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Gwen-Stefani_idol.jpgWith her ultra-coiffed platinum blond hair, naval-bearing fashion sense, and rock-star attitude, singer Gwen Stefani, at 37 years of age, is still one hot mama on the concert circuit. She’s got the rocker husband (Gavin Rossdale), the hippest accesory in Hollywood (a cute baby), and is one of the coolest multi-hyphenates around.
On top of all that, she still can be a “good girl” if she wants to.
At a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia on Tuesday, Stefani put her own spin on Muslim fashion by covering up her skin during a concert–after some Islamic critics said they were worried her revealing fashions would corrupt the youth in the Muslim-majority country. Gwen hit the stage wearing a black leotard underneath a white short-sleeved shirt and black-and-white striped hot-pants suit, with black gloves up to her elbows.

Telling fans she was “feeling inspired,” she proceeded to change costumes throughout the show, each time revealing a new, ultra-hip, skin-covered outfit. Her decision to adapt her fashion sense for her Muslim audience came after the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students issued a statement that her costumes clash with Islamic values.
Some critics said Stefani shouldn’t have caved. But I say bravo for the positive attitude and willingness to change herself–but not abandon herself–depending on where she is. Performers often adopt various cultural and fashion aspects of the country where they’re performing to please the crowd, so what’s the big deal that Stefani cheerfully decided to cover up at a concert in a Muslim-majority country?
Unfortunately cameras were banned from the concert, so I’ve been unable to find photos (other then some grainy ones) of what must have been her fabulous fashions. Too bad–I know my plain-Jane Muslim wardrobe could use some spicing up.

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