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Idol Chatter

Oprah and Eckhart in ’08

Biggest news on the spirituality rialto: Oprah’s book club choice in March will be Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” It’s the first time Oprah has chosen a book from the self-help/spirituality genre. “This is my boldest choice yet, not a novel, not a memoir,” Oprah exclaimed on her show. “I’m over-the-moon excited.”
But wait, there’s more.
In “a worldwide, groundbreaking event,” Tolle, a gentle spiritual leprechaun with a soft German accent, will be co-teaching a 10-week free course on the book on with none other than Oprah herself. It’s a step forward in her mission “to lead people to their highest selves,” and perhaps the first time Oprah has openly worn the mantle of spiritual teacher that many of us have already placed on her.
“I was so awakened by the message of this book that I wanted to share it with you,” she said. “It really is about creating a new you from the inside out and a new earth that’s possible for all of us.”
The course starts March 3rd. Stay tuned…
— Posted by Wendy Schuman

  • Todd

    “A gentle spiritual leprechaun”? Too funny. I guess he does have a certain Keebler-ness to him.
    I’ve never really followed Oprah’s book club selections…more than knowing which title she picked…and of course, the Million Little Pieces brouhaha…but this is one that I will definitely follow being such a fan of Tolle. Curious to see how she/they pull it off.
    Oh! Strike “Keebler”…he’s definitely more Tolle House cookies. Yuk-yuk-yuk.

  • jestfyl

    I sure hope anything she does with this guy is better than her Big Interview with Ken Follett. It was too fluffy to count as a puff piece. The stuff on her website was far better than the goofy bits on her show. We are discussing Follett’s two Kingsbridge books in our church and I expected more substance from Oprah. Very dissapointing.

  • Wanda Bonita Funderburk

    One can really appreciate anything that Oprah chooses as one of the most aspiring leaders of America. Oprah generally can define herself as cleansed from the inside out due to her background, character, poise and great attributes. She will always be a leader in all that she does. Oprah is like the wings of an angel. She can fly in and out of new dimensions with her spiritual guidance as a source of energy. Nobody has ever walked the journey of Oprah. As one of the most influential women of this world, Oprah gives back to many communities. She knows what it is like to struggle, have or have not, cry from hurt and rejoice from happiness. She deserves much more than what her titles could ever hold. With strong admiration of Oprah, I am blessed to live during a time when strong leaders of America unite themselves with more positivity, hope, visions and plans of what it takes to make this cruel world function. Most people can relate to Oprah just because she is so incredibly and uniquely different. She stands out amongst a crowd. Thank God that we have people out here who care about the souls of others for the rebirth of the upcoming. I appreciate all those who are taking the measurements to improve the standards of life through spiritual structure or guidance. HATS OFF TO YOU OPRAH. YOU DESERVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE, BECAUSE GOD HAS CHOSEN YOU TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE FOR HIM. THROUGH HIS MERCY AND GRACE, HE GIVES YOU STRENGTH OF COURAGE TO CONTINUE TO REACH THE LIVES OF PEOPLE BOTH NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST GOD FEARING WOMEN THAT I GROWN TO ADMIRE TODAY. MAY YOU BE BLESSED AS YOU CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY FOR PEACE, GROWTH, PROSPERITY, DEVOTION AND DEDICATION. This comment is coming all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Dan

    I’d like to afirm that Oprah is one of the most influential women in North America and perhaps the world. I would also like to afirm that Oprah intends, in her exploration of spiritual matters, to help people live a better more productive life here on earth. I think that all of her intent is basicly good and she hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of people who look to her for leadership in spiritual matters.
    The problem that I have is that, in her search, she is willing to embrace just about anything that has a spiritual ring to it. She seems like a sort of spiritual chamelion, gathering a ecclectic bag of spiritual ideas. Her enthusiasm for one position or another seems to change perhaps as the futility of each spiritual stance becomes evident somewhere down the self help road. She seems to champion many ideas about personal improvement but most of her encouragements leave people with the power of personal discipline as the fundamental source of power for change. Often it seems that the enlightenment of the human mind is championed as a resource for change.
    In my opinion there is nothing spiritual about the human mind, the power of postive thinking, or the enlightenment of the mind, that can truly transform our being. Certainly, personal attitude and mindset can contribute to personal change but I think that the power to initiate and sustain change can only be found in the abandonment of confidence in what has been described as the futility of the mind. I think that significant change comes with substituting confidence in the mind with confidence in God and His ability to transform us.
    When we actually give up on our minds as a resource for viable change, we may be in a position to entertain the idea that God has made provision for us to experience life abundantly, as all the self help guys would rightly encourage us to do, only He has done it through his love as expressed in the life and death and life again, of his son, Jesus.
    Now I must admit that the Western Church’s represetation of Christianity to a world in search of the love of God as expressed in His Son, Jesus, has often been an ugly thing.
    Don’t let this poor representation of the love of Christ get in the way of you personally experiencing the simplicity and transforming power of Christ.
    Rather than argue at length about who Christ is and why everbody should believe, I would only encourage you to continue your search for spiritual enlightenment by asking Jesus to make Himself real and substantial to you in some way that is very personal to you.
    Explore, in the Bible, who Jesus says He is, grapple with the concept of the bible being, as Jesus said, all about Him.
    Like Jesus said ( and it can be said about self help books or even the bible which some Christians think is a self help book )”You search the scriptures for life but you refuse to come to me.” He said that He is “the Way and the Life.” Ask Christ to do what your mind cannot. In my experience He has been a far more reliable agent of change in my life than the disciplining of my mind. My success in making change has been measurable by the level dependence I have on Him for change in my life. The more dependent I am on him the more likely positive change is manifested in my life. He is always (unlike some who call themselves His followers) there with love and encouragement even when I fail, to turn over to Him my need to change. It is humbling to be discplined by my own failure to depend on Christ. However He never gives up on me. There is hope there that I cannot find in the discipline of my mind.
    I am thankful that Oprah is continuing her search for God because I think that desire to search is put in her by Him. Even though many would offer you, as an answer to the search, the strength of your own mind, my experience and maybe yours as well, has been that there is nothing supernatural or spiritual in the mind and little hope can be found there. God has given Christ as the answer to that spiritual search. Until you ask Him to do what only He can do in your life, stuff like this writing will only be an intellectual exercise of the mind much like that in which Oprah is encouraging you to engage as you entertain the ideas found in Tolle’s latest book. But Jesus is much more than an intellectual argument. But I think that you will only be convinced by your own experience and there is no subsitute for experience in this matter. It can only be settled by you and Him together until that confrontation takes place this talk is at best nothing more than another good idea about which we can jaw endlessly.
    Hope is what we all need and while the ideas express in Eckhart Tolle’s works will give you some hope for change and you may experience some positive benefits in the short term, I think Christ is the author of the sustained life and love we all seek to have expressed in our day to day existence.
    If you got this far, thanks for your patience.

  • Bob

    Dan, read the book…..

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