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The bestselling non-fiction author alive has lost his television show. The Trinity Broadcasting Network, the nation’s largest Christian broadcaster, has suspended “The International Intelligence Briefing,” starring Hal Lindsey, whose apocalyptic book “The Late Great Planet Earth” has sold some 30 million copies and served as the template for the “Left Behind” fiction series. Lately most of Lindsey’s intelligence (as well as his most recent book) has worked to equate Islam and terrorism. As TBN has extended its reach overseas, including to the Middle East, it blanched at Lindsey’s insistence that the only Muslims who rejected violence had yet to read the Qu’ran.

At first, TBN said Lindsey’s show was being preempted by Christmas programming. Only later did a TBN executive admit that Lindsey’s program “placed Arabs in a negative light,” a waffle that has contributed to the idea among the most conservative Christians that TBN, operated by Christian broadcasting pioneers Paul and Jan Crouch, has lost both its moral compass and its stomach for conservatism. (“Is this the end of TBN?” asks one blogger.) Lindsey countered yesterday by quitting TBN, but his widespread support, and his plans to find an outlet for his new show, “The Hal Lindsey Report,” suggest a feud may be brewing in Christian media circles.

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