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I still don’t get the NFL draft as a TV event. But apparently I’m in the minority! “According to the NFL, more people will be watching the draft than the NBA playoffs when the two events are being aired at […]

Clay Aiken has been many things. He was an unassuming North Carolina college student, an “American Idol” runner-up, a popular and mega-selling solo artist, a Broadway star, and now… the Messiah? Aiken is currently starring on Broadway in the Monty […]

For me personally, one of the worst side effects of the writers’ strike has been the lack of fresh “House’ episodes. No other series is so consistently smart, witty, and thought-provoking. On tonight’s episode, I will once again able to […]

So Tom Cruise is heading back to the couch. No, not in the psychiatric sense of the word, heaven forefend, but back to Oprah’s couch. (Although, it could be argued that O is America’s pop psychologist.) It’s been three whole […]

The movie “Expelled” dropped out of the box-office top 10 this week, but is back in the news thanks to Yoko Ono, who has sued Premise Media, the production company behind “Expelled,” for using a 10-second clip of “Imagine,” by […]

This week on “American Idol,” contestants sang songs from the canon of music theater genius Andrew Lloyd Webber. The field had been narrowed to six contestants, and each worked one on one with Webber to prepare their song. Carly Smithson, […]

The Gospel Music Association’s annual GMA Week is the time every year when industry professionals, media representatives, and aspiring and established artists from every genre descend on downtown Nashville to network, showcase their talent, celebrate the industry, and basically run […]

2008, more than any other year in a long time, will be remembered as the year of the movie sequel. I think it’s possible, though, that it should more accurately be described as the year of—are you ready for this?—The […]

With air travel and gas prices going north while housing values and income margins going south, perhaps this is a great summer for going to the local theatre. Sure, you may want to eat at home before plopping down the […]

Speaking of incarcerated celebs, yesterday TMZ reported that actor Wesley Snipes is going to jail.. In February, the “Blade” star was tried on eight charges–acquitted on five of them, he was convicted of three counts of willful failure to file […]