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Check out New York Times reporter Nate Chinen’s live music review of lead singer Jim James of the band My Morning Jacket who, Chinen calls, a “cheeky Shaman” and describes his music as “music to get lost in, body and […]

When you think of Barbie, you think of unrealistic body proportions that create insecurity in girls and promote an unattainable and superficial beauty ideal. When you think of Bratz, you think of those enormous eyes, and a wardrobe that you’d […]

The upcoming FoxFaith feature Moondance Alexander is all about figuring out God’s plan for your life. If you have a great story to tell us about a time when you understood God’s plan for you, tell us about it and […]

I know my fellow Idol Chatter blogger Doug Howe has urged everyone to stay home and wait for the “Get Smart” DVD, but I roundly disagree! I too, saw “Get Smart” on its premier weekend and I not only loved […]

Though the Beijing Olympics are still over a month away, NBC is giving viewers plenty of opportunity to see what the U.S. athletes are made of as they broadcast both diving and gymnastics team trials last weekend. I watched the […]

You probably remember child stars Kirk Cameron and his sister Candace for their roles on “Growing Pains” (Mike Seaver) and “Full House” (D.J. Tanner) respectively–but did you know that they are now both Christian entertainers? Kirk is currently working with […]

The Pew Forum released its second part of its landmark “United States Religious Landscape Survey,” and it explains quite a bit about why certain movies, TV shows, music and other media are well received while others are generally not. In […]

The American Film Institute’s “Top Ten Sports Movies” of all time features many that you’d expect but excludes two obvious choices that stand out by their absence and undermine the credibility of the list. “Raging Bull” was the top choice, […]

George Carlin, who died yesterday at the age of 71, was never one to shy away from controversial topics. One of his favorite targets was religion, as evidenced in this clip. Even though I didn’t always agree with what he […]

There are many people who don’t get George Carlin. They think his routines are too misanthropic (“People are stupid”), too anti-religious (“Religion is bullsh*t”), or misogynistic (“rape can be funny”). Judge them from the titles alone, and you aren’t deriving […]