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‘Saving Grace,’ If She’ll Save Herself

Remember those M*A*S*H* episodes where Hawkeye or Radar turned over his jeep or sits out a bombing raid in a hut with an old Korean couple, and the character spits out a monologue of self-revelation? I loved those stunts, and this week’s “Saving Grace” (airing tonight) has that high-concept feeling, with Grace getting trapped for most of show in the back office of a company that’s been wrecked by a tornado (the show’s set in Oklahoma City; twisters are Okie versions of bombing raids). Grace’s foil is the company’s business manager, played by Mary Kaye Place, who the storm has pinned under a flying desk. It’s soon apparent, however, that Grace’s companion is not the victim she seems.
What’s riveting about the show, as I’ve written elsewhere on the blog, is that Grace, as she’s written and as Holly Hunter plays her, is not cowed by the knowledge that God is after her soul. Hunter’s impulsive, self-medicating cop is after justice, and if God doesn’t give her the space to pursue it, He’s not worth much. And certainly, if she feels that way about God, she’s not going to pay a funnel storm much mind.
In Season One, we’ve watched Grace slug cowpokes and slug back whiskey without knowing what either the Deity or the woman have in common. Some of it bordered on cornpone without content, and this twister-with-a-twist episode shows the writers have plenty more where that came from. But the episode does more to explain just what it is that drives Grace away from God and why God has decided to save her. If, as one character suggests, she wants to be saved.

  • Donna

    I didn’t like Saving Grace the first 10 minutes.
    After 11 minutes I realized that this show deals with issues that many people experience.
    Is GOD real for every day life?
    Not for young children, it hits hard and fast with adult themes and tempts you to think outside the box.
    While it may be a bit cornpone.. lol it does hit a few nerves now and then.

  • Steelebabe

    After watching one episodes of “Saving Grace” I couldn’t help but feel badly for the Oklahoma PD, and the residents of Oklahoma City where this program takes place. The worst of human nature from horrendous table manners (I never seen Oklahoma cops eat but I imagine they manage quite well without acting like punk teenagers, viaing to see who can eat fastest, loudest and most abnoxiously) to sex simply because there’s a warm body around, passed out drunk or not.
    I’m sure the writers and directors of this program believe there being “edgy” and trying to “rock the boat” portraying a cop as a alcholic, sex pot with no more morals than bitch in heat, but the end result is one more example of the publics inability to turn away from a car wrenck. What may still pass for entertainment, the promise some where down the line, of “saving” Grace is too low brow shock and awe to warrenty further attention from the nmasses.

  • pagansister

    My very devout Christian sister recommended this show to me, and I knew it had to be good if SHE watched it…and liked it. I like it, and find the character interesting. I also love her bull dog. He is GREAT!

  • Antoinette Sachetta

    I absolutely LOVE this show. Grace is a multidimensional character, which makes the show extremely appealing, and Holly Hunter really brings her to life. You have to look beyond Grace to really understand the complexity of her character. She’s been hurt, she doesn’t trust, but she’s all heart with caring and compassion. That’s the side she won’t show. She’s tough on the outside. I believe what Earl is trying to teach her is that she does have the right for redemption, and he’s trying to lead her to choose a better path for her troubles instead of sex and drugs.
    I have a few friends that have such closed minds, they say the show is hypocritical, an angel trying to save someone like Grace. I tell them this show is the real deal. Shows like Touched by an Angel are not real on life and its issues or people and their problems. Would you see a person who has drug and sex issues on Touched by an Angel? Would you see an Angel who has to be just as tough as the character that he is trying to save on Touched by an Angel? No. The people who do not get it and are offended by the sex, drugs, and alcohol issues really need to look at the big picture. The world isn’t rosy and you aren’t going to be sent an Angel every week to save you when you fall and automatically lead you into redemption doesn’t exist. Grace falls and Earl picks her up, and she falls again, but Earl is always there. It’s not this sappy, God is LOVE, God Loves you, yes we know that already. My opinion and it’s worth .02.

  • della

    I didn’t like Saving Grace the first 10 minutes.
    After 11 minutes I realized that this show deals with issues that many people experience.
    Is GOD real for every day life?
    That was my reaction also. Actually I was ready to complain to the network but I listened and watched and figured out what is truly going on. That is why we as Christians should not be judgmental. I am still having a problem with an angel that drinks and curses but I understand why Grace is like she is. She is not a Christian and what we are seeing is the life someone not of faith would live. It is hard to see sometime but the lessons taught are good for all of us because all of us find ourselves living in the real world and facing real daily problems as she does. I havent figured out all of why the prisoner is there, I think I have kinda but not sure, but I understand a little why Earl is like he is. Jesus went in among the sinners, ate with them, stayed with them, as there in their midst BUT He didnt take on their sinful ways. Earl is just trying to be what he thinks Grace will listen to…but you know, I am not sure people will listen to me if I am sitting in a bar drinking with them and cursing with them. They would expect me to be different, that is what they are looking for, something different. But, HEY, if one person realizes God loves them while we are yet sinners and come to Him, it’s worth it.

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