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Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Vampire Empire’

I feel a certain amount of pride that I’m one of the folks who jumped on the Mormon Mom Stephenie Meyer “Twilight” bandwagon back when the very first book was still in galleys. I remember getting the bound paperback ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) from an editor friend with only a Post-It attached to the front that said, “How’s this for romantic?” Within minutes I was hooked and devouring all 500-some pages in a single sitting.
So I’m kinda excited about Book Four, “Breaking Dawn,” releasing with Harry Potter-esque midnight book parties around the U.S. on the evening of August 1 (for sale on August 2).


And I’m not alone. Along with me and millions of other teen girls and women, the Hollywood buzz about the last book and the forthcoming movie in December is growing. Earlier this year, Time Magazine did a Meyer feature and posed her as the next J.K. Rowing. Now Entertainment Weekly does the same with not only the cover (graced by Bella and Edward) but two features: one on the making-of Twilight the movie, and yet another on Meyer-as-Rowling.
Sigh. I’m Team Edward all the way. What Team are you? Edward or Jacob? (You’d better say Edward….I mean, how can you not be Team Edward? Seriously.)

  • maggie

    Go team edward!

  • Skye

    I am a 32 year old working professional who has been bitten by these YA books. Love them!! Hopelessly obsessed! The best thing about them is that they have brought me back to the world of reading, which I have sorely missed.
    The books really need no promotion. How many newborn vamps have you created just by passing your books along to your friends, family, co-workers, complete strangers? You touched briefly on it in your story. It’s impossible not to read these books without wanting to share them with your friends. And come on, we know that secretly you own at least 2 sets of each book, one for keeps, and one for sharing.
    And as for my affiliation, I never get sick of this question. Team Edward all the way!!

  • anna

    team edward i love is character and yup im 17

  • Mary

    Team Edward all the way!!

  • Jocelyn

    Absolutely team Edward! I agree, how can you not be?! Not only is Bella and Edward’s relationship what makes the series what it is, but Edward in himself is – well, we all know how perfect he is.

  • Melanie


  • Nahime

    unfortunately, i’m team switzerland

  • hannah

    I am definately team SWITZERLAND! I love edward and jacob. Bella and edward are a perfect match, but jacob is amazing in his own way. As far as i’m concerned, bella can have edward and i will take jacob. That way, everyone will be happy.

  • Megan

    Team Edward! and a little Team Switzerland….Jacob isn’t SO bad… 😉

  • Arlette

    TEAM EDWARD 100%

  • rem

    So team Edward!!!!

  • Kim

    Team EDWARD all the way!!! The only other ‘team’ I would add … is I am a fan of Rob Pattinson as the perfect Edward!

  • Brianna

    I am absolutely, utterly, most certainly, definitely, enormously, completely, extremely, entirely, and totally TEAM EDWARD!!! Edward and Bella are just meant to be! I swear if Edward and Bella don’t end up together or if she doesn’t get turned into a vampire I will hurl my copy of Breaking Dawn out the window, then pick it up and stomp on it, then smother it dirt and toilet water, and then burn it, and then throw the ashes of a cliff and then cry for the rest of my life! (Nothing personal against Stephenie or anything, i’d just rather have it my way or the highway!) I can’t not wait any longer!! I must know Bella becomes a vampire and lives with Edward for eternity!!!

  • Hope

    Team Edward for sure!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I do like Jacob too but do not believe Bella is meant to be with Jacob. Edward is her true love and she would always long for him. Not to mention if she ends up with Jacob he could imprint on someone else and that would be so horrible!!!! I can’t even describe how bad. Team Edward all the way. No point in denying it any more I am a 32 year old obsessed mom in love with these books and Edward.

  • Kristin

    Haha, I’m proud to represent Team Jacob, along with the rest of the minority! We call it puppy love. *wink wink*

  • CrookedSpunk

    I agree, how can you NOT be team Edward? You read Twilight and you fall in love with Edward. HOW IS THAT UNAVOIDABLE? Team Edward all the way. Not so sure about Bella though. sigh. I wish Wanda from the Host could be with Edward. XD. Even though, she’d probably be horrified by Edward being a vampire, and all. Ah well, as long as Bella doesn’t end up with Jacob. GAH. Go Team EDWARD. Edward should ALWAYS get his way, and he wants Bella, so dammit, Let him have Bella! XD

  • Cassie

    I am team Switzerland becuase I love them both!! They both are awesome and completely lovable!! And I’d say they’re both pretty close to perfect!!Team Switz all the way!!!GO TEAM SWITZ!!! 😀

  • Vanessa

    how could you not be team edward? he is the epitome of perfection and him and bella together just fits.

  • lauren

    I’m a team Switzerland! I can’t choose between Edward or Jacob!

  • April

    I love them both BUT if I have to choose, it’s going to be Team Edward. I know who she can’t live without.

  • Ally

    Team Edward FOREVER!!!!!!! Cause Edward can actually do that!

  • Sarah

    Team Switzerland!

  • Pholla

    You know this is an ongoing debate between my younger brother (who is straight and is 16 years old). I am a Team Edward through and through but what do you know? My own brother betrayed me. He’s a Team Jacob. We would debate all day long why Bella should be with Edward and in his case, Jacob.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Jacob but I just don’t think he’s mature enough just yet. I find that Edward is so much more willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of Bella’s. That to me is true love. Is Jacob willing to do that? No, not at all. That is why I am in love with Edward Cullen.
    I will be in line for the midnight release party along with 8 of my other friends. We’ll make sure we have our red ribbons ready to go. I can’t wait! I’m soooo excited! By the way, I’m 25 years old and somehow the Twilight series and movie makes me squeal like a 12 year old. You know what? I’m not ashamed of it hahaha.

  • Tori

    In Bella’s situation, I’m Team Edward. But i also wouldn’t turn Jake down… but if i had to choose between Edward and Jake, it would be Edward.
    Make sense?

  • Katie Beth

    Team Edward all the way. Jacob and Bella would have been perfect… if they were both human. As it is, Edward’s the one to be with. Oh yeah.

  • Hallie

    How can anyone SERIOUSLY say that Bella should have chosen Jacob? There was no choice. The only reason she ever even CONSIDERED Jacob was because she was convinced Edward was gone and not coming back because he didn’t love her. Now that she knows for certain that Edward loves and always will love her, there’s no way she’s even considering Jacob. She knows who she can’t live without. How can anyone want her to leave Edward??? I just don’t understand it.

  • Santiva Potter

    Team Edward!

  • Sophii

    Team Edward 100%
    I think I’d cry if Bella switched teams!

  • Raven

    It’s true that Edward and Bella belongs together, but if I was Bella I would have chosen Jacob. Who wants a stone-cold, one hundred and seven years old (i think) vampire, compared to Jacob? I’m rooting for Jacob, hands down! (Besides, without him, the whole story would have been completely boring!!!)

  • alyssa

    team edward. bella gotta choose him. she can miss jacob but she goes insane without edward

  • Elaine

    Team Edward all the way!Drool!!!

  • Kadie-Wa

    Of course i’m for Edward! I’m not so sure why people like Jacob. He gets on my nerves.

  • Anonymous

    I say Im team Edward for Bella, so that Jacob will be available for ME!

  • Vamppirate

    Team Edward all the way!

  • Cris

    Team Edward, of course!
    He is so cute…

  • Noelle

    Yeah well sorry but I’m Switzerland. I love Edward more but I don’t completly despise Jacob either. So If I had to choose between Vampires and Werewolves than I would mix them and make it a Werepire =P

  • Ashley


  • Switzerland-la

    I’m Team Mike. =P
    xD No, not really.
    I variate between Team Mike (at my book club), Team Edward (usually) and sometimes Team Swiss Cheese (switzerland).

  • reginacara

    team switzerland!

  • rachel

    def. team edward :]
    how can you go wrong with edward?

  • Montanna Cheyanne

    I’m totally Team Switzerland.
    Bella and Edward forever,
    but I don’t hate Jacob.
    I hope he ends up with some sweet little girl.
    Because, yeah, no JxB.

  • whitney

    Team Ed 4eva
    also though i have to say i am a member of team Newton
    (booo Jacob)

  • alexx

    im am so team edward but just because i want jacob to myself. he is also almost perfect. he just doesnt have that much… ahhem 107 years of experience of being perfect
    team edward.
    i love them both so…

  • mia

    I’m team edward ALL THE WAY. He’s amazing. I don’t think Jacob and Bella go well together…but Jacob is definitely a sexy vampire. yum.
    oh, and it looks like BooksOnBoard is giving
    away the Breaking Dawn ebook for free
    … I’ve already pre-ordered my
    copy!!! Think about it: you save gas for the drive to the store, get
    the ebook for free at BooksOnBoard and don’t have to pay sales tax…
    sweet! I’m so excited about Breaking Dawn… I love Edward!!!!! :)

  • Amy Robinson

    Who can’t side with Edward? He;s, like, the total greatest! AND so is Bella. Jacob, not so much. No, NOT AT ALL!

  • East

    I am Edward/Bella fan all the way! However, i am also Bella/Jacob 100%. However, with the latter, i all am for their devoted lovin’ carin’ platonic relationship. stress the word platonic. Edward and Bella have a love that is pure and selfless relationship. Jacob and Bella have a deep connection but they love to squabble like two siblings. each feeds off the other. pun not intended. lol.

  • Amanda

    sorry to say this to all Edward lovers but i think Seth is so much better than him

  • Kelly Graham

    Oh my god, could bella play with these guys anymore????? Go with Jacob, u bitch and leave Edward alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theresa

    Team Edward all the way

  • Pharmk753

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