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I was chatting with a few of my old high school buddies recently and I complimented one of their wives. My friend responded to my comment with additional praise about his wife. “I love guys who love their wives,” I […]

It’s been said there are more bad counselors than good ones.  How do you find a solid one? Do the necessary prerequisite homework – research them and ask others for referrals. Ask yourself some of the following questions? Are my […]

In the beginning of my divorce, I remember having lunch with two of my girlfriends.  “Why does this always happen to the kindest women?” One asked while the other agreed. “It’s not kindness,” I replied. “There are plenty of kind […]

I remember sitting in my marriage counselor’s office one day. It is was one of the days I had what I refer to as a ‘shifting moment.’ It’s hard not to talk a lot during marital problems and divorce because […]

One day my marriage counselor said, “Colleen, you have the ability to see your own faults and this is unusual. The average person, not even a difficult personality, does not necessarily have the ability to see their own faults.” I […]

It’s hard to admit shortcomings in any aspect of our lives. It’s even more challenging to face the fault in our relationships. It signifies the frightening possibility of surrendering to the potential demise of the complex relationships that sustain us […]

Couples usually go to marriage counseling with the belief that their better half is the true reason they have ended up in counseling. In truth, it takes two people to arrive at this destination. Some relationships experience a slow and […]

Most people think of ‘intimacy’ strictly in terms of romantic liaisons. The reality? An increasingly fast-paced, technology driven, take-out dinner society is hurting intimacy in all of our relationships. Intimacy is a sharing of one’s self. A few ways to […]

The easy part of love is love. The hard part of love is people. People come from all different types of families. People come with all types of communication styles. People come with baggage. It’s not that love is difficult […]

Love should be so easy, yet it is so complicated. Scratch that! People are complicated. Love is not. 6 Signs a Person is Capable of Loving You Unconditionally: 1. They are confident – Sounds so simple doesn’t it? However, there […]