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Do Euthanized Cats Go to Heaven? Top 5 ‘Office’ Religious Moments

TheOffice071001.jpg“The Office,” my favorite current TV show, has never been big on faith-focused storylines–except for its hilarious Diwali episode last year–but this year’s season premiere, which I finally caught online last night, was a major excpetion. Religion on “The Office”? Oh, let me count the ways:
5) A new Sikh character, turban and all!
4) A series of “tragedies”–Michael hits Meredith with his car, Angela’s cat dies after she sends Dwight to feed and medicate her–Michael is forced to grapple with the question of divine justice. In the course of about 10 minutes, he’s lost his faith in God entirely and found it again.
3) During Michael’s 10 minutes of unbelief, he gathers the gang in the conference room, and despite Toby’s admonishments that it’s illegal, demands to know everyone’s religion. When Pam and Daryl realize they’re both Presbyterians, excited high-fives are exchanged.
2) Having lost his faith in God, Michael seeks another being to worship, wondering whether an animal sacrifice is warranted or whether they should pledge their faith to some mystical beast with the face of one animal and the body of another.
1) Angela is distraut over her cat’s death, and even more so when she finds out Dwight took it upon himself to put the ailing feline out of her misery. “Cat heaven is a beautiful place,” the earnest Angela states in the funniest line of the night, “but you can’t go there if you’re euthanized.”

  • Anonymous

    “How did she look when she died?”
    “Uh dead. Really really dead.”

  • Deni

    I believe god created animals to comfort us, so , i believe yes, all cats and dogs, ect. go to heaven to await our deaths. and to meet us again..

  • Kathy

    The greatest gift we can give an ailing furchild is to free them from their torment and allow them to return home to heaven. It is selfish to force a beloved pet to suffer. God created everything with love and with love all pets return to heaven.

  • peyla

    I couldnt imagine my little heartbeats at my feet not waiting for me when I go home to our lord.God knows our hearts and minds and what we need.

  • Kat

    To think of not ever seeing my “babies” (my cats) again, is somethingI do not want to think about. So I think the babies will be waiting for me, or me for them, when my time here is up.

  • Karen Tesar

    I will not comment on my personal theology, but I will admit to having a Saint Francis statue, and numerous bird baths in my garden. And I cry when I see animals who have been hit by cars (or trucks)and,yes,I get angry when I hear about any sort of animal abuse. I decided, after my children were born, that we’d always have pet family memebers, beginning with goldfish, then hamsters and, of course, we have always had a Corgi pup or two. How can something that teaches a child about love, compassion and life not have some eternal value? Especially, as my children and I have always experienced, our precious furry family memebers give to us unconditionally in our deepest time of need. Maybe they’re just angels in four legged disguise. Everything God created in the beginning He said was good. The animals, nature, the heavens, and above all mankind. We have a lot to learn from Genesis. I’m not suggesting worshiping false idols, or suggesting our beloved cats and dogs have souls the way people do, but I do believe they are gifts of God’s creation. So it is totally appropriate to mourn the loss of something precious. Amen

  • Darlene Fenik

    After just loosing a pet to old age all your comments gave me hope and a comforting feeling of peach. Thank you

  • karen

    Please read the Rainbow Bridge poem….then you WILL believe our pets do go to Heaven.

  • Carole Taylor

    Yes!Yes! Adored cats and all of God’s creatures go to heaven. My beloved cat Merlin died last year and I cried for three solid hours. I can’t imagine spending eternity without him. In the next life I want Merlin to be the first being that I see. Heaven wouldn’t be heaven without him.

  • Mary Ann

    Animal were put on thi earth to love,teach and have that love return to them. In my opinion they are already Angels. I was a rescuer of animals, people don’t know how to treat one another. How can they say that a cat can’t go to heaven because a human decided tha illness has gone to far, and loving set them free. A loving act was given to the animal, not wanting them to suffer.The parents already in suffering from their descion. They now think that may have taken heaven away too.When any of my animals died, a piece of me went with them> Every now and then, more now than than, I think about hqw they werew so much of my life, and how they are missed. I now have 3 dogs, 5 cats, 1 ferret,his copanion died last month. He was so sick.When I went to the vet, he was in my arms and many tears were flowing. He said we tried everything and nothing else was left but transferr him to our loving God arms. I did and I fully believe that hes with God today and thats heaven.

  • janet larnach

    hank hanegraff (last name spelling? the bible answer man, anyway) indicates that there will be animals in heaven (“the lion shall lie down with the lamb”), and, though i understand that our eternal joy is to come from union with our lord, i cannot comprehend a true heaven without animals. (maybe the dogs will stop being jealous and competing with one another for my attention.) to me, that seems to be the only true justice for creatures that we have exploited for our own uses, as well as those that have been allowed to breed indiscriminately and/or have been left behind to fend for themselves.

  • Lesley L.

    Absolutely our beloved pets go to heaven! What bad things could they have possibly done except love us?? (And to be entirely honest, I really don’t believe its based on whether they / we’ve been “bad” or not, because God or Higher Power or whatever entity we choose to worship, loves us all, anyway.

  • Diane Kaska

    I’ve had 3 cats. My first one was named Angel. Second one Frisky who followed me when I left the house to play with friends and waited for me on there porch until I went home. Both died. Now I have Dusty my inside cat. She loves all of us but I’m her person! We also have a cockatiel. Pokey my dachaoud was my favorite dog. She acted like a puppy until she had a siezure and we put her to sleep. I still think about all the pets we’ve had over the years.

  • Rosemary

    I lost a very dear cat in August. The Vet and I decided together that to put him to sleep would be kinder.
    He had kidney disease-I had to give him an IV every day! It worked for awhile, but then he stopped eating.
    I also spent $700 in the emergency room to give him liquids and get him to eat, and see if the vets at the emergency room could save him.
    At the end, he was not eating and being force fed, he lost so much weight!, and to have to put a needle in him every day was very depressing to me.
    My vet said “You went above and beyond your call of duty to help him.”
    What more could I have done??-In this case I believe, YES!, it WAS!! the kindest thing I could’ve done. And yes, I do believe he is in heaven! By the way, his name was “Shaq”, and he was 13 years old.

  • Taylor

    It is so comforting to read all of your messages. I just can’t stand it when someone says to me,” It’s JUST an animal!!”
    My cat is 12 years old and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We have been giving him his medication and we decided not to go through with chemo. because animals can’t talk and let us know how things are REALLY going.
    Anyways, I have always struggles with euthanasia. I think it’s wonderful that we (humans) have the capacity to end suffering for ailing animals. I think it is the kindest thing we can do. My question is: Are we making GOd angry with us because WE have decided to make the decision (ourselves). We aren’t allowing GOD the final word.
    I am so torn. My kitty has stopped eating and things aren’t looking well. I just wonder what goes through an animals mind when the needle is being put in. I’m sure he/she can sense what is going on. I wonder what he/she thinks?

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    Great post you have. Now im thinking if euthanize cats do really go to heaven. I have a cat and she’s the best pet in the world. wouldnt trade her for anything.


    I really enjoyed the post. some things here I never really thought about to be honest with you.

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