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Let’s face it, we all initially strive for utopia. We want to find the perfect job and have the perfect wedding. We will avoid the parenting mistakes our parents made and the list goes on. We start out thinking we […]

When you are willing to share the messy side of life – your own worries, fears, mistakes, and heartache… Other people feel safe confiding in you. Just yesterday, I was chatting with someone experiencing divorce and the topic of stress […]

Do you take out your mood on other people? Chances are if you do few people will actually tell you. People tend to not want to take on difficult personalities. Instead, depending on their emotional healthiness they will either walk […]

Let’s be honest, pretty much any individual who has experienced the horrors of a broken relationship has at some point felt like a victim. And divorce is about as broken as a relationship can get. Therefore, even those who admirably […]

Pain is one of the staples in the life’s emotional kitchen. We all deal with it differently. We know this. But do we recognize how we deal with it ourselves? It should be dealt with. It should not be passed along […]

I’ve had a few people ask me if writing about divorce keeps me stuck. It’s a really good question. On the contrary, writing about divorce is the one place I feel in control in an out of control divorce. It […]

It’s been said there are more bad counselors than good ones.  How do you find a solid one? Do the necessary prerequisite homework – research them and ask others for referrals. Ask yourself some of the following questions? Are my […]

I can’t lie.  There have been many instances throughout this four-year ordeal of a divorce where I felt I have lost valuable time. The tug of wasted moments bearing down on me. So many hours I would rather have spent […]

All relationships are different. Some are intimate, others neighborly, community-based, or work-based. There are best friends and acquaintances, close relatives, and distant cousins. However, every single relationship has one thing in common. How they make us feel. Whether we just […]

How do you get away from a bully? The first answer is not widely accepted.  You can’t. There are bullies in this world. It is a part of life. We can’t escape it.  This will not be a popular answer […]