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Do you lie? Sure you do. Pretty much everyone will admit they are guilty of a little white lie now and then.  The type that spares someone’s feelings or the one you tell when feeling overwhelmed and really not up […]

As parents, we LOVE to do things for our children.  After all, it’s an expression of love. How could it be a bad thing? Or could it be? There comes an age where doing too much for our children WILL […]

It’s a wonder most can’t walk away from disrespectful relationships in the very beginning. The problem? Generally speaking, we tolerate this lack of respect because it’s somehow familiar. This communication or more appropriately ‘lack of communication’ probably existed in our […]

These past years have been brutal; however, as much as I prayed for God to lead me forward and up and out of them, deep down I knew a truth. The type of truth anyone with deep spirituality recognizes in […]

Let’s be honest, pretty much any individual who has experienced the horrors of a broken relationship has at some point felt like a victim. And divorce is about as broken as a relationship can get. Therefore, even those who admirably […]

Just when your life is moving forward you (me) do something stupid like watch a cute young couple’s wedding video. Takes me back to the day I sat in my car only weeks into my divorce listening to my honeymoon […]

The world initially resisted but ultimately fell in love with the internet. And social media became the new corner store – a sought after gathering place. The technological four walls where people gather to find out what’s going on in […]

I’ve had a few people ask me if writing about divorce keeps me stuck. It’s a really good question. On the contrary, writing about divorce is the one place I feel in control in an out of control divorce. It […]

The truth is fully graduated confidence and respect are a byproduct of a mature ego. What does this mean? The ego must grow up. This leads the average individual to a tricky conundrum. Because of course, we all want to […]

Narcissism is a buzz word – casually thrown around by many. However, ask anyone who has been involved with a narcissist and they will tell you the brutality of this personality disorder. Ask them what compounds it and they will more […]