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You never quite know where inspiration will hail from. Even the front seat view of a drive-thru Mcdonald’s. I couldn’t help but think… My relationship was more like a fast food drive-thru than a sit-down diner. There is nothing like a […]

The simple truth? Not everyone grows up. It’s one of the reasons I coined the phrase… “I’m tired of watching children walk around masquerading as adults.” So how exactly does this happen? There are plenty of reasons an individual’s ego […]

I speak to anyone who has felt emotionally broken and spiritually repaired. When you end a relationship you must endure excruciating pain. For this reason, many remain in less than happy circumstances. The good news? It’s fleeting. It’s akin to ripping off […]

In the beginning, divorce teaches you about pain, loss, and tears. Eventually, it opens up to far greater lessons which in many ways bring a more mature view on relationships. At the very least it offers a less idealist lens through […]

The truth?  We all have baggage. It’s inevitable. That’s part of the beauty of relationships. We find refuge in another imperfect person and our joint baggage just works well together. The emotional yin to our yang. But some baggage should […]

Relationships are incredibly complex.  There are so very many things which can make or break them.  And this pertains to all shapes and sizes of relationships – romantic, friendship, work, etc. However, there are things which can improve their chances. […]

Do you take out your mood on other people? Chances are if you do few people will actually tell you. People tend to not want to take on difficult personalities. Instead, depending on their emotional healthiness they will either walk […]

I wrote my last column about the day I stopped liking myself. In a nutshell – my relationship broke. And I got lost in someone else. Or as the classic quote goes – “Be careful when trying to fix a […]

There are some really great guys in this world. The problem is we don’t always attract ourselves to them.  And no, this does not mean they are perfect – none of us are. This simply means they are truly good […]

A few months ago I returned. The person once known as Colleen Sheehy peeked through after what seemed like an eternal hiatus. I think I now understand the artist formerly known as Prince or Puff Daddy turned P.Diddy and so […]