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June 2008 Archives

The newest incarnation of “Get Smart” contains two hours of the most intriguing plot twists and inspiring character development of any movie this year. Alright, would you believe an hour of inspiration wrapped by a surprise ending? How about two […]

The American Film Institute recently named their “Ten Best Westerns” of all-time, and to say it is surprising it quite the understatement. There is one “Clint Eastwood” movie on it. There is only one movie that was made in the […]

In the movie “Bonneville” (available on DVD on June 24th), a widow, played by Jessica Lange, must decide whether to give her newly-deceased husband’s ashes to her mean step-daughter in order to keep her home, or keep them and lose […]

I know all about the American Girl doll empire from my friends who have daughters obsessed with all things American Girl Doll. Plus it’s hard to miss the many-story American Girl Doll headquarters store when you’re walking down 5th avenue […]

The American Film Institute’s “10 Top 10” show–a three hour Prime Time special earlier this week–named the top ten films in each of ten genres and will give us good discussion fodder for awhile, especially if you’re a list person, […]

In anticipation of tomorrow’s “The Love Guru” movie release, the wise and funny main character, Guru Pitka–the “second best guru in India”–has been responding to your burning questions about life and love in the Beliefnet Community. We created a gallery […]

Recently, I had the great good fortune to be invited to participate in a conference at Esalen–that famous, new age spiritual retreat (you know, the Beats hung out there, Huxley tripped there…) in Big Sur, California, perched on the rocks […]

Everyone who either has a tween or knows one also knows that Disney churns out (more or less) family-friendly pop stars (see Hannah Montana) and one-offs like “High School Musical” (and its sequel) to unbelievable success–feeding the hopes, dreams, and […]

This year’s NBA Basketball Finals show was a big Prime Time event for ABC and ESPN. It was scheduled to go up against the other networks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for two weeks. It went head-to-head against everything from […]

As web series and other alternative outlets continue to diversify the media landscape, the Gospel Music Channel has announced that it will create original series programming for the 2008-2009 season. A sketch comedy show called “Comedy Quickies” and drama entitled […]