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I was at a dinner party the other day–you know, a little chips, dip, some chile, good conversation, and to wash it all down, He’brew: The Chosen Beer! Imagine my surprise when I noticed the bottle, whose label has what looks to be a very happy Hasidic man (I think) holding up two beers triumphantly, with the Brooklyn Bridge on the left and Jerusalem on the right as a back drop. Not something you drink everyday, right?

For the curious, this particular brew, one of several He’brew blends, was called “Genesis Ale,” billed as “A Smooth and Distinct Light Brown Ale,” and it comes with a little story:

Why is this beer different from all other beers? In the beginning, the was an idea, and it was good. A Gourmet Kosher Microbrew to celebrate the bounty of our own American land of milk and honey. Our first creation is Genesis Ale, a rich, smooth, and disticntive light brown ale. A smidgen of Middle East, a dash of American West… Then we tasted it, and it was very good After 5000 years of civilization, finally a microbrew with the chutzpah to call itself The Chosen Beer. From the Golden Gate to the City of God, may HE’BREW join in the blessings of your lives… To Life! L’Chaim!

The taste of God’s Chosen Beer? Well, to be honest, it’s just OK.

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