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Anyone who has experienced the complicated journey of divorce has more than likely known their fair share of moments of stress and duress. Be it struggles over co-parenting, finances, etc., it may feel as if individuality is temporarily suspended in […]

Suffice it to say agreements don’t always get honored. Of course, I knew this was coming, I just didn’t realize it would happen so quickly. I think this is a nice way of saying what many in divorce experience – […]

You know when one person is ready to end a relationship and the other is not? It happens all the time in the relationship world. In fact, I write about it. I first met my lawyer five years ago, August […]

Many people have reached out to me since my divorce settlement. The fairly universal question? How did it go? My rote response? “Not well, yet I can’t stop smiling.” Their next comment is usually – “What relief you must feel.” […]

I am at a loss for words. I am not sure whether to say I am exhausted, nostalgic, somewhat sad or relieved. What I can say with certainty is I am at peace. The kind of serenity which comes with […]

I punch the keys and sip my coffee. Tears find their way down my cheeks. I dab at them as my chocolate lab Hazel snuggles closer to my feet. I find myself chuckling. In between the tears, that is. I […]

I wish someone had cautioned me to take divorce one day at a time. Or should I say one ‘pain’ at a time? I wish they had mapped out each scenario and told me what to expect. The first hint […]

Many years ago I read an article about the four traits of happy people.  I never forgot them. They were Optimism, Extroversion, Self-Esteem and a Sense of Being in Control. Before my marital problems, I can honestly say I spent […]

These past few months I have been a bit inconsistent in my writing. It stems from what I will call the ‘Court-down’ aka the countdown. I had no idea the extent of preparation the months preceding court would entail. I […]

I have a secret. One I could never force myself to pound out on these keys until I felt the tide turning. It was in the infancy of this unraveling of a marriage process. I remember the exact moment. I […]