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I admit it: I followed “The O.C.” fervently during its first season, when Ryan was still a tough guy from Chino, Seth was still a videogame-playing geek, and Marissa and Summer were still hard-drinking, unattainable rich girls. (Plus, the theme […]

It’s official: Meredith Grey didn’t die last night in “Some Kind of Miracle,” one of “Grey’s Anatomy’s” most intense episodes yet. I know, I know. She is one of the main characters. She couldn’t really die. But I really did […]

Feeling a little puffed up over my successful predictions of the winners of last year’s Oscars, I am going to set myself up for possible ridicule again by putting myself on the line once more here at Idol Chatter, and […]

CNN reported yesterday that Kevin Federline, nee Mr. Britney Spears, planned on attending an emergency hearing today after learning that his former wife had left rehab for a second time after a brief 24 hour period, following months of bizarre […]

Business is booming at Body and Soul, the tattoo parlor where Britney Spears stopped on her much-reported breakdown last weekend, according to celeb tracker andPOP. Tattoo artist Max Scott says he expects many of the new bookings will be asking […]

TLC premiered a new reality series this week, “My Unique Family: The Witches Next Door,” presumably because the very premise must sound weird (or even blasphemous!) to most viewers. “What?” you’re meant to wonder with confusion. “Witches? A family of […]

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is not a regular show for me, but when Michael Kress, our Idol Chatter editor, told me about the “Brother’s Keeper” episode last night, I was inclined to watch, even though the “televangelist has secret […]

Just when I thought “Boston Legal” was going to forever fade into the kind of redundancy that was starting to plague this entire season, it took a nice break from some of the whimsical hijinks and sexual politics that have […]

Britney Spears’ much-balleyhooed head-shaving meltdown over the weekend had (at least) one religiously confusing aspect to it. While she was getting a white-and-pink cross tattooed on her lower hip, the former teen idol sported a large Star of David necklace […]

In “Breach,” director Billy Ray of “Shattered Glass” tells yet another gripping story of one man’s utter duplicitousness. This time around, however, the man in question, Robert Hanssen–played brilliantly by Chris Cooper–succeeds in bringing down not only himself, but the […]