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Harry Potter… er, Daniel Radcliffe… Gets Naked

posted by Paul O'Donnell

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Radcliffe will take his clothes off onstage when the play he’s starring in opens in London later this month. So who cares? Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Radcliffe also plays Harry Potter in the Warner Bros. film series based on the J.K. Rowling novels.

Since his casting was announced, parents have funnelled their anguish in emails to the many Potter fansites, complaining mostly that he’s a role model for their children. The controversy boiled anew this week when publicity photos were released showing Radcliffe in sexy poses with a horse and his co-star Joanne Christie.

Sexy as the photos may be, it’s not as if Radcliffe is making pornos. The play, “Equus,” is a time-honored and much revered (not to say a tad outdated) standard in the English theatrical repertoire that concerns a mentally disturbed teen who badly mixes up his love for horses and his lust for women. The young actor playing the boy has taken takes his clothes off since Peter Firth debuted the role in 1973.

But even if Radcliffe were doing something dirtier, isn’t it the parents’ responsibility to keep their kids away from objectionable material, or even adult material like “Equus,” not Radcliffe’s? “We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes,” wrote one parent about the nude scenes. Fine, but couldn’t you simply avoid West End plays intended for grownups?

  • http://HASH(0x1008740c) Kannbrown65

    Funny thing is, barring this making headlines, your average child ‘Harry Potter’ fan is NOT going to even know about something like ‘Equus’, or just about any stage play anyway.

  • http://HASH(0x1008840c) Niki

    Woohoo! Go Harry! Or maybe not-so-hairy…we shall see. LOL Congratulations to a talented young man making the difficult transition from child actor to adult. I wish him the best, as I am sure my 8 and 6 year olds do. What better role model than one who successfully grows up?

  • http://HASH(0x10088cd4) Joyce

    How many of our “children” will be going to the theatre to watch Radcliffe in the nude. The only way most of us would know this is via the internet. Harry Potter is the “Character” that our children look up to. Good role models should be at home with the parents first. Liking a character or the person that plays that character should be just that, liking them. I think it is great that Radcliffe is not limiting himself to just being “Harry Potter” He seems to be a very talented actor and putting him in a “Harry Potter box” is not allowing him to do what he does, which is acting. I see no problem with him disrobing in a play. And my son will still watch the Harry Potter movies and read the books. Next thing you know someone will get in a tizzy about Radcliffe being a “Wizzard”. . . remember people Harry Potter is fiction. Daniel Radcliffe is a real person.

  • http://hoooooooooooomy Darliene

    Harry what are you thinking? All the young kids that looks up at you , I love the show , wow be a young man keep your close on their are more mives out their for you to be in ,

  • http://HASH(0x1008a1ac) curiouser and curiouser…

    Can’t adults “love” good theatre? Perhaps when people grow up and address the actor by his name – Daniel Radcliffe – instead of by the name of one of the characters he has portrayed, and let him decide for himself which “mives” roles he should take, “close” or no clothes, then we’d have a real world where “young kids” can still “look up” to a fictional character and we adults can enjoy good theatre.

  • http://sorry debya

    Sorry, but as a parent I too agree that Daniel should have waited until he was alittle more mature bfore selling himself as a prostitute. Maybe you think our children will never know what he plays in your only kidding yourself or live in neverland. Do you not think that the media will not jump on this opportunity to sell him out? Who the heck are you kidding. What about our children and their beloved Harry Potter then. What a shame. Debya

  • http://HASH(0x1008aecc) Deb

    What a shame!!!

  • http://HASH(0x1008ba78) curiouser and curiouser…

    debya, The only “shame” is your immature ‘thinking’, especially considering you are a parent. The actor is 17 years old, the legal age of consent. As for your misleading, condescending, FALSE contention: “that Daniel should have waited until he was alittle more mature bfore selling himself as a prostitute.”The man is an ACTOR playing a role in a play. How is that “prostitution”??? I sure would hate to be your child. “Maybe you think our children will never know what he plays in your only kidding yourself or live in neverland.” Who believes that we “think” that? “Do you not think that the media will not jump on this opportunity to sell him out?” He made his choice, not the media. And how is choosing to play this powerful role “selling out”? Who the heck are you kidding. “What about our children and their beloved Harry Potter then.” What about them? They are 2 discrete things, totally unrelated to one another. I believe he plays a 16-17 year old in the HP movie. Most 16-17 year olds are sexually aware today; most have already had sex. Shuold he wait until he’s 21 before he has a date? Welcome to the 1950s, eh? What a shame.

  • http://HASH(0x1008c134) Allison

    I’m confused by the fact that many people seem to think that Equus is some sort of cheap porno…this is a serious play and if a 17-year-old guy has the chops to handle it and do it well, he should be applauded. I’m also confused by the fact that nudity is apparently the worst thing on earth…I’m pretty sure Harry Potter gets naked when he takes a shower. Who cares? I doubt children will be more scarred by some photos of a kid with his shirt off than by their parents enraged, puritanical reactions to the situation.

  • http://HASH(0x1008c434) Cathy

    I think this would be a good opportunity for parents, if their child is confused, to explain the difference between fiction and reality. Explain that Daniel is an actor that played the role of Harry Potter. That there are no wizards and witches and magic school, that these are just fun movies to watch. Daniel is a great actor, and he will probably be seen in other movies that the kids WILL see, although I highly doubt that any kids will see the play meant for ADULTS that he is doing now.

  • http://HASH(0x1008d934) BlueWizard

    Here is what I hear the dissenters saying – ‘Me, Me, Me’. “Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe live to serve Me, Me, Me.” Well, I’m here to tell you that he doesn’t. Dan needs to think about the future, and how he will conduct the rest of his life. Regardless of how the play ‘Equus’ goes, it will be a HUGE and postive learning experience for Dan. Theater is extremely demanding. There is no director to shout ‘cut – lets do it again’. You live or die in the moment, and you do it day after day and week after week. This is an absolutely positive move by Dan, one that enhances his skill and credibility as a true actor, and help insure a long a stable career in the future. Those who complain are just greedy, they seem to think that all celebrities exist to serve and entertain them. Sorry but that is not true. Dan needs to conduct his career and mold his future as he deems best. You are more than free to like it or leave it.

  • junaid ali

    It was a good idea to do a diffrerent roll but dan musn’t have done this one

  • yulany

    I love daniel because it’s my favorite actor. when I see harry potter I dream….

  • ami

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lol

    I would like to hang out with Daneil Radcliffe

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