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Did anyone join in TV Land’s third annual dinner-hour blackout last night? I did …sort of. The TV Land cable network sponsored its third annual “Family Day–A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children” last night. During the dinner hour […]

Love hasn’t been kind to emo rock band Kids in the Way if the songs on their latest CD “Love Hate Masquerade” are any indication. Break-ups and heartache permeate every lyric, painting a portrait of futility tinged with a longing […]

This past weekend was the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. It was also the week that CBS’ trainwreckier-by-the-minute reality show “Big Brother” concluded. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Previously on Idol Chatter, I joined the many […]

Geek chic is in this fall, with new series like “The Big Bang Theory” as well as the returning reality series “Beauty and the Geek.” And now NBC is hoping their geek, 20-something computer whiz Chuck Bartowski will help pull […]

Even for a Godrocker, David Crowder is unvarnished. His guitar lives for blaring anthems–”Amazing Grace” is his idea of an encore number–and his electric-socket hairstyle makes Matisyahu look metrosexual. By this measure, his latest album, “Remedy,” his first in two […]

It’s official! Summer is over and Hollywood is now rolling out its what-the-heck-do-we-do-with-these pet projects as images of gold-plated awards and acceptance speeches dance in their heads. The proof, in this case, is in the Pitt pudding, Brad’s latest film, […]

Speaking of sex (and I was), you have to go pretty low to disgust the trashy New York Post. But Patricia Heaton’s new sitcom, “Back to You” has the tabloid’s TV critic Adam Buckman taking the high ground: “If the […]

Tonight at 10 on NBC, television viewers with meet Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd) on “Journeyman,” an interesting new drama about a man who suddenly finds himself ripped from moments in his everyday life–getting into a cab, waking up in his […]

“The Syrian Bride” is an Israeli movie that points to some of the absurdities and everyday tragedies of a long-term conflict like that between Israel and its neighbors. The movie focuses on a Druze family living in the Golan Heights, […]

It seems all I need to do to create a flood of comments here at Idol Chatter–something that make my editors very happy–is to post my thoughts on either (a) Michael Moore or (b) Kathy Griffin. It’s the latter comedian […]