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The press this week about Britney Spears has centered on a single puzzle–what’s going through that newly bald head? For a while, Britney’s life has been “The Truman Show” meets “Real World.” In the past week, reports from the disaster-in-progess […]

…and that’s a good thing! The National Basketball Association and the City of Las Vegas’ tourism bureau went prime-time on TNT on Sunday night, and we found out that these players are clearly gifted for high levels of competition, but […]

Even though Ryan Gosling ( “The Notebook”) is up for an Academy Award for his performance in the indie film “Half Nelson,” the film played in such limited release last summer that it’s hard to imagine many outside of Hollywood […]

Finally, Madea goes on vacation and we get to see what kind of work Tyler Perry does when he stays behind the scenes. The results are magical, as depicted in his latest film, “Daddy’s Little Girls.” The story follows Monty […]

Time was, not so long ago, that the game superseded just about anything for professional athletes. Perhaps a day off was warranted if a close family member died, but not much else could tear a player away from those temporary, […]

I walked into the theater with great trepidation to see Walt Disney’s film adaptation of Katherine Paterson’s Newbery Award-winning “Bridge to Terabithia,” a story about a friendship between a boy and a girl, Jess and Leslie. From the look of […]

Does God work through thunderbolts or more subtly? That’s the underlying theme of “Amazing Grace,” an earnest, informative, and often stirring biopic of the heroic William Wilberforce, who battled the slave trade for nearly 20 years in England’s Parliament. As […]

Before seeing the movie “Amazing Grace,” I didn’t know who William Wilberforce was. I had no idea that the namesake of Wilberforce University, the nation’s first historically black college, was a British man who fought long and hard for the […]

The current issue of Newsweek features an interesting follow-up to the potential pseudo-controversy surrounding the movie “Save Me,” which recently made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. The Newsweek article features a surprisingly in-depth interview with actor Chad Allen, […]

I’d like to think that Christian vegetables–like VeggieTales’ Larry the Cucumber–will never be passé. There is, however, a new kid on the block in evangelical children’s entertainment: Max Lucado’s “Hermie, a Common Caterpillar” series. The series’ latest DVD is “Milo, […]