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I sip my coffee while perusing emails at what friends refer to as my office, aka, the local coffee shop. A big group enters and makes their way to a table. I realize it’s a bunch of teachers from my […]

Four years ago today, I charged into an attorney’s office determined to begin again. Hindsight is twenty twenty as they say. As we all know, I couldn’t have been more naive. But I was gutsy and I was strong and […]

Divorce is a huge loss for children. Life as they know it has forever changed. It is at the same time – a new beginning – a healing of past pain and a stronger, more positive future. Children need to […]

I am in my friend’s floral shop. A young woman and her mother sit in the event consultation room. The girl excuses herself to use the restroom. Instead, she secretly tiptoes towards the counter and purchases flowers. She turns and […]

A friend from high school reached out to me. She wanted to let me know that one of my columns so resonated with her that she shared it on Facebook. Having grown up together in Washington, D.C. I assumed it […]

A few weeks ago one of my boys and I went out to dinner. “Mom,” he said. “I understand divorce but dad made a promise to you all of those years ago.” I looked across the table with a lump […]

I have known numerous individuals who just wanted a divorce and to move on. The problem? Their spouse was not ready to. Even more interesting? Some of these spouses had cheated, yet still could not let go of the marriage […]

I am watching the Steve Harvey Show. It’s a rerun highlighting the Girls Who Rule the World Program which the Harvey’s founded. A sweet teenage girl says something which catches me off guard. “I’m going through a divorce with my parents.” […]

I have always spoken to my children about love. Relationships are both beautiful and tough even in the best of circumstances and those with ego can destroy another person. I want them to know the type of love which is […]

There’s an expression, “We are supposed to be getting better with age.” I’m not necessarily certain this is true in the area of love. I think it’s possible we love worse, not better. Less and not more. Poorly rather than […]