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Exclusive Video: Philip Pullman on God, Atheism, and ‘The Golden Compass’

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A month before its theatrical release, “The Golden Compass“–the movie from the first book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy–is sparking controversy because of what many Christians see as its message of atheism. Here on Idol Chatter, blogger Donna Freitas–co-author, with Jason King, of “Killing the Imposter God: Philip Pullman’s Spiritual Imagination in His Dark Materials“–has been relentlessly defending Pullman, arguing that critics of “The Golden Compass” and its sequels are missing what she calls a “stunning retelling of salvation” that is at the trilogy’s deeply spiritual core. Last week, Donna was invited by New Line Cinema, producer of the movie (opening Dec. 6), to interview Pullman about God, his agenda in writing the books, and the criticism he’s faced. Watch exclusive excerpts from their discussion, courtesy of New Line Cinema:

Pullman on His “Agenda:”
To Tell a Good Story, and Promote Kindness, Love, and Curiosity

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    • Joey

      Okay, I’m going to admit that I have not read the books, and obviously I have not seen the movies, so rate my opinions based on that. But from what I’ve heard from fans, critics, and critical fans, the books contain (correct me if I’m wrong):
      1.) A former nun who leaves the Church and becomes an atheist for her lover;
      2.) A pair of gay angels;
      3.) An evil church that is actively involved in killing people;
      4.) The idea that God is actually an evil angel pretending to have created the universe;
      5.) A scene that implies two preteens have sex;
      6.) The very bald statements “Christianity is a very convincing lie” and “All churches try to take away everything good in the world.” (Which, you know, are bad just from the artistic standpoint of “show don’t tell.”)
      My question is, assuming that the above facts are true (feel free to correct me if I’m making any errors), why on Earth should anyone EXPECT Christians (or for that matter, orthodox members of just about any religion) to want to let their kids see this movie? I know that Mr. Pullman has been very critical of “The Chronicles of Narnia” for what he sees as propaganda and bigotry within them; I don’t know if he has any young children, but if he does, I doubt he took them to see the movie, no matter how “open-minded” he thought they were. Why should Christian parents act any differently for a movie that is so directly opposed to their beliefs?
      God bless.

    • Brian Horan

      Investigating authors’ theologies and motives certainly has a place; but one would find that they could even pick apart and find fault with fellow church goers’ theologies. If we could learn from each others’ unique experiences, even atheists’, we could probably have a much richer understanding of our own.

    • Anonymous

      6.) The very bald statements “Christianity is a very convincing lie” and “All churches try to take away everything good in the world.” (Which, you know, are bad just from the artistic standpoint of “show don’t tell.”)
      ive read this book
      this not the christian religion in the book so that couldnt have been said
      1.) A former nun who leaves the Church and becomes an atheist for her lover;
      she left the church because she felt that she was lacking something in her life it wasnt just having a lover
      if you havent read the book dont assume that hearsay is accurate

    • Jane

      Hmm. #5 is bizarre. I read the books not long ago and I think I’d remember.
      #3 Um . . . the inquisition did happen. He hardly made up the idea of a church killing people.
      #4 It’s actually an evil angel pretending to be a dotty older angel, who really didn’t create the universe, exactly.
      Some Christians are gay. Some Christians believe that the values of friendship, love, loyalty and exploratory wonder which are integral in these books are wonderful things to have their children experience.

    • brightmoon

      the story takes place on a sort of earth as we know it AND on an alternative earth so that nun was a catholic
      this IS a fantasy but it does make you think about your beliefs and why you chose them
      so according to some christian parents that’s a bad thing
      i think it was Julia Cameron who said that if you still believe in the same God that you believed in as a child, you believe in a toxic god
      i agree

    • brightmoon

      comment # 3 is also mine sorry

    • Nameless

      Have not read the book
      Have not seen the movie
      Have read much criticism about the intent of the author to kill God by the end of episode three. Like the star wars triology, like the other movie fantasies, it is not reality — and if it creates within a soul some healthy doubt, some individual belief serarching, some consideration of what Miguel Ruiz talks about in his awesome book THE FOUR AGREEMENTS—-???? Born pure, no beliefs about God—-children adopt their parents beliefs, grand-parents beliefs, the church beliefs. WHAT is WRONG with exploring—-aside from what was TAUGHT—about what “YOU” believe—-without the contamination—–of what others think. A movie, A book = a collection of words, a script, a tale, a story—-KEY is a STORY—-what is YOUR story???? How has the influence of TV, RAP, RADIO, BILLBOARDS, MAGAZINEA, INTERNET, MOM, DAD, PEERS, LOVERS, CHURCH, STUDENTS, CO-WORKERS—–influenced YOU?
      FREEDOM of choice—-to create your own story, your own belief, without judgement, without the FEAR OF HELL—–without the history of religious wars, without the killing caused in IRAQ due to religion. QUESTION = what is religion?
      1) Are you sure that is TRUE?
      2) Who would you be without that belief?

    • Jim

      This is about the most unenlightening interview I have ever seen. Not to mention that I can barely hear him and can’t hear her at all, even with the volume turned all the way up.

    • Anonymous

      Does every movie have to be an endorsement of religion? I didn’t realize atheists aren’t entitled to write books or make movies that reflect their lack of religious beliefs or their criticisms of the same.
      Religious beliefs are not and should not be above criticism, analysis or judgement.

    • Bob

      “…if you still believe in the same God that you believed in as a child, you believe in a toxic god.”
      This a big part of the problem with the “religious left”, this idea that the spirit of childhood is something to be stamped out, especially when it comes to faith. They believe it’s wrong to trust in God as a child would, though Jesus Himself taught us to do just that.
      And of course, if you can’t trust God, surely you will have a hard time trusting doctrine and Sacred Tradition, and see these things as outdated rules rather than the banks of the river that keep the water flowing, alive, and clean.
      It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, though, that the religious left disdains the trusting spirit of childhood. After all, these are the same people who like to pass out birth control in middle schools.
      Where they should be preserving innocence, they act to hasten its demise. It’s hard to get more anti-God than that.

    • Richard W. Chadburn

      I find the intolerance of some Christians very disheartening. Richard

    • Different_But_Equal

      @ Bob
      I haven’t listened to the interviews, but I don’t think he’s talking about losing your trust in God and stamping out the spirit of childhood. Here, I’ll quote out of “Mr. God, This Is Anna” to illustrate my point:
      “When you’re little you understand Mr. God. He sits up there on his throne, a golden one of course, and he has whiskers and a crown and everyone is singing hymns like mad to him. God is useful and usable. You can ask him for things: He can strike your enemies down deader than a doornail; and he is pretty good at putting hexes on the bully next door, like warts and stuff. God is so useful, so understandable, that He is like some object–perhaps the most important object of all–but nevertheless an object and completely understandable. [...] In whatever way or state you understand Mr. God, you diminish His size. So Mr. God keeps on shedding bit all the way through your life until the time comes when you freely and honestly admit that you don’t understand Mr. God at all. At this point you have let Mr. God be his proper size”
      Just from the quote and the “saving God” line (don’t have time to listen to the interviews, I’m writing a paper on Shinto at the moment), it seems more like he is attacking the idea of the God of Wrath who would send everyone to Hell if they don’t pay lipservice to His son. Religion–all religion–uses a lot of fear tactics to make God “useful” and “understandable”, which is what I think he’s addressing.

    • liz

      Too many people think that unless you push their message the way they wish to see it presented, that it can’t possibly be spiritual or have a good message.
      Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t live that way?

    • jestrfyl

      OK, it is granted that the Roman Catholic and most other catholic churches will NOT like the movie or the books. They do NOT fare well. But for the rest of us, these are amazing works of the mind and spirit that capture the adolescent Quest for meaning in a profound way. He does not make the indirect connections that Lewis did, nor does he exoplore entire cultures and traditions like Tolkien. However, he does require deeper meanings and the reader has to bring more of themselves to the material. Even the Potter saga, as much as i like it, makes the reader a spectatior, like one of the prtraits on the wall. Pullman requires the reader to challenge themselves, the think about what is important to them, and then question it again, all in the hope and expectation that some new thoughts and inspirations will rush out like the aurora borealis.
      Read this with an open mind and you may find “you are not in Kansas anymore”.

    • Chris N

      My kids have read the books, as have I and my husband. We’re Catholic. We’re readers.
      What is most disheartening to me is this sense of “oh my goodness, if I expose my child to this different way of thinking, they’ll become atheists!!” Many of my friends have sent me the circulating email calling for a boycott of the movie, and saying that Pullman has this master plan to lure children to the movie, have them ask for the books for Christmas (ha!) and subsequently start down a path of unholy godlessness and a life of crime and delinquency and …it just goes on and on in this frantic, fearful, and closed-minded way.
      When I get those emails, it makes me wonder if the sender feels so shaky in their own faith that a well-told story with a different viewpoint can topple it completely.
      Then I wonder how those kids will fare once they enter the real world and find so many different viewpoints.
      Just my opinion, of course :)

    • liz

      I couldn’t have said it better myself Chris N

    • jestrfyl

      Another series that the more orthodox, catholic folks won’t like is the “Wheel of Time” by the late (lamented) Robert Jordan. It is ungainely long, but worth the effort. The institutional church does not fare well there either, though they are camouflaged by a sheer mantle. I doubt these books will ever be made into movies – too long. But they may scratch a post-Potter. – Tolkien, -Lewis itch for some readers.

    • Elise

      My husband and I have read the Golden Compass series and enjoyed them. They do seem to have a strong anti-catholic message. We are not catholic.
      We have discussed letting our children read the books and we tend to think the books are better suited to older children say around 14. Our oldest is right now 12. Also, he has lost interest in the fantasy genre.
      We will probably all go as a family to see the movie. If my 12 year old expresses an interest in reading the book after seeing the movie we will let him.

    • liz

      If you want to scare a child, the Left Behind series is not a bad place to start.

    • Dan

      My impression: mercy, what a naive interviewer.
      Salesman’s dream.

    • Patti

      He said it all.He is a writer “AND” he wants you to “BUY” his book.

    • Nicole

      It’s interesting how dogmatically religious parents won’t hesitate to threaten their children with hellfire, but when it comes to something magically enchanting, they freak out!

    • NightLad

      I heard that some parents opted to take their kids out of school for the day (I’m talking primary school kids) to watch “The Passion of the Christ.” Yet… they get up in arms about talking polar bears and flying air-ships? Sheesh. I sincerely pity their children. I really, really do. :-(

    • Jamie Jones

      It is a fantasy book. Real life issues, problems told through a fantasy tale. All childrens stories from Little Mermaid, Cinderella, to Narnia, have magic in them. These stories though make believe represent moral dilemas that people face, sometimes religious morals. Just becuase a story may take a different view on Religion, does not mean that it is anti-god. It may just be a way to get young children to start thinking for themselves.

    • Sinistra

      OH MY DOG! IT’S A FLIPPING STORY! FANTASY! NOT REAL! Man, this is the reason I have walked away from religion as a whole…fanatics. Hipocrits! You sit and judge at the throne of God and forget this is a sin that is most unforgivable…to put yourselves at the level of God. You are not God, never will be.
      Relax people, it’s only a story….did you let your kids see Happy Feet? Oooooh talking penguins….that defies nature and what God intended penguins to do!! They don’t talk and dance!! Silly, isn’t it?
      Giving a child (or any age) the opportunity to explore fantasy allows them to be more expressive and creative. It will not send them to “hell”!! Freedom. Choice. Thinking for themselves. These 3 alone are anti-Christian, but you teach it to your children as Americans, don’t you? Remember the scripture: you cannot serve 2 kingdoms. (I’m paraphrasing). Then anyone who votes has turned on the Kingdom of God, because how I see it is if you are serving God and His Kingdom you have no business serving any of mans earthly governments including voting….again, silly isn’t it?
      IT’S JUST A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1.) A former nun who leaves the Church and becomes an atheist for her lover; …. So, what!!! Did the world stop???? And kudos to her!!
      2.) A pair of gay angels;….aren’t they a-sexual (is that the proper term?)….neither male nor female? So are they really “gay”?….eh, hem…
      3.) An evil church that is actively involved in killing people; UM, HOLOCAUST; INQUISITION; Baptists/christian fanatics blowing up and/or killing doctors and staff for supporting “baby killing clinic”…grrr…Muslims (need I say more), we can do this one for days……
      4.) The idea that God is actually an evil angel pretending to have created the universe;.how do we know he’s not? I think it’s sort of a cruel joke, honestly…humanity? We kill each other every day.
      5.) A scene that implies two preteens have sex; Um, sex education and birth control in schools might have helped these 2….lol
      Let’s not forget all the little boys who have suffered at the hands of a priest (I know, not all of them are predators), the little girl that was held as a sex slave to that baptist preacher (ya, you remember this one); many countles crimes against children with religion and your GOD as a beard….
      So, please. Do not get yourself in a wad about this “movie” when your own backyard (religiously speaking) is such a mess. Movies like this are a welcome breath of fresh air to the thinkers of the world. And the book was great!

    • Goodguyex

      People will go into the movie with their opinions and will come out with the same opinions.
      The movie is very thinly veiled anti-Christian and anti-Catholic, as is the author Pullman. It is not about “thinking for yourself”.
      Will I see it? Probably not.

    • Lindsay

      Who the hell cares if it’s anti-christian? Didn’t know freedom of religion didn’t apply anymore….

    • Ben johnson

      i think we should give him a chance becaus what i heard is that he is not promoting anti catholic themes

    • Dan

      So, would everyone agree that the level of intelligence and insightfulness shown in the comments here savaging the books’ critics is representative of Pullman’s fans?

    • Kathleen

      Um…if you don’t bother to see it or read the books, how will you really know if it’s anti-anything?
      I’ve read the books. They do indeed criticize “the church”, that is to say, organized religion. I’m a Christian, and I think the criticism is valid and deserved. Perhaps that’s why people are upset about it.

    • Steven

      Just a thought. If you think you need to defend God, you don’t. He has been around forever and he lets us on an individaul basis choose if we want to belive in him.
      Those of us who have decided to follow God through His son Jesus, need to be more concerned about what He asks us to do, and to not worry about what some novel may or may not say about him.
      By the way, the books are set in an alterneate universe, so I would not worry that the God you know is being killed.
      Also, kids over the age of 4, it has been shown, understand the difference between fantasy and the reality of the world.
      As a parent, you do need to be aware of what a child watches and learns. If you don’t want your kid to see or read the books, keep it from them. But the Bible is also full of things that you don’t want young children reading, but it is in your home, so lock your Bible away and don’t teach them the truth. (Just a bit of sarcasam).
      Remember that Jesus said to take the log out of your eye before you take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye. Do not judge unless you want to be judeged.
      Rant over

    • KATHY

      I haven’t seen the movie or read the books and it seems many who are posting are in the same boat. I can only agree with the wiseness of a previous posting….judge not lest you be judged. I do believe his motives are to entertain as well as make us question our perceptions. I see nothing wrong with either pursuit.

    • Anonymous

      there are things in this world that you should not speak of if you know nothing about them

    • bobby

      ….judge not lest you be judged….or “all is needed for evil to prospure is good men do nothing”? sometimes doing nothing could be the worst thing. IF YOU LIVE LIKE THERE IS NO GOD,,,YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT!

    • Searndipity

      I find it fascinating that many of the posters on this thread condemn those that speak against The Golden Compass without reading/watching it, yet are perfectly content in condemning Christianity without ever reading the entire Bible. Furthermore, some argue that Christians are completely powerless to hold any opinion at all, using the Bible as their argument for justification. Misquoting the Bible by stating “Judge not lest ye be judged” is not a free reign for society to do as it pleases. In fact, the opposite is true, the remainder of the passage (and several other passages) encourages us to be fair, discerning, and accountable in our opinions.
      “He hardly made up the idea of a church killing people.”
      Let’s be honest; PEOPLE kill people. Human beings have always and will always use God (any god) as a platform for acquiring power. Equating the actions of the misguided or corrupt with the relationship that many have found in Jesus is ridiculous, narrow minded, and cliched.
      I also find it the epitome of arrogance that only atheists and agnostics are able “think for themselves” and be “free.”
      “Freedom. Choice. Thinking for themselves. These 3 alone are anti-Christian”
      In who’s opinion? Again, to challenge the belief systems of all, based on the actions of some is presumptive and to assume that those that chose not to follow Jesus are somehow more enlightened to the truth is egotistical.
      “Also, kids over the age of 4, it has been shown, understand the difference between fantasy and the reality of the world”
      Sure that’s why Santa and the Easter bunny have such a small following in children over the age of 4………..

    • Ann of NPR

      Well, that confirmed it for sure! I will certainly discourage my daughter and other parents from taking their child to see this thinly veiled post-modernist attack on Christ.
      I thank you for making these video clips available. His own words illustrate his agenda! He says that “beguiled” children would enjoy his books. Beguiled means:
      1. to influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead; delude.
      2. to take away from by cheating or deceiving (usually fol. by of): to be beguiled of money.
      3. to charm or divert: a multitude of attractions to beguile the tourist.
      He reprimands people that have closed minds. This means that people that have made a decision based on their own beliefs are somehow inferior!
      He speaks of his friend Dr. Samuel Johnson. He must be very old indeed if Dr. Johnson was his friend as Mr. Johnson died in 1784! He was the author of A Dictionary of the English Language. And we can also assume that this “friendship” would indicate that Mr. Pulman holds in high esteem the King’s English and the greatest achievement of Dr. Johnson; to provide “clearer standards in spelling, meaning and grammar.”
      Pulman exhorts us to “Trust the book” and he is referring to his book, “The Golden Compass.” He is preoccupied with questions, such as “Is the Universe created at all?”
      He says children that were raises “psychic” would find great enjoyment in his book.
      You can look up psychic at
      I chose the Oxford Dictionary as Mr. Pulman obviously has high esteem for the English language.
      Lastly, his character Dust is said to embody the image of the divine. Dust is thought to be a “physical analog of everything conscience.” So Dust is more physical man than god! I have another name for Dust. It is Satan.
      Well, as he is not my god, and I hope to keep as many people away from his influences, I will not recommend this book trilogy or the movie! I guess this is Satan’s answer to the Chronicles of Narnia! It was to be expected I guess!

    • Delores Johnson

      If your truely a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ, We as parents need to moniter what our children watch and listen to. If it don’t glorify God, or in his law, we should not allow our children,and our selves be involved in things of this world,This story is a disgrace to our Heavenly Father so we should not fall prey from the enemy, we must prepare our children for spiritual warfare,and teach them to live and stand firm on God’s word, and please stop teaching your children to lie, santa is a lie, the tooth fairy and all that is wrong to teach our children, it is wrong and it teaches our children it is ok to lie,

    • sandy

      Ok, I just have to say a couple of things.
      1) In the last book, the girl and boy kill the imposter of God.
      2) The people in the books are much like the clergy in the Middle Ages.
      They accused people of heresy and also had a great fall out between church and state which greatly impacted Europe. The author is just trying to show the problems of that.
      3) There can be more than one Dr. Samuel Johnson, or it could be the same as an English teacher saying “my good friend William Shakespeare.”
      4) If you are truely a Christian, reading “The Golden Compass” or even the “Da Vinci Code” should not change your mind about God. You should have faith!
      5) Not all athiest believe in making our children into athiest or angnostic. My best friend is an athiest and she actually encourages my religion. She says it is my choice and she has hers.
      I say this series actually helps Christian parents teach their kids about history and hypocrites. It strengthens my faith in God. People slaughtered Harry Potter too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that series. Athiest need books too; it’s what connects us.

    • Carrie

      Okay, I agree with the comment on Samual Johnson–and I think he actually said it was someone he admired rather than a friend. But there’s nothing wrong with Harry Potter? There’s something wrong with Harry Potter biblically and that’s called sorcery which God said to have no involvement in (Deut. 18:10, 14). We can say it’s just imagination but should we encourage our children to grow in faith by imagining themselves and their friends as scorcerors and, therefore, participating and even aspiring to do something in direct offense to God? Should we turn a blind eye to the responsibility that was given us to raise our children in the ways of the Lord and tell them they’re on their own to figure it out? The rest of the world has their chance to influence them with other thoughts and beliefs, we have but one chance to show them the way (and the truth and the light) of the Lord. And God himself gave us that responsibility (1Tim 1:15, Prov. 22:6, Gal. 6:7-8, Prov. 22:6).
      Trust me, atheists have PLENTY of books, the vast majority of them actually. As well as the rest of the media. Can you think of a a television show that you’ve seen lately in prime-time that doesn’t promote sex outside of marriage? That doesn’t include cursing? Christians are given maybe a 5% chunck of today’s media, and even then, some executive is usually watering it down by throwing in some bad language or bending to today’s more leniant views of sexuality in order to appeal to a broader audience. If Christianity is brought into it at all, it’s usually as this man has done–using the bad examples as the representative of Christianity as a whole. Which leads to turning off those who may be curious as to the “truth” (children, for example), and providing “proof” to non-believers as to why they shouldn’t believe. You have probably screwed up in your lifetime–I think we all can safely say we have. But do you want your failures to define who you are and directly represent what you stand for or do you want to think that you are better than those missteps? I spent many years of my own adolescence digging into these sorts of examples of “bad Christians” and saying that they are ALL judgemental, persecuting hypocrites. But it isn’t so, their’s isn’t the behaviour that God wants of us, it isn’t what the Bible teaches us. It’s simply what happens to “Christians” that believe they know more than they really do about God’s word and wind up putting themselves above him by not seeking his guidance but their own–just as atheists encourage us to do. They are misdirecting others, and it’s no different than how the atheists and agnostics encourage the misdirection of the rest of the world.
      If we continue to turn a blind eye to this and say, “Well, that’s just their opinion and we’re all entitled to our opinions. People can make up their own minds,” then we’ll end up in a world full of–gee, I guess what we have now. And then some. It’s our commission in life to teach the word of God (Mat. 28:16-20). These things DO affect our kids. They have the right to make up their minds but we have the RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they have a good influence and the access to the right education on what the Bible says because THAT’S what they won’t be taught out in the world. If it’s not of God, it is of the world. The connection between us should be love and compassion–not an acceptance of slandor to our creator and saviour.
      (John 17:14, 1Cor. 2:12, James 4:4)

    • jessica

      I am sorry to disagree with everyone but, I’m 14, a Christian practically since I was born and have read these books about 3 years ago and I find nothing wrokng with them. Yes, it does mention religion and says something about killing an ANGEL! The book makes no mention of that angel being God but and angel that has ruled dictatingly over the world. NOT GOD! And isn’t it an even stronger test of your faith and proves it if you read the books, admit that yes it does mention some of these things, and still NOT believe what they are saying? I have read The Golden Compass at least 3 times and was ecstatic when I found out it would be made into a movie. I am even planning on seeing it for my birthday. All of the multiple times I have read the triolgy I have thought of it as nothing more than an action packed adventure about a girl trying to save her friend and save all of the children’s souls, and trying to find out the difference between right and wrong. The Harry Potter books also got a lot of grief and look how many people still love them! Almost every kid at my church has read Harry Potter and many of them have even read The Golden Compass. I am proud to say that I am a Christian and I still love The Golden Compass and cannot wait to see the movie.

    • Liz

      Just a request to anyone who feels compelled to spoil events that happen in the book – PLEASE warn people ahead of time by writing something along the lines of “spoiler alert” at the head of your post so that those of us who have not read all three books yet won’t have things ruined for us.

    • Anonymous

      Christians are given maybe a 5% chunck of today’s media, and even then, some executive is usually watering it down by throwing in some bad language or bending to today’s more leniant views of sexuality in order to appeal to a broader audience.
      No body is “given” a chunk of media – Demand dictates supply. It if looks like “Christians” (a word that means different things to different people) get 5% of it, it’s becuase there’s only enough people interested in Christian media to rate 5%. The average American doesn’t like extremes – religious or athiest. We don’t like podim thumpers with agendas telling us we need to beleive what they believe (or disbelieve) because we’re just a bunch of mouth breathing cretins and they know whats good for us – so religion gets watered down, and so does atheism.
      Most Americans are not fundamentalist, creationist people – in fact, to average Americans, fundamentalist creationists talking about their brand of religion seem like crazy-eyed loons, and personally I see a disturbing resemblence between a man frothing at the mouth that the bible is literally true and I’m going to hell for not believing it and a whack job in a mosque who wants to cut somebody’s head off becasue they named a teddy bear Muhammed.

    • Dr. Phillips

      “mouth breathing cretins”
      This is not a nice reference. Just because someone has allergies does not mean that they are unintelligent.
      “crazy-eyed loons”
      And just what do you have against these gentle winged creatures?
      “frothing at the mouth”
      I suppose you mean the exercise of freedom of speech. I see a great difference in speaking about what you believe and executing someone for speaking what they believe.

    • Sandy

      “….judge not lest you be judged….or “all is needed for evil to prospure is good men do nothing”? sometimes doing nothing could be the worst thing. IF YOU LIVE LIKE THERE IS NO GOD,,,YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT!”
      If you have made a choice in picking a God, you’d better be right too. I would hate to think of you roasting in the Muslim hell.
      What exactly do you mean by “If you live like there is no God?” What does that mean? What are you trying to say? I can assume, but it usually gets me into trouble. :-) Does it mean to live life to the fullest now because there may not be an afterlife? Does it mean that one rejects the ideal of a God that would punish someone for all eternity for not choosing right? Does it mean that one doesn’t teach their children that they will go to hell if they don’t behave properly because they see that as child abuse? Or does it mean, I’m afraid, that living without God means that one will kill their grandma, rape their children and steal from babies because they have no morals?
      If the latter is true of your statement, then that is Chrisitan arrogance at it’s finest, but I’ll let you answer what you meant.

    • denny barr


    • Becky

      I cannot believe that you advertise an atheist’s book on your “christian” website. Just as the atheist can take the Bible and turn it into whatever they wish to “preach”, you have allowed your site to become a platform for an atheist to promote a movie and book to children (and adults) that could potentially be a detriment to their faith.
      Shame on you!

    • Not buying it

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      People believe all sorts of things. Some even believe that a 2000 year old book could have been written by an invisible sky daddy.

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    • http://opinions Amanda Snyder

      you know what they say about opinions? everyone has one? well in my opinion, if you haven’t read the books, your opinion of them is null and void. Why do people think they have the right to crictize something they’ve never experienced? Open up your mind, its ok for everyone, including children to think freely and come to their own conclusions about life. Stop trying to control everything. YOU ARE NOT GOD!

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