Idol Chatter’s Scoop breaks the news States-side that Gwyneth Paltrow is demanding “proof” that her newly-renovated London home is haunted. According to London’s Daily Mail, Ms. Paltrow feels that her current pregnancy is not going as easily as her last one and she is attributing it to “dark energies” in her home. Purchased in 2004 from Kate Winslet, Paltrow and her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, are reluctant to move, since they paid a reported 3.5 million pounds for the home and spent an additional 1 million pounds on renovations, reports the Daily Mail.

So, who ya gonna call? Madonna, of course. According to the Daily Mail, the Material Girl recommended to Gwyneth that she enlist a Kabbalah rabbi to exorcise energies from the estate. It seems Madge uses Kabbalah rabbis before her concerts to rid the stage of negative energies.

But a spokesman for Paltrow tells Scoop’s Jeannette Walls that “there’s not a ghost of truth to the tale.”

“This is 100 percent false. [Paltrow] does not feel her home has any bad energy, and, in fact, feels that the house has wonderful energy and enjoys all the time she and her family spend there. Also, Gwyneth is not a follower of Kabbalah and therefore has not enlisted the help of a Kabbalah rabbi particularly since there is nothing to exorcise from the home.”

Personally, I believe Paltrow’s spokesperson. She apparently moved to the house to be closer to her personal acupuncturist, Gary Trainer, who could just threaten any ghosts with a little moxibustion, a.k.a. cupping. That would scare even the hardiest among them away.

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