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The Britney Beat Goes On

britbrithospitalagain.jpgEverybody, sitting down? Britney was taken to the hospital again in the wee hours. TMZ was running exclusives all night long. You can hardly blame them though–their business model relies on this kind of gossip–for running the story, and proudly, with a nice shot of Britney looking either deranged or seriously pre-coffee in the ambulance.
But in the strange media maelstrom that governs stories like this these days, both the L.A. Times and The New York Times websites ran the story as front-page news, justifying their interest by reporting the presence of other professional onlookers. “The winding street on which Spears lives in Studio City,” says the L.A. Times, “was jammed with the vehicles of journalists and photographers for several hours prior to the police operation.”
Like the recent dustup over the revelation that the AP has Brit’s, LiLo’s and other young stars’ obits pre-written, this is a story that confuses covering a story with a story. Major news outlets, which used to pride themselves on making news judgments, are increasingly driven by their websites’ traffic minders to carry the story that’s generating heat. Their attention, in turn, makes a story a legitimate one. We’ve always paid attention to stars’ private lives (kids, lookup a lady named Liz Taylor), but the web’s butterfly effect fans every leaked photo into a tsunami. But having an obit on file doesn’t mean a star’s death is imminent; having paparazzi and bloggers accompany a star to the hospital doesn’t mean we need to pay attention.

  • sophie

    it’s no surprise to anyone who has worked in the news business that those obits are ready to go.

  • Di

    Positive thoughts on Britney’s side. She’s tough, she’s strong, she’s smart, she will survive and succeed. We each have a path to travel, most of us are lucky in that the media doesn’t find us interesting enough or rich enough to choose to leach onto our private lives and suck off of us by twisting every move we make and selling our intimacies as jokes for others to criticize and judge.
    Britney, there are those of us who do know you are as human as each of us and there are those of us who do care about you as a person and want you to be OK and want you to have good health and happiness. You will “get right” and you will get back on track. God bless you and may your Higher Power wrap you in white light and protect you and keep you from all the nastiness that seeps into your life and tries to steal from you your dignity and your faith. Get well, Girl. You still have work to do.

  • Denise

    We all have our trials and tribulations. She is probably at a point where she is having to face her issues. Sometimes we have to hit bottom to realize who we are and where we want to go. I am praying that she will find the peace and serenity that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. If she indeed does have a personality disorder or chemical imbalance, she can find help. God bless you Britney., Denise

  • ana

    I wish her the best of health. And pray that she will be OK. And pray also for her children. That they will know that their mommy does loves them and always will. And they will be able to handle the pressures of this dramatic life thanks to the press.

  • Gunner Gannon ( Brooklyn,N.Y.)

    I hope thatshe’s ok,I have a two young ladies of my own and I don’t what I would do if they ever got heart. I would support them in whatever they wanted as long it was in reason.I hope Brit’s going to be ok and I hope she can get back on her feet and do the right thing.I hope that this isn’t for attention because she could die from an overdose god forbid. As a recovering adic I’ve been clean and sobor for 3 years and feel so good, I think I’m speaking from experience.So be well and may GOD be with you
    Gunner Gannon

  • Linda

    I don’t know Britney to know if she is a good person or not, whether she is fit to be a mother or not! I do know that if she truely hopes to keep her children and really loves them she has to take a deep breath, hold it, let it out and pray! She is going sit down and set priorities! Right now it’s KIDS? Career? Britney?
    The way I see it, it’s going to be Britney first (get it together) in order to get a serious chance at some life with the kids and the last on your list should be at this point “career”! PUT IT ON HOLD”

  • clara walters

    There has got to be something else to talk about besides Britney Spears and her little sister. The world should not revolve around Britney Spears; I know mine doesn’t. She looks perfectly fine in her photograph because she is a desperate mom who most likely misses her dear little boys. How many children does the daddy now have, and didn’t he marry Britney while his former wife was about 5 months pregnant with their second child? He is a terrible role model for a husband, and I bet he is not that much better as a daddy. He is probably only interested in what he can make off this deal, and he probably doesn’t even want those 2 kids. He is nothing but a baby-maker that does not stand by his woman. I am really tired of hearing the bad stuff the press says about her.

  • Gina

    Britney has had fame and fortune at an awfully young age. She has been the spotlight and idol of so many people. Life has its twists and turns and we learn throughout each situation.
    I have a sister who is bipolar and she has had many many stays in the hospital. She is just as loving and caring as you and I, but needs medication in order to live a normal life. There is no shame in having to take medication in order to feel good, as it is a sickness like any other; diabetes, thyroid problems, etc…. My sister has had to stop all medication, due to it no longer working. She has had to stay in the hospital for a week, two or even three under observation until they can find a new medication to meet her individual needs. She has had severe headaches, severe loss of weight and “gain” due to medications… The bashing on the gain in weight of this superstar is pure jealousy from those that cast those slurs. She is now a woman and has has several children. GROW UP AMERICA…with your ideals of stick thin “Twiggy” models… I would like to see those throwing the slurs live on a starvation diet!!! You GO BRITNEY!!!
    Everyone has their own path in life, trials and tribulations, in order to help someone else along the way. Chin up and always remember when others can be mean and cruel, “Kill them with Kindness….”

  • Debbie

    I don’t pay much attention to people in the media because my philosophy is live & let live. But this is just going too far when every second of Britney’s life is like she lives in a glass house with glass doors. It’s these low life people & low life businesses that thrive off of other peoples lives because their life isn’t worth paying attention to or in the case of the businesses, promoting this invasion who are too f’n stupid to make a living off a legitimate business, that promote lots of what has gone down the tubes with our society. If there weren’t so many stupid “A” people with no purpose in life, these businesses would die (as they should) and private lives would remain just that, “private lives”.
    For God’s sake leave the poor girl alone!

  • Dusty Rigby

    Obviously I do not know Britney, but I do know that if she really was a bad mother as they are trying to say then she would not be so troubled right now. She is showing obvious signs of anxiety and I guess you could say she is not handling it so well! So why arent people trying to help her keep her children near her and resolve her anxiety instead of ripping them from the one and only mommy that they will ever have. I am so sick of reading about her every move how about people leave her the heck alone and allow her to be a mother!!!!!!

  • Rita

    Britney need to go to a mental hospital for at least 3mo.
    The best one is Woodview Calabasses. Please let her
    familey know about this hospital it saved my life &I know it can get her back on her feet.Thanks for massing this along.

  • Peggy

    I feel very badly for Britney. She is obviously in the midst of some very debilitating emotions and unfortunately it is in front of the entire world. My heart goes out to her and I hope she gets the help she needs to get through this.

  • Leslie

    Bless her heart! It sure seems to me that she is SCREAMING out for help! Surely, there is SOMETHING her family can do to get her the help she needs! Those people that truly care about Britney should get together, have an Intervention if possible, and get her some help! Why is it so hard to do that for Britney, when it is obvious that she needs help and fast! What is the matter with everybody? Her health and mental well-being should be her family’s #1 Priority! No matter what, and regardless of the obstacles. Nothing is more important to a parent, than the health and well-being of their child/children. Thank goodness Kevin is able to take those kids for now, but he also has a vested interest in getting help for the boys’ mother! Dr. Phil DOES need to step in and take over! Somebody needs to get in there and help her so she be a happy person and enjoy her children again! She is one of God’s children, a person, a young woman with two small boys that has every right to a happy, joyous life!

  • Sharon

    I wish the media would just–for ONE day back off from any Britney sensationalism! Just because she is well-known and famous is the only reason people read about this stuff. With so much more happening–can we give her a break, and ourselves at the same time–puleez already!

  • mindy gaede


  • SuzanneWA

    The reason Britney hasn’t gotten the psychiatric help she so desperately needs, is that her handlers (managers, publicists, family, etc.) don’t want her labeled “mentally ill.” If she were, her fan base would leave her, and they would lose their “meal ticket.”
    As a bipolar myself, I recognize the symptoms in Britney’s current behavior. She goes from one high extreme to another; I’ve read where she cries uncontrollably at times. I just wish the papaparrazi would just LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They ARE low-life, and Adnan is the lowest of all, selling at a high price his experiences with Britney.
    The poor girl has nowhere else to turn. I think NOW she has reached rock bottom, and needs to be evaluated by real doctors, with testing and enough time to manage a treatment plan, whether it means more than a f*** 72 hours! No one in her condition – with her abilities at acting, etc. – can properly be evaluated in less than at least three weeks. The “acting” covers a multitude of sins, and the doctors have to look behind her mask and uncover her demons.
    My prayers go out to her and her family (get rid of Sam Lufti!). She needs to turn to God for His unconditional love and acceptance that she hasn’t found yet in her life. Her children need her; who knows what trauma has affected them in just the two years since she had them. During the last hospitalization, she was “crazy” enough to threaten the life of her last-born instead of turning them over to their father, for Heaven’s sake.
    Leave the obits for later, guys. If Britney gets the proper treatment, she CAN lead a fairly “normal” life. Don’t give up on her; she appears to me to be a very strong young woman who has had several hard trials in her 26 years: a public divorce, two children in two years, hanging with the wrong crowd, and no one telling her “No!”
    Because I am a highly functioning bipolar, I KNOW she can make it and finally “get well,” given time and love. She needs SUPPORT from her inner circle in order to heal. You go, Girl!!

  • Nelida

    What Brittany needs is a break from all the media. Instead of sending her for mental evaluation where they will probably worsen her situation with psychiatric drugs, Brittany’s family should seek to cure the underlying problem that Brittany is having and in which she desperateley needs help. She needs to change her environment. All the paparazzi, custody battles, etc. are a hazard to her health right now. To fully recuperate and correct her mistakes she must be in a peaceful location where she can concentrate on curing herself before she can be fit to fight the custody battle for her kids and prove that she can be a good mother. With a party lifestyle full of drinking and late nigts, all those toxins in her body and her physical condition are taking a toll on her mental state. Through many alternatives such as natural medicine and a change not only in nutrition, but in lifestyle, she will find the light at the end of the tunnel. She needs positive support from everyone. The 5HTP all natural pills are great for fighting depression. Natural solutions like these are more likely to have a better result in her recovery. There’s a place in Columbia where they host all the people that are in similar situations as Brittany where their facilities are dedicated to curing depression with a natural approach. I’m against psychiatric drugs and even though I’m not a scientologist, I believe that getting their advice in those matters would provide much help that is needed.

  • Brandon

    OK! Its all a bunch of bs to me, if anyones to blaim its the media.They took an average young american womans life and and hovered over it like an ESPN BLIMP.I mean come on everybody makes mistakes,but their not broute to the hole worlds attention.Wright?Her freinds, family and the media broute her down slowly but surely.She will be on top again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whendovescry

    She’s not crazy,what is the definition of crazy anyway. I see crazyiness in every last human being.Some more so than others. She needs to let God take over her life,she will be fine when that happens. Until then,she will continue to have evil tendencies.

  • Della

    Spears was not a drug addict. She has a recognize illness. I wondered why the judge in her custody case did not ask for a physcological and drug and alcohol screening before he ruled her a crack head.
    This medical condition would have been seen by professionals immediately.

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