How Great Thou Part
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I miss Oprah. The Golden Globes reminded us exactly why daily television just isn’t the same without her. Oprah is what I refer to as a ‘Missionary of Life.’ She is devoted to helping others, lifting them up and carrying forward […]

Really? How do two people make divorce look like a fairy tale? Or rather THE very BEST Christmas PRESENT Ever??!! There’s a reason we can’t get enough of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Just watching them perform You Make It Feel Like […]

I chat with women who say they have aged due to the stress of divorce, moving, caregiving, and other mid-life challenges.  This is a reminder to look for inspiration during these difficult and transitional times. And to seek to take better […]

I remember the day I sat in my marriage counselor’s office and declared, “I will do anything to save my marriage. Anything! Just tell me what to do.” I was so naive. I believed one person could care enough for […]