that was illegally put on the internet!!!!!!!! i definately want stephanie meyer to finish midnight sun!!!!!!!!!! im a HUGE fan of the series and i am shocked to hear that such a horrible person would do that to her!!!!!!

  • verizongirl

    Do not read it. It’s that simple.

  • winona

    excuse me but i take it to offense when some ignorant person disrespects the twilight series. that book is amazing. stephenie meyer is a great author. her books are being compared to harry potter, and to the father who said that about twilight is overreacting because his daughter likes the books.also you should start having the s talk when your daughter turns stop sprouting that crap just because you lack a mind.

  • simone

    What happened is very sad and that sucks that a trusted friend would do such a thing to her. I completely love the Twilight Saga, and Breaking Dawn was my favorite. What happened w/ the leak is terrible, and i definitely understand the dilemma in deciding to read the legal copy. personally, i’m going to read it because stephenie is a fantastic writer and i’m dying to hear twilight from edward’s perspective. I do wish that she wouldn’t block printing the story off online because i hate sitting in front of a computer for hours reading.
    To that dad: Bella is just a character. everything she does is in response to a fictional world. give your daughter some credit. if you’ve taught her right, she will be able to distinguish between what she should & shouldn’t do. On the topic of sex…i don’t remember anything about wife swapping or threesomes(were they jokes from emmet?). yes the imprinting to little kids is creepy. In the book a character who did imprint on a kid (i wanna say quill?)told jacob that it is not a sexual thing. It’s more of a very protective feeling that that person is the most special in the world & you never want them to be hurt ever. that description does not include sexual attraction. BTW- the so called “sexual manipulation” never really happened even if it was considered. it sorta failed since they both gave in anyways. Abusive sex- that was all an accident due to the tremendously different strengths and losing careful control given the situation. after edward showed huge remorse and attempted to restrain from such temptaion.

  • ninab

    Everyone!! i am a HUGE twilight series fan just like you so listen up!!
    everyone keeps saying that they read the first chapter of midnight sun on Stephenine’s websight,right? Well, i went to the websight as well and found a partial draft to read. its OVER 200 pages of midnight sun and sooo good.
    heres how to access it.go to and go to the twilight series tab scroll down(not to the bottom but to the first page break line.) Click on midnight sun partial draft and there you go!
    nina brown~*
    p.s.-reach me at

  • T-Rex

    So, I just couldn’t help myself. When I first heard about it I was in shock. I went to her website and there it was. I just couldn’t help myself and I read it. Edward is my favorite and I really wanted to see his side of the story and what he was thinking that first day in class and how Bella’s scent made him feel and, trust me, it’s so good! I really want her to finish it someday, I’ll be here waiting. If you’re going to read it you are going to want more.

  • Mitchell Brave

    Everybody knows about Edward, and the characters of Twilight. But who influenced Stephanie Meyers to create some of those characters, that may still be a mystery, but I do know who her boyfriend and prom date was in High school. On my blog, I will be publishing my exclusive interview with her old high school fling. Please come and check it out, it might explain more detail as to some of the characteristics and influences of her writing.
    Mitchell Brave

  • leah

    i feel that you are being selfish and not publishing working on the new book. I think its a good thing that someone posted the 1st chapter of ‘Midnight Sun’ because now people that have read it will be even more excited to read on. So please, PLEASE keep writing the new book but dont just write it….publish it.Myself and MANY others are very upset that someone invated ur copywrite/prviacy but we r all waiting for you to finish and publish the books. So please keep writing, not for ur many fans or the fans of Edward or Jacob but for urself.

  • Lisa

    I have just finished reading the legally posted “Midnight Sun” and I’m left with a disappointed feeling. Disappointed, because it may never be finished. I have never had a series of books that left me wanting more; the way the Twilight Saga has. Edward is a character that needs to have his story told. Bella had her chance and I hope the same for him.
    It’s a shame that a trusted friend, of a talented author, could ruin what many, many fans are waiting for. I hope Stephanie can find the peace and the forgiveness she needs to continue the book.
    It doesn’t matter that I have read the draft already. I hope to have the completed published book in my collection one day.

  • hollie saucier

    I know you may be up set about someone revealing the book that wasn’t finished on the web, but seriously as if you didn’t finish it.
    I’m only on twilight, but it’s clearly amazing, and I’m really disapointed that you didn’t finish this one.
    And I was looking forward to read all of them.
    Now it’s a mystery.

  • Bethany Grover

    I couldnt help myself…i had to read it! Im on the second chapter of the legal midnight sun that stephanie put on her site. I read all the other 4 books and was dying for more. I hope that soon me, and many other fans will be able to read the whole, published story. Even if not thought, thanks, stephanie, for letting us read some of it..legally. I just love your books and would love it if you published it!!!! :)

  • Amber

    I have read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun, & I have also read it right along with Twilight to compare & I hope & pray Stephenie will find the peace & forgiveness in her heart to finish the book!! And of course publish it for the MANY MANY fans she has who love & adore her!! It is amazing!! Although I have already read half of the book, if (fingers crossed) Stephenie does decide to finish Midnight Sun I, and many many friends & family members alike, would be absolutely honored to buy, & add Midnight Sun to the Twilight Saga we all know & Love!!!

  • Mackayla

    I have read all 4 books of the twilight saga and I fell in love with them!!! not just with the books, but with Edward! These books gave me something to look forward to in a boring day. I understand how stephanie could feel betrayed and devastated, but I hope that she can find forgiveness for the person who posted the leak, this way she will publish midnight sun. I was left wanting more and more after breaking dawn, and I hope that stephanie can give that to her fans…

  • Aneli

    i am proud to say that i HAVEN’T read midnight sun yet. i absolutly LOVE her books, but i decides to not read midnight sun for two reasons :
    1. if its a rough draft, then there will be parts of it that are confusing. also there are THREE rough drafts, the one online is just one of them, if she dicides to continue Midnight Sun, and uses one of the other drafts, then it would be even more confusing because we already read something else
    2. its not fair to her. im willing to wait until she publishes the book, until then i WILL NOT read midnight sun. even if she decides not to publish it, im not reading it. like it said in the quote it violates her rights as an author and a human being.(and no i did not come up with this right now, i seriously sat for half an hour weighing the pros and cons of reading midnight sun online)

  • Cassandra

    i dnt think we shoold read it if it hurt Stephanie Meyerzs tht much!!
    and plus if u were true Twilight fanzs u wooldnt because it goezs agenst Stphanie Meyerzs wishes she mite say go and read it noe buh she waz forcezs 2 do so and itzs jus not rite cuz she didnt want 2!!
    and anyway i dnt wanna read it cuz wen i read Midnight Sun i want 2 read the whole thing and not just half of it or however much izs posted now!!

  • rach

    no im NOT and NEVER going to read the chapters..
    if Stephanie is ever going to finish it and everything ill go and buy it…

  • Hannah

    I will not read Midnight Sun even though I want to really bad. I am going to wait for Stefanie to publish the book because I know she will!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I love Edward)

  • Bridget

    I did read Midnight Sun. And I’m not any less of a fan than all of you. I believe that Stephanie Meyer is an AMAZING author, and I wanted to be able to read her newestbook in the process of making it, it could even givve me an idea of how books were made. Also, if she really wanted us to stay completly away, why would she post the chapters on her website? That’s right, the website I read it from was HERS. And the book made me want to read Twilight AGAIN, so if more people read that it would positivly impact more people to read her series, even if they’re reading it over again. (When I was done with Twilight I had a craving for New Moon…)
    If you read it or not does NOT decifer how big of a fan you are of her and her books!

  • Diana

    i diffenetly think Stephanie Meyer should continue Midnight Sun
    not only because she is a wonderful writer, but also because she has gathered a whole family of cullens with such spirit and magic that attracted us all. We have been sucked into the books and if she doesn’t finish it, her fans will just..well…die! i stronly think as her fans, we should encourage her and give her happiness! i think we should all gather one day and find her! 😀
    and just make her happy. her legally posting the unfinished copy online will only make her fans more disappointed by just stopping out of nowhere and not finishing. it surely made me cry. and if i had cry how many more would?

  • leena

    i dd read midnight sun on stephanies page.. i do so hope she finishes the book and maybe writes edwards accounts on the other twilight series as well or maybe books relating to the rest of the cullen clan. I am a huge fan and i am sorry that someone leaked her rough draft that was uncalled for. people should have had more respect for her than that.

  • http://11/20/2008 SANA P

    I think that it sucks that somone took it and posted it . But you really should think about all your fans and finish writing it for the one’s that really care about hearing all side of the story . We have all fallen in love with your books and we need more .

  • Your Name

    I completely understand Ms. Meyer’s anger and disappointment of the violation of trust. I came late to the Twilight saga – as in this past weekend. Such is the testament to her work – I read all four books in a 2.5 day period.
    Unfortunately, the partial manuscript was leaked. Also unfortunately, it was via a trusted individual. What a horrible breach of trust.
    That said, I fervently hope Ms. Meyers can move past her personal sense of violation and complete the book in the spirit in which she began. As a writer, her work is her own. Until it is released, then it belongs to the fans. While it is horrible that the work was released before it was complete, edited and published – it’s now out there. There are now exponentially more fans of her series than prior to the movie release. Everyone will STILL buy the finished version – this was guaranteed before the leak occurred. I’m sure she’s not concerned with the money – it’s a principle thing.
    However, that said, the characters belong to the world now. They’re real to the people who adore the series. The fan’s respect for her as an author is clear on this page and many others. I sincerely hope she will not allow one individual’s serious lapse in judgment punish the eager readership that awaits Midnight Sun.
    Write on, Ms. Meyer. The support for you and the world you’ve created hasn’t lapsed and is in fact stronger than ever. Write on.

  • Hanna

    I read all of the Twilight books in like a week and i felt like i still needed more so of corse i had to read Midnight Sun. I think it is terible that some one would go public with Midnight Sun behind Stephenie Meyer’s back.I understand that writing isn’t something that can be rushed,but I do hope that she will be able to get past this and finish her book.

  • Luna

    so i am confused is midnight sun goin to be a book… i really hope it would… and ive herd rumors that all the books r goin to come out in edwards poin of view just like twilight… is that true… :) plz respond to me …plaeeeese………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Petition Lexi

    I believe that just because some of the people in the world are stupid enough to leak her draft, she shouldn’t let that stop her. She has millions of fans that have been loyal enough to wait for the book to come out that she’s letting down because some useless juvenile delinquent. If writing is her passion she should continue the series, especially for all the fans like me and my family. I own, and legally bought, all four books in the Twilight series so far. I’ve also seen the movie in theatres twice and I own a poster and a movie guide (legally bought.) So why should us loyal and trustworthy fans be punished for the mistakes of another not so trustworthy fan. We need to convince Stephenie Meyers of this because if not then the Twilight legacy ends with Breaking Dawn.

  • Willow

    I think stephanie meyer should continue midnight sun because I want to read the series from Edwards point of view and stephenie meyer if you read this please continue

  • Twilight Fan

    I think Stephanie Meyer should publish “Midnight Sun” because if you’re as haha addicted i guess as i am to this series, you’d want to know what happens next and i’m really curious to break free of bella’s stress and see what edward has to say about the situations. If you read this, please, please continue to write midnight sun. one person’s stupid decision to post it shouldn’t stop you. prove to everyone it’s better than they think it will be. i think girls will be absorbed in it because it’s about edward and he’s so nice and romantic, it’ll deffinatly pull them in. i’ll buy it, and i know i’ll love it. publish it (:

  • Cassandra

    Stephanie please write and publish the book and more because I love them and know I would love the rest.

  • Bev

    You have millions of little girls and their moms reading and talking together about these magnificant love stories. We waited and waited for the books to come out and then the movie. We read every page of all your books . If someone you trusted leaked Midnight Sun we did not see it, why would you punish us for something someone else did. We have made you rich and will continue to do so if you just finish the book and make new movies. PLEASE FINISH Midnight Sun. Waiting for a sequal to THE HOST>

  • Your Name

    I love your books!!! And all of my friends and I want you to keep writing Midnight Sun. I have finally gotten my mother to start reading the series and it took me like three months to finally change her mind. She is the most difficult person I know to read a book that she really likes. So please keep writing.

  • Your Name


  • Dorothy

    I read all four books and would have to say i didn’t like the movie (Sorry) the only part that i liked was when it had Jasper, Emmet and Alice they betray their characters so well.
    I’m a huge fan of Stephanie meyer’s, how she writes her books fascinates me at how one person can place so much detail not only in one but 4 books.
    When i heard about the rising sun manuscript i would have to say i WENT straight onto Stephanie Meyer’s home page edging my way to the bottom of the screen when i spotted her personal thought about the whole leak of her un finished book.
    After reading what she had to say i felt really disappointed that someone could do such a thing and clearly it was someone she knew.
    SO i haven’t read it (Which is a Shock, I’m screaming to read it) Respecting Stephanie Meyer who spent years writing four books making it the BEST for her readers, the least we can do as fans is wait and be patient.
    So I’m happy i haven’t read the book and that Stephanie Meyer continues, god bless her for coming this far all the best for the future.

  • Cindy

    I love all of your books, i hope u feel better

  • Katlyn

    I personly LOVE the Twilight Saga it is the best book series of read probably in my hole life. I think that it should’ve been Stephanies chose to put Midnight Sun on the internet, it would be a shame if she didn’t publish Midnight Sun because I think most people would like to hear Edward’s point of veiw. I mean he is basicly the main character, and Breaking Dawn has Jacob’s but that was cool because we kinda needed his point of veiw to get all the juicey details. But I would love to read about all of Edward’s juicey details as well. I think Stephanie should have them make the movie as long as it needs to be because if we can set in a theater and watch Bruce Wayne save Gothem City for four hours we can watch all the Twilight Saga shows as long as we have to.

  • Katlyn

    Hope you fell better Stephanie but you should realy think about publishing Midnight Sun. I think it would be realy great for you if you did. Love Katlyn

  • Your Name

    I love the Twilight saga. It is the BEST vampire romance book ever!I am so anting to read Midnight sun and I know it is going to be great. I want to know what Edward was thinking when he was with bella, so I know I am going to LOVE it.

  • Donna Jean

    I couldn’t go see the movie either. I visualized the characters in my head and didn’t want to change that. Please come out with Midnight Sun. I am 62 and a grandmother and loved the books so much that I bought the set.

  • Jessica Dennis

    I hope she continues with publishing Midnight Sun… I love all of the books and I am heart broken that this happened to her. I read the first chapter on the stephenie meyer website that she allowed to be put out and I loved it. But I REFUSE to read the leaked out draft. I have bought all of her books, and I also plan on buying the set so that I can keep that and pass it on to my children. I (as well as others) would be so excited to see it be published. I hope she feels better about everything and I hope whoever leaked it out gets punished or at least a talkin to.

  • cIARA Williams

    Stephania Meyer I hope you read my message to you. I am a 12 year old girl and I love your writing. It would kil me if you stopped writing. Please continue. We are thirsty for more. Get it thirsty? Anyways please keep writing. Who cares what other people read and did. All that matters is what you do. If you don’t write we will all be sad and I will cry myself till I have anymore fluids in me. If you keeep writing all of your fans will be happy and you can look at those books one day and say ” Hey I wrote those book and I am proud. Whatever you do you may have regret. But thats life. Please keep writing. You can visit my school page or visit us one day. I go to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit because we have some serious fans an I am one of them. People may read this and say shes just some kid but I have a say in what I beleive and thank you for letting me get my point across. Miricles can happen.

  • Vivi

    I think you should finish MS because I think most people who love the Twilight series will also love the perspectives from Edward and his feelings towards Bella. I think it is a lot more interesting than that of an average human mind, and it really gives a detailed scope of Edward’s emotions and thoughts. I would really love it if you could finish and publish MS because I am dying to finish reading it.

  • Your Name

    Dear Stephanie, Its so sad that 1 person can upset and stop your next book. One rotten apple theory. Not your fault for not wanted to continue. I love to see your book redone when the healing takes place. Sorry about the hurt you had to expirience. You do have a way that is so enticing that you get hooked and don’t ever want to stop reading. Fan Baba PS Love Your Books

  • zoe

    i hope so so much that you right a 5th book to see what happens to the baby and jake and how she gits thurow life !!!!!! hope that you do!!!!!
    ***edward cullen***

  • Chloe

    Dear Stephanie,
    i am an 11 year old girl and hated to read, until i read your books. i read them all in a week. it used to take me a month to finish a 400 page book, but i couldn’t stop reading yours. Finish the 5th book for your fans. we all love your writing. its inspiring!So…
    WRITE THE SECOND BOOK!!! how does Nessie turn out? is she with Jake in the end?

  • Alice

    I’m a 28 year old – the twilight saga actually made me pick up a book again =) I felt in love with the characters like many of you. I enjoy the relationships develop between Edward & Bella and later Bella & Jacob… even Bella & her dad Charlie; plus Bella extended families =) wolves & vampires! I’m kinda sad to hear that Midlight Sun is unfinished; and its Edward’s perspective! I understand Stephanie Meyer’s side of this story, but I don’t know if I’m able to resist my temptation of not reading it. I’m on the last book of the saga now. A little disappointed about Midlight Sun =( Hopefully Stephanie will change her mind, HEAR YOUR FANS!!!! I don’t want a Porche, just MIDLIGHT SUN =) but thanks for bringing me joy in reading again!!!

  • Dom

    Please finnish midnight sun because i just fnnished breaking dawn and i fell in love with the whole twilight sieris and i tried to get into another sieris but i couldnt because your books were so so good and i just cant get over how good they are and my whole family is so provide that i am reading so i seriously like love your books so as a very big fan please finnish midnight sun. :)

  • Mrs. Edward Anthoney Mason Cullen Jr.

    I love twilight! everthing about it, draws you in. I can’t stop talking about! I im just so in love with it. I read the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun on and it is completly amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much! But now I’m thristing for the other chapters, I can’t wait until the release!!!!!! I don’t think she needs to write another book after Breaking Dawn. The last sentence is and we lived happily ever after. That’s all you need to know!!!!! Bella and Edward have finally crashed through all of the possible obstacles in their way. So now they can be together forever, but they also have a daughter!! Twilight the movie is awesome too!!!! I saw it 3 times, and went to the midnight premiere!!! I a twilighter through and through. GO TWiLiGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Name

    hi i love twilight soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Twilight was the best book I have ever read in my life .I have also read Harry Potter but now I think that book stinks now back to twilight the movie was good the book was so much better . I hope that stephenie needs to finish mdnight sun. I need to know wat edward thought of bella the first time he saw bella plus I would also like to know what edward dose at night when bella is asleep. Now you know what I think about twilight.

  • laura

    Hi, im 13 and wen i read twilight i couldn’t put it down and also with New Moon and Eclipse I didn’t put them down. I read them all in 1 week ! I was that addicted to them ! I am currently in the process of persuading my parents to et me have Breaking Dawn before my birthday later this month ! I definately do believe that you should continue to write Midnight Sun and publish it. I know that the second u do publish it I will definatley be in the shop and buying it !

  • Sarah

    “On hold indefinitely” puts a very familiar feeling in the pit of my tummy, much like, “Don’t do anything reckless or stupid.” NM pg71
    Bella’s not the only one who gets to have epiphanies. 1. Stephanie is outraged, as she had every right to be, but she loves this story and those of us that did not violate her trust.
    2. Midnight Sun will come, but only in her time, when she is ready.
    3. She still loves to tell stories from the Edward and Bella world.
    But in the meantime, you will not see me scaring up echos of her writings in my head like Bella on a cliff, I’ll wait patiently, as we all should. Let it go for know and give her her space!!!
    With Love,

  • Your Name

    please dont cancel or quite writing midnight sun because everyone loves it. i go to mt.angel middle school and i havent seen this many kids reading one series of any kind of book before. even some boys at school who said its a girl book has read the whole series or at least twilight. i love your writing and i dont even like reading. im working on the last one and i want to read another one when im done. so you should really finish the other book (midnight sun). its not fare to your fans if you dont finish. you rock. your writing rocks. your twilight series rocks too. i love tour writing. so dont force me to stop reading. love your boooks.

  • Rhia

    i was looking around her website when i found it, midnight sun…it sounded amazing, hearing twilight from Edward’s point of view…so automatically i clicked on the link to her draft of midnight sun…
    i read the first chapter but that was all i needed(but then of course i read it all)…I LOVED it!!!! its great to get the story from a different point of view, and see how it actually felt like for Edward…i HAVE to read more :)
    i find it really sad that someone was given a first chance to see the book (this amazing book) and then post it on the internet….but i don’t care about that too much, i just hope that she does finally finish this book, not only that though, i hope she enjoys writing the book as well. i really hope she enjoys writing its soooo much she wants to write the rest of the books from Edwards point of view as well!!! Especially Breaking dawn (that would be amazing from Edwards point of view :P)
    Alsoo it would be nice to have maybe a short book of how edwards, bellas, and renesme’s ‘happily ever after’ turned out??? like did she go to school???

  • Your Name

    I and many other Marines feel that you are letting someone else win. It is as if you simply gave up. You are letting a gift slip away into the vapors of the wind. Your books are an inspiration of imagination. A gift like yours is meant to be shared with the world. It would be an honor and a privilege to read the finished copy of “Midnight Sun”.
    Very Respectfully,
    LCpl Snyder

  • Jessica

    please don’t stop writing this book. I LOVE the entire series from Bella’s perspective and would love to see it from Edward’s.

  • cambrin

    i really hope that stephanie meyer decides to release Midnight Sun. you know this also happened to J K Rolling with the seventh book in the Harry Potter series. i feel very sorry for her your mood means every thing! so i hope whoever did this gets punished!

  • Tami

    I love all of your books and i hope you don’t stop because it happened yo me once and i would love tohere edwards side.

  • Tami

    sorry about my mistakes the yo meant to be a to

  • Your Name

    please carry on writting the midnight sun i loved the twlight series it was fantastic i even passed them on to my mum to read and she is enjoying them just as much as me. I would love to here the story from edwards view it will give the story a completely different out look to things.I would also love it if there was a sixth book, telling us wot happens later on in life with reneesme and jacob and if the volturi ever come back to face them. and also if she ever tells her parents the truth about wot she has become.

  • MJPG

    As being late as I am to this discussion, && being a little late with the whole Twilight Series, I have personally just finished the last book yesterday && I have to say that I am in love with these books! I tried to not fall into the category of everyone else who was becoming a Twilight fan, but my curiosity got the best of me & I watched the movie before reading the books. I love them both! My friend & I try to figure out how they are going to make the new movies close to the books, when there is soo much vital info. that the movie may be long! But I’m up for it. But to my main point, I was searching to day to read about what exactly happened with the leak of the new book. Because me being curious usually helps me get somewhere. But I must say, with reading a few of these comments, I’m soo being tugged against whether I should read the leaked part now, or should I wait & hope that Meyer decides to publish it. I must say that I AM HOPING & PRAYING that she publishes it!! I want to know what goes on in Edwards head. But I don’t want to read the leaked version.
    So I’m asking this, Please Finish The 5th Book!! There Are Soo Many Twilight Fans That Are Dying To Read Midnight Sun!! && Who Are Truly Not Gong To Unless It Is Published!! But I am sorry that you feel that you may not be able to. But I will hope that it does get published. :]]

  • elisa

    Please make a 5th book and a 6th book. I too would love to hear Edwards side of the story, I would love to be in his mind. But, I would also love to hear what happens in the future. Please do not stop writing, I cannot get enough. I have not read the rough draft on line, I will wait for you to write the books and have them published.

  • Your Name

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,
    If you are reading this i am going to tell you what many people have. I am sorry your book was leaked out on the internet like it was but there are many people like myself who would kill to read Midnight Sun. And though i cant personaly say that i can understand, i can say that people like me (who haven’t even read the illegal draft)shouldn’t be punished for the ignorance of others. And again I am sorry that you are upset. And i love your work and cant wait till you publish Midnight Sun. And i hope you continue on and maybe you could write a book in Rennesme’s point of veiw. That would be cool! Please dont leave me hanging.
    A HUGE fan,

  • Your Name

    Dear Stephanie,
    I understand that you are upset about this leaking problem, but please you have fans waiting for you. Depending on you. I am sorry for that someone was stupid enough to go and post YOUR book on the internet. But I am also sorry for your millions of fans who don’t get a fifth book. Stephanie I really hope that you decide to get over those idiots and write your book, you are my idol, and I’m urging you to finsh Midnight Sun and make your fans proud.
    I’m depending on you
    ~love Kamilah~ Your dearest fan

  • Fan

    I love the all four books my mom and my sisters read them also and we all went and saw the movie when it came out we are waiting for Midnight Sun and we really hope you finsh and realse it sometime in the next year or so..

  • Andie

    I am, like many others OBSESSED with these books. Twilight just amazes me. I am so glad I read these books. SO GLAD. I just found out today while I was in the doctor’s waiting for my dad that this “leak” happened.
    I’m re reading the whole series now, but once I finish Breaking Dawn again, I don’t think i’m going to look for the fifth book. I reaally hope that Stephanie will go through and finish writing this book.
    I deserves to be written.
    And even though Stephanie did not deserve this to happen to her, there still are people out here, waiting for her version.
    Her edited, polished, perfect version.
    I’m not going to read any part of the fifth book until its out and published.
    Please don’t let me down Stephanie.

  • Anjelica

    I really hope you put this behind you & continue wrighting Midnight Sun. I’ve read all of the Twilight books and I’m ready to read more!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Name

    stephenie, i herd about someone putting your story on the net. i think that was extreamly rong, it shouldnt have come out like that, it should have came out when you were done. i read some of midnight sun. i think its amazing pluse my freind is actully reading it, he never reads unless its assigned from school. any way i think the twilight series was amazing and i love it, i am hoping that you continue on righting all the stories that pop in your head. your books are amazing, dont stop your rigthing carer. even if you decide not to finish midnight moon. other books will be just as amazing as all the rest.
    p.s my faverite book is new moon. :)

  • http://please ella

    dear stephanie
    im sorry about what happend with your book, but u gotta publish i am one of your biggist fans i have read all the books over and over again and im not over them at all. when i heard that there was gonna be a 5th book i went right to the book store to order it in but the man at the counter said that you wernt publishing it anymore cuz u were to sad. i was really upset stephanie i had tears in my eyes. i went on your website then to see if it wer true and then i saw that u put the 12 chapters for us to see so i read them and got hook.
    please please pleas can u keep writing 4 me and the billion others who r just as sad:( please

  • robyn

    look i kno that this is upseting for u. but think of all your fans do u awnt thin to upset as you are.please do the wright thing. robyn

  • Samantha

    Stephanie Meyer is an amazing author! i love the twilight series! i’v read them four times! Also i think she should continue writing midnight sun. keep writing Stephanie Meyer!

  • Your Name

    Recently, I had to go see my 88 year old Aunt in Sun City West, AZ who broke both her shoulder and hip. I live on the East Coast. My niece has been bugging me to read “Twilight”, so I purchased the book and took it with me on the plane to AZ. I laughed as I told the person sitting next to me on the plane that I was taking reading referrals from a 14 year old. I did not realize that this series would help me through the stressful days ahead. I couldn’t put it down. When someone is in the hospital you have a lot of time on your hands between talking to the doctors, making sure that your love one is properly being taken care of. So I took the opportunity to finish the book, and then New Moon, followed that up with Eclipse and on the return flight to the East I read Breaking Dawn. Today I saw the movie and I can’t get enough of this series. I am 53 years old and have enjoyed every moment with these books. How refreshing to read something that is a true love story! It restored my faith in romance and helped me get through a very rough time. Please reconsider finishing Midnight Sun there are millions out there that are waiting and wanting more of Bella and Edward.

  • http://Hey Harley

    I thought that it was wrong to post it on the internet, but would it have gotten on there if you didnt have it saved to a personal document at home.I hope you still consider writing Midnight Sun, because I really want to read it.The books are amazing and you are one of the best authors I have ever read about. Keep Writing. P.S my favorite books are between Twilight and Eclipse.!!! 😀

  • LEE


  • Natalia

    I am deeply sadden by the fact that someone had to ruin my anticipation, and those of countless other, for the fifth book to an amazing series. I have never been one to read for pleasure, I simply do not enjoy it because I never seem to find anything that can capture my attention long enough. I am in my final quarters in college, about to receive my BA, and reading anything else that was not related to school seemed like a waste. I heard about Twilight when the movie came out and had absolutely no interest in seeing it since I had never even heard of the book, but I caved when when I heard it was a love story and not just about vampires ( I have always been a sucker for a good love story)… I instantly fell in love with the story. The next day I rushed to the nearest Boarders and bought Twilight, receiving the other three books for Christmas, MY FAVORITE OF MY GIFTS! Once I started, I had been permanently seen with a book in my hands… one that had nothing to do with my major! I would literally have to lock up the books in my car while I was at the library in order to be able to study the subjects at hand. I have done nothing but wait to hear of the much anticipated Midnight Sun. To hear Twilight from Edward’s perception would be nothing short of AMAZING, since I have become nothing less than infatuated with him. To NOT finish Midnight Sun would be such a disappointment, to myself and to all of Stephanie Meyer’s fans. PLEASE FINISH THE BOOK STEPHANIE MEYER! PLEASE!

  • Moon Goddess

    i think it is horrible for somebody to put something illegally on the internet. i really hope that Stephenie Meyer keeps writing i would love to know what Edward is thinking.

  • Sierra

    i was horrified when i found out. i immidiatly went to the petition site and signed the petion to let stephanie meyer know that we support her all the way and will not read it until it is published. i encourage all you fans to sign the petition too. GO STEPHANIE MEYER!

  • sharon proctor

    I think that is horrible that someone would do that to an author, but at the same time I think that it is horrible that the author would allow the acts of other people to punish her true fans. Come on? Would you punish a classroom full of straight a honor students because a student transfered in the middle of the year and that student caused the class trouble? I’m sorry for Stephanie for what happened but I think she needs to look at the situation from a different angle and be glad that her fans really support her. Don’t punish the fans for what some stupid idiot person did.

  • nessie lover

    sorry,but i read it.Ank
    d its amazing!!!!!! i cant wait to read all of it. I also think she should write another book about nessie and jacobe1?!?!? please write another?! Go twilight. Go edward. Go Meyer

  • isabelle

    sorry, i read it without thinking. SM really should continue midnight sun, even if some stupid idiotic brainless moron did leak it. she is breaking the hearts of her readers!!! please continue it, Stephenie Meyer, i can’t wait for two years then you’ll continue. in total 3 years ’cause 2 years waiting for SM to decide then 1 year to write. huh. GO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!

  • kelly

    iagree please finish the book i have all but thrown myself into the books. Have had personal problems and the books have helped me in the way that it has given me an outlet. Please finish the book so that we may continue to enjoy your joy of writing. best wishes

  • chey

    I hope Stephanie Meyer will make midnight sun but i can see why she is mad!I hope that who ever spilled will feal what i feal right now .This regret that i do ,my friends and i been hopeing she would make 7 books in all.I Wish the person who spilled would tell her sorry but i know this would’nt change any thing and she probley would’nt chang her mind .

  • Vixie

    After I first read the series I looked up Midnight Sun, I was originally searching for release dates but ended up clicking on the 12 chapter draft. Before I knew I was absorbed and read the whole thing. Even for a draft it was wonderful. I can not wait till she decides to finish it but I think she should take her time so she can pour all that unique enthusiasm into it.
    Best wishes Stepehenie Meyer- You are the best!

  • Annalia

    I understand where SM is coming from, but I cant help but feel a little selfish in the fact that I love those books with all my heart, some of my friends actually think that I have a little bit of an obsessive problem, but these books are magical and when I am having the worst day imaginable I am able to open up any one of the books to any page and simply allow myself to be swept away. SM I wish you all the best in hopes of finding your creative spark for Edwards mind once more. I, along with thousands of others I’m sure, would love for you to try and complete these books, I know you want to wait until 2 years after no once mentions it and until people forget about it, but really, these boooks are part of my life and not easily forgotten. I know you will do what you think is best, and even if I have to wait, I know patience is a virtue, and you are a truly magnificant writer, and the wait will be worth it. I stand firmly behind you SM.

  • Faith

    Dear Sm,
    I am deeply sorry that Midnight Sun leaked online. Please keep writing though. You are a fantastic wrighter, I have read all the books and please add to my colection of twilight. I know that you are mad about Midnight Sun being on the internet, I am also mad that an idiot would put the sloppy copy on the internet and ruin you. He/she should of thought about it before he/she did it. Please don’t wait to put the real book out. You wont be letting fans down, but I hope they know what it feels like to be used in that way I am deeply sorry about the book!

  • Your Name

    I may not have finished or even read New Moonyet since it’s checked out of the library but Twilight was AWESOME so I REALLY want to finish the series so I doubt Midnight Sun could be very bad though i’m only a recent fan

  • Your Name

    It’s a terrible thing to find out that something you were planning on putting a lot of heart and work into got coppied and spread throughout the public.I am deeply sorry. For when I first heard that you were in the process of creating the love story in Edward’s point of view I was very excited. Then I heard that you weren’t sure if you wanted to finish it I felt put down. But I know that with the artist you are, you will not let your fans down, and start finishing that book. You are a beautiful writer and when you describe Edward I feel so upset that there isn’t a living soul who could be that gorgeous and perfect. So I hope that you can discover a way to place you back into Edwards head and continue writing one of your best series of books. Good luck!!
    All’s hope and support,

  • Lidia


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  • Your Name

    I am a long term fan of these book i bought them as they came out and was really looking forward to reading the fasinating stories throught Edwards eyes and i can’t believe someone would have really done that to meyer she’s been working on these book for ages and if they had just waited like the rest of us we could all be sure that we would have Midnight Sun in th Twilight saga soon and begin to understand what must of been going on in Edwards head as all the times Bella would of been wondering.
    I hope that Meyer gets past this terrible set back soon and publishes her book and as unlikely as it seems to continue the saga in Edwards view.
    Stephanie Meyer please write the next book and publish it all your loyal fans are counting on it!

  • Your Name

    My two young daughters never sat down to read any books until the twilight series came out, now we have two complete sets in my home and all three of us are reding them not to mention my older daughters both have a set and have read them. i myself have also gotten the host to read. I know that i can’t wait for midnight sun to come out it will be a great book, even if part of it was leaked out all of your twilight fans will still read it and love it.

  • Millie Anielski

    I hope you will change your mind and write the book as it is a wongerful seris. I wish i could write as well as you.

  • Your Name

    I would just like to say that I haven’t read a book like that in yrs. My sister-in-law got me into reading them. It took me approx. 2 wks. to read them all.I’ve actually read them twice. But what I would really like to say is that my kids have been watching me read these, and now that’s all they want to do is read. The t.v. hasn’t been on in my house for about 3 weeks. I’m not ready for the story to be over yet. I hope u change your mind Stephanie they are the best ever.

  • DiAnne Cruse

    I am an avid reader, but have never found it necessary to read a book more than once. When I finished the Twilight series, I couldn’t wait to reread them. When I finished reading for the second time I bought the set on CD’s and listened to the books again. NEVER have I ever enjoyed such an art of writing. So beautifully written, a true love story of two really wonderful and beautiful young people that respected each other. You Mrs. Meyer, should be very proud of the way you have depicted the respect that a young man is supposed to have for the person he truly loves to thousands of young people that have read or will read your books . To truly put another before yourself. My goodness, I’m 61 years old and it was so refreshing to me. I thank you. I can’t wait for Midnight Son.
    I really hope you don’t let some idiot and put an end to such a beautiful series . I know I would love to know Edwards thoughts as she made some of her decisions!! Thank You Again, DiAnne

  • April

    You know there are a lot of people in this world that doesn’t have a computer and wasn’t able to even look at the draft of Midnight Sun.. I know that I havent even dreamed of reading it due to I am very interested in what Edwards view is.. So if anything I hope that Meyer does get around to publishing it because there is a lot of people out there that doesn’t even know it was out and hasn’t even read it.

  • Sabrina

    I have read all the books their the best books i have ever read yea i’m only 13 and most teens would rather be on myspace or hanging out with there friends.But when your books came out most teens spend there time reading your books becouse there FANTASTIC.I hope you chang your mind and restart to write midnight sun.. Becouse the kids who have read you draft were just egar to see what is in suprise. But what thoose kids have read is what they think will be apart of the book. since you said it was full of mistakes wouldnt it be great to see the shock in there faces to see what they thought to be somthing better?

  • angelettii

    The twilight books are so addictive. I haven’t read anything this good in years let alone more than once. Mrs. Meyer u are phenominal. PLEASE publish midnight sun I am so intruigued to understand Edward. He is a fascinating character.

  • Your Name

    I absolutly LOVE the twilight series!!! i have never read anything this good in a LONG time… please publish midnight sun i want to learn more about edward and the others… PLEASE PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon McMaster

    I sat down this past weekend and read all 4 books and feel like I am missing something more. I would love to be able to read Midnight Sun and hope that Stephanie Meyer is able to complete it because I could see it becoming a great follow up as well as give perspective into Edwards mind and thoughts. There were parts of Twilight that I would have loved to stop and ask what he was thinking but I could only imagine based on the info that she provided. I think it would be wonderful for her to do an entire series based on the 4 books that she already published but the new series be entirely from Edwards side. Why not complete it since you already started it…it’s really no different than the Star Wars Prequals that George Lucas came out with “years” after the Star Wars movies were popular. I am just hoping that I get to read them at some point but I won’t until they are published.

  • Carolyn Newcomb

    Publishing Midnight Sun would be a great gift to your fans. I can’t imagine how upsetting it would be to have it stolen and distributed for everyone to read before it’s even finished. I feel like the person who did this has won, or has had the last laugh. We can’t control the bad things that sometimes happen to us, but we can control how we react to it. Don’t let that thief slow you down for one minute finishing the book that you created and love. He has nothing to do with anything. This is between you and your fans who love you and your work and are anxiously waiting to learn more about Edward and all the great things Midnight Sun has to offer. Don’t let the jerk win and let your fans down…Edward wouldn’t!

  • Daria

    I agree with most of the others. The Twilight series has kept me re-reading constantly and i always am looking for more. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn held me on forever. Instead of wasting my time watching television i was reading, and i was sucked in. It was a type of page turner that always made me hungry for more. When i heard about the leaked version i almost burst into flames. How could someone have done that?!?, i thought at first. By the time i heard Stephanie Meyer’s outrage on the leaking and that she might not published i almost went into depression. All of the books are about Edward’s struggles, and seeing it through his eyes would let us know how he felt. Please, please from the bottom of my heart publish Midnight Sun… and leakers did wrong

  • April

    Ms. Meyer I do apologize about the leak of one of your unfinished books, truly. Being a twilight fan has opened my eyes to the power of reading again, when I started reading I was immediately drawn in it was amazing. When I found out about this book I was so happy , but then as I read how this has hurt you I could not read it, and have not read it. Please publish Midnight Sun, not just for me , but for your fans all over the world, I would buy it. Also you have inspired me to write my own book its two pages long, its called “Against The Grain” It will take some time , but great things come to people who are kind and patient. Thank you stephanie for such a great series



  • Tara

    I have to admit I have read the 264 manuscript twice now and I think the dimension to the Twilight books is more intriguing than ever. Please don’t stop us from knowing Edward because of the act of someone else. He has so much to offer to the story – I now feel like I only know 1/2 of what is racing through the pages. Take your time, but let us know that you will, in fact, tell Edward’s story.

  • Your Name

    I saw Twilight the movie before ever reading the books. I am not a reader at all infact it has been years since a book grabbed my attention. After seeing the movie I went on line immediately and bought the whole series. I couldnt put it down. I read over 20 hours a day. I was in love with the book series and finished all 4 books in 5 day. I understand that your trust has been violated aboult Midnight sun. I only hope that you can find it in your heart to finish Midnight Sun for all of those fans that love your writing. I hope the saga can continue with Edward and Bella. I haven’t loved a book as much as yours sinse high school. If you could only look past that terrible incident and keep writing for your fans we would be entirely grateful. I did read your partial manuscript on your website and I would love to buy the book if you hopefully chose to finish it. Hopefully your could also continue more books about Eward and Bella and the Cullen family. Please consider continuing the series. sincerely yours Theresa.

  • The Allgood girls

    Thank you is all I can say for these wonderful books you have written. I have been a vampire fan for a long time now, and I have instilled the love into my 14 and 16 year olds. We have been enjoying your books together. It is awesome how you have shown the more human side of the vampire . Please keep dreaming and don’t give up on us now. We agree that you have been wronged but we are waiting on bended knee, to beg you for more.
    The Allgood girls

  • Your Name

    Okay I am a Twilight Saga fan. I understand she is upset, but she is so upset that she won’t finish it? Did she not say that the person who leaked it didn’t mean any harm? If my understanding of her statement is correct then she also said that she was the one to give the copy to the person who leaked it. So wouldn’t it technically be her fault? Shouldn’t she have thought about the consequences? She didn’t ask for that to happen, but accidents occur whether we want them to or not. That is why they are accidents. Why should the fans be disappointed? Doesn’t she care about their feelings? Obviously her fans are so excited about her work that they didn’t want to wait (shame on them for that) for her to finish. She has a right to be upset, but it’s been a while since it happened so instead of looking at the glass half empty let’s look at it half full and think of it as a compliment. I have read the version she put out on her website, which I think is almost better then twilight (Edward and Alice are my favorites, naturally) and it really gives you insight into Edward and his family. When the pages ended I was upset! I wanted more and that she should be proud of. She can captivate an audience. I know people that absolutely refused to read the saga and after explaining the book several times to them, they started reading it and loved it! Please don’t think that I am putting Ms. Meyers down in anyway. It is her idea and she can do what she wishes with it. I just hope that she sees the joy everyone gets from reading it and it puts the joy back in her. If I could say one thing to her I would tell her that what I read on her site was amazing, but if she wants to kill the Cullens don’t bother. If her hearts not in it no one else will be. I did not write this to offend anyone. It is just me ranting. So thanks for letting me get that out!

  • Your Name

    i am absolutely in love with the twilight saga. i would love to meet stephanie meyer. she is an amazing author. i think that the director of twilight changed it a lil too much and i hope the 2nd one is a lil more accurate. i am only 15 and i am a huge fan!!!!

  • Your Name

    My thoughts , I LOVE all four books couldnt put them down ! When I had to , because I had to go to work (darn it) , it felt like something was missing (lol) ! So to read the unpublished copy of Midnight Sun or not to read it ? I was going to read it but it just felt wrong , even though Stephenie put a link up for it and gave us her blessing to do so. I am going to wait for it to hit the book stand and buy my copy to add to my other four books. S Meyer is a wonderfull author and I love the new look at Vampires and Werewolves. Great job Stephenie I am patiently waiting for you to finish .

  • Your Name

    Hi! I love all the books ! they are great and i hope you write more great books ! when i first read twilight i couldnt put it down i finished it in 2 days, and im not a fast reader but i couldnt help my self thats how great those book are ! its funy i dont read stuff like that but my aunt told me just how great they were so i started reading them and i couldnt stop! i hope that when and if you write any more books that they will be just as good ! u inspireded me that anything is possible u just have to strive for what you want ! im so glad that u made the movie after the book but their was this one part in the book i was dying to see but you didnt put it in their but thats ok because the movie had beautiful senery and i loved the music! thanks for writing such a great series!

  • Flamingo

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,
    I would just like to say that I loved all your books. It actually so happened, that I never wanted to read the books in the first place. I didn’t know why everyone was cuaght up and in love with Edward Cullen. It the beginning of my eighth grade year at the time. When two of my best friends took me to see the movie the day it came out, I have to admit that I was pretty excited. After I saw the movie, I knew that I just had to read the books. So, my mom and I went to Target and bought the first book to the Twilight saga. After reading all four books, I realized why everyone loved them so much. When I heard that you were writing a book that was to be called “Midngiht Sun”, I was thrilled. My friends and I couldn’t wait. But, then when the first chapter or so of the book was illegaly put on the internet, you soon decied to not write anymore. I completely understand why you do this coming from your point of view. But i am also very sad to say that this book will never be published. It would have been another one of Stephanie Meyer’s best sellers. I would like to thank for the pleasure and enjoyment of reading the Twilight saga.

  • Your Name

    I do love the 4 books. And I got all for books of my own 😉 and I’m really a vey huge fan of the twilight saga. I wasn’t really into reading books anymore but when the saga was released it opened up my world and my passion again into reading really love that new twist that Ms. Meyer gave for the vampire and werewolves. I’m very thankful to Stephenie Meyer for writing such great series and also for truly inspiring a lot of people in this world, including me. Well I’m longing for more! I would really appreciate (and I think the other twilight fans too) if you’ll still continue to write the Midnight Sun and be able to publish it (though, I think it’s really impossible for it to happen anymore.). I really felt sad about it. And finishing the 4 books, I really have these teary eyes. Well then, A HUGE THANKS for such great and beautiful series. And for making me passionate enough to read books again ;).

  • Your Name

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,
    I really, really love the Twilight Saga!!!!! They were fantastic! I’m a big reader, and I know a good book when I read one. It was absolutely impossible for me to put them down! I read all the books in a week. I can’t wait to read Midnight Sun (that is, if you continue to write it, which I hope you do.) I think all your fans do.

  • kristina

    Dear Stephanie,
    I can’t imagine the pain that you are feeling now that someone has taking your “baby” and splashed it all over the internet for all to see. I do hope that you know that you fans are behind whatever decision that you make. I do however hope that you decide to someday soon finish Midnight Sun. Although it has been put on the internet I know it is not your finished draft and that the completed project will be far superior to the rough draft. I know that all of the friends and family that I have that are in love with your books will run right out and buy it the day it comes on the shelf. I’m not sure if that helps at all, but as a die hard I hope for the best. I look forward to anything you produce in the future.

  • jane

    Hi I’m jane from Singapore. Just want to say that I really love your books. It changed my life in a way that you might consider funny so I won’t but I can tell you that it helped my studies alot. Wish you all the best and Can’t wait for midnight sun. Plz write the book all your fans would love to read it… Love Twilight Series

  • Christine

    I haven’t picked up a book in 4 years, and I am almost 30! I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Well… I finished all the books in less than 6 days. Thank you for giving me the urge to start reading again, please consider Midnight Sun, since I will not be reading the leaked version…. I am hopeful it will be a book in my hand one day :)

  • Your Name

    Hello, I just want to say that I love your books and I don’t think you should let anyone ruin what you have and thats a wonderful imagination and writing skill. It’s like I tell my kids, don’t let the people who try to destroy things for others win. Can’t wait to read the Host!!!! You are now in the list of my favorite writers. Hope to read more of your works.

  • olivia

    Stephanie you are amazing and a massive inspiration for me. Your books have changed my life forever. I will never again find better books than the ones you have written. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, publish midnight sun, because it would make your fans so happy and even though that person leaked it onto the internet, you know your true fans would never do somehting like that to you. Have faith in that and please publish your new book. Im Edward Cullen mad and I really want to read twilight from his perspective. I cant wait for midnight sun to be in the shelves! You rock Stephenie! 😎

  • Your Name

    i amnot going to rad midnight sun til its published nd if itnot ime and my mind would go in a deep dark black hole of saddness and despair.
    p.s. Stephanie u are wesome and amazing and who ever leaked are evil

  • Your Name

    please publish Midnight sun!! YOU ARE AN AWESOME WRITER YOU HAVE SKILLS IN YOUR HAND!! please you inspired me to read again!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Your Name

    you are an amazing writer! i’ve enjoyed reading twilight,new moon,eclipse,and breaking dawn…..i’m really hoping ur gonna continue to right midnight sun……i was really sad when i found out you were putting it aside for a while or forever… you think your gonna continue to write it?

  • Your Name

    you should toatally keep writing you are amazing at what you do.I love all of your books.I think that was horrible for someone to do that and leak it on to the internet. you changed my perspective on fantasy books. now when I read I go into twilight world.

  • andrea

    with all my stress and horrer that i face each day i have found good in your books i fell in love with the story. and no i cant lie i did read the link you have posted to the book and i feel that it is a great and wonderful story and pray you may finish it so i ad many others may read it. women would be so lucky to find a man as wonderful as edward and men pray that one day you may find your bella. Stephenie you are a great writer and a role mode to many teens and fans every where. i think you should finish his book i hope and pray you do finish and i will be waiting to buy it as soon as you finish your great and i am sorry to hear that you where disrespected this way and i hope you find the passion you had to finish. remember never give up just becouses you got knocked off the horse

  • Angel

    You have to finish it. its the number one newyork hit. please, please please will you finish it. Please. I really want to read it. oh, come on everyone wants to read it. You cant give up. Everyone needs a second chance.

  • paula

    it wasn’t fair to have this done to you ,and out of respect i am not reading the draft . i hope you do not let this discurage you from finishing midnight sun,it will be fantastic im sure. don’t let them get you down, so many people think your great!! and thanks for the great stories they have helped me have some escape in a tragic time in my life.

  • Your Name

    OH my gosh( for lack of better wording)when i heard about that , oh I can’t say for I’m young, who stole your work I practically screamed. I have all of the Twilight Saga books in hardback and love them, and I don’t want to sound like just another Robert Patternson fan( no offense but he’s not that hot and he’s 22 give me a break)but I liked the movie too but it just doesn’t campare to your astounding work on the books. Please take this too heart and I know you probably hear it all the time but please for the sake of a young girls sanity finish and publish the last book, you’re so good at writing them that a small wannabe a writer’s opinion won’t sway you most likely, but please!!!! i’ll love it i promise! hee hee okay that’s a little much Bye- your undoubting fan
    Sara Taylor

  • Your Name

    I’m going to read it, but I’m so sad about this whole ordeal. As long as the court case settles and justice is brought to her supposed friend, till then I will undoubtedly feel guilty for seeking the other side of the story when i won’t have paid for it or borrowed it legally on a library card or from a friend who bought it etc.
    I know however that i don’t even have to hope that it will be good. more than – so does every teenage girl at the moment

  • Car

    I have not read this leaked copy and i do not intend on doing so until it comes out. I pray it comes out so i do not cheat and can read it for myself.

  • twihard fanpire

    it wasn’t fair to have this done to you, and for that reason i am not going to read the draft. i hope you do not let this stop you from finishing midnight sun (or any other book you want to write), it will be fantastic im sure of it. don’t let them make your life miserable, so many people think your great!!! and thanks for the great stories, they have helped me have some escape from a hectic life of high school. i have loved reading about Bella and the cullens (especially edward).

  • Xena Cullen

    Excuse 2 the person who is bashing Robert Pattinson leave him alone okay,Rob is indeed gorgeous & good-looking by far…Robert Pattinson is a great & wonderful Edward Cullen,he’s 23 yrs old,& I am a huge fan of his since I saw him in Harry Potter & the goblet of fire as Cedric Diggory,Rob is a gorgeous,sexy,& delicious man,omg are u blind.I know u have a right 2 your opinion as same do I have a right 2 my opinion.No need 2 bash Rob in any way,I get all offensive when people bash Rob & I intend 2 attack cause I defend Rob in any way as he would defend any of his family,friends,& his fans…it’s we as Rob fan love him dearly.So do me a favor lay off Rob okay.

  • Your Name

    I am a huge fan of stephenie meyers I did read midnight sun partial draft only cause I am so addicted to twilight I cant get enough and I loved it and I will buy it if she ever publishes it I have the whole series in hard cover and have read them so much I am wearing them out Please dont stop writing Stephenie you have given me a passion for reading that I havent had since I was a little kid Thank you for that I think you are the most incredibly talented author and the thought of you just letting the twilight series go and not keeping it going breaks my heart I am waiting for anything you give us please give us Edwards perception the more too read the better cant wait…….

  • Sandra

    I am a huge fan of the Twilight series. I am sorry that your friend betrayed you Stephanie. Maybe after some time, you will not be as hurt and angry and you could grace us with not only Midnight Sun, but countering books to all 4? A possiblity from an author as amazing as Stephanie. So please, please, please, write Midnight Sun? Because the Twilight series, well “It’s like my own personal brand of herion.”

  • Lisa

    I am a mother of 3 children. My 17 year old daughter turned me onto the Twilight series. I have now read and re-read all of this fabulous books. My heart goes out to you Stephanie for the betrayal that you have suffered but I do PLEAD and BEG of you not to let this betray your trust in your fans. We love and respect your work and my daughters (17 and 5-yes she knows Edward and Bella well) look forward to the newest addition to your babies – Midnight Sun. We love you and hope that your broken heart mends. Lisa, Patricia, and Alyssa

  • Katrina

    I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed the Twilight Series. I have never read a book in my life. I’m almost thirty years old. Although I graduated college and know how to read quite well, I would just always fall asleep.
    HOWEVER….After watching the movie, I bought Twilight. I read twilight in one day. Then continously read the other three in one week. I didn’t sleep or eat, I just read. That is saying a lot for someone that refuses to read books.
    I found myself happier as a person and in my life. Living in the city can be miserable. But I was calm and inspired, when I read the Twilight series.
    I just really want to express how much Twilight impacted someone like me. Everyone adores and obsesses this series for a reason. It would be a shame for everyone (the fans and Stephanie Meyer included) to have the LAST book go unfinished due to some bad apples.
    In life, we lose boyfriends to best friends. We consistantly get hurt, have people intentionally try and destroy us.
    That should give us all the more reason to stand up proud and continue to live our lives, doing what we love.
    Please finish Twilight! Please!

  • Kheryssa

    I am only 11 years old but I’ve read the Twilight series 5 times! My mom told me that I should read something else but I couldn’t do it. Every time I read the series I imagined myself as Bella getting into trouble and being heartbroken time after time, experiencing dreams coming true. I bet many others felt the same way too because, in many ways Bella’s life is every girls fantasy life. I am begging you Mrs. Stephanie Meyer, the author of the four greatest books I’ve ever read, to please, keep the fantasy going and finish Midnight Sun! Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeease!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    I’m totally in love w/ the twilight saga, reading it for the 3rd time rite now. Everytime I try to start a new series I end up going back to my twilight books. I really want to read the 1st 12 chapters of MS, but can’t bring myself to do it. For 1 I think I would just be to disappointed to start a book that I’m sure would be my favorite & not be able to finish it. 2 I still think this is SM’s book & if she wants it read she’ll finish it, which I really hope happens someday when she’s ready!

  • Charlene

    I think it is very sad that her friend betrayed her trust. But if Stephanie feels strongly enought about writing the book then she should not let her friend’s misdeeds hold her back from finishing the book. Even with part of the draft being leaked the entire story has not been told. I for one would buy the book whether I read the the leak or not.

  • angie32

    i missed the initial flood that is twilight, im a new addict..i didnt watch the movie until a monday in march 09, i read new moon on tuesday, eclipse over the next 2 days, and breaking dawn over the next 2 and a half days. needless to say im hooked, the books more than the movie did it for me, thank you stefanie meyers for the great pleasure you have given me. i too have read midnight sun, through stephanies site of course and what can i say but,agin thank you. i know its not finished and it eats away at me but im grateful for the added insight into edward and the cullens, the humour especially..nothing in comparrison im sure to what sm must be feeling and thats why ill wait until the finished version is out and published, we addicts at least owe stephanie our patience after all the joy wev been given already.

  • angie32

    …P.S…i forgot to say and its an injustice to stephanies brilliance as the great writer she is if i didn’t say also since my initial dive into the books i have read them over and over and over..well you get it, and i will continue to do so until something better(yeah right)comes along and while i am patient and wait for midnight sun. BOO BOO BOO to whoever leaked it in the first place, you clumsy idiotic sod, is all i have to say to you, and im sure you know who you are too!

  • Twerd72

    I am a total Twerd. My husband’s name for me because I am a so called Twilight nerd.
    Stephanie Meyer captivated me with her series. I would love to read Midnight Sun, but I will not allow myself. I must have self-control.
    I will wait until it is released properly. If it is not released I will respect Stephanie’s wishes. Although, I beleive time will heal the wounds, and she will put a new twist on the leaked version.
    Stephanie Meyer is creative and I will patiently wait for her published book whatever it may be.

  • Your Name

    I got the news sort of late….i got it from one of my friends but when i heard that there was another “Twilight” book out there I became estatic. I couldn’t wait to read it…well almost…I wanted to see what Stephanie had to say about it.When I read the horror, grief, and anger in this woman’s message i couldn’t help but feel anguish for her. To have your masterpiece leaked, probabaly by a very close person, is horrible in its self. I am not a writer but I can definately empathize with this writer. After seeing what she said about the leak and how she made it available to the public I did read it, regretable. She is sucha great writer and I knew it would be great, errors and all, and it was. But I REFUSE to rea anymore. I refuse to go looking for the rest of the twelve chapters because that is not what Stephanie wanted. Because I caught on to the series late I was able to read each book right after each other and never had to wait for a release. This feeling is somthing new to me and, opposite to my beliefs, I am able to forget about it enough to function daily lol. If by some crazy chance the Stephanie does see this then I want her to know that I am sorry I read the first chapter (even with her blessing) and that I will wait for her to feel better about her work. I would also want her to know that i am a real fan and how she feels is MUCH more important than getting to read a book.

  • Andrea

    I think it horible what her friend did to her!!! That being said she should not allow this person to determine what she does next. If she got enjoyment out of writting this book then she should continue and not allow anyone to take that away from her. I have bought and read all four of the other books three times, and i have read the draft on her web site. I do like what i see, and i for one would gladly buy this new book whenever finished and probably read it with the same enthusiasm as I have the other books. But she should not allow anyone to stop her from doing something she wants to do, I she wants to finish this book then she should if not that is fine, but she should not give this individual that kind of power and control over what she does!!!

  • Shakiera Stokes

    Hello Stephanie,
    I’m sorry that your book was leaked on the internet illegally.
    I was told dat you already put da book out.
    So I looked on the inernet cuz i didn’t have no money to go buy it from Barnes & Nobles so I found it on the internet. I have read the 264 pages. Im sorry because I didn’t kno it was wrong and im sorry that you feel that way about ur fans reading an unpublished book.
    But i would like to say that dat unedited/unrevised version was still pretty awesome. Like I really like lookin at it from Edwards point of view was da best . Im mean like i have a relationship and i would put my boyfriend where bella’s name was and i woud put my anme where edwards name was. And their is more conversation between the two and I really like it. Plus the different scenes where you reveal things was so awesome. I love this book man like forreal. It made me watch dat same movie 24 times. And I found out dat Rob Pattinson is a singer and i love dat song ”Let Me Sign” I have dat on my myspace.
    My read this version and she has trouble reading alot and she was good. She is now startin to read da regular 4 books. I already read them. And i heard you was creating another book besides midnight sun too. I would just have to say. Im froma place where readin is not liked. Baltimore. Nd im from da hood nd like i got my friends to start readin your book. Your are my favorite and beest author in da world. Better than Anne Rice man, like, forreal. Like your books changed my perspective of vampire and yes i believe their real. I love you lady. Like forreal. This book and movie made me cry. I freaking the breaking dawn. I saw reneesme in the preview and omg she is so adorable. Like wow. Where do you come up with this stuff. I love your imagination. I hope you go down in history for this book. lIke really. You deserve it. I would so love to meet you. Like dats one of my goals. But i just want to apologize for reading the first 12 chapters. I swear i didn’t kno you was mad and held off writin da book. But you should complete ntways.

  • Carissa

    Dear Stephanie,
    after i finshed reading all four books
    for the 3rd time each, i started almost going crazy trying
    to figure out if you were writing a fifth. of course edward and bella are going to live happily ever after. its a given. but that honestly cant be the end. WHAT ABOUT NESSIE? dont we get to read about her growing up? about what happens between her and jacob since he imprinted on her? Its incomprehensible to me that you would just stop.
    I cant wait to see if you come out with a fifth. i heard something about midnight sun and how its about edwards point of view and i found i link to it….but i absolutely refuse to read it until its finalized and in hardback or paperback. dont let everyone bring you down steph!!!! Keep writing their story..for all of your fans

  • tara

    I cant read it. i have been thinking about it and i just can’t b/c its not right. i hope she will wright it.

  • Skittles =]

    That was so wrong!!!
    I want to read Midnight Sun so bad, but I will not because it’s wrong and not finished…I hope Stephanie completes it.

  • Angel

    HI stephanie it sucks that it was leaked.But please continue writing it,because as a team Edward member we would like have Twilight from his point of veiw,and love to know what he did in Alaska.
    Never let the fear of stiking out keep you from playing the game.

  • http://deenessa deenessa decker

    i havent read the chapters my self why read them and get into the book and you cant finish it .to me it’s piont less .im waiting for her to finish the book myself . and im looking forward to reading the hole book .the longer you wait for something the more worth wild it is .

  • Sara

    I have honestly read the draft of Midnight Sun. I disagree with the point of not reading it. I think EVERYONE should read it. We owe that much to Stephenie Meyer, we owe her our appreciation of what she has already wrote. I think that everyone should read it right now because we should appreciate her hard work on it and the person who leaked the draft should too. He/She should read Midnight Sun a million times over as a punishment. Stephenie Meyer deserves our audience and we should read it. Its our duty!
    PS Reply to me if you want at

  • Your Name

    Dear Stephenie pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese complete midnight sun for the sake of your die-hard fans. You mentioned that you are not in the right state of mind for the story to end well, as far as I’m concerned as long as it was written by you, it’d always be a great story and I’ll love it no matter how it ends (so would a lot of other people). Please Stephenie…reconsider your final decision, I beg you.

  • Alexis

    Dear Stephenie, for the sake of your genuinely die-hard fans please reconsider your final decision and complete midnight sun. You said you aren’t in the right state of mind for the story to end well. As far as I’m concerned as long as it was written by you it would always be a great story and I’d love it no matter how it ends (so would a lot of other people). Your stopping now would only mean those who leeked out the story have won. Prove to them they haven’t- I understand it’s hard but believe me this is something worth acheiving. Pleeeeeeeeeeease and pleeeeeeeeease complete it. God bless you.

  • Alexis Holifield

    I am most sertinly your biggest fan i have read all four Twilight books and also a great book of yours called “The Host” i am fairly obsessed with your work and hope for you to finish the new MidNight Sun book. I have watched both movies that have came out so far and am desperatly waitin for the third. I hope you consider finishing your fifth book and bid you good luck. I am 13 years old, and all i want for christmas is for you to finish Midnight Sun!
    _Alexis Holifield

  • sydney

    please write midnight sun ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • lashelle bowden 14

    as a reader of all 4 of ur novels i ask that u please dont give up on midnight sun. i do understand that u were offended and are disgusted ,but i think that we all shouldnt be punished forwat someone else did. ur books are addicting and its time i stop reading ur first 4 books over and over again.

  • Silvana

    Please Stephenie, if you are reading this we would like you to keep writing Midnight Sun, and I think that i’m speaking for most of your fans, here in Paraguay your fans are dying to know how this saga ends
    We miss Bella and Edward =(

  • rbridges

    if bella could wait for Edward, so can I. When you’re ready, Stephanie. not a moment sooner.

  • the girl u dont know

    I ‘am a big fan stephenie it’s killing everyone.WE CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I miss Edward and Bella (and their daughter Renessme)please

  • Deborah Hauser

    I just wanted to drop a note about Midnight Sun. I am sorry the release of it turned out the way it did. I wanted to comment on your writing. I am a 50 year old woman, and I have read much in my lifetime. Never have I read such a series targeting a huge age range as your writings do. A tween person can become lost in the words feeling as if it were written for her age group as I can. Even though the charactors are young, I can relate them to being adults into their mid 30’s. Never have I read such a versitle writer.
    Kudo’s to you for keeping the books with only a hint of sexual nature. This also reaches out to all age ranges.
    Thank you for making such a series that I can lose myself in, it is such a welcoming stress reliever in my life!!
    Keep writing and millions of fans will keep reading.
    Kudos for the mature way of handling the ilegal partial release of your 5th manuscript in the twilight series.

  • Donna

    I don’t want to read. It has been two years. A release date would be nice. Have been very tempted to read the illegal version. An update on the issue would be appreciated by all.

  • Cherylynn

    I just found out about midnight sun and I’m not going to read the illegal version I rather have the book sitting in my lap and reading it that way. I like to read where I’m more comfortable on my bed curled up. I’ve just recently been reading the twilight series and I’m loving every minute of it. So please don’t give up on writing the book.

  • Kelly

    I just read all the comments on the subject and I too feel guilty about reading the draft. All the comments gave me strength to wait for the official, published book.
    To give me even more strength, I am reading the entire series again. 😀 I just can’t help myself, I am obsessed!!
    Then, my answer would be that it’s not fair to Stephenie if the fans didn’t put this trust on her and her creativity.
    Steph, Thank you so much for Twilight and thank you for giving us your blessing to read the unfinished Midnight Sun. However, I prefer to wait for it to be ready and finished and perfect as I know you will make it.
    Twilight is the best series I’ve ever read and I recommend it to everyone!!!

  • beccalynn


  • Erin

    I am conflicted. I wish to read from Edwards piont of veiw but I refuse, due to the fact it is unfinihsed and it was released without your consent. I really hope you will finish this text. Your Twilight novels have helped my aunt and I form a realtionship with her teen age daughter and friends. It is amazing how this story has brought our family and friends closer together. We would walk in from work or school and start asking each other questions. I have never had this experiance before and I want to thank you! I look forward to your other novels and long to hear more from Edward.

  • Mary

    okay….i told myself i would read just one chapter just one but i couldnt stop…..unrevised or unedited its perfect…and i really think u should continue writing..i mean why should ur fans suffer just because some idiot posts ur manuscript online…i really hope u consider completing midnight sun :)

  • Annette Johnson

    I am an adavant fan of the ‘Twilight Saga’ and was sooo sad to hear that the new book ‘Midnightsun’ wasnt going to be finished. Shame on you for posting something that didnt belong to you! Thanks alot!!!! As always,the innocent people have to pay the price! Please finish your book for all your loyal fans. Pleeeease.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment K Renee

    Simply put, it’s been 3years and we are still begging you to publish Midnight Sun! A good book is NEVER not worth pursuing or printing (pardon the double negative!). We have simply seen an extensive teaser. And rather than ruin the book, to the contrary, it only made us want to read it al the more! PLEASE finish it! It really does add so much perspective!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Pamela R

    Even tho several years have passed since Midnight Sun was leaked, I am one of the very few I’m sure to just fully learn of it. Wasn’t a Twilight fan at first but have fallen in love with this unnatural love story. Reading Ms Meyers statement, I felt her anger, pain and betrayal. As much as I would love a glimpse behind those beautiful eyes of Edwards, I could read neither her released chapter much less the illegal ones. It would be as if I were taking something that didn’t belong to me and accepting something Ms Meyers would have prefered to kept … at least for a little while longer.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment holly

    I think that if Mayer allows someone to stop her
    From finishing something she loves then she’s giving in and allowing someone else to make decisions for her. I genuinely hope she decides to go ahead and finish what she started. not just for the fans, but also for herself.

  • Ciara Casey

    Can’t wait to see The Twilight Midnight Sun on wide screen. For the meantime, you can read twilight Midnight sun here

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