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Naveen Andrews, who plays the Iraqi character Sayid on “Lost,” recently admittedly that he had impregnated a woman—pardon, “fathered a love child”—while on hiatus from his longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey. Unfortunately, that news preempted a bunch of more interesting tidbits from the British actor, which had appeared in a Gannett interview just days before the fathering bombshell.

Andrews–who wears a cross, calls his mother a “Christian maniac,” and believes “there are many ways to God”–will appear as Egyptian prince Menerith in a version of “The Ten Commandments” coming to ABC this Spring. On the list of things Andrews won’t be saying again once network publicists get to him is this observation: “Our Moses is portrayed as a nut case.” Also: “God basically orders genocide in the name of ‘you do what I tell you.’ In this sense, the miniseries, he says, “is a study of dogma” and the dangers of fundamentalism. (Lest you think the film set was all furrowed brows and deep thoughts, Andrews admits in another interview, that the actors had a hard time shaking off the feeling that they were in a remake of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.”)

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