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Brad Avery Leaves Third Day

thirddaypresspicforic.jpgThe reverb from their 10th anniversary DVD/compilation album hasn’t completely died down (in my car at least) when Third Day, one of the most successful Christian bands to come out of Nashville, announced that rhythm guitarist Brad Avery was quitting the band to pursue solo projects.
The band’s press release was terse but seemingly supportive of Avery. Perhaps the best clue as to why he’s leaving came late last year, when Avery told a crowd, a propos of the arrival of a yet another daughter, this one adopted from China, “I’m a lot older than you think I am.” After a thousand shows from here to Australia, Avery might just need to get off the road.

  • Joyce Clayton

    I love Third Day. I think their music touches lots of lives and gives people hope and inspiration. But sometimes people have go another path for reasons only they know. I think Brad had to pray a lot over this change. I hope Brad Avery has the best of luck and success in his endeavors and God blesses him on his new path and Third Day has just as much success as they always have enjoyed.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you CANNOT call Brad Avery Third Day’s “rhythtm guitarist!” I can’t express how great of a misnomer that is. Go listen to any live version of “Consuming Fire” and tell me again what a rhythm guitarist he is! Or better yet, go see them live and figure out which sounds more like it’s missing without him, rhythm or lead??? Ridiculous…

  • Anonymous

    Amen to the above comment. Mac Powell even called him “A Weapon of Mass Distortion” on the Live Wire album. Avery was by far the “lead” guitarist, not taking anything from Mark Lee, of course.

  • Reverend Rock

    Mark Lee is the better guitarist. However, Brad was also a lead player. It is a different style. Mark came out of the Georgia Southern Rock, and his playing reflects it, where as most people today see Brad as the only lead player because of his style, which came out of the heavy metal movement. Mark and Brad are equals, they just have different styles. I hate to see Brad go, because his city style was a nice balance to the Third Day Southern Rockers. However, the new Revelation album shows that the Southern Rock can be pulled off, especially in the guest appearance of Robert Randolph.

  • tom folds

    truth be known, there are some very egotistical members in third day. brad avery and mac powell have been at odds on numerous occasions over the years. mac powell is one moody guy to work with and a perfectionist, though i’ve witnessed somewhat of a change in him in recent years. talk with him about alabama football after a loss and he’ll snap your head off! brad avery has always thought he was the good looking one in the band and that if he winked his eye at you, (or at my daughter) that you’d just swoon over him. wake up brad, thats a 15 year old your winking at. its tough living on the road and in the tight confines of a tour bus. i’m surprised brad had not left a whole lot sooner myself…

  • goldendeal

    I have all the Third Day DVD sets, and after watching them many times, I can see that Brad Avery had a very inflated ego of himself.
    I don’t know where the guy is spiritually but I bet a few years ago he would be the one to quit the band and I was right.
    After watching the behind the scenes interviews, something about him didn’t add up.
    If Third Day wants to continue as a “Christian” band they are better off with out Mr. Avery.
    In early interviews with Avery, one of the reason he was unsure of joining Third Day was because it was a Christian band, he felt they would not be successful, well, he got fame and fortune from Third Day, more then he expect im sure, now he has moved on…and the other guys in the band no longer have to stock multiple boxes of hair gel before the show.

  • Your Name

    If brad avey was not a christian he would not have been in the band so long.Mark and Brad are great guitar players and both need to be reconized for their good playing.Brad is a better person than you think he is or else he would have not have been as commited as he was.Even Mac powell said that Brad made the band move to the next level in more ways than one.Also third day benifited from brad because before he came third day never had radio hits.

  • Your Name

    you people who think you know all about Brad Avery and Third Day are being a bit ridiculous. Come on- they chose not to give specific reasons for Brad’s departure- so respect that. “Tom Folds” and “goldendeal” come- get a life! What famous musician, or any public figure for that matter does not give special attention to their looks and their performance on stage. That’s part of the entertainment factor of being in a band. Even Christian music is a performance and Third Day has always put on high-energy entertainment. So chill out folks- quit acting like you know it all and quit trying to dish out this ridiculous “TMZ” type gossip.

  • Your Name

    I have agree with “Your Name.” To begin with, if Brad Avery was any kind of a threat to the Christain Focus of Third Day, then I believe that Mac Powell would have called him off the band. I believe that we should mind our own bussiness and be grateful for the years that Avery was with Third Day and wish him and his family the best in this part of their journey. Also know that God is still blessing Third Day with the awesome message of His love for us and they are sharing their gift of music with the world. Best of love, not luck, to Third Day and Brad Avery.

  • May His Wonders Never Cease

    Correction on the above comment. I accidentally put “Your Name” as my identity I guess because I had their comment on my mind. My apologies to them. May His Wonders Never Cease.

  • Your Name

    Brad avery you are the best. I just can’t wait until you come out with your own solo projects. I just know you are alsome and everything you will do in the coming time will be alsome.I bless you and your family and I just want to say Im proud of you. GO BRAD AVERY!!!!

  • SueQ

    Does anyone know what Brad is up to these days?

  • george

    What makes you think that Brad is just a rhythm guitarist. He is also a lead guitarist. I mean Just listen to all of their great songs like “Black bird”,”Forever” and countless others and just hear what a great lead player he is.

  • joe

    I agree with the above commit he is a lead guitarist.From the start Brad got third day there amazing sound that got them success.Brad avery should have never! got the title rhythm guitarist!!!!

  • sandra

    Sometimes things are not as they seem. Maybe Brad was asked to leave
    and treated bad.

  • Nick Moye

    I had the pleasure of working with Third Day three times in Indiana some years ago and I can tell you that Brad was indeed a very fine lead player. He was also a joy to talk to and was very open to my questions which, “sorry to say” is not always the case with other players. I’m sorry to see Brad leave but wish him many blessings in whatever direction he goes..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment drew

    To those saying Brad is not the lead guitarist, I have to say you dont know what you are talking about. I realize I am at the tail end of this debate but he was one of my biggest influences and was and is definitely better than Mark Lee. Mark is good but he doesnt compare to Brad. Listen to any of the solos they do and you can see the technical differences. Before Brad left the band I could pick out with solos were done by which players. You can tell a big and clear difference. Thanks, now I have said my peace about it, though you all probably dont care… Hahaha

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment teacolanut

    @ Goldendeal…shame on you for such gossip and preconvceived notions. Brad is a Christian and devoted to his family. You are basing your opinion of a man from video’s?? Really?? Shouldn’t you meet and know him as a person first? Or better yet, don’t judge people. It’s just not your job. It’s God’s.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment gtalaa

    You are all correct! Brad was and is an awesome LEAD guitarist who can hold his own in any arena. Mark is also an awesome guitarist but is more rythmn focused. That’s why his leads are not very difficult to play.
    Brad is still tearing it up but in a different arena. Brad is playing at Northpointe with Todd Fields and gets to fly out on occassion to play special events. If you want to hear his latest project go on line to Northpointe’s site and buy their live cut album called “Awake”. It was produced by Nathan Nockles “Watermark” and was incredibly well done.
    One thing is sure, Brad is not done playing and God is using him in a different capacity presently. Who knows, may-be someone will pick him up to play on the road again in the future. I could see him filling in for some big country act. I sure hope so, I can’t wait to see him out there on the big stage again.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Sanne

    For those you think that it was Brad’s choice to leave, I can tell you it wasn’t. I’ve had some e-mailing with his dad, and that is really enlightening.


  • http://Bradwasthebest! Silly puddy

    Seen third day many times. Brad was always the one rippn guitar leads to shreds. He was really fun to watch as much as he was to hear. I love all the members of third day and appreciate there commitment to pr Bradoviding positive music to this world. I seen third day after Brad left and its like the left side of the stage was missing something. They put on a great show without Brad but he was trully missed. I wish him luck in his life and I will always love Third Day….

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment 3DFan

    I feel bad if Brad was treated badly and asked to leave. I still love Third Day but it’s not the same without Brad. He was always my favorite. I’d love to see him do some solo stuff. He was a very good songwriter too. Maybe he and Mac did but heads because as good as Brad’s songwriting was maybe there was tension about who’s songs got recorded. Ever hear “Carry Me Home”? Great song!! I do wish Brad the best!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment 3DFan

    It does seem strange that during their Christmas tour in 2007 everything seemed fine and then in early February 2008 he was gone. It seems strange that the band wouldn’t have already been planning this during the Christmas tour considering I’m sure this wasn’t a hasty decision. Either way I miss seeing Brad up there an I agree that stage left is empty now and that goofy jason dude seems unprofessional (although a great musician) and it just seems like the professionalism Brad brought is gone.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Bethany LaHaye

    If you want to know what happened to Brad after Third Day, check out my blog about him. There are some recent videos etc. w/ Brad playing in it.
    If you want to know anymore you can always e-mail me (


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