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Believing in ‘Sex and the City’

sexandcitypicforicpost.jpg“Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two Ls: labels and love. Twenty years ago, I was one of them,” Carrie Bradshaw says in the May 30 theatrical release “Sex and The City.” “Having gotten the knack for labels early…I concentrated on love.”
And so begins the familiar voiceover by Bradshaw portrayer Sarah Jessica Parker in the long-awaited film based on the HBO series.
Media coverage and public discussions tend to concentrate on the likelihood that the film’s lovers include an audience of women and gay men. However, there is some question has to how fans and those in the entertainment industry will label the movie through its results in the box-office.
Even Parker, who also serves as a producer, recently told Entertainment Weekly (in Missy Schwartz’ May 23 article “Hello, Lovers”) that the film’s response is personal.
“I want it to do well, but the bigger story for me here is that I want the people who hold the purse strings to believe that there are female audiences, that it’s worth their money,” Parker adds.
Studio executives should believe because the “Sex and The City” franchise has symbolized into a religious institution with a faithful following of females and gay males that will stay true.


This belief system is like others with the likes of texts, relics, rituals, denominations, and a holy city.
Texts include Candace Bushnell’s series of autobiographical newspaper columns in The New York Observer, Darren Star’s television series creation and the screenplay by writer-director Michael Patrick King.
Manolo strappy sandals top the holy relics of fashion items garnered by costume designer Patricia Field.
Common rituals include grabbing a Magnolia Bakery cupcake, meeting for Cosmopolitans at New York hot spots and the coffee shop Sunday brunch.
The faith’s denominations surround the four main characters: Carrie, Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall). The characters’ various personalities, professions and life choices have left viewers asking themselves which one or combination they relate to more.
Of course, New York City is the holy city, where the subjects have grown up in and progressed.
The symbolism above provides some reason as to why the followers have been ritualized to tune in or record the Sunday shows through its six seasons on HBO, journeyed to weeknights with the TBS syndication and will, if they haven’t already, stand in lines to purchase movie tickets.
The “SATC” faithful has pursued stories about the film’s production, dished their thoughts, and waited ever so patiently for their respective theatrical release dates. Those, in the U.K. and France have already displayed support on their opening day May 28 with a $4.8 million box-office, Variety reported recently.
Like their international counterparts the American followers will be genuine to the franchise, but how they respond to the appropriately timed 2 hour and 15 minute film could be a question.
As a co-religionist, I urge you to take note of the beginning seconds of the film, where Fergie performs “Labels or Love” among the credits. The music begins with an interpolation of the “Sex and The City Theme” by Douglas Cuomo, but quickly transitions into its own originality.
Meaning, one should keep in mind that the film is based on the series and performed, written, produced, and designed by most of the same people, but the characters and their stories have evolved.
Really, haven’t we all over the past few years?
–written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

  • Kevin W

    Very interesting article. I am fascinated by this topic/theory. I truly believe this is yet another example of the marvel we call faith. This topic and article reminds of Joseph Campbell’s extraordinary efforts in shedding some light on the importance of faith, religions, mythology in modern times.
    Truly original and refreshing !

  • Braggle

    I went to the premiere of “Sex and the City” squealing with delight and smuggling champagne contraband in water bottles. However, for years, I hated the show. Talk about a lack of character development. Show after show, year after year, these women kept making the same mistakes, wondering why they were left broken-hearted in the end. It wasn’t until the last two seasons that the storyline became interesting. “Finally,” I thought. “Their stories begin.” In short, I loved the movie and I was thoroughly entertained (hiccup!).
    By the way, if anyone is interested in free peer advice that discusses topics like this, go to

  • David Buckna

    Saturday, May 31, 2008
    Sex and the City
    A quiz…
    By David Buckna
    Special to ASSIST News Service

  • Kristin Mackey

    I just saw the movie and thought it was great. I agree with the lack of character development…until much later.
    Great article.

  • Spiritfriend

    Interesting article. But I might get a bit off topic because while I am a huge SITC (what is SATC BTW? “Sex Around The City”?) I am NOT one of the faithful in their religion of Labels and Looking for Love. I am simply a voyeur who loved tuning in to watch the soup opera of their lives – so completely different from mine. I wouldn’t wear ‘Manolo’s’ if someone gave them to me for free, and found most of Carrie’s fashions quite repulsive – since I’m a gym shoes and ‘B?rn’ sandals and hiking boots mountain gal.
    However I want to tell you that my husband (a huntin’ fishin’ wood choppin’ mountain man) also became a “re-run” SITC fan as well. He’s sooo NOT gay and NOT interested in fashion, nor is he promiscuous or shallow. What he is interested in is discovering how women think, especially about men, and why. He is an unusually deep guy (which is why I married him) but he enjoyed the “girls” as much as I did and would often remind me, “Hey, The Girls are on” …and we’d watch together.
    He loved “Aiden” because he’s a wood worker too, and “Steve” and “Big” but thought most of Charlottes men were “twits”.
    WE Both LOVED the movie, and the ending.
    AND THERE WERE LOTS OF COUPLES THERE on opening day – out here in the mile high city (Denver)although admittedly more groups of gals or gals alone, but although the place was packed we didn’t wait in line for tickets (never do out here). So when you “New Yorkers” wonder how anyone can live outside the Big Apple, that’s one of the reasons, well that and that people are actually nice to each other and to strangers elsewhere.
    However I wanted to let you know why I loved the movie.
    I’m a “WEDDING PLANNER” and after all the big galas that I’ve planned I totally agree with Carrie’s final realization, that she had thought more about the “Wedding” than she did about “the man” and that she had let it get out of hand. SOOOOoooo many women make that mistake, and spend a fortune on a big event, and it is such a waste of time, energy and money. I’m in the business and I would NEVER have a big gala wedding. It would totally ruin a beautiful experience for me.
    You could buy a house for what some of these gals spend…and it’s almost always a nightmare preparing…they get so stressed out…they stop speaking to their Mother…they lose friendships with their attendants, all to be “Queen” (read Bridezilla) for a day.
    You really can have a perfectly wonderful and memorable day for very little expense. WEDDINGS ARE A RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as well as a whole religious industry.
    Girls – pay attention to your groom. Listen to what he says and believe him. Don’t make it all about YOU because the marriage certainly won’t be all about you, and you ought to start taking that to heart before the wedding.
    So as for the religion of LABELS and looking for LOVE, I think they are both “Blasphemous” since high “couture” fashion is a “has been” by the time you buy it (for another down payment on a house) and is hardly an ideal worth living your life around.
    Really, no wonder the girls found it hard to be happy.
    Is there anything more meaningless and shallow than the religion of fashion and looking for love?
    Looking for LOVE doesn’t work because love isn’t about YOU…it is a verb…’giving to another’ and should be about ‘being a person you would want to love’ and then letting the right love find you!!!!!! There is something profoundly unselfish about learning how to love…by taking the time and effort to really get to know your mate, and what his values and inner needs really are, rather than looking for it by trying to just get what you want from him, and from others, and by ‘putting out’ for every guy you go out with.
    One of the things that struck me about the girls (in the beginning) is how little actual self-respect they actually exhibited. Even Miranda, the accomplished lawyer, didn’t seem to respect herself at all.
    The reason I liked (OK Loved) this movie was that Carrie finally “got it” and stopped just being completely self-absorbed. I thought she looked evil (OK Christian, “FIERCE”) in her makeup and with that bird on her head on her wedding day – there were so many looks that worked so much better for her than that one did – even if you are a fashionista, you have to admit she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein with pale makeup and jarring teal headpiece – But I loved the dress!! (I am a wedding planner after all) So Carrie found out what love was all about. Miranda realized that she needed to take some responsiblity and forgive Steve. Samantha realized she was just a selfish shallow person and that was all she could ever be…she is…and that’s OK…we love her anyway because she is honest at least…and genuinely loves Carrie. Charlotte finally got her little family act together, and got over her “holier than thou” attitude (for a moment) towards BIG and realized that he was human.
    So, yeah, the girls finally grew up. And, I liked that about them.
    Thank GOD.

  • Spiritfriend

    ooops I always thought it was
    Sex in the City”
    I was slappedupsidethehead for that one

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