How Great Thou Part
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A few days ago I wrote the column… When God Cleans Your House It made me realize though divorce is definitely about significant losses, I now see it as just life re-arranged. And guess what? I love my life now! […]

Let’s be honest, pretty much any individual who has experienced the horrors of a broken relationship has at some point felt like a victim. And divorce is about as broken as a relationship can get. Therefore, even those who admirably […]

In church last week the priest spoke of suffering. He cautioned us – Do not become armchair Catholics – suffering is intuitive to this thing we call living. There is no question my faith has gotten me through this difficult divorce and […]

This is a hard one. We tell ourselves that bad things happen for a reason – until they happen to us. We can take the ‘little’ bad stuff but the ‘big’ bad – not so much. It’s not that we […]

Very few people know this about me, even my closest friends. I just never told them even back then. When I was just twenty-three years old and newly engaged, I said a prayer. I asked God to give me a […]

Long before my divorce, I first had to face the demise of my marriage. I have a great girlfriend who fortunately was there at the time to set me straight. In true victim fashion, I bemoaned my loss. Why me? […]

Every once in a while, someone asks me if writing about divorce keeps me stuck. On the contrary, it is the one place I feel free. Where he can’t control me. It’s cathartic –  and when I hear from divorcing […]

I climb into bed and my head finds the pillow. This evening ritual means nothing to this divorce induced insomniac. My chocolate lab Hazel circles next to me and finally flops down. She rests so peacefully I can hear her snuggled […]

If I could paraphrase my divorce I would say it has brought me closer to God. I hear from Catholics who agonize over an action which is counter to our beliefs. Their pain so visceral it jumps towards me as […]

Wishing you a Happy and faith-filled New Year!   “God will open doors.” – Colossians 4:3 “Pray first. Act second.” – Isaiah 8:20 “Always put your hope in God.” – Hosea 12:6 “Forget the former things; Do not dwell on […]