How Great Thou Part

I speak to anyone who has felt emotionally broken and spiritually repaired. When you end a relationship you must endure excruciating pain. For this reason, many remain in less than happy circumstances. The good news? It’s fleeting. It’s akin to ripping off […]

There is no magic litmus test for whether or not a marriage can be saved. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some miraculously survive affairs, addiction, and other serious afflictions. Why do some endure while others do not? It’s […]

I know, a fairly shocking title – read on. There is one topic which never fails to bring an immediate reader response. Narcissism. My mother was what I would call a forerunner in the world of alcoholism. In a generation […]

I have always placed an amazing value on friendship. It’s one of the reasons I had a hard time leaving any man or woman behind.  If I love you it generally means I love you for life As we know, divorce […]

With impending freedom, a girl can’t help but think maybe it’s time for a date. After all, I have a friend who is two years out of her divorce who actually looks younger and more beautiful. I must admit I find […]

While most will be anticipating their June vacations I will be anticipating a different type of respite. My court date. I can’t believe it. There will finally be some resolution to what will end up being a five-year divorce. I can […]

Just how do you get over a divorce? This is a ginormous question for those who face it.  I didn’t quite have the answer a few years ago. In truth, back then it seemed SO complicated. There was the devastating […]

These are my girls Hazel and Phyllis. I know, not your typical doggie names. My girlfriend likes to say they sound like two old church ladies. But these four-legged ladies are the antithesis of quiet and retiring. They are wild. […]

In the beginning, divorce teaches you about pain, loss, and tears. Eventually, it opens up to far greater lessons which in many ways bring a more mature view on relationships. At the very least it offers a less idealist lens through […]

In high school, if my mom could hear me bickering with a friend she would pick up the telephone. “Girls,” she would say. “Are you being charitable?” My girlfriends and I would bust out laughing and completely forget the adolescent […]