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It seems that Madonna’s Kabbalah connection with Lindsay Lohan may be reaching new heights of mystical is featuring pictures of Lohan with a Jewish “chai” charm necklace. It is not clear whether wearing the Hebrew word for “life” around […]

I’m a sucker for unique music combinations (think: Metallica’s “S&M” collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony). So when I listened to the first track off Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56’s soon-to-be re-released album, “Knuckles Up,” I was immediately drawn in […]

Tonight will mark the return of perhaps the one and only positive representation of American Muslims currently on primetime television. Unfortunately, instead of being on a show that is substantial and thought-provoking, it will be on something shallow and salacious–a […]

There comes a time in every musical artist or band’s life when he, she, or they recognize the superior majesty of another being and succumb to his control. I refer, of course, to the superiority of sound engineer Brian Eno, […]

For those who last watched Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in the thriller “Speed,” re-imagining their relationship at a much slower pace and across different times in “The Lake House” might be challenging at first, but it’s worth the effort. […]

Dr. Judith Dushku is best known–in some circles, at least–for being a professor of government at Suffolk University in Boston. She also spent time as the dean of their satellite campus in Senegal, where she became involved with various African […]

While an avalanche of “reality TV” shows fill our airwaves, I’m still glad for seasons like this, when the truest reality TV—sports television—has a large presence. Rarely is that presence greater than the once-every-four-years season of World Cup soccer, the […]

Who’s the biggest sinner in Hollywood? The E! Channel promises to answer that question in its new seven-week series, “The Seven Deadly Hollywood Sins.” Starting tonight, the series will provide a cheesy and cheeky look at how Hollywood celebs indulge […]

Idol Chatter is humbled and just a little bit giddy at being named among Entertainment Weekly’s top 100 entertainment websites. In a feature titled, appropriately, “Bookmark This Page!” the magazine’s editors listed their favorite 25 sites, and asked the editors […]

If you took the Ben Stiller comedy “Meet the Parents,” rewrote it in Spanish, and added in a dash of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and a pinch of religious conversion experiences, you’d end up with “Only Human,” which opens tonight in […]