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Why I Walked Out of ‘Sex and the City’

sexandthecity4girlspicforic.jpgAfter a long-term love affair with the four fabulous ladies of HBO’s series, “Sex and the City,” like the rest of female America, I was jumping up and down about the movie from the moment New Line announced they were making it. Quotations, anecdotes, and discussions regarding “Which one of the four are you?” inspired by “Sex and the City” have abounded in many a girl’s life since the show went on the air in 1998 and even after it had its curtain call in 2004.
I couldn’t wait for the film’s release–and was dismayed to realize I’d be out of commission for movie-going for a full 10 days following the “Sex and the City” May 30th movie premier due to conferences I was attending. Gah!
So this week I got back, couldn’t get into my over-full email account, and decided to take the afternoon off and treat myself! I gleefully went to the movie theater for a 12:30 afternoon showing of the 2 1/2 hour event and almost burst into tears when the familiar music poured into the theater. Sigh!
However, barely 1 hour and 15 minutes later, I was back on the sweltering NYC streets again, having–I can’t believe I’m going to say this–walked out halfway through. Mind you: I haven’t left a movie part-way in years. So why did I–a devout fan of the show–actually get up and leave?


From almost moment one I was bored. The commentary, the four women, Carrie and company, the clothes–it all felt tired and stale. Been there, done that, it’s over. The witty banter that used to send me squealing with glee and laughter made me roll my eyes this time around. At one time Carrie Bradshaw’s comment about finding “real estate heaven” upon entering the apartment of her (and Big’s) dreams might have been funny–but for some reason, on the big screen, those one-liners weren’t at all laugh-worthy. In fact, they came across as smug and elitist.
Granted–I admit that the clothing and style had always been one of “Sex and the City”‘s greatest charms. But the movie felt like one big advertisement for couture, and Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte four mannequins on which designers got to drape their latest creations and get their names dropped, clothes shamelessly advertised and idolized in the process! I felt taken for a ride and not a good one.
In other words, ironically, “Sex and the Cit”y lost its luster on the silver screen. It felt like a homage to being rich, an idolization of the Paris Hilton lifestyle and attitude, rather than an homage to female friendship, and a story made especially for all those women who loved the show for so many years.
Oh, and the last thing about why I left: the story. Um, where was it? Carrie and company barely did any acting. They were flat. The story was nonexistent. And I was, to put it simply, bored.
So I did the unthinkable: I walked out. I’d rather swim through the humid New York City air in the middle of the day than be preached at by the god of money and girls who have too much capital to even know what to do with it.

  • Josie

    I would have not even wasted my time or money to see this movie.

  • Sharon

    If we are true believers in Jesus Christ, we should not expose ourselves to movies such as Sex in the City. Our brains store vast amounts of information and that space should be reserved for only the things that move us toward our journey to God the Father and not away from Him. I’m not saying we should not be allowed to watch a good flick…But, what is good? What should we expose ourselves to? Good is such that does not glorify, drugs, sex, money or anything contrary to Jesus Christ. I believe as true believers, we need to expose ourselves to the very things that we would allow a young child to experience. Afterall, we are children of God..

  • Dee

    Say what you want, I enjoyed the movie – no, it wasn’t like the “old days” but I had fun – went to see it with my best girlfriend – the one I would talk with the next day to discuss last night’s episode.
    We giggled, we laughed and yes, at the end, we cried. The second half of the movie was the best – you should have stayed to the end.
    It was entertainment…last time I checked, that’s what movies are supossed to be!

  • gokarm

    I’m not gonna lie and say I enjoyed SITC more than Kung Foo Panda but I liked it…I can certainly understand why some would find it boring. It did a LOT of fashion name dropping, which was great for me because their artistic heroes to me. Rarely do movies name drop “galliano” or “Lagerfeld”…so in that way it was absolutely delightful seeing the fashion candy. But the thing is, all of that gorgeous couture was always a sore point for me. These are not regular every day women, they are filthy rich and furthermore, Carrie was a once a week columnist living in New York City…no WAY does she make the kind of money to live the life she does. It’s a fantasy, and if you’re cool with that, you’ll like this movie. If not, don’t bother.

  • sara

    I wonder when we are gonna get it that glorifying the wealthy and the ignorance within that kind of lifestyle as well as the portrayal of woman as anorexic fashion queens in a “positive” and even “desireable” way is doing a huge gapeing injustice to all women, men, and children…wake up America. Live simply so that others may simply LIVE! Money mongers, airbrushed looks, extreme fashion and lame, ignorant additudes need to get a clue and take a walk off a short pier.

  • Sabrina

    People are tired of that that SATC sthick. MOST single women in the country were never like those four with their selfish, aquisitive and hedonistic lifestyle. Sure, some of us did the sex thing but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that one night stand after another is no substitute for a true loving relationship with someone whom you really care about, and with whom you share common goals and values. Nope, the TV show was ok at best…but most of the country has outgrown all that sort of emotional immaturity…and now we’re looking for something simpler, more real and definitely more spiritually fulfilling.

  • Victoria Woods

    Oh, for crying out loud quit your whining this is Devil Wears Prada with long time friends; the Sex in the City Girls! It’s entertainment and for someone who walked out of the show you have no right to an opinion about the show you didn’t have the common sense not to voice an opinion on something you didn’t even watch. It is like voting if you don’t vote you don’t get to whine. And as for God, he loves his children to be happy, entertained and live abundantly, “ask and ye shall receive”. My guess, you didn’t watch it either so once again no opinion…and my guess God is proud of the girls for encouraging Miranda to forgive, you took a vow and for women to encourage, support and love each other regardless. And for you about the “wealthy” who do you think gives to all the Charities, how much have you given….my guess not as much as Bill, Oprah or Donald? Apparently your mother did not teach you the Golden Rule “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”. There are many lessons you all were too self absorbed to get. “Smiling”, those without sin cast the first stone. Victoria

  • Ghaliyah

    Ya know, after watching and rewatching the series on television – first HBO then censored on Network television, I was excited to find out how my girls had been faring over the last 4 years. I was happy/sad/frustrated and delighted. I enjoyed the movie and nit-picked it to death with my friends as well. Someone said that Carrie, being a NY Columnist, couldn’t afford the lifestyle she was living and up until she sold her book, she denied herself plenty to be able to buy the Manolos. However, it was AFTER she sold her book that her life became easier. Remember the episode where she had to borrow money from Charlotte (and Charlotte gave up Trey’s ring) to pay to keep her apartment from Aiden? She had a huge reality check. And, according to this movie, she had sold 2 more books and continued to write her column. So, given those situations, life in Manhattan can be had. Basically, in NYC you have one major bill – your home… you usually do not have a car, so there is no gas, no insurance, no registration or inspection – that cuts a huge chunk outta the scenario right there.
    Anyway, I did love the movie – not for the clothes, or the sites, but for the girls. For the fact that Miranda doesn’t wax…for the fact that Samantha got a gut…for the fact that prim-n-proper Charlotte poughkeepsied in her pants…and for the face that after a million and one break ups, Carrie STILL loves Big. Unconditional loyalty in friendship…
    I think the anticipation built up such hype that unless you are died-in-the-wool fans, it doesn’t grab you anymore.

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