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I belong to a Facebook Group called Parentless Parents. We are a tribe of individuals who navigate parenting after the loss of our mothers and our fathers. This community was started by my friend and author Allison Gilbert. I initially met […]

As parents, we LOVE to do things for our children.  After all, it’s an expression of love. How could it be a bad thing? Or could it be? There comes an age where doing too much for our children WILL […]

Four years ago today, I charged into an attorney’s office determined to begin again. Hindsight is twenty twenty as they say. As we all know, I couldn’t have been more naive. But I was gutsy and I was strong and […]

I once had a big dream.  To be a writer. My mother, on the other hand, believed writing was akin to acting. Business would be a far more sensible major. So off to college, I would go to learn the […]

A few weeks ago, I began to get melancholy because it’s that time of summer again. The time that reminds me my ‘little’ kids are now ‘big’ kids. The kinda big that means I only get to borrow them for […]

I sit to write this morning with a lump in my throat. I will honestly say that had I known what would be unleashed when I started this process a year and a half ago, I am not certain that […]

The sun is starting to warm the morning sky. I am walking with my friends “Cookie” and “Candy.” Our conversation turns towards Mother’s Day. We chat about the influence mothers have on their children. I am reminded of the day […]

Alabama football coach, Nick Saban has been called a perfectionist. In an interview with 60 Minutes on CBS, “Saban preached to his players. Don’t worry about winning, just focus on doing your job at the highest level, every single play, […]

I pick my son Danny up from the house of a friend. The car is quiet. “I love you,” says Danny. He shakes his head back and forth with awareness of the words that have just left his mouth. “That’s […]

I loved high school. It was a time of emerging independence, life innocence and forever friendships. A period of explosive emotional growth while my friends and I were growing comfortable in our own skin. It was football games and basketball […]