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The world initially resisted but ultimately fell in love with the internet. And social media became the new corner store – a sought after gathering place. The technological four walls where people gather to find out what’s going on in […]

I’ve had a few people ask me if writing about divorce keeps me stuck. It’s a really good question. On the contrary, writing about divorce is the one place I feel in control in an out of control divorce. It […]

The truth is fully graduated confidence and respect are a byproduct of a mature ego. What does this mean? The ego must grow up. This leads the average individual to a tricky conundrum. Because of course, we all want to […]

Narcissism is a buzz word – casually thrown around by many. However, ask anyone who has been involved with a narcissist and they will tell you the brutality of this personality disorder. Ask them what compounds it and they will more […]

Can you rescue someone? This question is raised time and time again by individuals who reach out to me. They just don’t phrase it this way. I have written about this often because rescuers refuse to believe the answer is […]

It’s been said there are more bad counselors than good ones.  How do you find a solid one? Do the necessary prerequisite homework – research them and ask others for referrals. Ask yourself some of the following questions? Are my […]

All relationships are different. Some are intimate, others neighborly, community-based, or work-based. There are best friends and acquaintances, close relatives, and distant cousins. However, every single relationship has one thing in common. How they make us feel. Whether we just […]

My mother once said, “He loves you as much as he’s capable of loving anyone.” I was recently reminded of her wisdom. At the time my mom did not speak these words to me but even then it was clear […]

I remember chatting with my friend during the final demise of my marriage. She pondered whether there was really just ‘one’ person for each of us in life.  I was horrified! Me, the idealistic writer. Of course, there is only […]

Last week I was watching NBC’s First Dates (which I SO want to be on by the way). It’s a new show produced by Ellen DeGeneres and narrated by Drew Barrymore. They teased the upcoming clips and right before I flipped […]