How Great Thou Part
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Anyone who has experienced the complicated journey of divorce has more than likely known their fair share of moments of stress and duress. Be it struggles over co-parenting, finances, etc., it may feel as if individuality is temporarily suspended in […]

I once listened to a sermon about life being easy. The priest compared it to sitting in an armchair contentedly watching life and getting by. The years I lived a comfortable life I won’t lie – like many, I thought […]

There is a profound beauty in angels, both in their spiritual glory and what they represent to human beings. Angels surround us here on earth. They are spiritual beings, messengers of God sent to watch over us, guide us, pray […]

Catholics are devoted to their saints. The saints provide valuable intercession to prayers and therefore, are often called upon for additional aid. They signify hope in times of despair and hopelessness. Not only for their faithful intercession but because of the […]

I lost my mom when I was just twenty-eight years old but rest assured if the chips are down my Catholic mother comes knocking. When I am overly stressed, confused, burdened, or lost I cling to her example. It might […]

I speak to anyone who has felt emotionally broken and spiritually repaired. When you end a relationship you must endure excruciating pain. For this reason, many remain in less than happy circumstances. The good news? It’s fleeting. It’s akin to ripping off […]

In high school, if my mom could hear me bickering with a friend she would pick up the telephone. “Girls,” she would say. “Are you being charitable?” My girlfriends and I would bust out laughing and completely forget the adolescent […]

I will admit it. I give my boys a hard time for being Eagles fans. In their defense, they truly do believe they are from Philly like their father. Of course, I too was rooting for the Eagles.  If my […]

There is nothing more joyful than the holidays surrounded by the ones we love. But life is an ebb and flow and inevitably we suffer loss or relocations or relationships end and much more. And what was once a […]

In church last week the priest spoke of suffering. He cautioned us – Do not become armchair Catholics – suffering is intuitive to this thing we call living. There is no question my faith has gotten me through this difficult divorce and […]