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It’s difficult to tell who is more self-indulgently indifferent to Lindsay Lohan’s problem: the tabloids that denigrate her as a pop tart while devoting their front pages or kindly pastors who publicly urge her to turn to Jesus–strike that, turn […]

The autopsy on “Evan Almighty” continues, as Hollywood suits and evangelical media mavens all try to figure out why the modern day Noah story was not the faith-based box-office monster everyone expected it to be. In a recent Fox News […]

Paris is often referred to as the City of Love. The food, the fine wine, and the historic atmosphere all serve to act as an intoxicating aphrodisiac–the perfect recipe for a romantic relationship. The very title of “Paris, je t’taime,” […]

I know what some of you are thinking: With the thriller “Zodiac” out on DVD this week as well as the recently released, family-friendly, Hallmarkish “Sweet Land,” how could I make something to do with Shakespeare my DVD pick of […]

After weeks of controversy, dropped sponsorship and a last minute name change, BET aired the series premiere of “We Got to Do Better,” formerly known as “Hot Ghetto Mess.” For starters, the show was a hot ghetto mess. The title […]

Despite the period drama, the history, the great costumes, the intrigue–and yes, of course, all the religion–I can’t say that I loved Showtime’s first season of “The Tudors,” which chronicles the life and times of the infamous English king, Henry […]

Baseball is about to annoint a new home run king who has allegedly boosted his late-career stats with the help of steroids. Basketball is coping with a referee accused of betting on the game, including games he worked. Football is […]

Even if I could lure him away from that gorgeous French woman, it turns out that Johnny Depp and I would not have a hot romance, or even a deep soul connection. Sigh. And me and Charlie Sheen? A total […]

I could tell that “Thirsty,” Marvin Sapp’s seventh album, was going to be a hit from the cover alone. Sapp looked youthful and vibrant, and he had a sparkle in his eyes that hinted at things to come–which I found […]

Growing up Christian means growing up conflicted about popular music. Different families and churches handle it in various ways, but it’s generally true that all secular music (What Everyone Listens To) is seen as either potentially dangerous or completely taboo, […]