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I finally saw “The Aristocrats” this weekend, and will refrain from adding–at this late date–to the reams of commentary on this documentary about the telling and retelling of a single, legendary, vile joke by professional comedians. In a completely unrelated […]

Last week my husband returned from Seattle on Delta Airlines, and told me he had some “Idol Chatter blog-worthy” news: As they crossed the country at 35,000 feet, they were treated to quite the interesting version of the Golden Globe-winning […]

For the most part, there isn’t always a lot of grace shown at “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Seattle Grace Hospital. The show dabbles with the “diseases” of the human condition, those murky, dirty, selfish gray areas of torrid love affairs, ruthless competitiveness, […]

Many year’s ago, a relative of mine joked that she may have to induce the birth of her third child since the expected due date was the same as the Super Bowl and she wanted her husband to be there […]

I may not be a comic book junkie, nor have I been swept up–at least in any lasting way–into the graphic novel craze that has hit the bookshelves of late, but I couldn’t pass by “Persepolis,” Marjane Satrapi’s vivid (literally) […]

Philip Yancey, author of “Where Is God When It Hurts?”, once said that if the church was more present in this world and attending to its pain, people would be asking the question that is the title of his book […]

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO documentary “Friends of God,” which premieres tonight, promises a behind-the-scenes look at the “broad tent” that is evangelicalism in this country, but instead, the film simply follows the same unimaginative formula of other documentaries, like “Jesus […]

NBC’s fantastic new show “Heroes” finally returned this week after a too-long holiday hiatus, premiering with the episode “Godsend” and leaving viewers with some interesting ideas to ponder: Are the heroes’ special powers gifts from God? At least one of […]

What is a Sundance Film? This was one of the writing prompts for an article review I wrote for a class in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival. I said it was simply the absence of a studio backed film […]

Upon viewing the film “Trade” (2007) by Marco Kreuzpainter, the scales have been removed from my eyes by this frightening film, which portrays the horror that goes on with in the world of sex trade. Jorge (Cesar Ramos Ceballos) is […]