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I’ve been a little inconsistent as of late – with my column that is. I had no idea how consuming it would be to go to court. The stress of standing before someone who was once your very best friend […]

I just met with my divorce attorney. It’s our four-year anniversary. Who knew I would be ending one relationship and beginning another? After all, I never imagined my divorce would last the duration of the Presidency. I believed it to […]

Oh boy, the quintessential question, “Why am I still not divorced?” Okay…in the larger scheme of life I was meant to walk this path and I have no doubt about it. I was meant to be reduced and humbled, rebuilt […]

Praise presents itself in many different varieties.  There are physical compliments: You are beautiful, you are handsome, the outfit you’re wearing is stylish or even you are in such great shape. And hey, who doesn’t love a good outward nod, […]

On August 27th, 1988 I never imagined this would be how I’d spend my 29th wedding anniversary. And certainly, August 13th, 2013 when I retained a divorce attorney, I never would have believed I’d still be married on this particular […]

I sip my coffee while perusing emails at what friends refer to as my office, aka, the local coffee shop. A big group enters and makes their way to a table. I realize it’s a bunch of teachers from my […]

It’s politically incorrect to miss my husband. And believe me, I do NOT miss the ‘him’ of today. I just miss ‘him.’ The person I thought I knew. The guy who made my world feel safe – watched The Notebook […]

I believe in praying for everything.  I am, after all,  the girl who once wrote a column entitled, The Day This Catholic Girl Prayed for Chick fil A. Albeit a humorous moment I was, in fact, hungry and there’s nothing like their chicken sandwich. […]

Four years ago today, I charged into an attorney’s office determined to begin again. Hindsight is twenty twenty as they say. As we all know, I couldn’t have been more naive. But I was gutsy and I was strong and […]

I once heard the average unhappily married person considers leaving at least ten times before they actually do. Personally, I think the number is probably much higher. Marriage is a huge commitment which most people take very seriously. Hence, why […]