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Naveen Andrews, who plays the Iraqi character Sayid on “Lost,” recently admittedly that he had impregnated a woman—pardon, “fathered a love child”—while on hiatus from his longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey. Unfortunately, that news preempted a bunch of more interesting tidbits […]

Apparently, good old George from “Seinfeld” has his own version of the Top Ten things We Shall and Shall Not do. This was forwarded to me by a friend: 1. Never walk without a document in your hands: People with […]

Does Jack have a Messiah Complex? As recounted by Donna, the latest “Lost” episode revealed Jack, the doctor who prides himself on rational, scientific thought, as a man under pressure to perform medical miracles, even as he doesn’t believe in […]

Last night’s “Lost” episode, called “The Hunting Party,” revolved around Jack’s (Matthew Fox) character and revealed an interesting tidbit about his history. Known thus far as the “Man of Science” on the Island–as opposed to Locke ,and now Mr. Eko, […]

While on the Blog of Daniel, the Episcopal Church’s site for discussion of the NBC series “Book of Daniel”–check out the entry titled “My Bishop Rocks–Literally.” (Click here to go directly to it.) It announces a rare New York City […]

I tuned in last night to NBC’s Scrubs, a quirky sitcom about a group of doctors and residents, and was, to my surprise, treated to one of the best half-hours of television I have watched in a long time. The […]

Fans of Fox’s smash hit drama “24” are already well into another season of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) withstanding the most stressful of situations by sheer willpower and his serious penchant for bodily danger. By now in its “fifth day,” […]

It seems that Britney Spears is still following in the spiritual footsteps of her mentor Madonna. Having been introduced to Kabbalah by the Material Mom, the former Baptist was soon seen wearing a red string around her wrist and toting […]

When the Washington diocese of the Episcopal Church USA erected “The Blog of Daniel,” a page on the diocesan website that welcomes discussion of the controversial NBC series “Book of Daniel,” I thought: pure genius. Rather than bridle the way […]

I finally saw Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” yesterday, and I emerged–after a way-too-long 2 hours and 44 minutes–about as ambivalent about it as I was beforehand. Certainly, as a suspense-thriller flick, it works. The acting is top-notch, the production values strong, […]