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Am I the Only Person Who Liked ‘Breaking Dawn’?

breakingdawnbookcover.jpgI think it’s safe to say that I’m Beliefnet’s resident obsessionado of all-things Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series.” And those of you who followed my posts leading up to the release of book four, “Breaking Dawn,” I was, um, kind of excited about it. I attended the NYC launch of the “Breaking Dawn Concert Series” on August 1st, and I even wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal about the teen (and Twilight Moms) response to the intensely erotic, romantic dimension of the “Twilight Series.”
But I’d already made a big decision about when I’d satisfy my vampire cravings (so to speak). In a heroic effort, I stayed away from all online chatter about “Breaking Dawn” for a full week, so I could really, really, really enjoy my the novel on vacation (beginning on August 10) while floating in an innertube in the Caribbean. Which is exactly what I did.
The only thing I knew (unfortunately) before I left was that there was a BIG BACKLASH and that it was being covered in all the major magazines,newspapers, and blogs. My initial thoughts were: “Oh no! Team Edward suffers a horrible defeat. Bellaends up with Jacob and Team Jacob prevails,” or possibly, “Gaahh! Bella doesn’t become a vampire after all!”
When I actually read “Breaking Dawn,” however, I was mystified by what fans were so upset about. And I didn’t find out until I got back this week.
So…SPOILER ALERT…What in the world are people so upset about?


Granted, though I was elated that the wedding between Edward and Bella went off without a glitch right away, I was a little put-off by the scary-baby incident (though once I was into the story I saw it coming). By the time I was further into the story I also had a feeling that Jacob would imprint on her, solving Jacob’s broken heart situation, so, though it is weird to think of Jacob destined to end up with a, um, baby as his soul-mate, I was ready for it when it happened.
But I was so happy that Bella and Edward got married!
That Bella became a vampire!
That Bella was a stellar new vampire–like the vampire world had never seen before!
That Bella turned out to be the strongest vampire of all and with the best super power!
That, in the end, everyone, but Bella and Edward got to live happily ever after!
Yay! I love a happy ending. Especially when this is the ending I wanted for the “Twilight Series” (perhaps minus the baby, but still, in the end I found it all interesting).
Call me sappy but: is this crazy backlash really justified? I mean, the most popular review on (which gives the book only one star) rails on Meyer for the ending being too happy! What?! And what’s this not so subtle anger suddenly about Bella getting married at 18 and having her marriage turn out to be happy and fulfilling? Rage that Meyer has “glorified” this possibility? We all knew Bella was headed in this direction for ages–Meyer prepared fans for this well. I wonder if what people are really angry about is the fact that Stephenie Meyer’s Mormonism (well known now by all) likely influenced her portrayal of early marriage and children, and fans are ultimately uncomfortable with Meyer’s religious affiliation? Is that what people are really upset about deep down?
The vicious attacks Meyer is getting about delivering a happy ending that includes a happy marriage and family mystifies me. I mean, this is fun, fantasy fiction. Most of us wanted Edward and Bella together in the end. Meyer gave us this and more.
What’s the problem then? Really? Is it, in the end, discomfort that Meyer’s faith has influenced the series far more than fans can handle? I can’t help but wonder…

  • Katia

    Hi,i’m italian so i read only 4 chapter of breaking dawn,the only transleted but i’ve the book in english. I’ve not read the book in english but i like so much the book as the other three.You aren’t the only person who liked breaking dawn and in my opinion we aren’t the only.
    but i’m not interested b the opinio of the other people:I like twilight’s saga and i love this forever.
    I’m sorr for my english but i’m italian not english and i can’t speak english very well.
    if you want we can chat on messenger…this is my contact

  • Georgia

    THANK YOU!!!
    I agree with you 100%. I personally loved the book, and I give Steph kudos for telling the story the way she always wanted to tell it.

  • Kerrie

    I agree, people were just freaking out because it was different. That doesn’t make it bad. Its very childish for people to react this way. I really liked the book once I got used to the big twists. And we ALL knew that Bella would be a cool vampire, if she died or stayed human the fans would have been even more angry right?

  • Liz

    I love your article and I 100% agree with you. I love Breaking Dawn for what it is. I spent months with anxieties about how it would end. When I finished the book, I stood up from my chair, stretched, and sighed happily. The story could have gone in so many different directions. Honestly, because of how much I enjoy Stephenie’s writing, if it had I probably would have been happy too(even if there was some sadness in there).

  • Mattie

    Hey, i’m from London, England and we don’t get nearly as much hype over here about the twilight books-at least not yet, but i have been waiting for breaking dawn for what feels like SUCH a long time, and now that its finally here i’m not disappointed in it AT ALL. im so angry with everyone for throwing such a fit over it!!!! it was amazing!!! the happy ending-we would all be depressed for the next decade if it ended up sad. renesmee, the pregnancy&the wedding-seriously people, she married A VAMPIRE who happens to be over a CENTURY old and they havent exactly rushed into it. and renesmee is half vampire for crying out loud!!!!! how is this setting a bad example? when are any of us EVER going to find anyone as perfect as edward to marry and have a kid with at 18???? its stupid to make such a fuss. i nearly had a breakdown half way through it-when it looked like bella would die from carrying the baby. but it worked out. jake is gonna be ok. edward is happy, and with bella, and they FINALLY had sex, and she’s a powerful, inependant vampire now-she doesn’t need saving every other day. it’s all ok.
    but it HAS finished. the only thing thats keeping me going the anticipation for midnight sun. otherwise i would’ve curled into a ball and sobbed that it was all over. also-she has to write a book from renesmees point of view. so even THAT is all ok.
    sorry for my rant up there-hardly anyone over here is as obsessed as i am!!!

  • Ellen

    Finally. I loved the book, and I always got so upset when people bashed it. I mean..there are some things I didn’t get. (Why were Bella and Edward suddenly so comfortable being naked in front of one another?)And why is it so bad to have a happy ending? I mean they’re VAMPIRES for chrissake. Of course they’re going to live forever happily or not at all.

  • Theresa

    I was absolutely happy with the book. It was Stephenie’s story to tell not anyone eles’s and she chose for her characters to have a happy ending. I just dont get it. But Stephenie should know she still has millions of fans that are very loyal to her. I really cant wait for Midnight Sun.

  • Amber Evans

    I thought Breaking Dawn was really good. I no I wanted an ending like this and I think with Bella having a baby is even better. Jacob, Bella, Edward and everyone else got a happy ending. What did you want to happen everyone get killed by the Volturi?

  • amanda

    thank you so much.
    i also heard about the backlash before i read the books. so i was expecting something really bad. but while i read it i just kept loving it.
    i think alot of people are uncomfortable with religious beliefs because many people find such things to go against the grain that is modern day life.
    but i think it’s ridiculous to hate a person and her books because she has a little faith. she didn’t say everyone should do what bella did. but for this story and these characters the events had to happen the way they did.
    it reminds me of all the harry potter hate claiming that it’s anti-religous.
    frankly i’m sick of all the negativity it’s ruining my experiance with the book. which happens to be my favorite of the series.

  • Valerie

    Thank you for a positive review of BD. I am so sick of the bad reviews and backlash. Though whole being young, getting married and then pregnant didn’t bother me at all. Though, I am mormon my husband is not, I got pregnant when I was 18 and married at 19. A little backwards but that’s what worked for us at the time. Of course there were many family and friends that didn’t think it would work. 2 more kids later and 16 years of marriage we are still together. Not a fairy tale by any means but happy. I’ve seen it go the opposite way. But we have to remember, these are only books. I think Stephenie did a great job. And I don’t really think she was trying to push her faith, just that is what she believes, why would she write something that contradicts that?

  • Gina

    I loved Breaking Dawn. It was a great and satisfying way to end the series. Who wants a depressing ending? The fact is, you can’t please everybody. People would have complained no matter what she did.

  • Wendy

    I loved the book too! I loved Jacob’s narrative. It was perfect to get that “outsider” perspective, and he was HILARIOUS as well as feeling tragically devastated. I mean, his chapter titles alone were priceless! I was actually laughing and crying at the same time. And it was a nice twist, with his and Rosalie’s antagonism, Edward’s reaction to his thoughts, etc.. It added some comic relief to the overwhelming grief at that point. And for those who thought the baby/birth scenes were soooo horrible…did you really think, after all this time, that Bella becoming a vampire would be as simple as Edward choosing say, a Tuesday in the meadow, to gently and lovingly KILL HER???!!! I knew it would never play out that way. He was never truly in agreement with Bella on that point, and if she hadn’t been having some second thoughts of her own, he certainly would have. It was always going to come down to ‘saving’ Bella with his venom. It was always going to be a huge, major sacrifice for all involved. I expected it would have been the Volturi to that end, but still… And if anyone knows our favorite author at all, they know that her passion, her driving force is motherhood and family.
    As for the happy ending…I say THANK GOD!!! Not just for the fans, but through the entire book, I felt Edward’s pain. If anyone deserved a happily forever after, its EDWARD!!! The poor guy was dragged through hell and back (literally). Edward finally loses his 108 year virginity to his beloved WIFE, only to think his passion has hurt her and then to find out Bella has conceived the inconceiveable!!!! And to watch her die…I just wanted him to have two minutes of peace!!!
    My only complaint: no Volturi, Cullen, Werewolf smack down. But I understood Stephenie’s reasoning.
    I hope all the backlash doesn’t destroy her creative side, or make her wary of publishing again. I have loved TWILIGHT and thought THE HOST was one of the best stories I have ever read, so it would be a shame if she didn’t share her other stories with us.

  • Bri

    I am one of the people who was sorely disappointed with Breaking Dawn largely for three reasons.
    The first is that it felt like all the rules established in the previous books were thrown out the window with little or no explanation. There’s suddenly no issues whatsoever between werewolves and vampires. They team up once against a common enemy and they’re cool. The wolves even ignore their purpose on the planet–to protect humans from vampires–for fear that it might ruffle a few feathers. Of the vampires. Who are killing people. Even though it was never explicitly stated that vampires do not produce semen, it was heavily implied by the fact that they don’t produce blood, sweat, tears, or urine, and we were never given an explanation as to why vampire venom burns and hardens every part of the body but the testes. I read an interview in which Meyer chose the questions that would be asked of her and chose that question and didn’t answer it; she said to just go buy the guide in December, which makes me feel like I’m being manipulated. Also, the implication was that imprinting was for producing stronger wolves, but in this book, she tosses around a bunch of pseudo-science that would make Renesmee infertile, so she wouldn’t be producing anything. And suddenly at the end, for absolutely no plot-furthering reason, the werewolves aren’t really werewolves at all.
    Second–and I think this is where a lot of the happy ending protests are coming from–it’s hard to feel like Bella deserves a happy ending. She goes through a bunch of mental stress that is largely of her own creation, gets threatened, gets saved, lather, rinse, repeat. She doesn’t even have a hard time being a vampire. She’s magically awesome at it. She doesn’t have a power that she has to be in any way imaginative to use for things to go her way. The only person who dies is the one who put her and her family in danger in the first place. She marries a guy who will stay hot and rich forever. She has a magical baby that’s born potty-trained, doesn’t cry, and is nearly invincible. And–joy of all joys because this is the most important–she finally gets to be pretty! She never has to grow as a person nor as a character. She never changes what she wants from the beginning, never has to, and gets it all anyway. And there’s the fact that Jacob never wanted to imprint because he valued freedom too much, but we’re calling that a “happy” ending because he has someone to spend his life with. It gives the feeling that the integrity of the characters was sacrificed to allow for a pretty picture at the end.
    Third, the choice that was so important in the previous two books, what I would call their most redeeming quality, is rendered meaningless. Bella’s choice of life or love, while it was never really much of a debate, was pretty big symbolically. It was supposed to be epic that she’s making this huge decision because she loves Edward so much, and this book is basically saying, “Well, gosh, it’s a really good thing she didn’t go with Jacob because then we couldn’t have this super happy ending for everyone.” And it raises the question of whether Jacob and Bella ever cared for each other at all or if it was just his connection to that particular egg.
    And those are just the big ones. Never mind Bella’s human friends that she never really cared about anyway, Jacob’s new pack that he took responsibility for never really wanted, Bella’s mother after whom she named her child. Why should we be interested in seeing them ever again? Throw in the borderline offensive descriptions of the foreign vampires (All the Africans look alike? Really?), and parts of it just kind of rub people the wrong way.

  • MK

    I am pretty much neutral on this whole Breaking Dawn situation. I enjoyed the book, but I also understand why some people hate it. If you want to know why so many people dislike it, watch Tech’s BD review on youtube. You can find the 12-part review under her usernames technbailey and touj0urspur. They are very amusing and very true.

  • Dee

    I absolutely loved Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward got married and shared their long-awaited physical consummation. Edward was devastated that he hurt Bella and changed her in order to same her. I could never really imagine him doing it any other way. He really didn’t want to take away her humanity, so a romantic, planned changing would not have worked. Bella and Edward matured and became the couple we’ve all been waiting for. And, the absolute best part was the last few pages where Edward can finally ‘hear’ Bella. It was magical. Thank you Stephenie.

  • molly

    I think Breaking Dawn was a perfect end to the saga.It makes me angry
    to see such horrible things posted on the web as far as the ending goes.People have to remember that Stephenie Meyer did not write the book for her fans but she wrote it for her self.And its also very hard to go along with what other people wanted.People have to relize that this book was written by Stephenie Meyer,for Stephenie Meyer.So please stop with the bad reviews!

  • Claire

    I loved BD! It was great! Though I guessed Bella would be pregnant before the book started (I just reread Twilight so much I picked up on Steph’s patterns and drew the conclusion) it was stunning when Jake imprinted on Renesmee! GO BREAKING DAWN! It’s the ending everyone wanted! You all would be PISSED if Bella stayed mortal, or she died. So stop griping. You would be complaining if Jacob and Edward didn’t settle the score by the end. And you would be pissed if Edward and Bella had a tragic ending! So spare me all the “happy ending” crap–it’s the ending you all wanted.

  • James

    This is simple and I loved Breaking Dawn by the way read it twice just to make sure I didn’t miss something with all the negative spam. I really think it is two things one the happy ever after and two that Twilight is now popular and not some cool hidden secret that only a few knew.
    Also I think you have a lot of non fans making fake reviews etc because this is the popular thing right now.
    Great blog though thanks,

  • Ellen

    LOVED Breaking Dawn. I did not see the twists coming, but wasn’t disappointed by them, either. I think those that were disappointed by BD had become so obsessed with the series, they had anticipated their own endings, so Stephenie’s conclusion messed with their ideals. It was, after all, Stephenie’s series and I think she did a great job with all four books. I’m just sad to see the saga come to an end.

  • Rebeca

    I loved Breaking dawn!!!
    realy, your not the only person who liked :)
    its a great book
    the baby thing was weird… but i liked anyway
    read Jacob’s mind was very, very fun lol
    and the most importan thing, Edward and Bella en together!!
    is the perfect ending!!
    is such a great book

  • Kelly

    Finally, SOMEBODY writes a good review for Breaking Dawn! Gosh, why are people so mean? I LOVED THE BOOK! It’s my favorite in the series. I hate hearing all the bad stuff people are saying about it. It hurts to read the bad reviews. People need to get over whatever is bothering them about the book. People get married, people have sex, people have babies, people have happy endings…SO GET OVER IT! I see nothing wrong with Breaking Dawn. Luckily for me, I read the book before I heard any good or bad reviews so I didn’t have any ideas of what to expect. I’m glad YOU liked the book too. =D

  • Rei II

    I think that Breaking Dawn is the best book in the world, well well Twilight, new moon and eclipse are fantastic too. I am deslumbrada with renessmee is very cute and the bella´s power are Impactantes.
    I don´t like english and for this reason my english is very bad. I´m sorry.

  • Tita

    Oh thank god i wrote this…
    i’m not from the us so i didn’t have the chance to read the book when it came out so i went all over the net to get some spoilers… XD
    when i start reading every where that the book sucked I got really scared but then i read it and really i don’t know why they say it… i think the book is amazing, my fav one is still twilight but this one wasn’t the worst one, it was really lovely actualy.
    It’s stephanie’s story and she wanted to share it with us so those ones who don’t like the book don’t need to be so rude as they are being, you CHOSE to follow her story, we’re the audience here so we don’t have any right to judge stephanie!!
    i personally liked the book and i’m glad to see i’m not the only one either! 😛

  • Natalie

    I cannot express how much I adored everything about Breaking Dawn. I am so happy someone finally wrote good things about it! I can’t understand why people don’t like it! I was aware of a few of the surprises coming but not all of them. The birth scene was a bit gory but it is a “vampire” book, after all. I was so grateful that there was a happy ending. That Bella and Edward got married and ended up together as vampires forever. I am also glad that Team Jacob did not win. It was even better to have him imprint on Renesmee so he can be happy but still be with Bella the proper way! I was glad there was no battle at the end because, if by some miracle the Cullens won, then there would be many lives lost. And to think of Bella and Edward having a happy forever without Jasper, Carlisle, or any of the other Cullens makes me shudder with agony! What’s the point of fiction without a happy, perfect ending? And I wish people would stop with the Mormon criticism!

  • OMG, its twilight again (not my name : 3 ) )

    I LOVED BREAKING DAWN, it was awesome!!!! I definately did not stay up until midnight with 2 giggly girls for nothing : ) thank you for sticking up for this amazing book

  • Angela Cullen!

    i LOVE breaking dawn! i don’t know why people don’t like it….
    if sthephenie meyer had killed some of our favorite characters had been made a WAR!but no… she gave us the end that each of us wanted. I love every part of the book .. the wedding, the HONEYMOON! (it was so funny… xD) jacob’s POV etc… i still want more.. but the book is pretty cool!!!

  • Anonymous

    i truly enjoyed BD and every little shocker in the book well…shocked me. I did not see Bella being pregnant with Nessie coming, nor did I see Jacob imprinting on her. I did expect the Volturi to be a part of it some how though. Overall, I loved the book and i never once thought about Bella’s age because she is so mature through it all. I definitely can say people thought Meyer’s mormanism had something to do with the story. I heard Stephanie say on multiple interviews that her being a morman had nothing to do with it and I believe her. It’s a FICTIONAL novel with FICTIONAL situations.

  • Anonymous

    i really loved Breaking Dawn it was a fantastic, great amazing, awesome and i can go on and on book =) …..
    i believed that SM did a Fantastic job writing the way she did was a Happy ending adn tell me who dosen’t like happy endings and if you dont like happy endings i dont know why you read these books.
    i was so happy knowing that in the end everyone had found their soulmates.

  • Rebecca

    Breaking Dawn was the perfect way to end the series.I’m sick of all the negative people who hated it.I got exactly what I was looking for in the book so I am more than satisfied.

  • TrueTwilighter

    No your not the only one who liked breaking dawn.

  • Sia

    No alot of people LOVED BREAKING DAWN ACTUALLY DON’T WORRY ! It’s those teenage cry babies that didn’t like it ! SPOILED BRATS !!!!

  • Christy

    I loved BD also and I don’t understand why people are so upset about a happy ending. Just about everything happened that I was hoping would. Granted the baby thing was alil weird, I got over it and just went with it. It is not real and a fun time to read for people! Also she gave hints along the way about a possible baby happening in the book. I was just hoping that there would be more of the wedding and the characters interacting there; also I would of liked to of had some finality to her human friends and find out for sure what happens to their story in the end (esp. Mike and Jessica). Angela and Ben I know were going to school together. Also wanted more details of their first times together on the island and once she was a vampire. But I guess that is due to her religious beliefs. Though I am of the same religion, I still want details man! There was more details in Reneesme’s birthing scene. Not enough dialogue between the Cullens like there was in the other books either. Was also expecting alil more from Jasper’s friends Peter and Charlotte, since they were mentioned previously. But anyways, in short I still loved BD and look forward to Midnight Sun, and rereading the books numerous times. Loved the ending and didn’t want it to end! (Cross your fingers) Maybe she will write more later and continue the saga. xxxx

  • Jasmine Bean

    I loved it and don’t worry its just a small group of people who have very rude but loud voices…

  • melissa

    I agree! I love a happy ending. A lot of young girls were identifying as Bella and couldn’t in BD because she got married and had a child. Also, there seemed to be some feeling that BD was unrealistic because of the pregnancy thing, but I thought it was unrealistic when it was about vampires and werewolves! The whole thing was fun fantasy and I found the ending in BD wholly satisfying. Thanks for sticking up for the book and SM!

  • Stephmll

    BD was okay I have to agree with some of the negative feedback though. Meyer gave us exactly what we wanted as readers, and that doesn’t make a good story. I looked back at the book and found no real climax. Everything problem that the characters encountered was easliy fixed which really gave it no excitment at all. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but it wasnt excellent either.

  • greenrowan

    I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I just started this series about 9 days ago on a whim (not knowing how popular the series was)when I picked up Twilight at the airport. I have to admit I was little hesitant to pick up a young adult book about vampires (I’m 25)for fear that it would be corny. I was pleasantly surprised and soon was searching for another bookstore to feed my thirst for more. I could relate with Bella in a reminiscing sort of way in the first three books- with first love found and lost and found again.
    In Breaking Dawn- I couldn’t relate with the young marriage but I feel it fit because although Bella agonized over it a bit because of her mother’s mistakes she eventually comes to the conclusion that it was right for her. I felt like Bella really grew up in this book especially after changing into a vampire. It was almost like her change matured her well past her 18 years and I think that this could have made it hard for some readers to relate. Overall, I loved the book- although I would have loved to hear part of the book in Edward’s point of view as I found his character fell to the background in this book. I loved Jacob’s point of view- I think it lightened the whole “Bella is pregnant with a demon child thing.” I’m glad to see that not everyone hated the book. I can’t wait for Midnight Sun!

  • Lauren

    Like you, I loved breaking dawn! I was upset to see all of the negative feedback about the book and I’m glad that there are still fans who like the way the series ended. However, if Stephenie does decide to continue with the story I’m glad Bella won’t be the one telling it anymore, because I don’t feel like she’s that relatable of a character as she used to be. Now I can’t wait for midnight sun; I read the first chapter online and it was sooo good!

  • marisol

    I absolutely love Breaking Dawn… After so much time waiting for the release and so many expectations about it, I can honestly say that it’s the perfect ending.

  • Jessica Dawn

    I can’t help but agree with you, and thank you so much for posting this. I was completely engulfed in the book the entire time, and I am looking forward (honestly) to reading it again soon because I’m so sad it’s over, but I am beyond pleased with how Breaking Dawn ended. I really don’t know what everyone’s problem is who didn’t like the book or has severe issues with the book… I think people are looking into this way too much and can’t just appreciate the book and Stephenie’s writing for what it is

  • Laura

    You are not alone. I loved every word of Breaking Dawn and i was really angry about the feedback it has been getting (but fair enough everyone’s intitled to an opinon). I laughed, i cried , i did my signiture phrase awwwww bless alot. When i finished the book i cried because it was the end. I loved it. My life is complete hehe.

  • Amy Holloway

    I agree with you. I liked Breaking Dawn(the baby part did freak me out) but I was satisfied all in all.

  • Alicia

    Yay, other people feel the same way I do about Breaking Dawn! 😀 There were parts of it (the baby, the drinking of the blood, Jacob’s point of view) that did weird me out at first, but looking back (knowing how it ends) there really wasn’t any other ending for it to have. I know some people were complaining about the descriptions of killing the animals, drinking the blood etc. likening it to a Stephen King novel, but for crying out loud people, it’s a vampire novel! Thanks for your great review!

  • Livierock

    Man, I sooo glad to see that I was’nt the only one who cried after it was done. I was so engulfed and surprised by my reactions to this series. Breaking Dawn was my favorite. I read the entire series in under a week! And let me tell you all I’m almost thirty with a kid and I could not stop reading. But with great success comes backlash from the ones who don’t get it. The book was great! The baby didnt freak me out. I was happy that she was able to give Edward a child. I am a little worried about the movie meeting my expectations, but I have faith in Stephanie Meyer and I cant wait until it hits the theaters. I’ll be there to represent with my Team” ? ” T-shirt on!

  • Amber Ysassi

    OMG!!! Thank you!! Finally!!! Something good about Breaking Dawn. I’m so sick of the negativety! I loved Breaking Dawn and I’m glad to finally see that so did some1 else.

  • megan

    I, too, loved BD. It was my favorite of the novels. I think that many of the angry reviewers were the same readers that related to Bella and swooned over Edward in the first three books. In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward’s love takes a turn that I suspect many of them weren’t ready for- it evolves into the kind of love two people share when they are no longer falling in love, but maintaining their love. While this kind of enduring love is appealing to those of us who are older (and have had some experience with an old, familiar love), it is really difficult for teens to understand or relate to. Stephenie Meyer wasn’t kidding when she said Breaking Dawn had adult themes- and I don’t think that she was just talking about the consumation of Bella and Edward’s marriage.
    As for the killing animals and driking blood complaints, has anyone else found it humorous that these complaints are sometimes coming from the same people who are upset about the lack of an epic battle end?

  • Eileen

    I really liked the way Meyers wrote Breaking Dawn. I was very happy with the ending, and loved the speech about freedom near the end.
    I was a little grossed out with Edward’s method of delivering the baby, and the baby’s whole intra-uterine behaviour though. I’m not sure why it could not have just been a very difficult pregnancy – although I guess that made her choice to keep the baby more powerful.
    The science issues don’t bother me since we are talking about vampires. C’mon – they’re vampires.
    I was turned off by the name Renesme at first, but it grew on me. I will be watching for it to turn up in the birth announcement columns!
    It seems like the name Bella has become VERY popular suddenly!

  • Debra

    Thank you. I’ve been so sick of reading negative remarks about BD everywhere I turn. I do have to say I didn’t love it the first time I read it, but then again I read it in 9 hours the first time (that’s quite an accomplishment having two young children) and didn’t catch everything, the second time I read it (I started the next day) I feel in love with it. I really don’t get what everyone was/is so upset about, I think it’s turned out how she’s been leading up to since Twilight. Of course Renesmee was quite a surprise, but I really liked that part. I’ve seen things where people are all like “why didn’t she just abort it if the baby was so bad for her?” Maybe these people have never been a parent or something, but you have to think Nessie grew so fast that she could feel her moving pretty much as soon as she found out she was pregnant. To someone who family is everything to that movement would be her family and her whole life then. Ok, being upset about the hunting and blood drinking, that is funny considering this is a vampire novel, and like Megan said, it’s mostly the people upset about there not being an epic battle that are upset about this, what a laugh. I hate to tell these people that are so upset about a “too happy” of an ending, SM has said many times she’s a sucker for happy endings, that kinda tells you she would of done this. Ok, I’ve got to stop now or this will be longer than the article. But thank you for good things to say about BD.

  • Emma

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and I think the exact same thing. I think the book is great. Even though the end is a little bit too happy, but except for that particular thing, I’m happy with the book because everything that I was expecting to happen, happened. Except for the baby part, I wasn’t expecting that, hahaha. Well, that’s all. Thanks for saying good things about the book. I agree with you 100 percent.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  • Selene

    I loved Breaking Dawn, too.
    Bella had been talking about dropping out of college and marrying Edward since the end of New Moon, and no one complained about it then. Once it actually happened, everyone got their painties in a knot. That doesn’t make sense to me. Bella is intelligent and mature, and she doesn’t scream ‘anti-feminist views’ to me at all. Once she’s a vampire, she no longer that ‘damsel in distress’, so I don’t get that complain either.
    Too happy? Give me a break. She got pregnant with a baby that was killing her from the inside, it started breaking through her bones so that she was gushing blood everywhere, Edward had to cut her open and stab her with venom from a needle, and then she had to endure the pain of the transformation into a vampire. That’s enough pain, angst, and sadness for me, thank you.
    And as for people saying it was too dark compared to her other books – that’s natural. The characters matured, they have to. It was balanced, too, because book three was nearly entire bliss (and Bella’s experience as a vampire was beautiful).
    The only thing I was disappointed about was that there was no battle with the Volturi, their athority didn’t really get undermined. But I even understand where Stephenie was going with that – they were able to beat the Volturi in a battle of wits. It was still enjoyable.
    Anyway, kudos to Stephenie! Thanks for giving us a wonderful finale! =)

  • lruzics

    All I want to say is I loved the books, and they are a hit because we all want an Edward in our lives. Keep writing Stephenie!

  • Sarah

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED BREAKING DAWN! I thought everything was just as it should be, the ending was beyond perfect. I thought it was romantic how bella would not consider killing the baby because it was part of edward. It was theirs, and she really grew up and became so much more loveable in this book! I think all those critics bashing Stephenie need to quit thinking none of it is realistic, we fell in love with a romance between a vampire and a human! Thats realistic? Its perfectly written well done to Stephenie Meyer!

  • Brannan

    Thank you I’m so sick about hearing how people hate this book. i loved it i mean the entire story was what i expected and more! i mean Stephenie made it clear in the beginning that she can’t give everybody what they want!

  • maku

    Hi, here from Argentina.
    I really loved the book. I mean, at the beginning, I couldn’t believe the baby thing was happening. Then, in Jacob’s book, I started loving him (I used to hate him so much). I totally hated the fetus, but when Edward said “He adores you”, my heart melt. I loved Renesmee since the moment Bella became a vampire.
    I mean, my characters (yes, the became my characters when I first read Twilight) changed a lot. All I used to know was different, but that’s not a reason for hating it! I loved it in a different way I loved Twilight. Come on! Bella becomes a vampire, and really gets to kiss Edward for the first time! They have a beautiful baby, and Jacob stays with them. And the ending? OH! It made me cry so bad! It was so beautiful when Bella got to show him her feelings!
    AND RENESMEE WAS A SORT OF EVOLUTION FOR THE COUPLE. If not, the problems would have been the same as the other 3 books. And Bella isn’t going to regreat about anything now. I just loved it

  • maggie

    I love breaking dawn! If I had to choose the best book of the saga, I would totally choose breaking dawn. Breaking dawn is like all my fantasies of the series put together. It was fantastic. Better then any other book I read. ^-^

  • Sarah

    agreed! i loved breaking dawn! :)

  • Cara

    Although the book did have almost a too perfect ending, I was still very satisfied and I definetly enjoyed it. People need to give Stephenie a break! Picking at every little thing they think is wrong with the book isn’t going to do any good!

  • twilight_blondie09

    THANK YOU!!! everyone i talk to about Breaking Dawn is hating on it but no one seems to have an answer for why… i LOVED it i mean sure some things were a little predictable but there were some suprises there too and if it’s nessie that they dont like, it’s just a book and they are married for god’s sake! i mean i could see why people would assume she was promoting teen prenacy if they were still just boyfriend/girlfriend but their married! i thought the ending was good, happy, but i dont think i would live through it if bella/edward or anyone else (jake too) died or were hurt, and it was wayy past time for jake to get over his bella, so, THANK YOU! ~Bay!~

  • Jess

    It was totally perfect!!
    I mean.. what’s wrong with you, people?
    Leave Stephanie alone! She did it great! I loved it.. the way everything fits perfectly so everyone can live happy.. it’ so perfect!

  • Vivi

    Amen to you!
    I feel exactly the same way. I loved “Breaking Dawn” I couldn’t ask for a better ending, it was perfect. At first yeah I had a day of shock because of the baby thing, but I absolutely loved Nessie since Edward heard her thoughts. This book was truly amazing to me, at least and what I can say from this book is that i now adore EVERY character in the series. For example Jacob…geez I use to hate him and like him at the same time, but at the end of every book it came back to the hating part, but in this book I really got the chance to really know Jacob and all so yeah I now like him.
    Ok him imprinting on Renesmee was a bit freaky at first, but then I just got over it. I don’t really how Stephenie captivates me with one wonderful detail that I forget all about the other part I didn’t really like but, the same thing happened to me with “New Moon” I loved that book i mean I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE TWILIGHT SAGA. period.
    “Breaking Dawn” was the PERFECT ENDING.
    he dicho!
    a fan from Puerto Rico =)

  • Andio

    I LIKED BD but didn’t LOVE it – which makes me so sad because I wanted to love it. I was happy with the content of the book – I was glad for the happy ending. Everything I wanted to happen did BUT the tone of the book felt different – I don’t feel like there was much emotion behind what happened. The first 3 go into so much detail about the emotions the characters are feeling – so much so that you feel like you KNOW the characters and you can really get into their heads. BD doesn’t feel that in depth and I miss the original tone of the series.

  • Shannon

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel the exact same way! I was so pumped after reading Breaking Dawn; I got on The Little Brown’s website for the Twilight Saga message board and could not believe the comments being made. I am not accustomed to visiting message boards, but I was sure visitors would be as excited to talk about the book as I was. Boy was I wrong! I just kept thinking, “why would anyone waste their time bashing a book on it’s own message board?!” It just does not make sense to me. Why not go to another message board and talk about a book you do like?
    Anyway, being LDS/”Mormon” myself, I had not ever considered the fact her happy ending had anything to do with our beliefs. I will say that it is possible to marry young and have a happy family. There are many members of our church who marry young…and yes, wait to make love until they are married…I absolutely loved that part! By the way, I don’t think it is unrealistic that Bella & Edward were a little shy to see each other nude after they were married. They both had not experienced seeing a person of the opposite sex nude. I was a little shy about it on my wedding night too. Not every marriage, especially ones who marry “young” this day and age, ends in divorce. Moreover, we all need to remember is: this is fiction. The author can write anything he or she wants.
    I thought Stephenie did an awesome job! The only bad thing about Breaking Dawn is that it ENDED the Twilight Saga. I am a hooked Twilight mom and I just don’t want to let these characters go. I can not wait till the movie comes out and hope each book will become a movie as well! My husband is considering reading Twilight just to become more romantic…he could take a few lessons from Edward!:)

  • Whitney

    I am totally HAPPY with the end of Breaking Dawn. I don’t think that Stephanie could have writen it better besides not ending it. I love that Jake imprinted on the baby so that way in the future there is a possibility for another story that will include Bella and Edward because I have not had enough of them. I think that people just need to be happy with the fact that in the end everybody was happy and loved. I will read these books every year just so I don’t forget this wounderful love story. I also want to thank Stephanie for writing something that has touched my heart. I have never in my life cried over a book, laughed, and felt anxiety. This saga had me feeling all those emotions and then some.
    A Mom Who Loves The Twilight Saga

  • Rachael

    I was a little perplexed about some of the content of breaking dawn. But I ultimately am happy with the way it ended. There wasn’t a character that I wanted to loose so a nasty battle at the end wasn’t an option (I cried all night when J.K.Rowling killed Dobby!) The thing that bothered me the most about Bella becoming a vampire was that she was giving up the chance to be a mother. As a mother I know what a sacrifice that would be and I was concerned that at 18 Bella wasn’t mature enough to really understand what she was giving up. So I’m glad that she had the chance to be a mom. Jacob was taken care of too. How can anyone be mad? Perplexed….yes. Mad, no.
    Bella & Edward – Happily ever after
    Jacob – Found his soul mate
    The Cullens – Happy and thriving
    What is there to be upset about?

  • Bethany

    Whe I first got finished with BD I thought it was amazing but about ten minutes after that I began to think about all that had happened and then I felt like maybe it wasn’t so great. I love the twilight series because I could connect in some way with almost any character and the emotion seemed so real. I know I’m not alone in that fact. I realized that the part that was missing was the “real life” part. Life isn’t perfect, you don’t always get a happy ending and not everyone can get what they want. I think the reson I discovered I wasn’t as thrilled with BD was because everyone got their happy ending, Bella’s a vampire, Jacob imprinted, Edward got married, Charlie gets to keep a relationship with Bella, Rosalie finally gets a “child.” I mean the list goes on and on. Its just not realistic to me anymore. I also cried when JK Rowling wrote Dobby’s death but dying is a part of living. Not everyone will survive with their true love and get everything. I still love the series but it now goes on a shelf with The Little Mermaid and all my other “Princess finds the Prince” Happiliy ever after books.

  • Rhonda

    I totally loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very hard for me to put it down. I don’t know why a lot of readers are upset. I think people today really don’t know they want. They complain about wanting someone honorable and noble like Edward,someone Strong willed and protective like Bella, and have happy endings, but once Stephanie finally give them what they all WANTED they get upset and mad. Would they be happy if Stephanie made Edward knock up Bella and leave her to die and think nothing else about it or if she made Edward and Bella die at the end (Which I almost thought was going to happen)and really end a saga that COULD possibly continue. I just don’t don’t understand it. I just think that with everthing that is going on the world today we ALL should want a HAPPY ENDING… even if it’s just in a book.

  • Vivian

    Maybe we’re giving it one star because the fanfiction could have been better than BD. Seriously the storyline was SO VERY AMATEUR. It wasn’t a twist, it was so full of deux ex machina. Try to pick up some REAL literary novels and then we’ll see how you still think of BD.

  • Amanda

    I don’t understand why people get so worked up about people liking the book. Like Vivian and other angry readers, most people who disliked BD or the Twilight series as a whole imply that all people who enjoy BD are very poorly read, unintelligent, etc. etc. That is so ridiculous though. You don’t know these fans. The only thing you know about them is that they like Twilight, and that gives no indication to whether or not they’ve read many books, or even many good books. By the way, it seems that everyone has forgotten that OPINIONS ARE NOT FACT. If you loved or hated the book, stop acting like everyone else has to agree with you. Just because you think certain books are good and others aren’t doesn’t make those books officially good or bad.
    Anyway, moving on from people’s pathetic strategies for boosting their own self confidence by ripping into people they don’t even know, I agree that there are some people who “hated” BD or Twilight because of SM’s Mormon influence. I think people who are too shy or afraid to be honest about their problems with the Mormon faith try to criticize Mormonism under the pretense of criticizing SM. But that isn’t the majority of naysayers, just a small percentage.

  • Emily

    I totally agree with all you’ve said.
    Stephenie has said before that Bella and Edward’s love for eachother is not your common, everyday romance. They are truly, truly in love. If we believe what our beloved author is saying about that, why can’t we believe her when she says Bella can be happily married at age 18?
    Not everyone who gets married at that age has actually found the love of their life. And who are we to say what works and what doesn’t? It’s Stephenie’s novel. She can write it however she wants.
    I loved Breaking Dawn (once I got over the “she’s having a BABY??!” shock), and I’m really sad it’s over. :(

  • K.C.

    I loved it too! I’m so sad people ended up hating it. I think Stephenie totally did the right thing by writing it the way she always intended to write it.

  • Jenny

    I totally loved Twilight!I feel really bad for Stephenie Meyer because lots of people are saying crap about the book and everything.

  • raihan

    what? people wanted it to end how they expected? then just expect it and dont read the book. geez, SM is the author, she starts it and ends it how she likes. personally, yes, i addmit a got shock about the baby thing, but in the end everything just fell in to its palce, and if it is that you think it ended to happy (???wtf) you would prefer that someone died in the war, or if bella didnt have the baby jacob has to live miserably?
    everyone has an opinion, maby you prefer twilight, or newmoon, or eclipse, but you dont have to critisize someone´s great job, or were you not sooooooooooooooo excited for BD? tell me you didnt go to buy the book the soonest you could? come on people..
    you dont like it, fine say you prefer the other books, but dont change your mine cause, man, im just tired of hearing i love twilight i love the saga but i hated how it ended! IF SOMEONE HERE CAN TELL ME HOW THEY WANTED IT TO BE ENDED, PLEEASE!*
    this book had to end the way it did, bella a vampire and living with edward for ever and ever(with or without baby, that just doesnt matter), jacob happy with it and still friends with bella(beacuse of the baby, so here is why renesmee is important), the volturi defeated, charlie has a hint of whats happening and doestn feel that sad, and thats it! no more problems! LOVE LOVE AND LOVE. not so difficult people! chill for gods sake!!
    *come one! tell me! tell US! im sure people who liked the book and are sick of all this bullshi* , maby you want to do a better job than the author? you would prefer to tell SM: hey, lady better finish it like this, this this and this, you know? just because people will like it better, including me, and dont worry for a happy ending, just let some one important die in the war (maby some of the cullens, or hey let everyone die expet the cullens!), or jacob then he wont have to suffer for bella, and ofcoursee no baaabyy! nonono, just kick that out of your mine meyer, you now what? better, i will write the book, surely i will do it better!
    hah! think it over.. geez

  • Terry

    I totally agree with you. Breaking dawn was absoutelly perfect! I love BD!!!!I feel really bad for Stephenie Meyer because lots of people are saying crap about the book and everything. They aren’t real fans!

  • Casey Hays

    I appreciate your review of the book. I unfortunately am one of those readers who was highly disappointed with the final installment, and I’ll tell you why. What bothered me most was not that Bella and Edward married–I was happy for them–and it was not because Bella finally turned, although I felt that after she became a vampire she was not the same Bella that I loved. What really disturbed me was Bella’s blood. Call this a petty reason to be upset, but I was. The fact that her blood “sang” to Edward like a musical symphony was so endearing and made the forbidden love they shared so much more romantic. In Breaking Dawn, when she asks him if he misses her scent, he blows it off as if it had been an inconvenience he no longer had to deal with. Now I may be wrong, but the fact that Stephenie focused so much on that aspect of their relationship in the first three books, and the fact that the scent of her blood drew him to her like nothing else in the world had before, led me believe that she would do something brilliant with that factor in her final book. Perhaps her blood was an antidote that could change Edward back to the human he longed to be, or perhaps it was the reason no one could read her mind. I mean, come on. Give me something here! But no–the romanctic music ended, and that’s when the book ended for me. I guess I’m a romantic at heart, and this book was nothing like the first three. It read differently, and the characters seemed to be re-created into new personalities. I did not like Edward at all. He lost all his mystery and he became somewhat of a groveling weakling while Bella’s newfound strength overpowered him. And the book, really, was not about them at all, but about their mutant baby. Too much focus on the child really detracted from them as a couple. The book just didn’t sit well with me. But we are all entitled to our opinions, and one author can’t please the whole world. I love Stephenie. I think she’s a brilliant writer. I just didn’t like this book.

  • Samira

    ohh, i thought i was like the only one who loved the book Breaking Dawn. My main reason for liking this book was because of renesme, she is so adorable, and it is in this book that i acually liked Jacob (no offense to Jacob fans). The book was really nice and all and so was the ending but if only the fight between the voltury and the others had happened then the book would have been the bomb. i mean it already is the bomb (lol) but the fight would have just been something else and it would hav kicked harry potters ass to the MAX evn more than what it already has.

  • Adrian

    I’m the 46 year old father of a 13 year old girl and I hope to God that my daughter will never develop into anything remotely similar to Meyer’s main character Bella. I read the first book in the series and found it profoundly cheesy and poorly written. But I was OK with my daughter reading it since the story seemed fairly harmless. I also felt that I should give her a few more years before I insist more firmly on her reading books of some substance. However, I began to fume after reading books 2 and 3 of the series, which little by little establish the most spineless, clueless, and codependent young female character I have ever experienced. And again I let it go because I didn’t want her to see me as the censoring father. Well, after book 4 I had to have a serious and embarrassing talk with my daughter courtesy of S. Meyer – but mind you, not the dreaded “sex talk” – you know, the talk about abusive sex, sexual manipulation, pedophilia, wife swapping and threesomes. End of story, going forward I will not tolerate in my house anything written by S. Meyer.

  • pot_pouri

    Well,I think BD is very awesome.Even that Nessie is an unexpected and suprising character but she is so adorable.Besides,this is a gift 4 both Esme and Rose as well…i can’t think of another ending better than this.Happy ending 4 everyone is the best.Besides after the thousand times edward told him that he loved bella….of course one change can’t break that..and Nessie just strengthen the link between them…that’s what i…wonderful..BD

  • Greg

    Well, I am a 47 year old father and quite frankly I am impressed by the entire series. Given the lack of what I’d call responsible fiction these days, I found the Meyer Twilight collection remarkably satisfying. I fall into the category of one who is not a prude, but appreciates the freshness of literature lacking overtly gratuitous sex and violence. I found these books particularly refreshing, and a good read for YA fiction. I am encouraging my 11 year old daughter to read them. She understands enough about human sexuality to appreciate the boudaries Bella and Edward live for themselves. I also found in Breaking Dawn a very responsible handling of the honeymoon material without it becoming anything more that PG rated. Applause is due Ms Meyer in her efforts. Bella may not be the PERFECTLY stong girl that many would have liked to have seen, but children need to know that variety is the spice of life. No one is particulary perfect in the female role or the male role that matter. Normal needs to be portrayed by far more expamples than Joan of Arc.


    A little late, but…I love the way the series ended. I know Bella was only 18, but she’d always felt like she was older, he mother even joked that she was born 35 and just kept getting more middle aged:) She gave Edward his life back when they fell in love, they needed to be together. And i loved that they had a baby before she was turned, i can’t think of a better way for it to have happened, than out of the pure necesity to save her life, really the only way Edward would have really wanted it to have happened. She not only gave him a child, but Renesme was a gift to all of them, a gift none of them could have gotten any other way. The baby brought hope to so many, and pulled others of their kind together with them to stand up to the Volturi. And i loved that Bella, who was weak, and clumsy as a human, was the most “special” of vampires; it’s like she was meant for that life. I just really loved the series, so much that i read all 4 books in 6 days!! I love Edward and Bella as much as i do Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. I think it’s a great love story, and i hope that when my daughter’s older, she can read the books and fall in love with the caracters as I did!

  • Marina

    I also thought that I was the only one who liked the book!! it has been the end I wanted

  • Your Name

    Hey, I know that this is almost a year later, but I just found this sight… good sight, by the way….
    The whole Stephanie Meyers series was quite a surprise for me! After reading and being a fan of Ann Rice’s Vampire legacy in my college years, I attempted to vear away from the whole vampire genre. Though I was intrigued by Rice’s “humanizing” of vampire personas , I really didn’t see any possibilities for there to be inherent redeeming qualities in a vampire. As I got older, I realized that I needed “redeming qualities” in the characters of the books I read.
    In that vein it was quite awhile after S.M.’s books came out before I began to read them. In fact, all four of the books were out before I began to read them. Once I did I read them all straight through (like everybody else did. I don’t know what the problem is with the marrying at 18 deal! Would it have been better if they’d had but DIDN’T marry?! Too many kids have and then babies out of wedlock as it is now …Oh, but at least they didn’t marry at 18, right?!People have their priorities REALLY screwed up! One thing that SOOO impressed me was that it was EDWARD, the MALE who really encouraged the waiting! We need more fathers/mothers to teach their sons to be leaders in this area (and I am the mother of one child…a SON…and plan to do JUST THAT)!
    I also really wish this wasn’t the last book. I think there’s more to the story! I want to see what happens with Nessie, Jacob, the Volturi, Bella, Edward, and Bella’s parents . The only part I dislike a little was Nessie’s only being able to survive on . The only part I is that this is the last book in the series. I just don’t feel like it’s finished!

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