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Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood

Faith in Hollywood? Yes, it does exist, and our Beliefnet Power List of the Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood proves that Christian faith can survive–and thrive–in the entertainment capital of the world. Click here to see who made the list (and here to see five up-and-comers to watch out for).
Who’d we miss? Who’d we get wrong? Who’s on your list? Use the comments box below to let us know!

  • Prisca

    Why not Oprah?

  • jumbojava

    Are y’all going to just focus on Christians…..?

  • marc rosenfeld

    Interesting mixture of people. My question is did any of them confess
    Christ as their personal Lord and Savior? Or are they just nominal
    Christians who profess the faith but do not really live it out? One
    must accept the basic doctrine of the Lord as well as do what He will
    have you to do. Attendance at church, prayer and reading of the Word
    does not make one a Christian.
    In Hollywood there are several other Christians that are still around.
    One who comes to mind is Pat Boone and another is Debra Paget.I also
    remember Dean Jones as a “Born Again” Christian.
    Thank you for these stories.

  • Bbcraw

    Why does there need to be a discussion about powerful Christians anywhere? Shouldn’t the emphasis be on the things Jesus preached instead of building egos?

  • Jeff Sharlet

    The premise of this — that Hollywood is not a “spiritual wasteland” — only because there are some Christians there is so fundamentally anti-Semitic that the author likely isn’t even aware of the implicit bigotry. It’s also contemptuous of Buddhism and any number of other spiritual traditions well represented in the movie business, in private practice and in public art. I gotta say, Beliefnet, you really blew it with this one — this is ugly.

  • fred wallin

    If Mel Gibson is the personification of a true Christian, then this world has even more problems, than I thought!

  • Anonymous

    And what not a surprise to see a Real Christian[tm] wringing his hands over whether or not these celebrities are “really” Real Christians[tm}.
    And then fundagelicals wonder why the rest of the population, including other Christians, find them judgmental and intolerant.

  • Jeannine

    The point of the article was not the “Christian Perfection” of the Christians in Hollywood. I think the writer is accurate in saying Hollywood is a spiritual wasteland despite the presence of other people of faith living there. Hollywood is a predominantly secular enterprise and most of its media represents secular values that are antithetical to Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Look at projects that were released in the past such as Little Buddha or The Chosen or Paradise Now (all non-Christian but attributed to Buddhism, Judaism and Islam), those movies were unique precisely because the are about faith or belief systems. They are remarkable because they are few and far between. Survey even well made films today and there is a dearth of movies that do emphasize distinctly Christian values, and the writer is accurate in pointing that out.

  • Pamela

    What about LeVar Burton?

  • delores

    What about Prince? And Dave Matthews. Amy Grant. Maybe they aren’t Hollywood because they’re musicians, but Prince and Dave have both been in a number of movies.

  • Reginald Stancil

    It is very insulting to a real Christian when you label some of the actors and performers powerful Christians when some of them have made a mockery of the church or have been in a role where they have use strong profanity. If they are compromising their faith, then they are not truly Christian. Jesus never used profanity, he never joked and he never lied. To be a Christian means to be Christ-like. All need to truly live up to the name of Christ and stop being a claim jumper. No more excuses.
    When some of these folks are truly doing the works of Jesus and the greater works, then they can be called powerful Christians.

  • Virginia Stone

    I agree with the statement from Reginald Stancil. Also It is not the stars that are going to change what is coming out of Holloywood, but people who watch what they put out. You have to send a message to the producers, the filmmakers. To be a christain you must be Christ like I agree. It is people who go to church and never pratice what Jesus taught that is wrong. God loves everyone and he wants you to love him. You must get in the word. The bible has the plan. People can screach the world over, but plain and simple, it’s how you live your life that counts. God bless us all.

  • michelle

    I’m glad to see the celebs who are not out every night partying or beating their wife or breaking the law are getting press too; and when they falter occasionally, like in Mel Gibson’s case, that true christians can forgive him… like the bible tells us to. Does every bit of good he’s ever done get thrown out the window because of one incident. If we condem this very good man because of a relapse with a extremely difficult disease, then how can we expect God to forgive us, should we falter one day and make a mistake. No one reading these comments can honestly say they have not done something in their past they are regretful for… Every one of us are thankful that God excepts everyone’s plea for forgiveness if they are truly sorry for what they’ve done. Hollywood has become a wasteland for decadence and gluttony and greed and these actors and actresses that don’t feed into it are my heroes. Not only do they provide us with excellent entertainment that helps us escape realty for 2 1/2 hours but they are doing goods things for their fellow man which makes them ten times more appealing to me than some over paid sports athlete. God Bless.

  • Tom L. Hopkins

    There are NO CHRISTIANS in the Entertainment Industry that I’m aware of. Has any one of the so-called “Hollywood Christians” been Baptized as described in the New Testament? I doubt it! If, you are baptized(Totally immersed in water) then you’d be a Christian(Providing you’ve followed all the other requirements(Hear,Believe,Repent,and Confess your sins publically)! Wake up “Hollyweird” and follow Jesus (not your own desires)!


    BECKY FORTENBEER 10/12/2007

  • Michelle

    Judge not, lest ye be judged!!

  • Linda Cervantes

    The one person that stands out the most to me is Elizabeth Hasselbeck from “The View”. She is certainly the most vocal and one who is broadcasting her Christianity on a daily basis in front of thousands of viewers. What better way to testify!

  • Suze in Virginia

    Uhh…I can’t think of one Hollywood director, producer or agent, mogul, etc. who is not Jewish. All studios are run by Jewish CEOs (name one which is not). When we are upset at the “messages” coming out of Hollywood, we should be petitioning and holding accountable the real power brokers, not the piddly list of D-list Christian actors and actresses.

  • diana welshans

    Two others that should be on the list are John Corbett and Dennis Quaid.

  • Lori Lynn

    David James Elliott, formerly of JAG. He is all family values.

  • Anonymous

    What? No Stephen Baldwin?

  • Dave Broyles

    Stephen Baldwin has also been very vocal about his faith, plus Randy Travis.

  • Gregory S Reiss

    Mel Gibson a Christian? Yea Christians everyday drive drunk and go on tirads while they are beign arrested?

  • Denise Daughtry

    A Christian is one who is being made in the image of Christ Jesus! They have not reached perfection but are being perfected. We will never attain this state until we finish this race or Jesus comes back to get his brides (saints)!
    Everybody is in search of a hero, well mine has already come on the scene and He lives in the heavens with His Father, God! I too look to be counted as one of His on that day when He calls us home! I want to be ready and that means going through self denial, overcoming trials and disapointments with the Lord on our side! We have not arrived yet and don’t nobody go casting any stones! We all live in glass houses even though we have a skeleton closet! Everything done in the dark have a way of making it to the light!
    I said this to say Don’t go making judgements on those that are in the lime-life. They are just like Joe Smoe. They have their crosses to bare and their private and public demons to fight. You go Mel!

  • Anonymous

    Stephen Baldwin
    Kirk Cameron

  • Kathy

    Stephen Baldwin and Randy Travis also get my vote. Mel Gibson is a sinner saved by grace, just like me. I make mistakes and get forgiven. That is the attraction to Christ. A forgiver Lord.

  • Dee Alberty

    Kirk Cameron, DEFINITELY!

  • irreverend fox

    what does one in Hollywood need to profess about the person AND work of Christ in order to be considered for this list?

  • Karin

    What about Jennifer Hudson!? Not too many people will shout, “Isn’t it amazing what God can do” while accepting an Academy Award. Jennifer grew up in the church. She’s one to key an eye on too.

  • William LeBlanc

    I have no problem with Mel Gibson as a Christian. He is just in need of some improvement as we all are.It is hoped that his walk with Jesus will be more evident and that he is able to overcome his somewhat dislike for Jews. He must know that Paul as a jew said that as Christians we must achieve The status of a jew who were God’s chosen. We can’t be selective in following God’s word. I grafted you in,He said and I can prune you out. God’s command to love one another was all encompassing, Love your enemies too. Well we all know how hard that can be. But He was serious. And Oh, Yes! lets be sure we are talking about God’s love in us and through us.

  • John

    Don’t forget about about Kurt Warner, he is very active with his church and donates 10% of his checks. Also Morgan Freeman.

  • Marty

    I was amazed by many of the people on this list who are considered Christian. God wants Christians to be a good witness by how they act and what they say. So, it’s surprising when you have people say they are Christian and yet star in a movie like “Bewitched” or are involved in a horror movie like “Hellraiser.” But, as you know: We cannot judge others lest we be judged? I need to perfect my walk with God every day, and maybe these people do the same every day.

  • Martha Sims

    What about Stephen Baldwin?

  • Bonnie Clark

    What about Robert Duvall? Remember the movie, “The Apostle” that he wrote and directed. At that time there was a article about him in Reader’s Digest and he talk about his Christianity and experiences as a Charismatic Christian.

  • Anonymous

    What about Kirk Cameron?

  • susan steffey

    I was extremely disappointed by the behavior of Mel Gibson over the last few years. He claims too be such a religious figure but he makes violent movies and espouses anti semtism. THere is nothing “christian” about hatred and bigotry and his hateful rants against the Jews did nothing too enhance the Christian message.
    Also, when he made the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, he made hundreds of millions of dollars and there was nothing ever said about him doing anything to help others with some of the money.IN my opinion, he is a self righteous hypocrite who needs to do some serious soul searching about what it means too be a Christian. susan

  • Anonymous

    You failed to mention Kurt Cameron and his wife. Also Michael Landon Jr

  • TKDmomof 8

    The whole premise of this article is an abomination. Powerful Christians? The first shall be last…..Who picked this list? I didn’t hear a testimony from any of them that the had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That’s the ONLY way they can be counted as Christian. BTW…Martin Sheen? Are you kidding me?

  • Yoheved

    I think it is fabulous when people are not ashamed to represent God and make a statement for Him. You can call Him whatever name you want, as long as we are acknowledging GOD, Hashem. There is only one, and it seems most of us are aware of the need to embrace a Supreme Being. God is supreme and awesome, even when we are not feeling like He is.

  • Gloria,Shawano,Wisconsin

    no idea who y’all think is in Hollywood and is a Christian. yet Gladys Knight is Christian.

  • Lori

    Martin Sheen is not a Christian. He is a liberal who believes in abortion and gay rights. He doesn’t believe in Christ, which is evident by the way he expresses himself on talk shows. Anyone who believes in abortion and gay rights is not a Christian.

  • Kate

    I think the people that made comments had MUCH better suggestions that those on the list. Martin Sheen??…I DOUBT it! I DO think Denzel is legit tho. :)

  • Tablecrumbs

    They forgot Stephen Baldwin.

  • Jeff Bercaw

    Lomgtime Disney Actor Dean Jones is a committed Christian and famous radio celebrity Laura Ingram is a believer.

  • Anonymous

    What about Angie Harmon, John Tesh and Connie Sellaca? Also, Chuck Norris and Gary Bussy (yes, I know he’s had some problems, but he does profess Christ and has spoken at PromiseKeepers.) Also, Hunter Tylo, Antonio Sabato Jr.,Kim Alexis, Lynda Carter, Kathy Ireland, Alice Cooper. I have heard that all of these folks are believers.

  • trevise425

    Martin Sheen being on that list makes about as much sense as the “inventor of the Internet” getting a Nobel for his junk (and debunked) science.

  • Denise Mock

    Kirk Cameron – he’s the real deal! What an example!

  • becky p

    Kirk Cameron has been very influential with the making of the Left Behind Series. What’s the deal with him not being on the list???

  • JC

    Chris Tucker is a professed Christian. Nevermind that he got caught doing about 100MPH…he was speeding to church:)

  • Brenda Money

    Kirk Cameron is such a blessing to anyone who watches his show or reads his writings. He is the real deal!! Also, what about Stephen Baldwin? He is making an impact on the youth and is a great Christian speaker.

  • Marie

    Dyan Cannon is a strongly professed Christian. She holds ‘God parties’ in Hollywood where she preaches.

  • William Henley

    I think everyone says Kirk Cameron.
    Kinda surprised that the two Fanning girls, Dakota and Elle, did not make the list. I have seen a couple of interviews, especially after the “Hounddog” scandel, where they claim to be a deeply Christian family.
    A friend of mine was complaining that Stephen Baldwin did not make the list.

  • Bibi

    Fans of “Without a Trace” will be happy to know that Eric Close, who plays Marting, is a devoted Christian as well :-)

  • myjebbdog

    I’m in agreement, by all means, Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin need to be added. When coming across the link to this website, they were the two that first came to my mind. I had forgotten about Dyan Cannon, but she surely needs to be included. For anyone that has seen Tyler Perry’s theatrical productions, there is no doubt he is a Christian and stood steadfast when approached by FOX to produce his sitcom. My hat is off to ALL of the ones in Hollywood, whether mentioned or not, because it has to be very difficult to keep their faith and profess their Christianity in a place where it seems Satan is so prevelant. Too, thanks for providing us with this information…we can specifically support the ones we see here.

  • Lynn Hartz

    What about Pat and Shirley Boone? They may be older, but they have held their faith and used it to show others how to live.
    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I also thought that Jim Carey is active in a Presbyterian Church.
    And, although Jennifer Garner doesn’t live in Hollywood, not does her husband, Ben Affleck– they attend Christ Church Methodist when they are in Charleston, WV.

  • becky p

    what about M. Knight Shamalon? Isn’t he a Christian? His movies seem to have Christian themes to them.

  • Will Oiubeccia

    Here are several who should be considered: Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, who are based in Beverly Hills; the nation’s best actor and director Robert Duvall; T-Bone Burnett, the music producer and conservator of American folk music, including hymns (he did the stunning and best-selling sound tracks for O Brother Where Art Thou and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood); Duane “Dog” Chapman, the bounty hunter; film actor Cuba Gooding Jr, Loveboat actor Gavin MacLeod; the venerable Charlton Heston, and the inimitable television stars Mr. T and Andy Griffith.
    Martin Sheen should NOT be on any list of Christians, due to his left-wingism. Anyone who makes common cause with the nutcase traitor Cindy Sheehan is risking his own ring of hell.
    I stand in agreement with the recommendations of others on this thread for Kirk Cameron, Angie Harmon, Jim Caviezel, John Tesh & Connie Sellecca, Chuck Norris, Stephen Baldwin, Hunter Tylo, Jamie-Lynn Bauer, Lynda Carter, Dennis Quaid and Dyann Cannon. I tried to include Tom Hanks, and have admired many of his projects, but after research and consideration, do not find him making my list because of his involvement with such projects as Philadelphia, for which he gave an emotional pro-gay performance and Oscar speech, and the DaVinci Code, which truly is blasphemous. He has a ways to go in his surrender to Lord Jesus, and I hope he makes it.

  • Deb

    I would say that Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin should be top of the list..
    What are the requirements a star must have to be added to this list?? Church attendance?? Good deeds?? Or do they actually have to live their Christianity out loud for the world to see (ie. being Christ-like, speaking the truth in love??)– just curious?

  • Stephanie F.

    Stephen Baldwin hasn’t had as many significant film roles as some of the other Christians on the list, but he does come from a well-known acting family. Stephen became a Christian shortly after the Sept 11 attacks. In the 6 years that he’s been a Christian, he’s been very vocal about his faith. He directed and produced a film about Christian athletes involved in extreme sports and regularly shares his testimony at speaking engagements.

  • Linda

    What about Mandy Moore? She seems to play in a lot of Christian based films. Of course, I don’t know much about her, but she does strike me as a woman of faith.

  • Jan

    Martin Sheen not a Christian? Come on, Will O. God does not go to bed at night wrapped up in the Republican flag. How dare you suggest otherwise.

  • Unknown

    Don’t forget HANNAH MONTANA(Miley Cyrus)!

  • Nixie

    Suze said:”Uhh…I can’t think of one Hollywood director, producer or agent, mogul, etc. who is not Jewish. All studios are run by Jewish CEOs (name one which is not).”
    Typical anti-Jewish garbage.
    Only Warner Bros. and family-friendly Disney have Jewish CEOs.
    Of the 10 top-grossing films of 2006, only 3 directors (Shawn Levy, “Night at the Museum;” Brett Ratnew, “X-Men 3;” Bryan Singer, “Superman Returns”) are Jewish.
    Only “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Superman Returns” had Jewish producers.
    So, Suze, who’s REALLY responsible for what comes out of Hollywood?

  • Jennie

    I know technically she is not in Hollywood, but what about Oprah? I believe she is a Christian.
    Personally, although I am a Christian and an actress in Hollywood (no one you would know), I find this list offensive because it is limited to Christians. Would you make a similar list of “Most Powerful Jews” or “Most Powerful Buddhists?” Why not just a list of people of faith?
    Just my two cents.

  • Allan Richardson

    Interesting how several commenters know God’s innermost thoughts so well that they state a “liberal” like Martin Sheen cannot possibly be a Christian. Many of them probably belong to denominations that, at least until ABORTION and its side issues became important enough to make common cause with Catholics, preached that Catholics were not “real” Christians also (and some of their members probably still say this today). As a person of faith, specifically a member of the Christian Center-left (LOL), I find this offensive and judgemental, although I still love those who make the offensive remarks as God’s children.
    One or two claimed that Jesus never joked; maybe that’s because the Gospels didn’t write down the “laugh track” we expect on TV to let us know which lines are funny! I find the remarks about (some) Pharisees being “whited sepulchres”, trying to “strain at gnats and swallow camels”, etc. VERY funny, particularly if you have researched the Kosher laws to which they refer (ask an Orthodox rabbi about gnats and camels). Humor has always been a good weapon to puncture pomposity.
    Some of the persons listed, such as Martin Sheen and Tyler Perry, are obviously liberals (at least on some issues), and probably RESPECT those of different faiths, but Mel Gibson, despite being committed to his own faith, seems to see everyone except very conservative Catholics as “enemies”, or at least “conversion fodder” for his own faith. Dialogue and mutual learning and understanding cannot thrive if one of the parties has such an attitude. Remember, Jesus told us that he has “other sheep that are not of this pasture” and that in GOD’S time, not ours, they will be brought together.
    And I repeat the call for a new version of the list, either including people of faith in general, or specific lists for other faiths. I am aware that several of the comedians in Hollywood were educated, and even ordained, as rabbis before becoming stars: Jackie Mason, the late Alan King, and Richard Lewis (who played a rabbi on Seventh Heaven), among others, are not only ethnically Jewish but bring their Biblical values to their work. And for those who criticized actors who portrayed “politically non-Christian” characters, remember that spiritual truth may be taught in allegory as well as by direct Biblical text, and the most powerful statements may be made by playing the “bad” guy in the story (Yul Brynner as the Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments).
    Not in Hollywood, but popular to viewers of TLC, is a Jewish version of Dr. Phil, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (pronounced bo-TAY-akh), who roams the country in his RV giving spiritual, but not necessarily Jewish, advice to families of all faiths, in Shalom in the Home. Watch for his fame to rise, despite his humility which inhibits him from self promotion.
    Any devout Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or other show business people? I, for one, would like to learn of any.

  • Jackie

    You forgot to mention James Caviezel. He is a devout Catholic.

  • kingShasta

    Don’t forget several Christian actors in animation/voice over… Jess Harnell (voice of two Transformers robots), Aria Curzon (“Ducky” in The Land Before Time series), Townsend Coleman (voice of NBC promos), Katie Leigh (Totally Spies) and Corey Burton (pretty much every Disney movie in the past 10 years).
    Oh yeah, all of these actors are also on ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ which is recorded in Hollywood.
    -king shasta
    ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ actor interviews, bloopers, and free episodes at:

  • Nicole

    Please check out Kirk Cameron. He was very popular as Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains and also starred in the Left Behind movie. He is out on the streets daily filming a show about witnessing to people on the streets. He is an amazing Christian man. He is on Christian television, I am unsure of the stations.

  • thindi

    Many folks are thought of as Christians, and ONLY God knows for sure, but following the tenets of a church does not make a Christian. The job of the Christian is to live for Jesus, live to glorify and follow Him. The social issues are not the goal.. though Jesus said what we have done to the least of these we have done for Him. He cares about the people the social issues revolve around. Each one as an individual.
    I think we, in the modern world, have decided to make christianity what we want it to be and keep the verses in the Bible that we like not the ones that don’t seem as nice to our comfortable lives. I don’t think all the people mentioned are Christians though it seems they have faith of some sort. But again it is not up to me or you.. only God knows the heart. The ones who put feet to their faith like Anschutz, Heaton, Chenowith, Perry and Gibson to name a few.. they are showing a life serving Him.
    As for those who were missed.. Dr. Phil is a Christian but I don’t always agree with what he says about issues like homosexuality. Oprah could well be but she doesn’t talk about it much. There are many folks there who are Cheryl Ladd, The Boone family etc. But bless those folks for being transparent about faith. But even more to those who put feet to their faith and actually do things for Him.
    One person said why not a list of the other religions? because this is a Christian site. I am sure the Jewish sites have their influential list and so on.

  • Rebecca Garrett

    You left out Clifton Davis and Alex Baldwins brother. I forget his Name. Ive seen both of these Men on TCT. and other networks. They are both Christians.And not afraid to say they are. And Della Reese. Clifton is a minister.

  • Greg

    What about Chuck Norris (Walker, Texas Ranger)….I believe he has made a statement of faith as well, if I’m not mistaken…..

  • Angela

    “Why not Oprah?”
    Oprah has a lot of nice things so say – and she does some good things. But she does not live a life that glorifies God. She believes you have to ‘find your own truth.’ Which completely contradicts Christianity.
    If you are a Christian you believe of one truth – Jesus Christ. It isn’t true because you belief it – it is true therefore you believe it.
    I could go on and on. I believe Oprah defines the problem with Christianity in the United States.

  • ryan

    John Woo. I’ve read that he is a Lutheran and all his films have some sort of symbolism, usually represented by a dove.

  • leah

    Stephen Baldwin. He is a strong Christian who is really working to bring others to Christ.
    Effram Zimbalist, Jr. and his daughter Stephanie Zimbalist stand for Christ.
    Many well-known folks in Hollywood make all the “right” comments about Christ and Christianity, but as another said, God knows the hearts of men. We will just have to wait and see who makes it to heaven with us and who does not.

  • Anonymous

    Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

  • Pablo

    This is a very stupid list, with respect of the people in there, i respect very much as person and actors, but i think the first in the list will be Jesus Christ, Im not ortodox, Im not conservative fundamentalist christian, i am simple human, and I believe in god, thats all.

  • Tricia Hall

    As in Hollywood, for you to express a belief/your own personal belief, the way people of the world are today, they have this expectation that you better not fall or crumble, “we’re watching you” attitude…Only to become verbal in your outer behavior, because of stardom…When in the realm of the stars, we do as the stars do…When it comes to my personal beliefs, religion, practice, it really isn’t nobody’s business where, I practice, with whom I practice, nor whom I’m being taught by as long as my belief is true to one’s self, and God my creator… Nothing else should matter to the people that don’t use decernment because, it’s not the people that you in the end will have to answer to… Nobody is no more popular than the next, when in the sight of “God Almighty”…Mostly, nobody is missed, until it your “homecoming”… “Live and Let Live American”…Do make your own personal bond with Jesus…Time waits on no one!!! Right now, not tomorrow, not Sunday!!! Right Now!!! :^)

  • Barb Nowak

    Perhaps I didn’t see the whole list, however, what about Angelina Jolet, Bradd Pitt, and Oprah for starters, who have done so much for children.

  • grammadappy

    What about Kirk Cameron? He may not be making tons of money, but he is certainly a Hollywood personality who is outspoken for the Lord! He certainly gets my vote!!

  • Tom Young

    At the risk of starting a civil war or becoming a poster boy for Christians who kill their wounded, I need to distance myself from those who share the label “Christian” like Mel Gibson. I acknowledge that this may be an imposed label and not one of his own choosing. I will also be forever thankful for his production of The Passion of Christ for the opportunity it has brought the multitudes to discuss the eternal relevancy of Jesus Christ. What I’ve heard of Mr. Gibson’s faith is that he is a Roman Catholic as I was initially raised. This is a far cry but easily confused with Christianity as the Roman Catholic church continues to teach a doctrine which is works based and that is what Christ so passionately opposed. Wouldn’t it be just like Satan (who appears as an angel of light) to muddy the waters with DUI’s, offensive comments, etc. all “in the name of Christ.”

  • Ernest Witmer

    Yes! I would have put Kirk Cameron at the top of the list… especially for what he’s doing with The Way of the Master television program and also for his role in Left Behind.

  • Crackpot Press

    I think it may be too soon to have Mel Gibson head the list. It’s obvious he has a lot of hate in heart. With a career made on the exploitation of violence and sex… he may need a little more time to head the list.
    Robert Duvall is a great supporter of church and faith. As is, oddly enough, Val Kilmer. Val can often be seen reading at his local church and brings the kids up to his ranch after Sunday School.
    Glad to see Martin Sheen included. Very often liberal voices get to quickly excommunicated from these kinds of lists.
    Stephen Colbert has also recently “come out” as steadfast Catholic. He regularly raises money for charity.

  • Allan Erickson

    Jon Voight? Stephen Baldwin? Tom Shadyac? All believers, all highly accomplished, all sincere and consistent.

  • Victoria Silvstedt

    Google Stillstand? Seit gut einer Woche taucht kein einziger Artikel, den wir schreiben, in den Index aufgenommen. Hat jemand ahnliche Erfahrungen? Normalerweise dauert das nur 1-2 Tage bis Google die Artikel im Index auffuhrt. Gehts es anderen auch so?

  • Liz

    Don’t forget Catherine Bach (Annie) of 7th Heaven TV Series

  • Jennie

    Isn’t Oprah a Christian? I hear her talk about her faith all the time. I can’t believe she’s not on your list. I guess maybe because she operates out of Chicago and not “Hollywood.” Jane Fonda has quietly become a born-again Christian and is active in her faith in Atlanta. When he is a guest on Bill Maher, a vocal opponent of religion, Ben Affleck is not afraid to profess his faith (I believe Catholic). And although I don’t agree with their views, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Ann Coulter are all professing Christians with great power.

  • Kevin

    Lots of interesting discussions on this Beliefnet piece! I just wanted to point out a few facts that have been misrepresented in the above comments (and I don’t think people have done so on purpose, in most cases, so I’m not casting stones):
    1) Martin Sheen, while an outspoken political liberal, is profoundly pro-life and has often mentioned his view of abortion as a sin; he also does not believe in capital punishment, another belief very much in line with the Roman Catholic Church
    2) Jane Fonda, while professing to be a “born-again feminist Christian”, remains an outspoken supporter of many aspects of radical feminism, including abortion and gay rights
    3) Many comments have mentioned a number of former stars who no longer have much influence in Hollywood (and I’m not saying that as a criticism of them, by any means), but the list is of the “most powerful Christians in Hollywood” at present. I hardly think Dyan Cannon, Kirk Cameron, or Pat Boone maintain much influence in Hollywood.
    4) Regarding the string of “pro-Jewish” vs. “anti-Semitic” comments made above, it seems to me that most of the commenters’ words speak for themselves. To those who are on the extremes of either of those belief systems, anything and everything can be seen as insulting. I hardly think it’s anti-Semitic to say that many powerful Hollywood stars, producers, etc., are Jewish. Moreover, I doubt most of them would consider themselves religious Jews in any meaningful sense of that term.
    That’s just my 4 cents!

  • Barbara Turner

    I believe that Chuck Norris is a strong born again christian. Walker Texas Ranger was a very good show, it always had a very good message, that you could relate too. Especially the christmas epsiode. I love to watch Chuck Norris’s show’s, they are show’s with good morels and value’s. Keep up the good work Chuck Norris, God Bless Beliefnet

  • Anonymous

    What about Steven Baldwin?

  • Linda Carlson

    Jane Fonda and Hugh Hefner may have stated they are ‘christians'; but actions speak louder than words. As the Bible says, By their fruits you shall know them.
    Dian Cannon, Steve Baldwin, Kirk Cameron – who has been active on Christian broadcasting with his own talk program and others mentioned are sincere.

  • Phillip Masters

    I hav enot heard much about Kirk Cameron and his wife since the Left Behind series but he is outspoken about his faith and refers often to his mentor.

  • Joyce Parker

    Kirk Cameron co-host a show THE MASTER TOUCH with another guy that is so dynamic. They actually go into the streets and interview people with the gospel message.

  • Doug Johnson

    I think that Della Reese is one that should be on the list. Her role in “Touched By An Angel” has literally touched the live of millions. The story about how she came to do the show is amazing.

  • Carolyn Malcolm

    Although, she is not a Hollywood star, as an entertainer, writer,
    and musician, I feel that KATHIE LEE GIFFORD is an outstanding example
    of a Christian who lives her faith, talks her faith and uses her faith
    on a daily basis. By that I mean, she prays to make the proper
    decisions, and ask for gudance every day, as she listens to what
    God is telling her. Just by checking her web site, you will see
    exactly where she stands, etc.

  • first swallow time

    I haven’t gotten much done. Basically nothing noteworthy going on right now, but shrug. I can’t be bothered with anything recently. I guess it doesn’t bother me. Maybe tomorrow. I feel like a bunch of nothing.

  • Carole

    How about Steven Baldwin? In finding out just who Jesus is, he got his life straightened out…or at least from what I have read, it looks like he has.

  • nicadair05

    I was going to suggest Steven Baldwin, who has an awsome Testimony! Also,( I don’t know if this would be considered “Hollywood”) what about Brian Welch???

  • lee perry

    Pat Boone is the first that comes to mind for me. He has long stood the test of time for his faith.

  • EHayes

    I’m not sure at this point who you might have missed but am definitely surprised and extremely disappointed Martin Sheen made the list. It’s one thing to say you’re a Christian – quite another to demonstrate it.

  • Ann

    WOW!! One could not guess the “Christians” in Hollywood! Judging by their conduct nor their movies…Surprises me for sure. Did not know a Christian was a drunk, made near porn movies or movies with great violence and or nudity. Seems to me a Christian would NOT or should NOT make the movies some of these folks have made. There are folks on the top 20 I NEVER even heard of…Very puzzling to me.

  • Pepper

    What, no Stephen Colbert?

  • JT

    U2’s Bono has inspired faith for years, and continues to put his faith in action working to conquer poverty and aids.

  • Cynthia

    I have profound respect for Christians such as Kristen Chenoweth and Martin Sheen, who really do walk where Jesus walked. He did advocate for the poor and downtrodden against the wealthy and privileged, after all, and welcomed all, including MAry Magdalene, a sex worker, for God’s sake, into His group.

  • Tony

    There were two people from the past that should have been mentioned:
    Pat Boone and Dean Jones Although may of us old timers(like me) may remember Pat Boone as a popular singer in the sixties, he never was afraid to share his faith in Jesus Christ with anyone.
    The same can be said about Dean Jones, who starred in such Disney movies as “The Love Bug” and “Blackbeard’s Ghost.” There were times where he would hold bible studies at his home to share the Gospel with anyone who attended. So I believe that Beliefnet should have also went”Back to the Future” a k a the Twenith Century to nominate some of the past Hollywood greats that also were men of faith.

  • Ronni

    Morgan Freeman
    This dude shows incredible character and seems to always fly just under the radar. One of my favorite actors of all time.

  • Yolonda

    I will never expect Christians to be perfect, even stars. The concern I have is with so many christians struggling with porn. I do challenge some of the christians who play roles that include graphic nudity and language to consider the stumbling block that may be. I would love to support all these actors on what ever they put out, yet I can not watch these kinds of things or put God’s money into them. I am happy there are still some that have not and won’t cross that line. Liberty is one thing, black and white is another.

  • Sandi Ayersman

    Kirk Cameron
    He overcame teenage Hollywoodism to profess his Christianity. I applaud his strength of spirit. I especially admire what he brought to the “Left Behind” movies.

  • Kevin

    Well, if you’re talking old timers, you must remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They were a huge influence in my formative years–the work they did for Christian organizations and family causes still inspire me. And the talk show host, Mike Douglas, was never shy about his catholic beliefs and commitment to the church, nor was his contemporary–Perry Como.
    Whoever was responsible for making the film “Wide Awake” about the young man’s search for God (so he could ask him to take care of his grandfather who recently died), should be lauded as well.
    The film “Bridge to Terebithia,” while disturbing on some levels, has a very matter of fact portrayal of a family that attends evangelical church services.

  • pete dayton

    What has happened to Rene Russo? I heard she is a recent born-again Christian and so her and other beautiful Christian women, such as Connie Selleca’s, roles have dried up either intentionally or by prejudice of producers.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot Chuck Norris, Jane Fonda and Kirk Cameron.

  • Lauran Bonitta

    You forgot Stephen Baldwin!! He’s an awesome on-fire Born-Again Christian. His new book: The UnUsual Suspect is a great and funny read.

  • Anonymous

    Terrence Malick! The reclusive director’s ethereal films are indicative of his faith and commitment to work that challenges us to reassess how we engage with the world.

  • forever89

    Deezer D (ER)
    Shavar Ross (Different Stokes, Family Matters, actor, writer, director)
    Smokey Robinson
    Scott Derrickson (screenwriter)
    Janet and Lee Batchler (screenwriters, Batman Forever)
    …just some off the top of my head, there are plenty more.

  • forever89

    oh…Chyler Leigh (Not Another Teen Movie)
    Nathan West (actor, Miracle)…and good friend. We go to the same Bible study in LA.
    Ricky Bell (Bell, Biv, Devoe)

  • Doug H

    What about William H. Macy, Jeff Bridges and Felicity Huffman?

  • shannon

    hey y’all forgot Stephen Baldwin and Randy Travis and Randy Travis has publicly confessed his faith in public. and yes Randy Travis is an actor.
    God bless,
    shannon convey

  • Patricia Bodenmann

    Oh yes, Stephen Baldwin! That’s right Shannon! He wrote a book called “The Unusual Suspect” about his life before and after becoming a Christian.


    Going back a few years… What about Pat Boone

  • Helen

    The majority of country music singers are Christian. It is the total opposite of Hollywood. Rascal Flatts, Martina McBride, George Strait, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash, Billy Ray Cyrus, to name a few.

  • Bruce Leon Shank

    you forgot Kirk Cameron

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