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As promised in all the hype about the season finale of “Lost,” obsessed viewers learned the following: What happens when the “save the world” counter stops at zero… and the buttons aren’t pushed. At the beginning of Season Two, Locke […]

“But what about my friends?” In between all of the revelations about the hatch–I mean, hatches–and the return of Desmond, the guy the island survivors found in the hatch, it was still that line–spoken by roly-poly Hurley–that moved me the […]

Once upon a time, the Indianapolis 500 was as American as, well, as NASCAR and Bible Belt Christianity. This weekend’s 500 is as loud, fast, and potentially lethal as any stock-car event, but the open-wheel racers of the Indy Racing […]

It’s happened to me many times—a mind-blowing coincidence will occur, and I’ll think, “If this happened in a movie or a book, it would be totally corny and unbelievable.” Which is why it takes such great skill to make coincidence […]

I heard a sermon on Broadway last night, and it wasn’t in the nearby Church of Scientology. It is the opening scene of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Doubt,” and it sets the tone for a powerful play that poses the questions: […]

It’s generally a sign of a rock star’s age–and fading relevance–when her fans are called “the faithful,” even when the artist in question is the renegade Roman Catholic-turned-Kabbalist Madonna. At 47, the singer kicked off her latest world tour this […]

Beliefnet editors receive dozens of books each week, some memorable, some not so much. Every once in a while, however, a book’s back cover description is so arresting that it lingers in the mind for days. So it was with […]

In order to fit in the two-hour season finale of “Lost” during prime time evening hours this Wednesday, ABC decided to pit the (also two-hour) series finale of “Alias” against the (also two-hour) season finale of Fox’s “24” tonight. What […]

On last night’s “Simpsons” season finale, Homer had the following astute observation about his marriage to Marge: “We been through more hardships than the Jews and Charlie Brown put together.” So who did go through more challenges and troubles: The […]

Thank heaven for little girls, goes the old song. Thank Sonny Sandoval, of the Christian heavy-metal group P.O.D., for the most popular new name for little girls: Nevaeh–or “heaven” written backwards. Since Sandoval revealed his then-new daughter’s name during an […]