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By now everyone should have been able to get to their recordings of “Battlestar Galactica,” and we can safely discuss the riveting season finale. If you still haven’t gotten to this Tivo’d episode … stop reading and go watch it […]

If you’re a spiritually minded person who enjoys a fresh music sound that inspires, check out FFH’s current album, “Far From Home (The FFH Collection).” Unlike some other bands of their kind, FFH manages to maintain a consistently fresh sound–every […]

When the tempest first broke about Elizabeth Hurley’s Hindu wedding to Arun Nayar in Jodhpur, India, the headlines read “Hurley’s Interfaith Marriage Contested by Hindu Traditionalists,” and celebrity watchers and religion geeks scoffed in unison at the closed-mindedness of the […]

Alabama’s “Songs of Inspiration II” album starts with a wonderful spiritual posture: “I’m a pilgrim and a stranger, travelin’ through this wearisome land.” Then comes the familiar country gospel refrain: “I gotta home in that yonder city, good Lord, and […]

Some people send their friends e-cards. Some people send their friends plagues. Wait … what? If you’re like me, you’ve seen the recent spate of ads for upcoming horror movie “The Reaping” starring Hilary Swank and featuring the tagline “What […]

I’m not in any way a gearhead. Give me spirituality over sparkplugs any day of the week. But I do love listening to National Public Radio’s “Car Talk.” So, yesterday when the Tappet brothers, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, said that […]

I’ve no doubt “The Last Mimzy” will keep you glued to your seat. Yes, it’s a hokey premise–people from the future send a box of “toys” (and in particular, a stuffed rabbit) for two children to find in the past–and […]

Since I returned to watching the screwball medical comedy “Scrubs,” with new-found appreciation last season, I have learned to never underestimate the intelligent and touching ways in which the show tackles big questions about the meaning of life. Last night’s […]

Remember the days when “Ally McBeal” was only kind of quirky… before the dancing baby? Can you recall the name of the show that became the scene-chewing extravaganza known as “Boston Legal?”* Remember the thought-provoking “Picket Fences?” Apparrently, the producer […]

Sports and passion have always gone hand in hand. Indeed, what makes any sport fun to play and watch is the passion with which we do so. When our team wins or loses, our happiness or disappointment can go along […]