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What is it like to perform the Hajj? The only people who can tell this story are the Muslims who have been there. So how can everyone else–Muslims and non-Muslims–get a real sense of what it is like? Sure, documentaries […]

“All these survivors are capable of great sacrifice … in the spirit of the community.”– Executive Producer, Carlton CuseSince the castaways of Oceanic Flight 815 landed on a mysterious island three seasons ago in “Lost“, we have seen ordinary people […]

There’s Christian theology, full of hope for redemption and miraculous conversions, and then there’s country music. On her witty, bluegrass-inflected album, “I Want to Love You,” (out this week) Kassie DePaiva sings about heartache and being down to your last […]

What is it about prison–or just the prospect of it–that makes people find religion? Headed for a 23-day sentence that begins June 5, socialite Paris Hilton has been spotted toting the Bible and the nondenominational meditation “The Power of Now” […]

Beliefnet’s Dena Ross has a current story and gallery up, a feature on the Christian music artists. “According to Nielsen SoundScan, the Christian/gospel category was one of only four genres that saw its overall album sales grow last year,” she […]

Furthering the conspiracy theory that Christians are scewing the results of this year’s “American Idol” finale, the song that won this year’s first-ever “American Idol” songwriting contest and sung by finalist Blake Lewis was written by a longtime Christian music […]

For “Onion” fans out there who also appreciate all things religious, you’ve got to read this. This week, “The Onion” has a hilarious faux-story about a man who posted a “modern-day” 95 Theses (think Martin Luther), in the form of […]

I spent most of last night’s “Heroes” season finale half-cowering under the covers, worrying that one of my favorite new super-powered friends wouldn’t make it to see another season. It was a nail-biter in other words. Would Hiro Nakamura–television’s most […]

I really wasn’t too cynical about yet another mega-franchise sequel in this summer’s movie line-up. I wanted to be sure that I saw “Shrek the Third” with a lot of kids in the audience, including a few from my own […] and other media outlets are reporting that rapper and entrepreneur Master P is starting a record label with his son Romeo (nee L’il Romeo) “for hip hop artists with street music without offensive lyrics.” Take A Stand Records is […]