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Idol Chatter

Enter to Win: ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Prize Pack

In the upcoming animated movie “Kung Fu Panda,” a panda named Po is unexpectedly chosen to train among his Kung Fu idols. Although big and somewhat clumsy, Po works to become a Kung Fu master and defend his friends from an evil snow leopard, Tai Lung.
Beliefnet has one “Kung Fu Panda” prize pack to give away, which includes a blow up panda, a mini poster, a stuffed Po panda, and a “Pandana.”
Want it?
Post a comment below by May 25th telling us the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you. Make sure you include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The best response–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors—will win the prize pack!
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And, after you’ve entered, click here to take our Kung Fu quiz or click here to check out our gallery of unlikely heroes, inspired by “Kung Fu Panda.”

  • jestrfyl

    As for the person being counted as a friend – that is questionable.
    But for many years I lobored under the “curse” from my 4th grade teacher that I was incapable and unskilled. This followed me and deflated almost any sense of motiviation through school. Years later, after learning to cope with a few learning disabilities, I enrolled in seminary. One day, as i was walking to class, a professor of whom I was especially fearful/respectful called me aside. Anticipating some comment on either a missed or flawed assignement, I paused with dread flooding my every cell. She told me she was very impressed with my ability to write and that I should trust myself more and not try so hard.
    I nearly fainted. But I took her words to heart. So I allowed my writing to be more free and the result was unexpected. Eventually I graduated with a Bachelors with high honors, finished my M.Div and have been a pastor for 22 years. Were it not for that one remark from that one professor (of who I am still scared/respectful), I might not have completed my academics or gone on to serve as minister for 4 congregations.
    Though she still scares me, I bless her every day.

  • Barbara Nelson

    One of the nicest things that a friend has ever done for me was to surprise me with flowers and a day of pampering on one of my “big” birthdays. She did this without fanfare or telling others of her deed. I have felt especially blessed to count her as a friend.

  • James Gutierrez

    When I was in grade school and new to my school at that time, and because of my size, I was very soon approuched by school bullys nd this taller kid in my class came up called me by name and told the bullies that if they picked on his friend that they would have to deal with him and his friends, and till this day I still concider him one of my best friends since.

  • Veronica Moreno Diaz

    The nicest thing that a friend has done for me was to give my son and Christmas presents during the last year. I am a single mom from Mexico living in the US with my 4 yr. old. We have no family and because I work long hours to support my son, my social life is very little if almost non-existent. I knew it was going to be a lonely christimas for my son and I, but I figured soon the season would end and life would go as normal. At the church where my son attends pre-school, the principal knew I was going to be alone with my son in my home for Christmas, so without me knowing, she organized a collect from all the other parents to give us a warm Christmas surprised. My son and I were in tears of joy when she gave us a meal, christmas ornaments and presents. I never had a better Christmas than the one last year. I knew people in the US were warm and generous, but I never realized how wonderful they can be. I was so touched! God bless her and everyone else who helped my son and I having a wonderful Christimas.

  • Kimber

    It’s my 9 year old son. Being a single mom can make for a lot of questioning yourself. My son, in the last week, has told me without provocation, that “I’m the greatest mom and that my answers are always good even if he doesn’t like them.”
    I can’t imagine anything nicer being “done” for me.

  • MARY


  • Mary Ann

    It would definately have to be my children. I’m a single mom to my 3 beautiful children and when I was down on my luck 2 years ago they surprised with a day of breakfast in bed, coffee made during the day, they cleaned my house from top to bottom and they got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for my kids that year I would’ve just sat at home depressed and down. Thanks for being my children and although we don’t see eye to eye all the time there the best kids in the world.!!!!!

  • Sue

    My children are all grown now, but I always remember a friend who helped me one X-mas. Of my 5 children, 3 were still at home. I was single Mom working in a greenhouse, so work is always unpredictable. I was always able to provide a decent holiday, but that year was really bad. I had paid most of the rent & told my landlord I’d pay the rest as soon as I could. His response was to give me a 5-day notice. Well, this friend found out I didn’t have gifts to give my children. She showed up on X-mas Eve w/presents she had been giving her children & grandchildren. She said they didn’t need all those presents. She also took me out to eat. I still call her my “Personal Santa”.

  • Oreta Johnson-Wheeler

    My family had been struggling with car and other financial issues. My friend Robin had always been such a friend in the past lending her arms of strength and encouragement wherever she could. This time both our vehicles were out of commission and I had to get to work as well as the babysitter. The only option as we are not public transportation accessible was a cab to the babysitter and then to work 5-6 days a week. The cost one way was $40. I was sick with worry and how I could continue. My friend Robin who lives about 45 minutes away and works 30 minutes from me. She has 4 children herself. She got up at 6 am to come and pick me up drop me to work, drop off my son at the babysitter, and then made her way to work. She did that for about a week straight. I cannot express enough how selfless and loving that gesture was. It took her time, gas, physical strength (as she was feeling a little under the weather as well), and added to her load. She never complained, and continued to encourage me. I felt guilty but she was not going to take no for an answer. That was such a God and Jesus lesson for me. Too much to write here but her example was a light that shone forth of faith, hope and love. By her I will move my life to pay that example forward.

  • Carol J. Bradshaw

    Back in 1997 we moved from Chicago to Nevada, with our two sons. It was quite expensive, and a long journey.
    When we finally got there, our friend Doris gave us a place to live for a couple of days, helped us find a home for rent, and helped us unload our U-Haul. This new place had everything except a refridgerator, so this became quite a challenge. Oh yea, and we had no transportation, and we lived quite a way from town.
    Doris provided us with rides to the store, and one time, after she got off work, she went to the store and bought a whole bunch of groceries and brought them to our door. She was a home-healthcare nurse, and didn’t make a ton of money, mind you.
    So, to make a long story short…upon looking back over the years…this quite possibly was the BEST thing a friend could have ever done for us, and it’s something we will never forget. We’ve attempted several times to repay her, but she never would hear of it…so we’d sneak in extra nice things at her birthday and Christmas.
    People like her will receive their true reward someday in heaven, and we’re sure God has recorded all of her good deeds in His “Book of Life.” that we all will be read at the pearly gates…if we are so fortunate.
    God Bless Doris and others like her!

  • Gena

    I have a friend I found online, we play games together and chat. We call each other and email each other. Her husband has gone through some medical problems several times, but it healing now. She has truly been a blessing to my life! When he gets better, we plan to meet up somewhere in between, since we are 8 hrs apart. She encourages me thru relationship breakups and health problems. I call her to check on things with her. I encourage her to stay close to Jesus and to pray. That is what has gotten me through alot of things. Her family has been through alot of medical problems. Even though we have never met in person, she is my best friend. She is a blessing to me and her family. We are very close, and need to give each other a big hug!

  • Anne

    My stepson Andrew. When I got the phone call that my mom died, he ran two doors away to get his dad. He didn’t know what was wrong but he knew something bad had happened.

  • Phylleece

    My daughter and grand-children had re-located from Ohio to Florida. Our home was in foreclosure. The Sheriff’s Sale was due within a week. I had no one to help me look for another place to live, much less help me pack and move. An old co-worker of mine heard of my tragic need and just showed up with “For Rent” magazines, took me to lunch and rode me around to several places. “You’ve got a new life now, so why don’t we look on the other side of town?” He said. I saw an apartment complex the first stop and paid my deposit to move before the Sheriff’s Sale date! His 2 grown son’s helped me pack what I could take for the 1 bedroom, beautiful Suite into a truck he rented and drove for me. God answered my prayer with a wonderful friend at a crucial time in my life! Now 2 years later he is a neighbor of mine! God is soooooo good.

  • gary d.

    i was about to lose my apartment because of financial reasons and my buddy, who was set to go on a cruise instead gave me the money he had saved up for this trip. he sacrificed his vacation to save my butt.

  • Jeannie Sammons

    Back in 1969 I had an emotional breakdown. While I was in the hospital my husband, son, and daughter all came down with chicken pox.
    The women of our then church came in for three weeks and took care of my family, feeding them, cleaning my house and nursing them. When we decided to move back to my homestate we were broke financially and my mother passed on while we were preparing for the move. The church members collected money for us and I was able to fly ahead for my mother’s funeral and my husband had enough money to follow later with the children.
    I could never repay those folks for what they did but I know without a doubt that God must have blessed them abundantly.

  • Oriana

    I met my best friends in college and we were wild!!! I had just started to really live for myself and be assertive. My mom was really strict and my family had their own idea of where my place was in life. Everything changed in college. I decided that I would not let my mother and stepfather controI me any more. I was thrown out of the house by my stepfather and still they would use me. I baby-sat, cleaned house they even claimed me on taxes, etc. etc etc… My friends became my family and I have been literally a gypsy ever since. I haved moved once a year from the time I got kicked out my junior year of High Shool. Over the years My three friends have housed my periodically between house huntings . This year was really bad for me. I have had surgery for Plantar Fisitis on both feet and am living with my friend. I don’t know what I would do if i didn’t have my friends. I do all i can to help her at home, clean, babysit but she always tells me “The best thing I can do for her is get better.” . My three friends and I have been through a lot together. This is just another reminders of how lucky I am to have them as my friends.

  • Angel

    I had to have surgery a few years ago to remove a neuroma tumor. I couldn’t do much of anything. I had 2 children and a husband that I couldn’t take care of. One of my really good friend bought us some groceries, and cooked for us (enough to last at least 2 nights) and brought the food to our house. She never asked for anything in return. She called me everyday, to check on me, sometimes twice a day until I was back on my feet again. She is a true angel.

  • jovita b. carranza

    ive been a christian all my life though ive. been to many religions ive found a lot of wolfs in sheep clothing. please be aware of people with smiles on their faces. i love the lord with every thing i have. and people have tried to make me stop. ive had a lot of bad things happen to me. ive lost my job.and gone to the pantry at the church. to feed my children.where ive been told i couldnt come back for more.i gave my only dollar in the collection plate . and i needed a word of incouragment, only for the pastor to say. that whoever put the dollar in the collection plate was a miser. im sorry but when did religion get into the money business? this has nothing to do with the lord of my life there will be people who think that there above you. because they have money and power. so although there are a lot of religions out there. are they teaching what jesus told them. please dont be judging. its very dangerous. we dont know whats in the hearts of people. only god knows if a person is asking for money or food in the street. dont act like you dont know them. it may be our as much as you do it to the least of my brothers youve done it to me. if you can give to the church. because its expected of you why not give it to someone in need. the churches are making so much money, that some pasters are living like kings. is it right. you ask yourself. would jesus do this or would he give it to someone in need.actions speak louder than words. the same go’s with life. if you think positive. then youll make it. do to others like you would have them do to you.if you lost youre job. and had to make in the streets . how would you feel . i know thers alot of bad people out there,you dont have to invite them home or in youre car just smile at them. dont look the other way. like there not there. pray for them remember were all part of gods kingdom.

  • Barbara

    When my husband and i divorced my husband promised i would get my house and he would pay my bills well he lied and i lost my house and my money well my boyfriend and his brother and mother took me in and let me live with them and fed me so i wasn,t kicked out in the streets

  • Evelyn

    back in end of 1997 and begin of 1998 I was going through a hard time because my husband had beaten me and I lost my baby. I had then moved back in with my parents after I got out of the hospital. My dad ended up getting sick and 2 months later he passed away. Since my parents didn’t have any life insurance or any money saved up because my dad didn’t believe in live insurances and my parents had given me their life savings to save my daughter’s life because when she was born she only weighted a little over a pound. My friend know I was going through a ruff time and I couldn’t stay with him because he had 3 kids and his wife was pregnant with their 4th. But when he found out that my dad had passed away and he know I couldn’t afford to bury him or anything. He decided to help me out by paying for my dad’s funeral and made all the arrangements too. He never asked for anything in return. And I was thankfully he was able to help me out in my time of need. I was just starting to get back on my feet when my mother got sick and went to the hospital to see what was wrong. Well they ended up giving her the wrong medication which killed her. I was at a lost again and my friend came to my rescue again and pay for my mom’s funeral and made all the arrangements too. He was also there for me and my daughter through this tragic time. I could never repay him for what he had done for me then. It was the worse and low point of my life. If he wasn’t there I don’t know who I would’ve turned to. I didn’t belong to a church or anything and I didn’t have any friends besides him. I’m glad he was there for me in my time of need. It seems like he was my guardian angel that I never know I had. To this day every time I see someone in need, I think back to when my friend help me out in my time of need, I help them out when I can. It may not be a lot but every little bit counts. I know now if you help someone in need and later you need help someone will help you too. do to other’s what you would went them to do to you. I would never forget what my friend did for me.

  • Debby Larsen

    i am a navymom to 2 and one is in iraq right now my husband and i are both disabled and live on ssi only we raised our 3 grboys for most of thlife and has been a rough road but we made it somehow,well recently our check aacct was hacked and many fradulant charges came in,we open an investigation,and we had no money as it was all frozen,we have always been the givers and very hard to receive,well i have to be happy and not let my son know as he is in iran and he needs to keep our country safe,we had several care packages to send him and its been sitting and that upsets me,so a couple weeks ago our neighbor came over and out of the blus said she wanted to give us something and we couldnt say no so we said ok well it was $30 and boy that was a blessing for sure and my husband went to the store for what we could get and the total came to $30.22 all but .22c and for a months eating that was the nicest thing that was given to us in soo long,april 1st was our 32nd anniversary and We believe in God and i am and always have been a bear lovermmy hubby calls me sugarbear and its nice to know there are treasure in a true friend,and a true friend isnt afraid to tell you got gunk in your teeth,ty for letting me shareAs my son is fighting for our freedom his wife Yumi is a Panda girl,anericanbear56

  • Holly Lee

    My daughters are the only fiends i have.Twelve years ago i was in a abusive marriage.It had lasted 27 years.My kids grew up and moved out.My daughters came to the house one day with a police officer to make me leave with them,or the police officer was oing to commit me.I left with my girls and never went back.It hasn’t been easy but it has been peaceful.I was never allowed friends so i just don,t make them.Some habits are hard to break.

  • Julia Morris

    Before my birthday last year I was into tetherball a lot. I decided I wanted a tetherball set since I enjoyed playing it so much. It was the highest on the list of the things I wanted. So when my birthday came, our neighbors, Betty and Jim, bought me a tetherball and it was already set up right in my back yard! My friends and I were so excited we almost raced out to start a game before mom made us stop so she could take a picture. After the picture we went outside and started playing on my new tetherball set. It was great fun! I love it! I had wanted it so much I didn’t know what to say accept “Thank you!” It was one of the nicest things people have ever done for me. I still have the tetherball in my back yard and sometimes the neighbors come and play with it too. I’ll never forget that day. I had a blast!

  • carol

    i have had a bad year with changing jobs and could not make ends meet. my mom and dad have passed away and my brother was financially strapped also so i had no one to turn to. my best friend laura came to the rescue and lent me money to fix my car so i could keep my new job and still be able to feed my kids. to this day she has not asked me for the money back because she knows that i can not do it yet and i pray to god every day for financial help and he has given it to me in strange ways.i am grateful for the angel named laura that he has given me. and i pray for the help to get me back on my feet and to pay back laura. thanks for listening and god bless everyone, for i know that i am not alone and neither are any of you. god is with us at all times even when we think he is not…..thanks again

  • Judy Nettles

    I’ve always been known to be hard-headed and don’t like to ask for help from friends. Me and my husband pretty well keep our personal life just that, personal. In April of 99, we had a week of vacation scheduled to be with our kids. the first of the week, which started with Easter, went well. We had planned on Friday to go out of town and take the kids out of town for the week-end, they were on spring break. Friday morning at around 6 a.m. our phone rang and it was my mother informing me that the ambulance was on the way to her and my dad’s house, as she had found him lying on the floor at the end of the bed. I went into panic mode, and my husband, being the calmer of us two, headed to the hospital and told me to stay home, he would call me when he knew something. About 45 minutes later he called to tell me my daddy didn’t make it. To come to my moms. I was panicing, trying to figure out how to tell my kids why we couldn’t go on or trip, and then try to figure out how to tell them that their pawpaw was dead. I waited for a while,mainly to calm myself down, and collect my thoughts.
    At the time I was managing a small convenience store, and even though I was on vacation, I figured I had to let someone know what was going on. My daddy was the county sheriff, and knowing how people talk, I hated for someone to come in my store asking questions and my employees not to know anything. I also called one of my best friends, who managed another store within our chain and told her the news. She in turn called our boss. I told her I was about to get the the kids up and dressed and head to mama’s. At the time my son was 9, and my daughter was 6. About 20 minutes later, she and my boss pulled up at the house, told me to leave and they would stay with the kids. They eventually wound up bringing the kids to my mothers and staying with me all day. They knew I would never ask for help, so they just took it upon themselves and told me what to do. It was so helpful to me and my family. Both of them helped so much up until the funeral. I have never forgotten the love they showed me during that sad time. It taught me a valuable lesson-Reach out to others,don’t wait to be asked. Help all you can. They laid their whole lives aside to help out our family. Such compassion is hard to find in todays ratrace.

  • Gayle Naylor

    My family has been blessed through the years by many acts of kindness from friends. I was a single parent and raised my 2 children alone for many years. One incident that stands out was back in 1989 when we were homeless and living in a tent in the middle of a field near town. I was married at that time, briefly, to a man who was a recovering heroin addict (I didn’t know that at the time we got married). He had returned to using heroin and was becoming very abusive and stealing the money I was trying to save to get an apartment.
    We attended a small protestant church at the time, and one of the deacons of the church found out where we were staying and invited us to live with him and his family, as it was the middle of winter. He had an extra bedroom, so we stayed with him for a month and then other members took us in, until warm weather came and then they helped us get into an apartment of our own.
    I was able to, with their help, get away from my husband and got a better paying job, which helped me establish myself in the community and created a better life for my children. The church members never asked for money and provided us with a sense of dignity and were great role models for my children. I will be forever grateful to them.

  • Steven Goltz

    Some of my high school friends got together and took me to a hockey game. It was like a Triple A hockey game for those who want to be in the NHL. One of my friends knew one of the owners, so she was able to get us seats right along the glass. Then, as a surprise to me, I was invited to be in a contest after the first period. I went on the ice to compete for prizes. Even though I lost, I had fun on the ice. On top of that, my friends bought me a jersey as well for my birthday. So that was the best thing my friends have ever done for me. I hope to return the favor someday.

  • Alfonso Weems

    The nicest thing that a friend has ever don for me was to take me under thier wing when I was suffering from depression and strong suicidal tendencies after the lost of my job, and the lost of my wife to another person. My friend stayed with me around the clock making sure that I took my medication and was eating and drinking fluids. She made me go out in public and walk around stores, parks or anyother place that would take my mind off of things. We did a great deal of praying and spent an almost equal amount of time crying. At a time when I would have preferred to shut my self away from the world (literally) my friend was there to keep me from being a party to my own destruction. Had it not been for my friend, I would not have learned to love people the way that Paul did. Agape love is better than any kind of earthly love. I cherish the friend that the Lord has blessed me with. I am thankful to my savior for sending an angel to watch over me. It is now a priority for me to be a blessing to others.

  • Cindy

    Last year right before my daughter was getting ready to start end of the grade testing at school I had car trouble and my car wasn’t able to be fixed. My mother was coming from Texas to visit me and she was going to get me another car. In the meantime, I didn’t have a way to get my daughter to school so my friend took her to school for a few weeks until my mother arrived. Also, my friend took me to do errands and grocery shopping. I was really grateful for my friend’s help.

  • sylvia wilkins

    In 1999-2000 I was in the hospital for 6 weeks and so ill they called my family together saveral times to tell them I probally would’t live through the night. I was so malnorished that I lost alot of my eyesight (now I’m legally blind), have nerve damage all over but my hands, feet, and legs are numb and have horrible creepy feeling ind them, and sometimes they burn so bad I can hardly stand it. Now my teeth are all going bad, breaking off and starting to rot from my gums up, and that hurts. I live now with chronic pain as I developed arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone problems. I was so week that my head would fall back and I could’t lift it back up by myself. After awhile, (6 weeks) they let me go home to die, my son was 12 and my daughter was 17. she dropped out of school to help take care of me, but she wasn’t strong enough to lift me into a weelchair. Someone from adult services stepped in and said they could get me a nurse, but only for 4 hours a day, and asked me if there was anyone else that could help as I needed someone 24 hours a day to care for me. The only person I knew that didn’t work was my friend Robin, so I called her add she said she would do all she could, as she had 3 children in school. We all talked and we decided that she could come at 8:00 every morning and could stay till 12:00, then a nurse would come in at !:00 and stay to five, then amy children would stay with me at night. I usually went to bed about 6:00 anyway so that worked out perfect. My daughter went back to school, but arrainged to get out early, but she did finish school, thank God!! When the hospital released me they told my family I had about 6 months to live as they thought I also had cirrhosis of the liver amoug other things, but 2 years passed and I kept getting better ’till one of my doctors sent me to have a liver biopsy and it came back that I didn’t have that at all. Me and my children were so happy! My kids told me they cried every night because they did’t want to lose me. I felt so guilty for so long, but God helped me through it and now we’re a happy family again. I make sure I eat something every day. If my friend, Robin, hadn’t come to the resque, my daughter wouldn’t have finished school and I probaly would have died from lack of care. She made sure I had breakfast and lunch while she was here and got my tea for me, helped me out of the wheelchair to go to the bathroom, bathed me in my shower, as I already lived in a handicapped apartment for other disabilitys ( knee replacememnts that didn’t turn out well) so I had a shower chair. I was to week at the time to raise my arms to wash my hair or anything. She stayed with me everyday for six months and never complained. She even did some of the house work so my daughter would have more time to study and catch up on her school work. I truly beleive that she, (and my children), saved my life and there is no way to repay that kind of friendship and love from a friend who gave up so much time to help out a friend in need. I’m thankful to God everyday for my life, and what I consider, a 2’nd chance.

  • Norman Heseltine Sr

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  • Georgie Parker

    The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is My cousin Brandi bought me an icebox for christmas. My family was really struggling and our old refrigerator was going out and I did not know what I was going to do.. and about 4 days before christmas she shows up with a brand new shiny one… It was the best thing ever!!!!!!

  • Teresa N. Clarke

    The nicest thing that anyone has done for me is my best friend Jessica we’ve been friends since high school. We both like the backstreet boys (the coolest band in the world, and then some)I like ’em more than she does, but anyway, one christmas and one birthday she had made me the following: A T-shirt, mini-vase, home-made shadowbox and a frame all says “I love the Backstreet boys”. And What I gave to her in return of my friendship was a CD from europe that they made when they first started. To this very day, our friendship is more stronger than any friendship that I made during the time that I started working. 😀


    i have had a group of friends really come thru and do great things for me.
    i was ran over by a semi at 65mph on my harkey davidson and dragged for 500 ft.,and lived to talk about my experience. for instance i heard an angels voice during the initial impact telling me to “put my head down”. but my friends were awesome thru my 6 momths stay in the hospital.i had 2 closen friends throw me a fund raiser.which was such a blessing all in its own!!! i dont know how i could ever repay that kindness!!!
    the sad thing is i have lost contact with those friends. i have tried to call and have not gotten a call back. i dont know why.
    but i still love them and thank god for them everyday.
    thanks for listening,
    god bless all of you.

  • Peggy

    I was in line at the grocery store one day. The lady in front of me had a beautiful pair of earrings on. I just had to say something to her. I complimented her on them and guess what this ‘stranger’ did? She took them off and gave them to me. I have never seen her again and doubt if I ever will. Those earrings are not made of gold or silver but I wear them with pride. Tho’ that lady was no friend or family to me, she certainly was someone that I can happily say did the best thing for me…of anyone that I have ever known…..

  • Rhonda

    the nicest thing a friend has ever done for me was to look me up after 20 years to let me know that though we have lived miles apart and have separate lives that he wanted me to know how much our childhood friendship has meant to him and the impact it had and has on his life. to be told that you are unforgettable and that you remain in someones heart is truly a blessing!

  • K

    The nicest thing anyone ever did for me, was my Mom gave me the gift of ‘faith’! I often feel this has sustained me and I pray I have passed this gift on to my children and others, because I think it is true that others see things reflected in us. My Mom passed away 7 years ago (May 12, 2001) and she was not only my mother, but also my best friend! I miss her, but I also still feel her presence and I feel so blessed that she was my mother and I feel happy when I think she would say that I make her proud!

  • Jessalee Wade

    My husband & I moved to Arkansas in August 2007 from Michigan where I was born & raised all 38 years of my life. I left behind a lot of friends & memories so I was really sad when we made the move but the economy & jobs being what they are in Michigan I knew we had to do something. I was lonely the first couple of weeks until I became a member of my Baptist church and became a part of the Women’s Ministry there. They have a program for the women called Secret Pals. Unbeknown to me my secret pal became a best friend and has changed my life. We were not supposed to know who they are but she gave me a special name bookmark and due to the special saying she just couldn’t resist putting her name on it though she told me after that she hoped I would not look at the back of it. Of course, I don’t know anyone who does read the whole thing when they receive a gift but I did and she was found out. Since that day not a day goes by that she does not call me and I have received many “secret” special gifts from her since though her friendship has definitely been the best “gift” of all especially when I was this lonely Michigander relocated to a state where I thought I would never fit in. She has also helped make my faith stronger just by her sharing her faith with me and by not letting her light go out for her love of God. She never fails to speak of His Word especially while I was going through a rough time with sickness. She has been to the ER with me til all hours of the night even through she had to work the next day plus get her 3 children up for school. God really blessed me first by bringing me to Arkansas, placing me in a great church and most of all blessing me with the greatest friend that anyone could have asked for. I did not grow up with her so we don’t have childhood or school memories but we don’t need the years to show us that our friendship is going to withstand whatever life has to offer and the faith she shares with me just goes to show that we never know when God is going to put an angel in our path. Jessy Wade

  • Marty Seligman

    My best friend has seen me up and seen me down, (I’m Bi-Polar) and she sticks around and is very suppored. She also is a care giver for mu 89 yr old mother…I could not ask for more. And I thank GOD every day for every day is a new day. I do my best to pay it forward.

  • Sharron Gorju

    I am on a fixed income and i ran low on money and i went to ask my Friend Shirley if i wrote her a check for the one hundred and twenty dollars that i needed for groceries would she take the check post dated and cash it and she could get it back on the day my social security check came in and she would not take the check she gave me the money and i will never forget her for it She has been a blessing in my life and to me as a friend better to me than my own sister What a lady and she often pulls me out of a long month and a short check.God bless her. And the time i could hardly move and neither could she but she came to my house and helped me clean up and she had to sit to do it, i could not do anything for myself. I pray that if she ever needs me i pray that i can be there for her. God bless Shirley not because of the money but she has been there for me and she is that way for a lot of people all she wants is a blessing from the Lord and i pray that she will always get it. Thank you Shirley you are a great friend.

  • lorna d hill

    My girlfriend from 3rd grade remembered my 45th birthday and saw me walking down the street and stopped me and gave me money for my present. It was a day later and she never forgets my day.

  • D.Pagan

    The nicest thing someone has done for me was when my friend Zakkiyya stayed close by me when I was going back to ged classes, I was nervous and I didn’t know any of the new people there and she talked to me and asked me to sit next to her. I was nervous but she calmed my fears but staying it’s not so bad and I tended to keep myself to myself. She really brought me out of my shell and we became fast close friends over the summer, she helped me by not being shy and giving me confidence and I helped with her memorization of facts, I listened to her, gave her company, had lunch with her and whatnot. Little did I know what she was very sick and the doctors didn’t what was wrong with her until it was too late and when Zakkiyya had passed on, her aunt and grandmother told me that I had more of an effect on her than I previously had thought. They told that she would talk about what I had told her, conversations over lunch, and the fact that listened to her really brightened Zakkiyya’s days when she was feeling sad. I still thank Zakkiyya for helping me overcome my shyness and gave me confidence when I needed it. She was the friend that I confess that I love her.

  • Karla Lundborg/Robinson

    There have been so many in my life, as I am going to be 60 in August. One that really sticks out in my mind is when my husband and I built from the ground up a MooDukwon TaeKwonDo school and dedicated it to our son/from our passed son,(who died 2 weeks before his 16th Birthday) who was murdered several years prior to this. We dedicated it to all children/adults who needed a place to go to learn the martial arts/stay away from gangs & drugs/become better students in school/stay healthy @ a less expensive way/& give children of all ages a place to have fun with their community/peers and a way for the parents to have time out from their children in a safe environment. We taught several different forms of the martial arts, because our friends were also the teachers (sinsaes of diff.M/A exp.Judo,Kung Foo,Aikido, Tai Chi,etc.), and my husband was a 6th degree black belt at the time (prior to opening the school for the Dedication)It was quite unique, because most of our teachers were Black Belts of some degree,and/or police officers,and our very favorite was our youngest son’s teacher for the teenagers @ our Church, (who later went on to become one of our 1st Black Belts-he now has his own Church-very proud). Getting on to the nicest thing someone has ever done for me, is this: I too had been involved in the Martial Arts at a different school when I was married to my last husband (myself and my 2 small children took classes-I did it to give them something to do and learn to defend themselves, and selfishly I did it for me to protect myself from his abusive ways,and he was quite dangerous and much bigger than me. When we opened this school I wanted to go back into learning the other martial art of TaeKwonDo (I knew a little Karate’-enough to get myself hurt, only the basics)But then at my age in my 50’s my memory was a problem..I have short term memory loss, so I could not remember all of the katas in order to keep going up in belt rank. The Police/sinsaes were determined to help me, because my Husband of the present was so strict about really becoming a black belt…not just giving them away like alot of schools do…real strict.(He use to be a “Blood & Guts” fighter in the day of Chuck Norris (before he became a star) and several others like “Super Foot”…they all fought together in the circuit in the South). All went on to be stars, fighters, or other business men of sorts…my husband went on to be a Paramedic at one time and also operated a health/gym…with his prior marriage. At the time I was a yellow belt that could fight like a red belt, but was not allowed to enter tournaments because of my belt ranking, I would have hurt a yellow belt. So these Police/sinsaes worked with me secretly to help me go up in belt rank.(Not only do I have short-term memory loss, but I am also manic-depressant(I guess they call it Bi-Polars now). Mine may have come from my son’s death, or maybe it is PTSD I do not know, but with 5 children, the oldest being 40 next month and the youngest being 20 now, I wanted so much to show them I could do something for myself to make them proud of me…and also it was important to prove to my husband I could become a black belt he would be proud of, and then most of all prove to myself I could do it and not become old fast like my momma, who died in her 70’s. They worked and worked with me, and I know it was annoying at times, but belt by belt they finally got me to where I could remember enough to where I got to green belt status…..Then it was just too much memory for all the katas to go on for me, so then the youngest student of ours (16 at the time who my husband had trained to go into the ring to fight the state champion..who was our best point-fighter, and he wanted to change gears and do kickboxing) started helping the cops and sinsaes help me to kickbox and also go into the ring.(I had to go 5 rounds or I had to quit smoking, and really train…big time train…where I wasn’t worried about dieing in the ring, but dieing during training, because my husband had now joined the quest,and he was a trainer from below…but good!)…So, not in short not really this is a book, but to sum it up those cops & the kid busted their rear ends to help me help myself and I managed to beat my severe depression by becoming in point fighting 2 years running the State Champion in TKO in my class (course I had to fight younger women), and because of them I was able to train for something that helps me feel real and important to myself and I might add built up my self-esteem and made me a pretty decent kickboxer/point-fighter for a woman of 50 something years old. They were wonderful, and they were and are responsible for making me who I am today, and helping me fight my manic depression that was eating me up alive, by taking out all the rage I had inside on a punching bag while training to fight. They could never know how much they mean to me because there are no words or thank-yous or anything I could possibly do to give them what they gave me. For that I shall be eternally grateful and hope that they all are blessed as am I now for having them in my life then and still now. Sorry this was so long, I also write to beat depression..sorry

  • T Myers

    I went through treatment for breast cancer last year and my friend Christy made my family and I dinner. She also gave my kids rides to school when I wasn’t feeling well. I am still recovering and so far I am cancer free. She is always there for me through my ups and downs.

  • Melissa Arnold

    The nices thing was to be at my side when my mom psted on she was there yo make sure that i would not try to kill myself. The nices thing i did for any one was open my home to some homeles people.

  • Dahnae

    A few years back I was going thrugh some really hard times, on by birthday my best friend took several presents that I had said i liked to different people and had them call me. This is how it went. Eirly that mornoni i got a call from the local store saying someone left something for me, i went down and it was flowers no one would say who they were from, i went back home and there were ballons on my mail box shortly after i got a call from someone else saying i had a package at there house once again no one would tell me who left it (a snow globe) i got another call that day and went back to the store where there were i had another gift, some earings. the day ended with her and the kids showing up at my door with a cake. It was the nicest thing ever.

  • Mary J. Spasiano

    The nicest thing that was ever done for me was when my best friend “Boo” Weiss traded places with me at the elementary school we both worked at in 1984 where her three kids and my daughter were students at the time. She was a cafeteria monitor and I was a playground monitor. My daughter Amy and I had gone ice-skating one weekend in late November 1984 in Brunswick, Maine where we were living at the time and I fell and broke my distal left tibia and ankle and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital to have the break set and a cast put on for eight to ten weeks! I was so upset because I was sure I’d have to give up my job as playground monitor because I couldn’t walk around in the snow on the playground with the cast on my leg. My best friend “Boo” traded jobs with me! She braved the cold weather on the playground and I got to walk around and supervise the warm cafeteria full of children! She has been my best friend since 1982, and I have been blessed to have her as my best friend all these years! After I recovered from my broken leg and ankle “Boo” took me to have my ears pierced(for the first time!), and to the beauty salon of a friend of hers to have my hair cut and styled! I felt like a totally new woman thanks to my best friend Boo! We still email each other as often as possible. “Boo” and her husband Bill now live in Virginia Beach, VA and
    their three “kids” are now married and have families of their own. I’m planning on going for a visit hopefully in the near future to see my
    best friend “Boo” and her family. I miss them all very much!
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my story with you!
    Sincerely, Mary J. Spasiano

  • Pamela Burke

    The nicest thing a friend has ever done for me was when my husband gave me a book to read, titled “The Way of The Peaceful Warrior” written by Dan Millman. Reading this book changed my life, as it has many lives, and I am now living my life to my full potential, with thanks to him. My husband, my best friend(who is also a sifu of Jeet Kune Do).
    Pamela Burke

  • Enestine Stringer

    The nicest thing that was ever done for me was; When my Dad left Italy and moved to the United states where he joined the United States army and because he knew a few English words they made him a teacher for the Italian men who couldn’t speak a word of English My Mom was automaticly a United States citizen because of it.She eventualy left Italy and joined my Dad. I am so grateful to them for having left Italy and giving me the opertunity to be born and raised in New York city. Thank you for reading the best gift I received or ever will receive.

  • margie krueger

    my husband and I have been going through a difficult time since he had a heart attack and hasn’t been able to work since September. We might have to file for bankruptcy. Our friends Ron and Norma sent us over a food care package that fed us for over 2 weeks. It was a miracle from God. There iIS NO way to repay suchselflessness and genuinely caring!

  • Kimberly Duke

    My husband was hurt at work and had a 90% chance of never walking again. We had to move from the home we were renting since it was being sold. We had no moving help and disability insurance just barely covered our living costs. My friend Cherie told me she would help, and showed up at my door with 3 young men whom she paid to help and refused to be repaid for this. They loaded the truck, drove it 300 miles and helped us unload and unpack. I could not imagine a better friend.

  • Maricela

    The nicest thing a friend has ever done for me was give me a Clay Aiken music CD and drive me to a Clay Aiken concert…

  • Joan

    During my Mother’s funeral, I was feeling very alone. My Mother was a single mom. She was my best friend, my confidant and source of unconditional love and support. I was totally devisated when she died but being a new mother with a 18 month old child I had rare moment to express my grief. Before going to the cemetary our family was allowed a few minutes with my Mom. My two older brothers, both close in age and much older than me had been fueding for years prior and took this as a time to reconcile. They were standing together really leaning on each other for support. My Aunt knowing of this relationsip went over to speak to them and to hold on to them. I was by myself- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was standinng there not feeling much of anything, not hearing anything, seeing through tunnel vision the one person that I needed the most. Then from no where, my friend, who I’ve been best friends with since the 6th grade, was holding my hand. Having just had her second child two months ago I thouhgt she wasn’t going to make it. Just standing next to me was the nicest thing my friend has doen for me.

  • Missy

    My mother passed away in April. On the night of her passing I called a friend to tell her. She called our preacher. The preacher called another church member. They came to the hospital to sit with me and my family as we waited for the funeral home to come and take Mama away. It was very late on a Sunday night. I’m sure they were both ready for bed but they got up and drove to the hospital to sit with us. It was such a comfort to have them there. They helped ease the pain of losing my mother. Having never set up a funeral service we were at a loss as to what was expected. The preacher explained what we should do and how we should go about it. You may think that all preachers do these things for their members but not all preachers are that way. This man is truly a God sent blessing not only for our church but for me as well.

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