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Idol Chatter

Tell Us Your New Year’s Resolution, Win a Prize

Watch an exclusive clip from the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” and then read below to find out how to enter to win prizes related to this critically acclaimed new film:
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What is your new year’s resolution? Aiming to live a better life? Or maybe just to lay off the chocolate a little? Tell us about it, and you’ll be entered to win prizes related to the new movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” The film tells the inspirational story of Jean-Dominique Bauby (Mathieu Amalric), the world-renowned editor of French ELLE magazine, who suffers a stroke and is paralyzed, able to communicate only by blinking one eye. Despite his disability, Bauby learns to live a full life–and dictates, using his eye blinking, the memoir on which this movie is based.
New Year’s resolutions are a time to start fresh, to decide to improve our lives. So, inspired by Bauby’s triumph, we want to know what your resolution is. The prizes for the best resolutions, in the judgment of Idol Chatter editors, are: the book The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” the movie’s soundtrack CD, and two movie posters. The contest ends January 3, and there are two ways to enter:
1) Film a video describing your resolution, log into the Beliefnet community site, and post your video here.
2) Use the comments box below to post your resolution.
Click here for the full contest rules, or click here to learn more about the movie.

  • Angela

    Drink less soda, drink more water, loose 20 lbs… Sadly I think thats been the same resolution I have had for the last three years.. *sigh*

  • Margaret Balyeat

    To deliverately and proactively attempt to cultivate a loving acceptance of myself so that I can truly love others the way I’m meant to. It’s taken me going on sixty years to realize that if we are triy following what Christ termed the “most important commandment (to “love our neighbors as ourselves”) requires loving oneself
    My entire life I have been harder on myself than I’d ever DREAM of being on anyone else, and while I know intellectually that this is an outcome of the verbal and emotional abuse of my father when I was a xhild, I’ve started thinking that that can also be a copout. I’m an adult now, and my father has been gone twelve years, so the only way that can still be a problem is if I allow the old “tapes” of not being worthy to replay in my mind. I know many of the tricks to use from many years of therapy (Affirmations, love letters to myself, listng my loveable qualities, etc., so now I’m committing to making that a conscious part of my daily routine by setting aside a period of time out of each day to put those techniques into practice.

  • Michele

    My resolution is to be less judgemental and less quick to judge. And to give up sugar……

  • Amanda

    Ha! My resolution is usually not to make resolutions, but to use each new day to be a better person, wife, mother, sister, friend.

  • Noreen

    to exercise everyday

  • janet

    to be a better wife,mother and grandmother

  • Danielle S

    To pay closer attention and be more careful with my finances!
    dansan826 at yahoo dot com

  • nancy smith

    To be a better person tomorrow than I was today.

  • Yvonne

    I plan to start walking more, eating better and thinking positively about losing weight. I believe it’s the best thing I could do for myself and my family and it’s about time!

  • Susan Walker

    I think maybe that is what is wrong with new resolutions. It is all about self. I think we need to expand and see how we can improve ourselves with our ‘neighbor’, to practive the golden rule of doing unto others are you would have done to you…to practice what you preach instead of just preaching. To be a better and more positive person to inspire those around, instead of being a whiner and complainer and doing nothing positive with your life.
    We are so blessed and we have everything given to us by God. What more could we possibly want than to enjoy the full richness of true love and friedship with our beloved family and friends. Instead of pushing for more ‘things’ and more ‘money’, just stop and help and DO what needs to be done.
    Maybe we just need to simplify our lives instead of adding more junk. Or maybe we just need to learn how to truly enjoy the miracle of life and to be what God truly wants us to be…to love one another.

  • Anonymous


  • Chris Benoit

    My New Year’s Resolution is to become a better father and husband.

  • Everyone

    I will face the undeniable truth that God, Jesus, Christianity, etc. are nothing more than a fairy tale, and rejoice.

  • Shama-Lama Mama

    My resolution is to become a kinder mother, to develop more patience, and not get sucked into the drama my kids make. If I am calmer, I can teach rather than scold. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  • R. Plant

    It’s my resolution to know even though you may be going to california or anywhere in the world for that matter, the song need not remain the same. You may feel dazed and confused at points in your life, but just remember laughter, a whole lotta love, and you’ll get by, even in your time of dying. Go to the ocean, before the ocean’s washed away! Over the hills and far away, feel the sand and grass trampled underfoot! I am also planning on running with my big black dog more often.

  • Debby

    My new years resolution is to move back home this year.I have been away far too long.I hope to find some resemblance to happiness or joy as close as I can get,as it used to be.The ocean has a way of cleansing things,perhaps even give a form of peace not deserved.For the ocean is neverending, as is God’s love for us,if we just accept it.I would like to learn to commit 100 percent,it is not easily done.

  • Donna Fink-Jungmeyer

    My first resolution is 1. disregard all the rest. (that way you can’t break them(

  • Linda McBroom

    This year I (widowed 15 yrs) am going to make an effort to connect with the opposite gender. Find that special someone, be brave and believe it is not too late. Or discover that maybe alone is where I am supposed to be.

  • Bre

    I intend to keep one day of the week as a non-work day. This means I will do things one day a week that I have been wanting to do but couldn’t find the time because of some “work” that needed to be done. One day a week I will: visit friends, or go to the gym and not rush the workout, have coffee on the front porch, see a movie, read a book, whatever brings me back to balance and sanity. Then, I will work more effectively the rest of the week.

  • Lydia (Adkins) Simpson

    My resolution is to be a better servant and witness for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ—that is my 1st and most important one. I want to learn to “love the sinner and hate the sin” like HE tells us to do, and quit being judgmental. I also want to learn to quit wearing my feelings on my sleeve and not be so touchy about things that bring up memories about the way me and my brothers and sisters had to grow up as children of a dirt-poor tenantfarming carpenter. Our Mama kept us fed and warm and clothed by doing for others. I want to be more like her. I am only 56 and have been dealt a set of srthritic legs and back, and other minor health problems—I wnat to be able to overcome them enough to do for others like God has done for me all my life. i also want be able to get my cabin cleaned up really good for once and KEEP it that way!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Poulos

    I resolve to choose to be a better Christian. I will try to remember all is sent by God and try to learn from it. I will try to continue to forgive my enemies, and by loving and forgiving, be an example to all those who need to understand the teachings of Christ.

  • Pastor_Sandie

    My resolution is to be more patient with my granddaughter whom my husband and I are raising. Her Mother was on drugs while pregnant and all though she has not been diagnoised with anything yet she displays a number of Ticks that can really get on ones nerves. My oldest daughter and her family come over and want to leave within the hour because of her Ticks. She currently sniffs and clears her throat every 15 to 30 seconds and I have schedueled an appointment for her with a physician, but I already feel I know they are going to say she either will grow out of the need for these Ticks or she will keep doing them and it is really hard on everyone. Previouse Ticks have included arms stiff by her side and fingers moving very fast kinda like Edward Scissor Hands, Making rasberry noises, licking her lips raw and others. I know it is not her fault and I want to be able to help her more than anything. I am praying for more tollerance for myself and my family and a resolution to be more patient with our little granddaughter who is only ten.

  • Kimberley

    I plan to notice the beauty of the world around me more often-the dark skies at night with stars, the mountains surrounding my home, the sunsets in my back yrd,etc. AND I plan to learn something new-take a comparative religion course, learn to make a blanket.

  • Stardustiam

    My resolution for 2008 is to set up a routine: praying, eating 3 healthy meals a day, going to bed and waking at the same times, and exercising every day. Please pray for me!

  • Linda

    I as kind of struggling with what I want my resolution to be this year. I pick one thing and stick with it. I have had the “selfish year” where I didnt just say yes to everyone, that was fun. This year has been the “just get it done” year and it seems like I have worked constantly at work and home, but things did get done. So, for this year I am toying with the idea of focusing on fun and family. I think this will be hard for me as I have workaholic tendencies (I am even set up to work from home, in case of bad weather or sick children). I really need to learn to relax, and not stress out when everything is not done. This will be the focus on family and fun year.

  • pearljackson

    my new years resulution is to stay sobre , i have my 4 years sobriety december 28th & will continue on this , my graduation will be end of january -mid february from high school, & to get into a great job training at ufvc . happy new years

  • joyce

    to get my own place of residence because i have 3 children and it is to hard to live with someone else, and have to raise 3 by your self. it will be hard, but you have to do what you have to do

  • Jeanne

    This year i plan on making more time for me–learning to say no–eating healthy foods,lots of fruits and veggies–exercising three times a week at the pool–and continuing on my spiritual journey. 2008 will be the best year ever.

  • Doug Berrend

    My New Years resolution:
    I hereby resolve to make no more resolutions that I never keep anyway

  • Bob Bush

    While the idea of a New Years Resolution might be fun, my resolution is to not make a resolution. They’re nothing but a failure magnet. I plan to continue to live life as I have been living it. Meeting each day with humor, and looking forward to the challenges I have set for myself as I travel through this existence, and the play we call life.

  • Carol

    Losing my full time job after 15 years has made me realize how the world has changed and not necessarily for the better. I have run into alot of negativity. It has seeped into crevices everywhere.
    I hope to interject happiness and try to turn this negative tide back. I want people, in general and in particular, to see positivity instead of negativity.
    Just driving down the road, you will see people pull out in front of someone, just to get ahead. And when you gaze down the road, you will see no one in sight. A few seconds longer and someone would not have had to slam on the brakes, to avoid the turning car.
    I would like to remind everyone that the person next to you is someone’s mother or father or sister or brother. And wouldn’t you like to hear how nicely your family member was treated. Let’s start a grass root movement to get back on a nice track.

  • carol leach

    well every year i spend the months of jan. and feb.planning and putting down on paper the glorious garden i plan to make,,,all goes well and i lay the garden out and plant and wait till the seeds sprout ,,.it looks wonderful and laid out so neat and straight,,,then,,
    along about june when the weather turns sticky and humid i become lazy and let the weeds take over and believe me they do take over,,so i have vowed to see this garden i am planning right now, not to get away from me ..i want to see it through till the harvest,,,,we shall see and i will keep everyone informed of how it goes,,,carol leach

  • CB

    I resolve not to complain about situations that I have or don’t have any control over. To see the silver lining in everyday stressful situations and have that stress re-routed in a positive way.

  • Tobie Anne russ

    My resolution for 2008 is to really work at keeping my health Great!
    From 2 to 3 water aerobic classes with weight training, better food choices, good wine to celebrate home cooked meals, more fruit and increase already good amount of vegetables. Learn to use fresher spices; and spice up my life thru healthy living.
    The best of 08′ to all of us Baby Boomers….

  • Linda Langenbacher

    My resolution is to lose weight to have more energy to do book chapters (in a book on special diets)to help people I know cure ADHD and Bipolar disease without drugs. I need money to buy a used laptop, since I reduce, reuse and recycle daily.

  • Laura

    I wish I could manage to be more eloquent about them, but after making many New Year’s resolutions that I was unable to deliver, mine have become quite simple:
    Become healthier
    Become Wiser
    Become a better listener.
    That’s it: I imagine they will be more challenging than their simplicity implies!

  • Lottie

    I resolve to continue the exploration of my new spiritual life.
    Live healthier. Specifically, to swim and/or work out in the gym 4-5 days a week.
    Keep a tally of all the books I read all year.
    Continue to work on my novel.
    Learn to make Hot and sour Soup and Spring Rolls at home.
    Clear out my extra bedroom and make it a workable office.
    Actively work for Obama in ’08.
    That ought to keep me busy for a few years.

  • Judith Carr

    I don’t normally make a New Year’s resolution because most only last maybe a few days or a month for most of us. So, that being said I began today to WALK. Yes, park my car away from the office door across the parking lot and walk. My knees are better and when the ice is gone I will just walk. I will also drink more water at my I will get more walking to the restroom. That’s it just walk to my car
    and drinking more water.
    A big Baby Boomer

  • Kris

    My news years resolution is just to be happy. I went through a divorce this year so I just want to move on. I plan on relocating to a city closer to my children and grandchildren upon finding employment. I also just like millions of other citizens would like to drop a few pounds. I will be in my second 3 mile (60 mile) Breast Cancer Walk, 2007 being my first so training for that will be included. With all the above happening I will be happy.

  • Donna

    My resolution is to finally let go of my ex which has continued to haunt me. In letting go with love and compassion I know that other doors will open and I will willingly walk through them. My focus on her has held me back from doing my real work in this life. I don’t blame her at all, it is my focus that I have or will change. My intention/resolution is that I will see love in all it’s forms. I will acknowledge all acts of love and peace and be a student in continueing to work for peace and acts of love and kindness. That’s it. Let her go!

  • brenda

    Last year I donated a kidney to my co-worker at the time I weighed 160lbs but have since gained 56lbs my new year’s resolution is to loose the excess weight. I am trying everything but it is not happening I will keep working at it. – thanks

  • Survivor

    My New Years resolution is to listen more
    be a better servant and friend.
    A better mother to my 3 daugters
    spend quality time with the creator of heaven and earth
    read inspiring books that uplift and motivate
    pray more
    love more
    get 8 hours of sleep
    exercise daily (walk)
    spend time with families
    let go of the past

  • Anonymous

    I will try to be less demanding and stop making derogatory remarks because people do not do or think like I would. I want to be a better person. I want to do what Jesus would do.

  • arous parker

    I am going to quit smoking…
    start walking again
    I have survived cancer
    I am going to quit smoking
    Have a lot of organs removed
    I am going to quit smoking

  • Joy Wade

    My New Years resolution is to grow closer to God and try to live my life in a more spiritual way.

  • Tina Sullivan

    Live life to the fullest. Attend church every week, spend more time with my husband and children. Enjoy the people around me and keep smiling. Donate more time to the charity I volunteer for. Take more photos of my family. Think about all the wonderful memories of my mother in law who passed away on Thanksgiving from colon cancer.

  • Mirabai Chrin

    Step by step wins the race…so goes the story of the tortoise and the hare, an Aesop fable. The them is also a recurring theme in my own life. Years ago I “joined” the “School of the Ten Thousand Petalled Lotus Unfolding” — the slow imperceptible opening of a flower, of a life, my life. In 1982 I received the inner guidance to begin writing a cookbook. At that time, I had been a professional chef for 10 years. I took the guidance to heart and began to contemplate how and where I could begin… In some ways it was the beginning of establishing a strong foundation of faith and hope. Patronage appeared – a place to live, people to work for and with — an incredible opportunity and though I worked on writing and illustrating it for about 18 months, I came up against myself, my limitations. I had nothing new to say; there are a gazillion cookbooks — just visit any bookstore; I was so unworthy even of the opportunity, which was ideal. “Ouch!” So I packed the book away and went about my business. Part of that business was in healing from my past — the well-known wounds of childhood — a lifetime process. I learned and continue to learn how intention sets a path. There were several other attempts to work on completion of the book — failed. And now, another opportunity has presented itself — a living situation which affords me time and space to create – generous friends who have opened their hearts and home to me.
    From this comes a New Year’s Resolution — to work on my cookbook 3 hours and thirty-three minutes each day regardless of whatever else is happening. MY RESOLVE IS STRONG AND CLEAR. Even the writing of this is evident of this strong desire to fulfill my goals…it is a life’s work in some ways — I joke that the book is half-baked at this point.
    My prayer is to have it completed by my 60th birthday which will be September 11, 2008. Again I want to state the strength of my resolution — in most ways its keeping will be the solution.
    Thank you belief net for allowing this space as opportunity for expression. I wish all who contribute to and read this a most peaceful, prosperous, and joyous New Year.
    Sweet Peace, Mirabai

  • Diane Grandgenett

    I will learn Spanish and I will quit smoking and I will learn to be more in God’s grace.

  • Eve OBrien

    My new years resolution: is to stay focused on my life and those whom I love and to be more positive in believing I will receive all the good things I deserve!

  • Jean

    I intend to study more and really learn the meaning behind what Jesus said, “God and I are one” as this is my goal. To be in that space where at any given moment you are one with God, you can do no harm to anyone else or yourself. This is the year I intend to write, love, laugh, and finally release myself from the grief of losing my husband to a disease I had no power over and be grateful that he is where he is, rather resentful that I am still here.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  • Carol

    I would like to write a book about my health problems and be an inspiration to others. In this day and age, who doesn’t have health problems and what person doesn’t need a boost to help lift their spirits. As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” It is so sad to see that people make fun of other people that are less fortunate than others. God gave us the ability to re-coup and to re-invent ourselves. Some people have that ability others don’t. All of us need help in this way.

  • Michele

    Be a better Mother by allowing my children to live their lives without enabling them. When they are struggling i offer to help. This is not good for them or me.
    I also want to walk closer with God. I am having a hard time in seeing all the good things and look at all the negitave ones.
    I will strive to do more for the veterns in the area. Make more lap blankets for them in the VA homes.



  • windyblue

    Well first to get out of Credit card debt, I am trying for a small bank loan and hope to get it, than pay some of them off, and when I get my income tax return use that to pay more of them off.
    Than I am going to crack them up and NEVER use them again,
    With the help of the Lord, I will achieve this.
    If any one has any credit cards crack them up and pitch them in the trash, they are nothing but a problem.
    After that I pray for a good 2008 and hope for a boyfriend in my life to get my own home. and have some wonderful christian friends.

  • Kisha Emanuel

    I plan to make a fresh new start by March to walk up early that morning put on my suit and walk into a new office and meet new co-workers with a friendly smile. I will sit at my new desk and open my new computer for the first time. Contact my new clients and met them for the first time. I will start the new year looking for a new place to work. I look forward to this challenge and i know it will happen for me. I believe that there is something great waiting for me. I believe that what i leave behind was only for a season and the season is over now.


    I plan to take an sfternoon tes,every day.Taking care of myself has now become a prority.I never vow to stop a negative behavior only to add more positive things to my life. This places me in a win,win situation every year.zenma

  • Sandra Rios

    This coming year 2008 I want to be a better person, be able to help other people,be able to give without wanting nothing. I want to be able to live and cope with my lonely and feel happy. Be able to stop crying because the past,try to look at the future with a smile. Be able to achieve and acomplish all my goal with wisdom and determination. Those are my resolution for the year 2008.

  • Charlie

    Since I’ve not been able to do much about dropping the pounds over the past few years, in this New Year I am planning to be “taller.”

  • Collette

    I wish to start my new year w/more effort in every day living. Strive harder to find the job I so desperatly need. Be more positive. I want to disregard how my health may be, and be more thankful of what I do have. Continue to keep the faith, but improve, and have an “attitude of gratitude”! My husband will be released SOON, and we need a place to live. I’m living w/a relative, and am in search of better employment, as well as a place to live. My resolution is to be more positive, and know that God will see me through, & my hubby & I will once again be together, and start anew. Laugh, Live, Love.

  • Niranjan Bhat

    My New Year resolution is quite simple. I have made a TO DO list of things I wish to accomplish ( such as clear email backlog, pending family accounts & investment statements etc ) and my resolve is to ensure that all the items in this list are liquidated by 31st Jan 2008.
    Then I can start the year afresh!!!
    Niranjan Bhat

  • Judy

    I plan to make a better person of myself. and try to forgive and forget for those who hurt me in the past. My New Years Resolution is to be there for my family and to help others who need me.

  • Bill

    My resolution is to find the Love of my Life.

  • Anne M Johnston

    My New Years resolution is to love more, hate less, and forgive as often as I can.

  • Sharon

    Everyone, including me, makes the New Year resolutions to start to exercise, finish those unfinished projects from past resolutions and of course the famous one, to lose those unwanted pounds of fat.
    Not this year! My standard I’m going to do’s will be different. So here is my 2008 New Year Resolution for all to see:
    I am going to listen more closely to what is said to me, speak softly and appreciate my surrounding more. Honor my temple by being more watchful of what I eat and how I treat it. Find more time to meditate and do the things that make me a better person so that all those around me will benefit as well.

  • love cmtv

    i resolve to commit to money management
    to buy what i want ,& what i can use,& help charity.
    to refrain from buying what i don’t want ,& or excess
    love cmtv san diego ca.

  • Susan Griffin

    My New Year’s resolution is to: volunteer more with the soup kitchen here in our local community to share what God has loaned me and my family. Also, become closer to God and share that with my children and co-workers alike and to become more forgiven to those whom are less forgiven.

  • Joyce

    I am going to try to be able to move on in my life, past the hurtful things that others do to me….I will not allow others to take my life…if people choose to act in a certain way, that is their choice, their actions, they will have to deal with their bitterness within….I will be the kind, loving, giving person I am and continue to do this as I always have and know I am doing what is good for me. I will love life as it is far too short to waste even an hour holding onto a grudge, a hurt, a hateful thought….the sun is shining somewhere and I will find the sun amidst the rain and clouds. I will grow, join groups, volunteer, give because it is what I do best…
    Happy New Year to all and may all your resolutions be fulfilled.

  • Colleen

    Every year I make two personal vows. My rules are that the vows must be open ended and not quantified. In other words, they are life changing vows and any improvement is considered success. They are also renewable. I tend to pick one that is somewhat mundane and one that is more spiritual. The selections this year are the same as last year as they remain valuable projects for me. Here they are:
    The Mundane: Devote more time and effort to my accordion practice. This is one of the greatest joys I have discovered in the past 4 years.
    The Spiritual: Patience. Allow things time and space to sort themselves out. A real balancing act but what a learning experience! I learned so much about myself that I need/want to continue the emphasis for another year.
    May you all have success with your resolutions. I wish you joy, peace, and ease.

  • Minerva

    My resolution is to make a DVD of a declaimed collection of poetry to Jesus Christ, who also is my teacher and my inspiration to write them.
    So it can spread the message to people around that the spiritual poetry is never out of fashion.
    I want to choose also the musical companionship that praises God in the best way.
    Minerva Rodríguez Rivera / December 27, 2007

  • Ferminia Bionson

    I resolve to be more faithful to God in following his will. I ask Him to grant me more patience, love and be more forgiving. I will then be more faithful to Him by reading daily the holy scripture and having regular prayer time.
    Another way of expressing my love to him would be extending my services in evangelizing.
    I also resolve to be more dedicated to my work, and be more organized so my time will be fully utilized.

  • sharon

    my new years reso. is every day to write in a little book that I have bought for the purpose, at least 5 positive things about the day, and I shall think of these five positive things as my blessings.
    And hopefully this will concentrate my mind on the good in my life, instead of letting the bad take over.
    2007 wasnt a very good year for me, and that is why, I have decided that, 2008 is going to be great!!!!….cos I said so, and I will make it so.

  • June Knight

    My New Year’s resolution is to use the gift of new life that God delivered to me on June 29, 2007. That is when I receive my new liver through the skillful hands of my surgeons with God watching over and guiding them. I am still disabled as my recovery is very slow. I was in the hospital 94 days including before and after transplant. Now my legs are having trouble waking up. My goal for 2008 is to keep exercising, go to rehabilitation and do what they say. Work hard and pray by this time next year, I’ll be able to drive and help others in need. My story since transplant is on Carepages: PreciousDaysAhead.

  • carrie

    I vow to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk, in regards to being good to myself and to others; I vow to have more fun than any other year of my life, to play more piano, draw more, paint more, sew more, volunteer to help others more. For me, this will be the year of MORE BEING.

  • Rabidami

    This was not my own resolution, but it’s the best one I’ve ever heard.
    It happened last New Year’s Eve, when, shortly after midnight I asked my partner if he had a New Year’s Resolution. “Yes”, he said with a smile – ” to be as wonderful this year as I was last year”.
    We all laughed, but really when you think about it, it is the epitome of healthy self-esteem, well-being and a celebration of the life he is so joyfully living. And isn’t that what we are all aiming for?
    I would wish for everyone to enjoy the happiness and spirit of this resolution.
    (btw – he was. and in 2008, I expect he will continue to be :-)

  • Mimsy

    I vow to quit reading about IT, quit talking about IT, quit doing IT, and simply SUBMIT to IT.

  • Wilfredo Rivera

    To be the man (Christian, husband & father) that God intends for me to be.

  • Lar

    My resolution is not to buy one more piece of junk from CHINA. I’m fed up with poor quality. Why are we even dealing with Communist? For instance, I have a lamp from CHINA that doesn’t work properly, you have to push the stem back and forth three to four times before it shuts off and helloooooo United Airlines is outsourcing maintenance on their planes to CHINA, good luck flying!

  • Lisa Green

    My New Year’s resolution for 2008 is start saving money from each of my pay checks.

  • solveig o olsen

    To take better care of myself and to find places to have some fun. I have been alive only for my children and husband but now it is my time, at last.

  • DC

    To finish all of the projects (paint living room, make photo discs for others, sewing, water feature, etc.) this coming year of 2008 that I didn’t finish in 2007 and be grateful for others’ help.

  • NLM

    to live each day with an open heart. to change my attitude toward and relationship with money. i will no longer fear it.

  • Kita

    I want to complete what I started exactly 1 year ago: I want to solve ALL my problems. This includes: getting a divorce, finding my own place, earning my own money, further develop my friendships, allowing myself to be creative on my own terms, finding peace inside myself with meditation and learning more about Buddhism.
    I also want to support my son who is struggling.
    I want to be independent and HAPPY :-)

  • Appolonia

    My New Year’s resolution is to start saving 10% of all money I receive and donate it to our local school (which is for children with Special Needs). The school consists of individuals with varies levels of disabilities. My goal is to purchase supplies that will help the teachers carry out their lesson plans. I have been doing this now for the last eight years, while my brother attended public schoo, but in June he will “age out.” So I have made the committment to continue to give to the school. For example, sometimes the teachers have a lesson plan for cooking, yet there is nothing to cook. So I can donate powered cake mix and icing.
    Over the years, I have learned to take better care of my finances (thanks to author Suzy Orman) and I am no longer in any type of financial debt, so now I want to share what I have. I am not wealthy by any means. I have only been able to work part-time because I had to give up my full-time job to take care of my brother, who is severely mentally challenged and autistic. While caring for him, I have come to learn the true meaning of wealth and happiness. And I find that everytime I give freely of myself and without attachment (on every level) it is the best two way gift I can ever give and receive.

  • Faithful

    This is the year we expose the corruption in our small town so that we and other people can live in peace.

  • Mary

    To be happy with WHAT IS at every moment, no matter WHAT IS.

  • Annie

    My New Year’s Resolution this new coming year is: to work on becoming a much better person on the inside. To become HAPPY and at PEACE with myself no matter what it takes, wether it means to go back to counseling or take meds what ever it takes. :)

  • Tunisia LeBouef

    My new years resolution is a promise I’ve made to myself. I had been on a diet and got off. The taste of food royally destroys my willpower. I had been doing so well. Now, I not only will stay on program, but promised to exercise as well. I know I can do it. I just need prayers.

  • Dorothy Phillips

    This year I am going to trust God that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. I am going to envision happiness and look for the good in all things. I am going to have an attitude of gratitude.

  • Rev. Dr. David Ault

    Year End Resolutions
    c Rev. Dr. David Ault
    Did I express love this year – real love? The kind of love that doesn’t announce itself in flashy circumstance or structured conditions – but an authentic, quiet, internal love? The kind of love that bubbles to the surface when I gaze at another with understanding, a love that places me in their shoes, granting freedom from judgment and deepening my compassion? A philanthropic love that expresses because it simply feels compelled to, because it knows there is more than enough and everyone can benefit. If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my authentic loving.
    Did I forgive this year – really forgive? The kind of forgiveness that cracks open my heart, peeling away one more layer of righteous indignation, thus allowing my soul to breathe? The kind of forgiveness that loosens my clinched fists held high at a situation so that I don’t enter into the next one with guarded mistrust? The kind of forgiveness that comprehends there is a difference between understanding a behavioral choice and condoning it? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my forgiving.
    Did I stop this year – really stop? The kind of stopping that can’t help but make me vulnerable by becoming more familiar with who I am without distraction, smoke screens, excuses or self-imposed numbing? The kind of stopping that turns me, naked, towards my feelings, giving them permission to express? No right or wrong – a stopping that simply lets me hear what I need to hear so that I can live more effectively? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing myself to stop.
    Did I seek adventure this year – real adventure? The kind of adventure that requires me to not only take a leap of faith off my cliff of familiarity but actually sends me back to get a running start? The kind of adventure that shakes the dust off my capable but underused wings and gives them an opportunity to catch the gorgeous wind of change? The kind of adventure that knows there is no outside safety net in this physical world, only an internal one? The kind of adventure that shouts, “I choose to live fully!” If not, then I resolve to be and do better in seeking adventure.
    Did I seek wellness this year – real wellness? The kind of wellness that requires me to be fully conscious of what I put in my body – the kind of wellness that requires me to practice what I preach when it comes to self-love while understanding that the power to dissolve poor habits starts by simply choosing to change? Wellness that says, “This is the only body you1ve got. Treat me with respect, praise me daily and honor me as the holy temple that I am?” If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing wellness in my life.
    Did I play this year – really play? The kind of play that gives value to the heavenly activity of fun -knowing that fun is sacred, that play is the equivalent of work and that during play – renewal and relaxation usher in the newest ideas and the clearest choices for better manifestations? Did I view play as a necessary life function and not a debatable luxury? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my relationship to playing.
    Did I set a goal and see it to completion this year -really complete it? The kind of completion that lets the vibration of satisfaction and confidence in my abilities heal any opposing ideas of not being good enough? Did I honor my life and its sacred purpose by utilizing my time with forward thinking and letting my mistakes be motivators not antagonists? Did I dissolve my insecurities and procrastination by understanding that my untapped genius has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word and action? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in setting and completing my goals.
    Did I open myself up to learn this year – really learn? The kind of learning that entices me to enroll in being a student of life with thirst and enthusiasm? Did I set an intention for uncovering more of my potential, letting divine intellect eat from my plate and stepping deeper into the waters of wisdom? Did I open a book, take a class, study a language, learn an instrument, write a poem, visit another culture? Did I learn to surprise and thrill myself with the infinite capacity I have to master more than I thought I could? If not, then I resolve to be and do better on my personal path of learning.
    Did I clean up my relationships this year – really clean them up? The kind of cleaning that requires me to break open the lock, pull back the curtain, throw open the window and start removing the dust of harsh words, grudges, false accusations and misguided choices that have layered my heart? Did I make amends for the fearful ways that disheartened another, for neglecting to honor their point of view? With careful examination, did I communicate my truth, understanding that sometimes all we may be able to do is agree to disagree and to do so without judgement or malice? If not, then I resolve to be and do better on cleaning up my relationships.
    Did I share my good this year – really share? The kind of sharing that comes from the pure joy of seeing another succeed, not from what I think they can or will do for me in return? Did I tithe back to where I was spiritually fed, transformed and inspired? Did I practice random acts of kindness and give of my time, talent, and treasure realizing that my good is a part of a never-ending wellspring that cannot run dry – whose source is and always will be the infinite wellspring of the Divine? Did I commit to walking the altruistic path, remembering that every step brings healing and enlightenment to the world? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my sharing.
    Did I pray this year – really pray? The kind of prayer that is spoken not to God but AS God – prayers that affirm rather than beseech, are pregnant with knowing rather than bloated with doubt? Did I make my every day activities a prayer – realizing that every thought I think carries with it the responsibility of an effect on the world? Did I remember how truly powerful my own prayer actually is and that by simply devoting myself to the practice of it, I become the change? Did I remember that my prayer takes what I seek and introduces it to me, the seeker? If not, then I resolve to be and do better with praying.
    Did I do all these things because deep down inside I fully understand how precious I am and that these activities will help me to see that I am held in the light as a perfect idea? Did I remember that I have been perfectly conceived and am always held in the perfect mind of God as perfect being? Did I know that there is nothing that I can ever say, nothing I can ever do that will separate me from the love of God? If for any reason, I forgot my divinity this year, then I resolve to be and do better in my knowing of it, to fully understand and embody the truth that it is done unto me as I believe. And I believe in the power of Good, for me, for you, for all.

  • Brenda P.

    My New Year’s Resolution is to become more of a caring person, help those I can, read the bible more, try and keep in my heart, God’s teachings. How would I handle different situations, what would God have me do? To finally believe, that God is there, maybe find a church to go to.

  • morgan

    to accept without any more bemoaning, complaining, etc. the fact that i am going to loose my home to foreclosure. and all thanks to my late husband’s will in which he made his daughter executrix. his children’s hate for me has crippled me financually for the past two years and having had to hire my own attorney and wade thru numerous stunts i am tired. but on the bright side – i believe in doing what is right and fair to others around you. i believe that there is a reason for my problems – that there is a lesson here that i need to pull out and understand and then get on with living. lets just hope that this year i can go on with my life and put my husband’s untimely death behind me.

  • Nancy Burge

    My New Years resolution is to put into practice all the wonderful things I read on In fact I’m going to start today, Dec. 28, 2007 !

  • mary bordes

    this new year I would like to pray more for people. When someone shares with me a particular problem they are having, find some simalarity in their story and share how the lord has helped me. then ask them, can i pray with you?
    be willing to share more of the Christ in me to a dark and weary world.

  • Bonnie R.

    I keep it simple: Tell as many people about Jesus, just like I did this year, except this time I must make sure I surpass the number of folks. I especially want to tell children…my six yr old grandson learned about Jesus and about why we have Christmas: I told him that Jesus listens to everyone who talks to him, you don’t just have to be wanting stuff, or sad, He likes it when we talk about good stuff too, and I pointed to his heart, and said that Jesus likes to live here, and then out of the blue, Johnathan says: “Gee Nanna Jesus must have big ears hey:” what can I say, thank you and God Bless you all….

  • Frances

    I want to stop being mad all the time and want to feel happy
    want to have my granddaughter not so mad and hate
    the world because of her not knowing her father an now her mom left
    I want to make us a happy home
    I help every one and anyone who asks and that means 24/7
    Im tired but keep going an doing like the Lord say help every one
    I want a happy home this year

  • Lisa Lankins-Burnett

    I resolve to conciously seperate the things I can change from the ones I can’t and let God take care of those. I will breath deeper, smile more, and take care of me!

  • Shahara Ruth

    I plan to live out my destiny as a writer and broaden my circle. I have always known my purpose, and this year I plan to practice it. For the last several years I have written stories and plays about the human condition, and the struggles that we have to keep sane in an obviously insane dimension. My work is aimed to teach people reflective lessons. I am not a helium filled pontificator, however I do believe in practical application of the sound philosophical mantras of those of who have come before me. I intend to live, learn, teach and ascend.

  • Fransheria R. Cannon

    My New Years Resolution: I want to finish school and get my bachelors degree. I’ve been putting it off for so long now becauase of other things going on in my life.
    I want to stop being angry all the time with the world and stand up for myself and handle my obstacles in life.
    I want to love myself more. I want to give more love to others.
    GOD wants all of us to be happy and live a joyous life and that’s want I’m going to do.
    Thank you and pray to here from you soon. GOD bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  • JBH

    Life is so short I feel that I breath shallow breaths all the time. This is due to the caregiving for my stepfather who has prostate and bone cancer, for my Mom with horrible back pain, for my uncle with multiple personalities in the lock down unit in a nursing home and for my grandmother with Alzheimers in a nursing home. At times I feel like I don’t even know who I am. I work full time and commute to boot. My New Year’s Resolution is to take the time to care and give to others and have no resentment of the time I do not have for myself. I know that God will not put more on you than you can handle. With that said, I am truly blessed. My job is to remember that every day of my life as I continue to caregive. Thank You God for giving me another chance to do the work you have laid out for me.

  • Tom Grogan

    I recall watching a television show about secret societies that mentioned that the members of some organizations set their watches/clocks five minutes into the future. I think that making this transformation of living simultaneously in the future while slogging it through in “normal time,” will be just the ticket for health, wealth, spiritual enlightenment and unabated joy. I recall (or want to believe) that the secret societies seem to be populated by wealthy individuals, mostly of the conservative orientation (or members of the Republican Party). So, this goal of living in the future is really a subset of a broader goal: to transform myself into a Republican in 2008. Just like Leona Helmsley said that “taxes are for the little people,” so also will I proclaim that “normal or regular time is for the little people, too.” My refrain will resonate to the “four more years” chants that re-elected (sic) George W. Bush, but the words will be simple and straightforward, “more money for us.” The us that is the focus of this quest for time-transportation, of course, is the fat and happy members of the secret ruling class. To become a Republican, just imagine the possibilities.

  • Timothy

    My resolution is to get off my butt and finish the screenplay I started and then start writing a teleplay.

  • Linda Giles

    To live in the sprit, and less in the flesh. To meditate dailey.

  • Kitti

    My New Year’s Resolution is to organize my life around what matters. Working three jobs and consulting on top for the past year has run down my batteries, and I need the recharge of time with family and for self.
    Completing the projects around me and beating the clutter monster at home will start me on the way to having more time for family stuff and more peace of mind to “just be.”
    I can’t wait to be there already…

  • Anonymous

    My new years resolution is:
    I no longer want to be intimated by life happenings, BS etc. I am 60 years old and feel and look 45. I want to enjoy life more then ever. I am not a rich person, I can’t go to Europe or a trip when I please. I don’t even want to do that. To me a trip to my home town and spending time with my long time friend is a wonderful experience. I love to dance and enjoy good company and good looking men very much.
    I volunteer as much as I can and give of what at one time was given to me. I was a child of immigrant parents from Mexico. Though we (my 2 brothers, my parents and I) had our share of hunger, fear etc we were blessed with wonderful people that helped us through the ordeal of being in a foreign country. I now enjoy very much helping children learn English and I get great satisfaction and joy helping adults that need help with English. I work for a law firm and as every other work place there is so much BS among staff. My great victory everyday is do my best, walk out of here and go for what is really important in life. Sharing my good fortune with others. Feliz Ano Nuevo 2008

  • Cassie

    I resolve to meditate daily and to lay off eating sugar so much. And to live more often in the present moment.

  • Erin Walsh

    I resolve to be at peace when things around me (especially at my job) become chaotic. I know in my heart that I work hard and give 100% every day, after that I leave it in the hands of God to allow things to work out just as they should, instead of trying to control every situation.

  • enno claus

    My resolution for this year is to have gratitude no matter what is going on in my life. even when it seems their is nothing to be grateful for I can always be grateful for those who populated this world before me and made all the wonders and inventions that are on this planet for me to enjoy and appreciate;also to GOD for allowing me to soak up the beauty of this thing we call life and love.

  • rita

    my news year resolution is to inspire everyone i come into contact with in a postive way,to be a surce of strenght and support in any way i can,to be all i can be,to learn from be as happy and healthy as possible.

  • Leishalynn

    I resolve to improve my posture so I can sit on this damn ergodynamic chair without killing my back.

  • erin

    my resolution is to make myself a priority…focusing on me with positive change

  • Sandi

    My resolution is to increase my faith in knowing that my Higher Power is always and forever guiding and protecting me and leading me where I am to go to do the things that ought to be done by me. And to study the teachings of Jesus and the Tao and abide by them in all I think, do and say.

  • Mary Henkel Martinez

    This year I need to quit smoking and to find a way to help my 25 year old son. I felt that smoking was my reward. In other words, I have had such crises these past two years that I felt “entitled” to continue smoking. My son almost died 1 1/2 years ago in a car accident. His buddy, who was driving his own car, died in the accident and my son was taken to the nearest trauma center by helicopter. My son is very much a visable minority and his buddy (they worked together)was Caucasian. When I got to the hospital, the detectives from this little suburb actually thought they were fighting and that this may be a carjacking. Not only was I told that my son may not make it through the night, I was told that he was arrested and they thought he was driving. The next day, they asked for the ticket back to take off their records (as if they didn’t have a copy!). My poor son is so emotionally damaged from this that he won’t leave his room. He is attached to his computer can’t find a job. my heart aches for him. He has no insurance and a lot of social service agencies have had their funding cut. He tried to go back to work at his old job, but there were too many reminders of the accident and his buddy was gone. He can type 100 words a minute, but just has his GED with no funding to continue his education. I was widowed at a young age, and a social worker, so I don’t make much money. So, stopping smoking will help. Even as a social worker, I don’t know what to do, but I am not giving up on my son. He has a high I.Q. and could take a computer apart,fix it, and put it back together when he was 13, before a lot of people even had computers. Now, he sits in his room, won’t go anywhere, has given up looking for a job, when he is in prime (mid-twenties). He is also very handsome-even more than Mario Lopez, but won’t leave, even to get a haircut. My heart aches for him. I am letting myself go, too. I look like a mini Goldie Hawn when I take care of myself. My so-called fiance says all my son needs is a “kick in the ass”. He is mad because my son does not work, therefor he is “no good”. I know of one other resolution that I need to do…..but, I just need to pray for the emtional strength to do it soon. You all can guess what that is. My mother is in the hospital and very ill. She is three hours away so this is difficult. But, I have to remember that I can control some aspects of my life and quit smoking. I used to have the body of a twenty year old, B.A.(before accident). I am not fat, but need to resume exercising. That is my second resolution, but I’ll have to quit the “Y” because I have been paying for therapy for my son, which is not working. But, I will not give up on him. I need to be strong. Please pray for me in any religion so I can resolve to raise myself up again to help my son and mom. Thank you.

  • Carol Hoffman

    God has blessed our family in so many ways, and we are trying to give back by volunteering in our community and church. It is wonderful to have to keep a day runner in retirement. So many are not as fortunate!!
    My resolution for 2008 is to write my life story for my children and grandchildren. This has been a wish of mine for some time and on Jan. lst I will be 74 and think it is “time” for me to do this!! This is our 50th anniversary year coming up and I resolve to take time to spend with our dear family.

  • Cerissa Payne

    My New Year’s resolution is to be more involved in Church and build lasting, meaningful relationships.

  • Ali

    In 2008 I will be meditating no less than 20 minutes each day.
    I want to make 2008 a daily growing living project of learning to embody the things I want to see in my life. I want to learn to live with greater awareness of the connections between all living things. Meditation is the first practical step toward that goal.

  • ob

    My resolution is to stop taking life for granted and to do what is meaningful to my spirit. My job/career created a spending monster, where I was stressing and using and drinking almost every other day. I had nose bleeds everyday and I put on weight even though I exercised and did not eat too much. Now that I am in between jobs and stepping back and taking inventory, the new found focus is a promising new start. “Beautiful people, animals, and plants all around me. Yesterday and tomorrow do not exist. It is a beautiful world!



  • sissym

    my New Years resolution is to be more patient with others and to be the best person i can be. God has blessed my family and myself in so many ways. Hes always forgiving and understanding even when im not. so im trying to be a better person than i am this year.and also of course to loose some weight.



  • Maria Garcia

    Everyone always have New Years Resolution but to keep them is different. I for one saw the name of this movie and read the name of it and new I needed to see it. Why? I had a dream catching a butterfly and when I read the meaning it said a change from within. I am going threw a separation and know that my resolution is to be me. To finally accept and love myself. We go on in life without noticing things around us and beening thankful for what you do have. My change was me myself in thanking God for beening alive and having 2 dear friends that have given my courage to go on by myself. So I would say my resolution is to Love everything God has given me either good or bad… AMEN!!

  • Tom L. Hopkins

    My ’08 RESOLUTION is:To be what Jesus wants me to be,that is; an example to others,regardless of who they are or where they may be.Peace begins with me! Let us all “Pray for peace everywhere!”

  • Tom L. Hopkins

    ’08 RESOLUTION! See the BEST in everyone,regardless of who or where they may be and Teach them about Jesus Christ,King of kings,Lord of lords and my Lord and Master,Amen!

  • Betty Jo Wise

    My New Year’s resolution is to be the best person I can be-to live in the moment and keep an optimistic outlook and to not be afraid to new adventures. I also vow to spend part of each day writing- a life long dream of mine is to become a writer!

  • Sharon

    Resolution 08: get up in the morning, put one foot in front of the other and keep going, and to go to bed at night knowing I did my best for the day.

  • J

    Besides my yearly resolutions to stay in better touch with friends and get more organized, my main resolution is to do more service for others. To stop talking about it and start doing. The best things can be done right where we are living. Each community needs something.

  • sebrina

    Resolution 08 To be better person this years than i was last,enjoy life to the fullest. I also want to open my very own business.

  • Mary Jo in California

    To meditate regulary and re-join my sanga. (Buddhist meditation group.) To practice Peace in times of war-(to practice peaceful interactions in my daiuly life, with myself and with all whom I may encounter each day.)

  • Kenneth E. Villafane

    my new years resolution would be to get along with my fellow man and not to be so wishy washy

  • Laura

    In 2008, I will quit being my own worst enemy and let go of the chains of my past. I am going to keep putting one foot in front of the other, trust God that I am exactly where I am suppose to be, and that I am with the people I’m suppose to be with, and see where this journey will take me – I am excited about the possibilities!

  • penny

    I Would like to be more like the person in this STORY, to be able to find a way around the things in this world that keep you from being all you can be.and be it,

  • Regina

    I love music and always have, and this year my New Year’s resolution will be to commit myself to learning to play an instrument!! I play the guitar a little and I was thinking learning to play the Piano would be awesome!!! That’s right!!! This year I’ll learn to play the Piano!!

  • Alberto

    my new year’s resolution is to work on my weaknesses and to give back to the community.

  • Anonymous

    Because of having a sexually abusive childhood, my life till 2005 was full of insecurities – in everything. I could never be my best self because I didn’t think I was good enough,wouldn’t allow myself to take chances with anything. Especially in regard to my heart with friends and specifically with men.
    In 1992, I was diagnosed as being severely depressed. From then on it was a series of dealing with mental health professionals, therapists, group sessions – the whole thing. During the latter part of 2004, a new “young” Dr. was brought into the mental health I regularly went to. Life then began to not be a life for me. My state of mind went the opposite of what it should have because he increasingly added or increased medication to the point of having my parents feed the many prescriptions to me and insuring I swallowed. Within minutes I would be out like a light. My situation became worse and I ended up being admitted to a state facility in May 2005, and judged mentally ill by a panel of three judges who never once looked my way. The Doctor at the state facility immediately took me off nine (9) prescriptions and told me I was “grossly” overmedicated, that I should do something about it but added “I didn’t tell you that”. I returned home, ashamed and scared. Scared to even go to the mailbox at end of the day. I pushed things against the front door so no one could get in (no one had ever tried). Things began being easier. I began after feeling so sorry for myself, started feeling and seeing brighter days and for once feeling good about myself and more than willing to take chances in EVERYTHING, including a relationship.In October of 2005, I was taken off the remaining psychiatric prescriptions. In April 2006 until not to long I began and was in a relationship for the first time without fear. I didn’t have a clue this relationship would open me to so much. I am fifty-three years old. I tell people now that I had to wait till age fifty to grow up, to embrace my life as I should have been allowed, to take chances. It’s been a journey. If I wake these days a little sore, I am grateful for that because it means I am alive. Alive (and awake)to feel and to not feel that would be to be cold in the grave. I am grateful and feel blessed to be alive and whom to thank for that blessing. There is more time behind me than before me so I am fully living now as much as I can for the rest of my life. I get out there brave and bold now. I felt loved in that relationship that is now over. But I know now that I am open to being loved but the most important thing of all is that I am capable and willing to love and trust myself and receive it. I have value. What a mind-boggling and fantastic emotion that is. LIVING LIFE AND LOVING IT

  • K.C.Narayana

    The Lord was visibly by my side all along my life and out of 69years of life I have lived with Him consciously for over four decades. I know what it is to beloved by Him and in the New Year and coming years I would like to totally dedicated to Love Him and thereby Love All. This is an unconditional promise I make for myself and I know that the Master is with me in this. May this be the promise of all brethren in the Planet.

  • lady galaxy

    my goal is to evolve into my enlightenment. I wish to shed the poorly taught behaviors of society and utilize the awareness i have been graced with and to share that thru my art and my actions!

  • Jean

    This is my problem—Every year at this time I say I’m going to get on a weight lifting program,(have a bench and weights), learn to play my sons’ keyboard, learn French, Italian, (well kinda, have Instant Immersion courses), Tai Chi, and Meditation!
    Then guess what happens! April or May rolls around and I think to myself “look where you’d be now if you had stuck to the plan”. Better health, and on and on, and I wonder why I didn’t do it, I start but never finish. Winter probably would have flown by had I gotten busy. So—-I have all of this weekend to get a plan in action, set up a dailey schedule, (Oprah will have to go on tape) and get busy. My daughter gave me a 3 DVD set of Journey to Buddhism, that’s on my list for this weekend also. There isn’t anything that I’m not interested in, reading, jewelry making, my children, music, grandchildren, the only drawback–I work, we own a business, not too many extra hours in the day. I am pretty stingy with my free time now, but will have to be more so. I’ve heard that people who live to be over 100 yrs old are the ones who are willing to accept change or “step out of their boxes”, maybe it works! I am in my 60s, better get started. My husband always says if I won the lottery I’d get bored, my reply to that is watch me! We have friends who have nothing to talk about but their latest knee, hip, heart,etc, operation, and where to go out to eat, and what they don’t understand, and they know nothing about politics, and worse, don’t care! I don’t think getting older means that you should give up and just be a crabby, picky, mean old person! Just maybe “The best is yet to be”.
    Thanks for listenin,

  • Tom

    My resolution for the New Year is to compassionate and understanding, without loosing the value of good morality.

  • Barbara

    My New Years Resolution is to do more for the homeless. I belong to a group called The Coalition For The Homeless and it really means alot to me. They don’t only provide every night meals, they also try to educate people to help them find work, they try to find shelter for these unfortunate people, they also have a summer program for the children of the homeless where some go to camp for a week. The organization is wonderful, they are based out of manhattan, NY. I will
    try to donate more and not spend my money on anything indulgent.

  • maryjane smith

    i resolve to try and meet people of all races and religion and offer my hand in friendship, and wish many people around the world would do the same.

  • donna

    my resolution is not to MAKE any resolutions but to attempt to continue to live as well as i am able to…that’s it
    i think making resolutions create more stress and a set up for failure for most people….my thoughts on this are to just keep on the track of improving your life..forget about ‘dates’ and you won’t need to make any ‘resoltions’…:-)

  • brightest starr

    my resolution is to quit smoking these death sticks(cigerettes) so that I can swim in the pool with my 2&1/2 year old grandson ,he learned how to swim this past summer and since we live in the south and its always warm we do alot of that so since he is swimming like a fish now,going under water the whole 9 yards, I want to be able to swim right along with him ,with No saying hang on grandma needs to catch my breath !! I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D 1and a half years ago and I want for him to see that his grandma is a strong lady and acn do this for him !! I also will reslove to pay it forward to other’s in all I do daily cause even the smallest gestures can make a difference in another’s life !! bring a neighbor a plate of food ,give an elderly person a ride to the dr’s, help babysit for a single mom etc !! cause i’ve been helped by many in my hard times & god expects me to do so back !!

  • Nancy

    I awaken each day with a resolve to make a positive difference in the life of another. We all have the ability to make a positive impact, imagine what the world could be!

  • Michelle L.

    When I wake each morning I recite a poem to myself about being grateful and I find that it gives me great peace. This year I am going to promise to be more tolerant of others. Instead of judging an ignorant person when they say something hurtful or prejudicial,I will try to answer with compassion and love. After all not all of us have been blessed with peace and love in our lives. May 2008 be a year of unprecedented peace and well being for all of us.

  • Brenda A. Saltz-Foley

    To help more with Christian United For Israel whatever I can do for Israel.
    Web Site: CUFI held a conference in Washington,DC in July of 2007. I hope many of you did see this conference.
    I have send emails out this past year due to the summit meeting to send a letter to the White House for Israel not to give up any land for peace because it wouldn’t work. I emailed many people on my email list to contact the White House and asked all to sign the CUFI letter to President George Bush. I received a free book from CUFI called the “Jerusalem Countdown” for my accomplished work. Every person should read this informational book written by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX. Christians and Jews are UNITED now in the United States of America.
    God Bless Israel!
    God Bless America

  • Christine Vice

    To be more tolerant and observant of just everything and everyone around me. Also, I will speak less and listen more to others because listening is learning.

  • Macondla

    To forgive myself for my shortcomings is the resolution for 2008. Daily this will change and hopefully will change me too. I treat others better than I treat myself. By forgiving myself I think that will lead to finally valuing myself. There may be 12 step programs out there, but this will be my first step program for me.

  • Tanya Travinsky

    I resolve to move on in my life. If that means losing my “backup,” then so be it. I need to make new friends, and be strong and not search for old friends or past boyfriends on the internet. I would like to have more depth, make friends with gentle people, and try to laugh more and bitch less. Maybe this does not sound too generous, and yeah, I won’t win this contest, but my life needs to be different from the way it is now, and I think that by moving on, I may meet some more interesting people.

  • Rosalinda Segovia

    I havent seen this video, but I will make it a point to see it. Seems that it will be a very good one to watch. I have gone through 12 funerals only this year from my brother, my husband, and family friends and this has been an eye opener that we are here only on borrowed time—that we belong to the Lord at the end. But I hope that the coming year, will bring peace and make us more strong believers of our faith. I will try to read the Bible more on a daily basis and help others to understand how important it is to always be on the right path–the path of forgiving others and always thanking the Lord for everything that we have.

  • Homer Wiggins

    I think like most people I would just like to be a better person.
    I have strong religious beliefs , but I would like to be tolerant and loving of others. This does not mean I must compromise my own beliefs , but simply love those who disagree with me. My wife is very ill and I would like to extend all my assistance and allow her to retain her complete worth , and value as a person.
    I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Annette

    Instead of focusing on myself and how I can be a better person in the new year to come… I will Live each moment to help others, people who really do need help. Not just to lose 10 pounds or stop smoking. To live in peace… and help bring peace to everyone. Everyday should not be thought of in a way that is acceptable to our society… but as a day we get to live. That is all… I resolve to help…to Live.

  • starla

    to be a better person than last year. give away as many smiles as possible. to promote laugh theropy. to be more compassionate. to LISTEN more. to champion good thoughts. to thank Him more and ask less. to forgive him.



  • Beverly Barnes

    My resolutions for the new year are to lose weight, of course, and most importantly to be a better Christian. I love God and I am so thankful for His son Jesus and I want to live better and be a better example of a Christian to others and be more giving of myself to others. I want to be able to forget “self” so I can live the happy and productive Christian life that Jesus described for us to follow. Forgetting “self” is the hardest thing in the world to do and living as a Christian should takes total commitment without a thought to “self”. In this new year, I hope I can work toward becoming that kind of Christian so I can live a happier and more peaceful life knowing I am serving God as we are directed to do. Also, I want to spend more time studying God’s word in the new year. I am disabled and have not been able to get my disability approved. Our family is struggling to put food on the table and to keep our home, but if I trust in God and pick up my cross and follow Jesus by forgetting “self”, then I believe God will bless my family and help us to get through the hard times. Help me to thank God more for everything and to trust Him to provide for us in our time of need. My husband is not able to work and now I am not able to work, but I would if I could. I can work now for God by being an example of what He would want me to be. I hope everyone tries to live for God in the new year.

  • Alan

    As 2007 comes to an end, I am reminded of the difficulties that I have had over the last 365 days and have resolved that in 2008 I WILL overcome my failures as a partner, to continue to lower my LDL cholesterol to 70 (currently at 120, and last year at this time 284) and raise my HDL to 50 (last year 26) as I am a recovering open heart, quintuple by-pass survivor of 1 year, I MUST take control of my health and life both physically and spiritually, in order to survive. At 42 I am already facing another surgery on my heart on January 11th, and possibly another surgery in April, should I not get my health in check. I am a candidate to have a defibrulator installed in April (at age 42) and should that fail, I will be placed on the heart transplant list, which should that occur, puts my life expectancy at no more than 5 years. I WILL stop smoking, I WILL continue to eat better and lose the additional 20 (down from 70) pounds that I need to, and I WILL take all of my medications all the time. I also RESOLVE to repair and maintain my strained relationship with my partner, To be more open and responsive to his needs in addition to mine. I resolve to exercise more and to help my pets exercise more. I WILL stop gambling in 2008 as well. My goal is to be able to recover from the death of 15% of my left ventrical in order to avoid further surgery, and to extend my life expectency by at least 10 years. And finally, I RESOLVE to find spiritual guidence to bring peace to my mind and body.

  • Patricia Hill

    At first I was not going to make any New Year’s resolutions because from times passed I failed at it within the first couplae of days into the New Year. Then I thought about my life and what is taking place right now, and knew there had to be a change. My New Year resolution is to become a better me. I have repeatedly done the same thing to myself for the last fift years of my life. Which is to create debt that now I can see my way out of it. I know the word of God, and I have even taught people on debt, but when it comes to myself I do not see my mistakes until it is too late. Now I am over my head being on disability when it is gone the money is gone until the next month. Now I struggle with unrest,and uncertainty of how to pay my bills. My resolution is to seek God and God’s way of doing things. To have a changed mind, and a changed heart. If my thinking is transformed then I will not do things from the pass. I pray for wisdom, and that too is my resolution to become full of the wisdom and knowledge of God. I want more of Him and less of me then I will not follow my old ways of doing thngs,but I will become transformed into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. I want to stop being so hard on myself when I mess up,but to learn through the word of God how to become a better me. If I can get the hang of what the word of God teaches about debt read it, then apply it my whole life can change,then I can begin to give as the word teaches us to do, and next year all of my hopes and dreams will come to full circle, and I would have finally become the person I hope to become, and my resolution that I have set for myself will not be in vain.

  • Jinn S.

    This year I will continue to see the best in people, keep exercising, clean out the spare room…it is no longer spare. Be thankful for all the spiritual gifts I receive, from the glorious blue heron that fishes on the creek, to the beautiful red cardinal that comes to my feeder, the gentle breezes that blow across the prairie, the warm sun and nourishing rains that encourage my vegetable garden to grow and flourish, and give me an abundance of vegetables to eat and share with friends and neighbors. To try to be more understanding of my dog’s love of winter vegetables, namely broccoli, and not threaten him with extinction when he uses the plants for chew bones, even though he has his own toys…plant more to share with him next fall! Remember to be more thankful to all the wonderful people who make my life a joy.

  • Amy

    I think that my New Year’s resolution will be to take care of myself- physically, mentally, and spiritually. I truly believe that one of the most important things in this life is to do good in the world, and that is not possible if you don’t have your own act together. Taking care of yourself allows you to be the whole, solid person on whom others can depend in times of need. It also allows you to even be proactive in terms of bringing joy/ love/ less suffering to all those around you, even those with whom you may never have direct contact.

  • ggadiva

    Listen more.
    Stop judging.
    Walk slower.
    Stop jumping to conclusions.
    Eat mindfully.
    Stop wanting this and that.
    Talk gently.
    Stop telling my feelings.
    Open to pain.
    Stop pulling away to save my feelings.
    Be easy.
    Stop making things so difficult.

  • Barbara Zaha

    This next year, I will eliminate judging others. It is more than just a bad habit, it is hurtful and minimizes the life experience of both the judger and the judged. Although I don’t make it a point to praise or condemn others or another’s lifestyle choices, it is too easy to get caught up with this outfit doesn’t look good on someone or why do they do that? More than anything, such seemingly harmless judgements quickly become an on-going bad habit. I want a pure experience of the people who enter my life, as they are is precisely how they should be!

  • gail

    The time has come for me to release the past and begin a new chapter by reinventing my life. I intend to achieve this by: Striving to be a more spiritual being in every aspect of life by being unafraid to love someone deeply and completely, to be emotionally receptive and equally giving, to explore my inner self and become unafraid to share the best within me. To set boundaries when necessary as well as erase them when approriate to be openly available to others and their needs. The first steps will be to free myself by clearing the clutter in my home and therefore my life, to free myself from the addiction to cigarets and enjoy the real sensual pleasures of everything life brings! Happy 2008 to all.

  • Janet

    I will spend time each day decluttering my exterior space, and thereby, further declutter my inner space. I will focus on others more, and myself less.

  • Deb

    Yes, I will declutter my home and my car, and thus the space in my mind will not be cluttered. That’s a good one. But mainly I plan to spend more time with my son who is student and a Senior at a Bible college and trying to choose whether to go on to Seminary next year, to look for a church, or to go on to a secular University for teaching classes. and become a professor. It is not an easy time for him;I have been at the same place as he is now, and I did it very much alone. Hopefully I will be there for him this next year–not to overprotect him, but to be available to listen whenever he needs and wants a sounding board. Pray will be the most help to him and I’ll do plenty of that, and my physical presence should aid him in his decisions for his future. I thank the Lord for bringing him to this place in his life, and I pray for guidance every step of the way as he walks each step down the path you have planned for him.

  • Merl Webster

    Each and every night, including new years, my goal is the same.
    I am probably one of the smartest people alive, intelligent, intelectual and profound……..yet wisdom seems to escape me.
    It’s as though this material world as a mundane entity and I do not share anything at all. I do not know how to do what is considered mundane, to respect wealth or to save what I have….no person can own me, yet there is a reason of which I do not comprehend…except as an experience I must endure. Enshaa allah! (By the grace of God)
    In the scriptures is a quote: Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as a dove” I have yet to gain the wisdom of serpents.

  • Debra Mondragon

    At this years end,i will cleanse my guilty concience and open my soul to those who are in need of wisdom. For i have traveled a long journey of suffering and i now know why my life has been so painful. I have gained such phenominal knowledge of the narrow and short path that we are given. My New years resolution is to teach and inspire our children of the future to stay away from drugs alchohol and gang related activity. To spread a spiritual word and keep the children in school.Also i would like to change my judgemental and critical attitude.

  • bette erikson

    simply to love,and learn more, and to judge less.

  • marie lendrum

    In this new yr of 2008 I want to practice patience. Patience brings serenity & rids you of critical judgment towards others. It is a hard practice but one which brings joy to the heart. Patience is a calming effect which ripples waves of happiness once attained…that is my goal for 2008.

  • Queenie Nckle

    My husband and I ..ARE.. the baby boomers. Our children are grown and moving forward with life and their families. We are blessed. BUT in the wake of their leaving has left most of our traditions. We miss the traditions , the visits, the Holidays of ole.
    Beginning this year we will make our OWN new traditions. Traditions for two. Traditions for us as older, wiser and kinder people. We will give more of ourselves with less emphasis on the dollars and more on the impact of time spent. Eyes focused forward and not backward. Loving those who are not always family but loved as such. Strangers, poor and in need, those will have out attention, but not all for this is OUR time for my husband and myself. Time to spend enjoying each other and to become a couple again.

  • Casey Pastine

    My new year resolution is to live with stle even though I am crippled and have Morgellons disease. To be a calm center. To not let my family who does not care about me and my lack of ability to make money limit me.

  • Patricia Jackson

    The New Year for me will be a time to focus on me and my family. To learn to be more calm in any situation, because my husband recently found out that he had high blood pressure. Therefore, he has to cut back on anger. This helps me want to cut back on getting angry too quickly too although I do not have it. Also, to cut back on the salt that we intake. Sharing my values with others, loving more and giving away alot of the things I am not using anyway. I basically want to live life to the fullest.

  • Anita Aasen

    New Years resolutions have always failed for me…losing weight, paying the bills in a more organized fashion. I think I gave up on them all together. It occurred to me, this past week actually I can make a resolution that can’t fail. One that can help me in so many ways. I can pray more. I can use this practice to spread positive energy throughout. I can use this practice to center me more.

  • Andrea

    To walk in rightstanding with God and to make every monet I can a better place for others . To be more caregiveing and an example to my childres.grandchildren.and grategrandchildern to stand up for what I belive look at other as God would look at them With that the new year will be a changle for me but with The Lord help I will keep on puresing my new years promises

  • Merrily

    I find the greatest joy in life is in the giving of myself in any way I can. In the past few years, I have given into my physical infirmities & let them dictate each situation, And, when I have been able to give, very often my giving has been going in the wrong direction. Since the early 90’s, I have taken into my house & life, drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless, etc. Not all of my giving has gone astray. A lot of good has happened because of it, but, so has abuse of the situation. Enough is enough. I am reclaiming my life & calling the shots. I am taking back my life instead of spreading what energies I have so thin that my giving sometimes goes as pearls into the dirt. Because I have let myself be drawn into everyone else’s dilemmas, I have been going down hill also. I am putting the word NO into my vocabulary. At the same time, I am putting the word YES into my cause. To become healthier by diet, work out (when my sciatic nerve lets me), give more work to organized help programs when physically able too.I want & need to be available to my grandchildren. I can’t fulfill this unless I make my new years proposition work. I began in 1974 asking for patience and to be less judgemental. To say that I have been tried by fire, is putting it lightly. But the Lord is faithful, & he’s done one heck of a work in me & I do not regret asking for these gifts. Even though it’s been 34 years, I am still growing. I am 63 & ready & willing to go all out this year to not only regain my life, but put all energies & resources & giving in the right directions.

  • Shirley Hulgan

    To let me become more like Jesus. Especially to my family; since they always catch the worst of me while my patients get the best. I am a hospice nurse. The main breadwinner in my home, my husband has become disabled. So, I am nurse at work and home. Oftentimes it is very tiring and rough. But, God is with me. So, my resolution is to be more like Jesus, less of me. Won’t that be a nice switch for my family too?!
    God bless you all.

  • Rene~

    Wishing Everyone Much Love, Peace, & Light Throughout The New Year.
    My New Years Resolution Is To Be In Service To All Animals & People
    I Have been This Way All Of My Life. I Wish To Bring All Souls That I Encounter Into The Light… & Help Them Find Their Journey,s Path.. I Wish For Peace, Light, Love & Understanding As Well As Wisdom & Knowledge For All Humanity.. Especially All The Lost Souls Everywhere
    I Also Wish For Positiveness, & Have The Way To Show Others That There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel.. Life Doesn,t Have To Be Hard.. It,s What You Make Of It… You Have Many Choices… You Just Need To Contemplate The Right Choice.. Think Hard About What You Do & Say… So I Wish Everyone The Very Best.. & Sending Much Love To All That Read This Post..
    Much Peace, Love, Light, & Happiness To All

  • Devin Carter

    In the year of 2007 I broke my arm, dropped out of school, was happily engaged to “My Marine” of four years, got in a car wreck, got un-engaged by surprise and abandoment, and made many trips to the ER. My plans for the year of 2008 include my resolution to take some time for me. I want to go on little road trips here and there. This coming year I want to succeed and go back to school. I want to get my Associates in Respriatory Therapy and Certification in being an Interpretor for the Deaf. However, more then anything I want to dance, it is my passion and I have been letting it slip away. I want to find my place in the dance community and get my dose of therapy. In 2008 I will begin with myself and listen to my head and heart. I just want to be satisfied, to love myself, and take care of myself and those around me.

  • Sarah Fenn

    My new year resolutions are to stop eating so much chocolate and to become a christian and pray every day.

  • Pam

    I want to open my mind,heart,soul,spirit and body even wider in order to take in and add more to the world around me. I will live in the present and find pure joy in each moment. And in this process I want to lose the fear of “possibly” becoming disabled by MS.

  • tommie sue hickok

    My New Years resolution is that i will not be wasting any more time living life the worlds way being deceived by Satan and ruining my life any longer. I will no longer be living in entrapment with my finances or any other area of my life. I have had enough and i am taking charge of my life with God leading the way.

  • Thanateris

    I resolve to make no resolutions of a resoluteful nature because I refuse to believe I am resolved to anything. To make a resolution is almost like taking a stab at being perfect. Perfection and humanity do not go well together, and I far prefer the imperfections of being human. In that sense, I suppose I resolve to be human, because in doing so I am already acknowledging an awareness that perfection is not for this existence but good and jolly humanity is. All the best to you and yours and theirs!

  • Daniel McCoy

    I will see others with more compassion.I will love my enemies.I will assist those in need,physical,mental,spiritual. I will allow some things to just Be. I will not allow other things to continue. I will help without regard to my needs.I will be amazed.I will question.I will find.I will heal.I will love without condition.I will Be.

  • Yvonne Turner

    My new years resolution is to write that book that has been in my heart since my early childhood years…This book is about a gifted child that has not ever been understood, she is different, she see’s the future and these visions come true, it is my dream and new years resolution to successfuly complete this book with good results…

  • nillawafer

    i will survive it!

  • Ellen Prewett

    I will learn how to be happy.

  • Ann

    My resolution is to get my lazy bum back into school, try to make something out of myself instead of mooching off my family all the time and to try and finally make something out of my life; I mean enough is enough already.

  • aeht

    to , literally do unto others as they to me..

  • Miriam

    To dedicate myself to a healthier existence… Healthy eating, exercise for my son, my husband and myself. I realize the importance of this life choice and given my family history I would like to teach my loved ones to make changes along with me. They are all very important to me.

  • Rajmohan Khanna

    I am 67years. Checked with large number of students,teachers,parents the following:
    1. Do you know Hindu Values of Life.2.Do you know how to instil or imbibe SANSKARS(healthy,impressive personality with positive habits).3.How can you guide your ward towards right CAREER, so he/she can attain life long happiness.
    90% respondents said NO. Remaining 10% realised they donot know after questions were put to them. Hence my resolutions for 2008
    1. Approach schools, colleges and convince institutes to appoint a PARENTS COUNSELLOR. Through Power points presentations.I am working on it.
    2. Collect parents through Parents& Teachers Associations and brief them about importance of Hindu Values(they are universal good values).And teach them how to imbibe good SANSKARAS,and make their child’s personality,affection reflecting and positive.Two schools have offered their premises for conducting this 10 day course


    My New Year resolution is to attract a sponsor to enable me to inform all the people around the world including all the leaders, that the time to just talk and speak about peace and happiness is over. Not until they become part of their wish in deeds and change their lifestyles, in thoughts words and deeds, such a wish cannot come true. What I have and only I have, is a special education module that will in time change the mind-sets of people so much so that telling a lie will hurt them. This module is woven around the Truth which will uncover facts about their true reality, why they have been created human beings in this Age, and what will be the future outcome of their efforts to themselves, when they leave this human dimension and enter the next!

  • rose fabre

    to try to be as strong and secure a grandmother as the people who
    depend on me need! pray for us !

  • Too nice to tell

    to generate positive energy where ever I go. There is too much negativity in the world. It was in the priest’s homily last night at Mass. I wanted to get up and walk out of church; the next time I will walk out. Read the book entitled, The Secret. Generate positive energy, be thankful for all that I have and bless other people, truly love them and be especially kind because you never know another person’s struggle. They may need my smile and words of encouragement. Happy New Year! I love you.

  • LuAnn

    1. Increase alone time w/each family member.
    2. Increase spiritual knowledge/practice.
    3. Increase my earnings and savings.
    4. Increase my knowledge and practice of home schooling.
    5. Decrease the clutter in my house and life.
    6. Increase time spent in creative and/or artistic endeavors.

  • Faith A. Rhodes

    My New Years resolution for 2008 will be to read the entire bible by the end of 2008. I recieved a new study bible for Christmas which will help with understanding what is being told. I was told that if I am to read 4 chapters in the Old Testament and 4 chapters in the New Testament a day, that the entire bible can be read by the end of 2008. So, without fail, I will faithfully read each and every day….I am a true believer that the Lord puts things in our life for a reason and sometimes we don’t understand the “why” of it. Hopefully, I will be able to understand once I begin reading my new bible.
    This story, is somewhat simular to my own life…my husband lost both of his feet in 2003…and has been struggling to walk with prosthetics since…he also had a heart transplant in 2005….we both have alot to be grateful for and understand that we have gone through these experiences for a reason…that reason could be to bring us closer to the Lord …. and I have to say…it has worked. God gives us a reason to continue on…it’s up to us to figure it out.
    In 2008, my husband will begin volunteering at our local hospital to talk with amputees and patients waiting for heart transplants. It’s his way of giving back….I’m very proud of him!
    Gratefully a servant of our Lord,
    Faith Rhodes

  • MaryBeth Hernandez

    I spent five months taking care of my baby sister as she died of cancer in 2007. My mother was also there and our relationship was terrible – my mother’s behavior was deplorable both to me and to my sister (and I had moments I’m not proud of too). Now I feel such anger that we wasted even a moment of that precious time with my sister with such petty and senseless emotions.
    My resolution for 2008 is to:
    1. Let go of the anger and hurt I feel in regards to my mother.
    2. Continue to foster the respect for the sanctity of life I gained going through this awful and sacred experience with my beloved sister. It was truly a blessing that I was there with her.


    My life changed when i was 4 years of age and i’ve been searching for a great turnout since- my way of escape is by imagination. I had no social skills and no communicated way to speak to the world. There was no way out for me but death. One day I discovered a voice that spoke straight to me and i heard. it was right. It did change my life. I have told the voice inside of me to stop taking over and it did! like it has been waiting for my command for a great while. Why, because it did so without resistance. This friendly voice opened up my imagined world of great belief. now i am changing lives because of that love who first chose me. I have a purpose now and no one still know that anything happened to me years ago. This is a true silence of life when no one hears. It stops you from growing or agreeing with the terms of life, but then the world see with their eyes-and they began to realize that a person who cannot hear has as much life in them then a person with sound-this a miraculas miracle in it self. 2008 is another year of great inspirational opportunity to share and bring people to their imaginated life so they too could have the good life like a silence person. We sill could heard each other laugh deaf or sound. its a great world. i’m ready to see the movie. thank you

  • “Dippy” Damsel, ginsingleaf

    “MY” New Years Resolutioon be-THIS IS, sort of an “Old 1, BUT, believe ME, got “some “new” garbage to “filter!”
    I REALLY hope THAT I CAN live up to THAT O)ld sayen-“Treat Others, AS Ud want THEM to treat U!
    I MEAN, serious, HOW “MANY” of U “would” kick urselves in the Sit Upon!?
    Alright-I AM “disabled!”-DOES THAT mean, “I”, PERSONALLY, CANT HAVE “simpymphy”, or whatever for a person THAT MAY be in a “crummier” boat then mr!?
    WE “ALL” COMPLAIN, SUCKS to BE “disabled” OR Handicapped-Alright, HAVE to agree DOES, BUT SHOULDNT we be “GREATFUL”-Aint 6 feet under!? (Even heard “worms” WAS complainen ’bout, “crummy “food source”!)

  • fernando diaz

    my son who is a recovering drug addict said there is a connection between porn and drug use and he didn’t want this filth in his life anymore. to reach that goal he got rid of his computer. i am proud of my son and i will do the same. i believe that if we all get rid of porn’s corrosive influence in our lives, our society will benefit because the true goodness of men and women will shine forth like a new born sun over our society’s landscape and all kinds of good fruit will blossom and grow.

  • Pastor D

    Having experienced a very challenging year in pastoring when at times, the words and actions of members were often hurtful, unloving and uncaring, I have resolved to walk much closer with the Living Savior this year so that I may love unconditionally, stand strong and lead all in my path to a transforming life of peace and renewed hope. I have also resolved to make a lifestyle commitment to my personal physical health so that I can be an example for others who need to do so.
    Peace on the Mountain of God’s Love,
    Pastor D

  • elizabeth goldman

    My New Years Resolution is to get invilved with the community. I want to volunteer and help others who are in need. I am blessed, i have so much, now is my chance to give to those who are less fortunate, and have so little.

  • Patricia

    I have had an extremely blessed year and I am ashamed to say that I have done little spiritually to merit these blessings. I relinquished my daily prayer routine, gave up a variety of charitable activities that required my personal time and lost what little humility I had. Every birthday I used to go to my church and clean the restrooms as a reminder of the importance of humility; this year I went on vacation. So 2008 is an important year for me to give back via prayer and good works. But, by far the greatest personal achievement will be for me to focus more on listening and helping others.

  • Debbie

    I lost my brother to cancer anad watching him die without complaining about the pain he was in made me realize I was watching an angel in the making. While lying on his death bed someone stole a large amount of money from him, his reply was that this person may have needed it more than him. My resolution is to be more like my brother.

  • Deb

    My resolution is to learn to let go of expectations and outcomes, and my attachments to them. It’s so easy to get caught up in having things work out the way we want–for ourselves, our career, our children, and those others that we love. And when they don’t, we experience loss and heartbreak that can be difficult to shake. This has been a challenging year–the death of a dear, young friend, the near-death of my father, and some very personal struggles for my youngest son among them. In each situation, some sense of peace was realized only when I allowed myself permission to “let go” of my expectations, my perfect outcome, and be in the moment with as much grace and love as possible. Such a simple truth, but yet such a difficult act. May 2008 grant us all the inner peace we so yearn for and the faith to know that everything else will take care of itself.

  • Mary Ann L.

    My resolution for this year is to BE LEAN, GREEN AND SERENE.
    I hope to lose weight and exercise more this year—to be more environmentally aware and use green products and conserve energy—and to adopt a LIVE AND LET LIVE attitude filled with gratitude and compassion.

  • Maryam Taghavi

    I wanted to say my new year’s resolution is to overcome my fears (especially fear of height and staying alone at nights).
    But when I read the other comments, I realized how selfish I am to think of myself compared to people whose only thoughts are about others. So my new year’s resolution is to:
    Be less selfish and think of others more.

  • Stardustiam

    My resolutions for 2008 are 1. Make and maintain a conscioous contact with God, 2. Sleep 11-8 every night, 3. Eat 3 meals a day, 4. exercise with Tai Chi every day, all to improve my mental health so I can be a helpful contributor to society. I’m also going to “adopt a grandparent” at the Old Folks Home and listen to their stories and make sure they’re cared for and loved.

  • dubby

    I have been a very ridgit person… to me… my children and my husband. My resolution 2008 is to loose up my self… no great expectation and cool myself down. I always get upset.. when things are not moving according to my plan. Now i want to accept as what is it and believe there are things that u can change and there are things not. Work hard, work smart and enjoy every minute of my live.

  • Deborah Lee

    My New Year’s resolution is to first make a list of accomplishments this past year and acknowledge myself and then to take the stand that I intend to call every day one person I have been out of touch with and let them know that I care and plan to stay in touch with them in the future.

  • Erica

    My resolution for 2008 is to be kinder to myself and to others. I feel that I am giving and compassionate to others (teach special education and work closely with families) but there is always room for improvement. I am very hard on myself and treat myself differently than other people. I will work on meditation, yoga, healthier lifestyle, and therapy to help myself through a difficult physical (heart health problem) and emotional period of my life. I will seek outside supports, and also learn to reach within myself (spiritual and emotional) to change my thought processes and coping skills. My health issues have caused me to make big life style changes and also the medications have unpleasant side effects (fatigue, depression, “brain fog”, etc). I have restricted diet and exercise but I have been good at following these necessary lifestyle changes. However, I want to change my attitude to focus more on the positives and to cope in a healthier way with my current situation. I want to learn to reach out to others for support, and also support others whenever possible. Happy New Year and may you all have a healthy and fulfilled 2008!

  • jackie

    my new years resolution is not to be so judgemental of everyone, and to smile a lot more.

  • Patricia A. Boutilier

    I am making a counterintuitive resolution. Rather than being all I can be I will choose to live as if I am the person I am meant to be, living where I can do the most good, among the people that need my love,right here, right now. No improvements needed.
    Each day, I pray to find the grace to live from that place in me that holds my greatest truth.
    Each day I will take all the unanswered questions as my traveling companion, and make a pilgrimage, if only to my neighbor.
    Each day I resolve to act as if I were exactly what’s needed.

  • Elizabeth

    My Mom who is 88 has cancer and her wish has always been to be cared for in her own home. I am the only daughter and I live about 6 hours away. One brother lives in Texas and one brother lives in Toronto. On Boxiing Day the 5 year old son of my my brother in Texas was diagnosed with leukemia. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder this past summer but I am doing better with regular treatment.
    My resolution this year is to honor my mother’s wish and to care for her at home. Because she has a very difficult personality in that she is very fussy about how things are to be done and very little pleases her, I know that it is only through unconditional love and compassion that I will be able to do this for her and I know that I will be the stronger for it. My yearly resolution to lose weight can wait til nest year.

  • Lucy

    “I will not be hushed, I WILL not be damned!”, my heart quietly emphasizes in the shower while I struggle to just get washed.
    “I still love, why won’t you allow me to love in the way I want to, in the way it’s best?, my heart further closes in the on my mind.
    My mind answers with stupid intellect, “I have been hurt sooo many times before. You’ve have never gotten me anything I really wanted,” my superior mind dictates with disdaine. Tears follow I know not where they are coming from. My soul engages as the tears flow, “I know you still love the one you don’t want to love, but YOU and your heart really, really want to.” “Love anyway…”
    I turn to a greater love and ask God and Jesus to help me. I pray God blesses the world and takes unkindness out. “Please forgive me for my faults and increase my better actions.” “Please increase love and understanding in the world.” “Lord I do not understand why there are all these wars and as it seems so much has gone so wrong in your name.” “Jesus if you are there, please assist with a gift to the world.” “Please blanket the world with Love and Peace beyond all understanding.” “Jesus I know many do not believe in you and sometimes I doubt too.” “But, what I have learned about YOU and God’s nature to LOVE…” “Is it not true that when Peter cut off one of the ears of a Roman soldier, you admonished hims for such behavior?” “Had you not healed the soldier?” “Is it not the way we should behave?” “What about Hitler and Osama?” “People turned away and alowed what Hitler set out to do?” “Is it not the same with all these extemist groups?” “Why is much of the world turning away?” “Should we as the world unite and put a stop to Al-Quida?” “Why is it that Islamic clerics denounce the Pontif and Chrisitanity as being a fanatical unreasonable religion, yet, would have a woman lashed and put to death for naming a teddy bear Muhammed?” “Me thinks the world should all buy a teddy bear and name it Muhammed?” “Do you think it would start a war?” “No disrespect God, but what if we all boldly came against the insanity of those who propose and ride out senseless wars?” “I know it is for you to decide and I have heard there were many Islamic people against the extreme clerics views, but I have not seen any jump up and say so.”
    “Still, precious heart of Jesus forgive me for my limited understanding.” “I ask you to make this world a kinder place and have us all unite as humanity with love for one another and the world.” “I ask that our love for you and God increases and the love of money decreases.” “I ask in deed and conscience I demonstrate a love as you love, without judgment, with complete acceptance.”
    “I ask that you impinge restrictions on the leaders that would do harm to the world.” “I ask that you would increase the goodness of You in all our actions.”
    “I ask that you give me a bigger heart to love with and greater wisdom in my actions.”

  • chris beltran

    my resolution for 2008 is to make it a habit for my daughter and me to pay every person we come in contact with a compliment.

  • carol

    my resolution is to continue to encourage my students, and to find goodness in each and every one. I will also spend more time with the “needy” ones, whose lives are filled with “issues.”
    I will continue to live by “the secret” and encourage positive living through my words and actions.
    I also want to take my dog to the beach more often…he enjoys running in the sand, and it’s great exercise for the both of us…it’s so close, but i’m always “too busy”…
    I begin each day in prayer, thanking God for my blessings, for my health, for my life…and will continue to be grateful for my family and friends, and make an effort to spend more quality time with them.
    Each day is a gift…being grateful for my legs that I may stand, eyes that I may see, ears so I may hear, and a smile that can be contagious…
    THAT’S what I am grateful for… each and every day!

  • Laura Principato

    Knowing that life after death is a fact, my resolution is to boldly and lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people I come across everyday; to a better listener,and to give more of my time to help.

  • Titus K. Oyeyemi

    I have been praying for “Africa, the Future Land of Peace” since twelve years ago. My New Year Resolution is to use the whole of 2008 to pray that God will give Africa the gift of good leadership. This is my own way of constructing and creating the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Peace. If you believe that the gift of good leadership for Africa can only come through God (James 1:17), please sing this peace anthem/prayer with me
    We Love Africa, We Seek Her Future Peace
    Tribes and Tongues May Differ, But We are The Same
    With Peace, Love and Justice, Africa will become Great
    We Love Africa, the Future Land of Peace!
    Thank you.

  • vivian anderson

    My New Years resolution will be to live a better stress free life, to take one day at a time and enjoy each day as if it was my last day.The most important thing this year is to get a better understanding of what God has in store for me to do.

  • Andrea

    My New Year’s resolution for 2008 is to simplify my life…ridding myself of physical clutter so that I can free myself of mental/emotional clutter! Pray for me!

  • Sarah

    My resolution is to overcome my shyness! Because I am very shy, this has been a large roadblock in my life that I now realize I have the power to change if I put in the daily effort. Keep me in your prayers

  • Taryn Scarfone

    My resolution is to get more healthy both physically and spiritually.

  • Barbarian

    to vote for Hillary a proven leader

  • Josephine Collins

    My New Year’s resolution is not to gossip. I am the gossip Queen and I think one loses friends this way.
    Josephine Collins

  • niceblue

    my new year’s resolution is to join the airforce..

  • Doug Berrend

    I Doug Berrend resolve to never make any New Years resolutions. They are never kept, and so soon forgotten. A waste of time .

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