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Clay Aiken: Still Southern Baptist and Still Gay

posted by Kris Rasmussen

I don’t really want to belabor the Clay Aiken “coming out” discussion here at Idol Chatter, but I have to say that after I caught his interview with Diane Sawyer, I stopped and did some thinking about what he had to say. As he spoke with Sawyer, he was actually very sweet and articulate about the fact that he was raised Southern Baptist, and still considers himself of that faith–even though he realizes he is not exactly welcomed with open arms by that denomination. He was also quick to say that he does not want to put himself in the place of telling those from generations before him– like his grandmother–that they are wrong in their opinions about the matter. To do so, would be a lack of respect for his elders.After listening to the interview, I began to think that this is the time to ask the evangelical community to consider the issue of homosexuality and the comments of professed Christians such as Aiken and others–from a slightly different perspective. While I don’t think I have all of the answers, one thing I have become convinced of as I talk to Christian friends of mine who wrestle with this issue is that some good could be done, dialogue could be improved, if as a community we confessed and asked for forgiveness for one thing: The fact that, as a whole, the modern church has done a terrible job of attempting to tackle this issue. We have spat out a scant few Bible verses to prove we are right and then dismissed the subject entirely–either out of fear or discomfort or both. We have not listened to others or educated ourselves as much as we have on other issues where evangelicals have taken a strong position– issues like abortion, stem cell research, etc. Generally speaking, we have offered quick fix “solutions” to those in the gay community without an effort to really get to know them.Yes, it is really hard to imagine that I thought of all of that after listening to someone who was once on a reality show, but I did. If you’d like to listen to the Aiken/Sawyer interview, click on the video below,Clay-Aiken at

  • Charm

    I hope that your right. I hope that the evangelical community can be as open minded as you appear to be.
    I don’t understand the issue. Gay people are people, just like you and me. They are the same as you and me, in every way except for who they love. That’s LOVE, not have sexual relations with, but LOVE. As human beings, they deserve the same human rights given to all other human beings.
    It was not so long ago that we believed that people of a different race did not deserve the same rights ad consideration as everyone else. And we were wrong.

  • Anna

    Don’t say you are a Christian then if you are living this lifestyle because the Bible is against it.

  • kit25

    “Don’t say you are a Christian then if you are living this lifestyle because the Bible is against it.”
    The Bible is also against eating shellfish. Are you a sinner?

  • Heartfelt

    In the New Testament God said for no man to call unclean what he has called clean. HE laid out what Christians can eat.
    In the New Testament God also says “as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah it will be again in the last days” and that He will destroy the earth because of it.
    Where does anyone get off telling God what he should feel about anything.
    God calls homosexuality an abomination.
    God created male and then took a rib from his creation to make woman.
    God never made homosexuality. That is a perversion of what God created in the beginning.
    You can approve of, accept and like homosexuality and call it just like everyone else if you want to but you are very mistaken.
    There are no scriptures from which racism was ever condoned by God. Not one.
    There are scriptures in which God tells of His feelings about homosexuality and about how he is going to deal with it.
    If you are ok with homosexuality that is your business but don’t try to deny or condemn what God Himself said concerning it.

  • Believer

    Well said Heartfelt. We should pray this blessed nation will open their eyes and turn from their wicked ways and repent.

  • kuhnel

    As a Christian, I cannot say so easily that homosexuality is a sin and stop there. I do believe that giving up the natural use of the woman’s body and the man’s body as specifically designed by nature(and God created nature), is going against God. (Romans 1:27) God works His will and His attributes into an individual’s life through His Holy Spirit. If God draws a sinner like me and you to become more like Him, it is His workings. I have my own personal sins that I need to surrender.He will make the necessary changes in my heart, expose my wrongdoing from the day I give my life to Him to the day I die. It is a process. A person who happens to be a homosexual goes through the same process. If God calls you to Himself, and you respond to His grace and love offered through Christ, He will work with you from the day you give your life to Him till the day you die. He will make the necessary changes in His timing and on His terms. You and I just need to trust Him because ” God showed His love for us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8.

  • Tom

    What is even more of an abomination is lying about it and saying you are a born-again Christian when you are not living it. You are a hypocrite! And that is the ultimate of abomination!

  • Jennifer

    I am troubled about the “coming out” of so many celebrities in today’s world. Lindsay Lohan and Clay Aiken don’t bother me as much, but I do have a prolem with men such as Ray Boltz, who “came out” a few weeks ago. This was a man who represented himself, on television, in books, and other media outlets, as a true Christian. One that others looked up to and admired. Now, people will say, “See there, Ray Boltz did it and he is not worried about what God says. He is still living life as a Christian. I can do it, too.” This must stop. people need to realize that they will be punished, either here on Earth or in hell.

  • cranberries

    I was very touched by this sincere and open-hearted post which to me exemplifies the very best of Christian practice, once summarized to me by a wonderful preacher as “Always do what love requires.”
    No one should point to the passage in Leviticus as controlling unless they also follow every one of the strictures in that chapter, as well as the commandment about keeping the Sabbath holy. It is for God to judge, and not for them. God must weep when he hears the spew of hatred and ignorance from ignorant homophobics and hypocrites. And He must bless those like Aiken who know that God made them the way they are and loves them the way they are. As well as those like Kris who are open to growing in spirit by “doing what love requires.” This post is a genuine blessing.

  • Vanna

    I suppose Jimmy Swaggart is a “true Christian” too as he went with prostitutes and was preaching to others about sinning. He should have practiced what he preached.

  • Eliot Lugo

    The Bible is very clear concerning the sin of homosexuality. If people want to adopt such a life style, let them, but please, don’t use the argument that Christians have to consider something that God already condemns. If God says it is sin, then it is sin and there is no one that can argue for it and call himself a Christian. Should we love homosexuals, certainly but we are not to accept their sexual orientation as being acceptable before God.

  • Vanna

    I agree Eliot!

  • trisha

    I think the bigger issue is that Clay Aiken is a fraud and represented himself in a false way so he could make his $$$$$$. Yet he had derogatory opinions on L.A. and the people who live there and how their insides were rotting. What now Clay? Still passing judgement on others? I’ll bet not.

  • Vanna

    Trisha I agree. It is not the fact Clay is gay that is the issue. It is the fact that he lied about it and said he is a Christian and is not one. The Bible is clearly against male homosexuality and had Bible verses and Scripture which is clearly against it. And a practicing Christian would not have had an affair with another man as he didj a couple of years back.

  • http://Withcompassion Me

    Most of the churches are filled with people, who like I was, believe they are saved because they asked Jesus to save them — but had no understanding of what “repentance” and “Lord” or “believe” actually mean in the Biblical context. Jesus said that if we love Him, we will obey Him. Romans says that people sin by “going our own way” — literally choosing our own way over God’s way for us.
    The Bible speaks of tares sowed in with the wheat. I was one until I realized that not letting God be the decision maker in my personal life is rebellion that deserves the punishment of hell. I struggled to give Him back His rightful control of my life. He changed me immediately when He put His Holy Spirit in me as a deposit.
    I realized that when I didn’t seek God’s plan for my life daily, I was going my own way. To do that is really to go satan’s way — because he’s the one who leads us away from God. To follow his rebellious way leads to everything he cunningly wants to do to us — destroy, steal, and kill us.
    If Clay ever repents from not letting Jesus be Lord, He will change his leaning, and take him out of homosexualiy. He won’t be able to stand it anymore.
    Actually, I read that over 50% of male homosexuals were molested by a male as children — whether they remember it or not. This would definitely explain an identification with feelings of attraction toward men — or simply feelings of familiarity with it. Abuse does tremendous damage to how a victim sees themselves.
    Also, it’s promoted and suggested so much in the public schools that a child could be lead to believe they should be homosexual at a young age. They are very susceptable to the power of suggestion.

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