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Whose Cross Is It?

The Russian Space Agency recently turned down Madonna’s bid to get a spot on an upcoming mission. This must come as a disappointment to those Christians who would love to see the pop diva shot into space, once and for all.

Barely recovered from her latest U.S. concert tour–which includes the spectacle of the star posing on an enormous glittering cross and is now making waves internationally–some American clergy have been upset anew by NBC’s plan to show the disco-crucifix footage on “Access Hollywood.”


“By sponsoring Madonna’s mockery of Christ, NBC will insult the majority of Americans and millions more around the globe,” says Reverend Rob Schenck, who is president of an ecumenical group called the National Clergy Council.

Rev. Schenck, of course, begs the question as to whether Madonna is mocking Christ. Artists–and as glitzy and overwrought as Madonna can be, she still appears on the Arts page–have long availed themselves of the cross to express their religious views. Mel Gibson did as much, and perhaps offended as manywith his ecstatically gushing “Passion of the Christ.” The fact that Rev. Schenck may like one and not the other doesn’t mean Madonna is dissing Jesus.


Instead, in her ham handed way, Madonna appears to be calling those who espouse Christian principles to account. Here is the account of a Russian journalist who attended Madonna’s concert there last week (over the objections of the Orthodox Church):

What I–and, I assume, most casual observers–did not know was what the song would be and what the point would be. The song was “Live to Tell,” her 1986 hit, and the point was not subtle. Flashing behind her on a giant video screen were the faces of children and some statistics: the number of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa and the fact that without help they will all die before the age of 2. And then there was a long quote from “The Sheep and the Goats” story from the New Testament.”


At the end of the song, she makes a pitch for donations for these orphans.

Not coincidentally–and, okay, perhaps cynically–Madonna announced this week that she would work to raise $3 million to improve the water supply in the African nation of Malawi, where she’s already sponsoring a home for orphans. If she’s mocking Christ, she’s found a nice way to assuage her guilt.

  • Deana Vassar & Gabe Lauro

    Madonna is clearly doing the work of the body of Christ: seeking to help those with AIDS, attending to the needs of the fatherless and giving drink to the thirsty. We don’t think her controversial climb up on the cross warrants so much fuss. Robert Schumann said, “It’s the duty of the artist to shine light on the human heart.” Madonna’s current floodlight might be too glaring for some, but our prayer is that they would shield their eyes and hear the gospel she is preaching. Her thoughtful use of the sheep and goats scripture gives a clear view of her heart.>

  • http://thankGODforcalvary MARIE

    we are sinners that means all of us the entire human race with no distinction no matter how good anyone look the heart is desperately wicked thank GOD for children whom GOD give the grace to listen to their parents that is the first way GOD use to make the best the smart everything good I grew up with a terrible father whom every thing must be done his way or big trouble that helped me to grow up in peace & GOD may use a president to help people from destroying themselves that is why most parents & responsible people loved & voted for president BUSH it is always good to have this godly people in power to help restrain sin because we are sinners our hearts always available for satan to use but GOD in His great mercy raise up King to help us with the ennemy that is more powerful than us when I was under my father’s care I wish somebody took me away from him now I am in my fourties I thank GOD for my dad my age right now is an age were satan put you in hot chair to take you back some kill themselves go to voodoo people’s use before their time some lost their mind for good some on depression pills I came here in america work in homecare that is a great journey every each elderly on depression pills for my experience in nursing I talked to them help them get of sleeping pills depression pills speak peace to them they ask me to work as a psychology I did go to nursing school not in psychology I am glad for these young people in russia they have a leader that care for them even when that leader may probably like madonna but that leader want the best for the young minds I am amazed to here pastors got mad about that I understand that madonna means well but sometimes it is better to eat a peace of dry bread in peace than have a house full of caviar & no peace I grew up with my dad who go to cimetery at midnight to buy people’s souls to work voodoo he was very rich I never know or heard my dad broke but the day he learned that he had cancer he will die my dad run to religious people to help him to know the way to heaven because there are souls he could not have but what he does not know no body can help anybody to go to heaven for example madonna no one on earth can know her destiny except a liar or religious nonesense who think they are serving GOD but they are serving satan who think they are going to heaven because they have sins restrained in their lives sme way some how they do not want to face the truth & look at the thieft on the cross GOD showed us the worst sin to prove to man kind whom HE gave the power to believe in the truth nothing anyone can possibly do to go to heaven moral or immoral I grew up never practice sex until marriage because I was trying to please the person I loved my dad never still because my father hate thieves I love school because my dad loved smart people I did not practice sin because I wanted to please my dad not myself which I thank GOD for every day now I have great peace to sleep at night with no help of sleeping pills not only sins always in my thinking GOD used my dad to keep me from destroying myself but if I did not became born again I would go to hell like anybody else because GOD says if you think of the sin you committed it already in your mind & worship soul that my father had as my god that is enough sin to take me to hell that is why GOD say there is none righteous no not one all sin is sin before GOD whether small or great no one can be good enough to point fingers at others you have your sin I have mine that stand for the whole world every body need JESUS CHRIST small or great in SIN our mother conceive us we now need to read the bible more than ever before & cry out to GOD for mercy P S not trying to win your place in HEAVEN by doing anything unable to sleep because you have cancer or aids you have been told tha you have no hope worry about things you cannot change it is purely simply evil to me it is a sign you are headed for HELL so thank GOD for anything that comes your way GOD know all about it it was all planned that is why we cannot support abortion thru woman GOD give us scientist doctors police president army man & woman do not encourage children to do wrong support single parent any way you can do not destroy GOD’ creatures love one another no matter what do not judge others live your life in peace do not trying to live anybody’s life for them you have this sin you do not like do not do it yourself but do not kill or hate someone that wants it that his or her life he or she have the right to live it the way that pleases to them like JESUS say be at peace with all man none have to answer to any man how thy live thei lives for example I have 2 children & myself when I look in the mirror I have things I need to change why would I want to look in anybody else’s mirror>

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